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David Waldman foretells our future. Not too far, or we wouldn’t keep coming back.

Waukesha Christmas Parade turned into a tragedy when an SUV was rammed into the crowd. It already doesn’t look as if a self-defense plea will work this time.

Back in the day, you could trace someone’s social position to their natural genetic or cultural inferiority pretty much unchallenged. Not anymore, with all the wokeness everywhere, therefore it must have been... “welfare” that actually historically destroyed the lives of people of color. As a matter of fact, Virginia Lt. Governor-elect Winsome Sears wonders if Blacks might have had it a little too nice back in the Tulsa Race Riots. David wonders if it isn’t too woke to design medical devices that work accurately for less translucent people.

Greg Dworkin pipes us aboard his raft o’stories™ and sets sail into our post-Rittenhouse verdict future. Josh Hawley, and J.D. Vance search for the rugged masculinity America has lost. Meanwhile, Democrats wonder who’ll take care of the kids. President Joe Biden has plenty of problems around the fringes, but can’t throw away what he’s got to placate them.

The media is so tired of COVID, but it isn’t going away yet. Except maybe for the places that are doing enough about it.

A gun “went off” in the security area of an Atlanta airport and no one knew if they would be the next to be self-defended upon. The Manhattan district attorney wonders how Donald Trump described property as $527 million in assets, yet $16.7 million to tax officials.  Trump lawyers hope to use the “you would if you could” defense.

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