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David Waldman delivers the Tuesday KITM. You know it wouldn’t be Tuesday if there wasn’t Joan McCarter, and there is Joan McCarter… so, it’s Tuesday:

John Neely Kennedy is a dick. No, not the John Kennedy coming back from the dead, but the one frozen in the 1950’s. This Kennedy’s schtick is life imitating art, imitating art, imitating life — Buh Cahk! There will always be an audience.

An Asian American man in Pennsylvania seemed suicidal, and the police helped him out by shooting him. Authorities didn’t mention that that man sure didn’t seem suicidal when he was shot.

There's nothing more frightening in America today than an angry White man, and they vote GQP, so there’s a lot of mutual love there. There’s a lot of love coming in from overseas bots as well. A pro-Trump nonprofit gave millions to groups promoting his agenda, while the RNC continues to send its cash to pay Trump’s various legal bills. Senator Ron Wyden urges the IRS to look into how charities bankrolled the insurrection.

Sean Parnell had to drop his Senate campaign after domestic violence claims and loss of custody to his children. Strange, as that is pretty much on MAGA brand… Now Donald Trump wants to beat his son. States with low rates of gun deaths have high rates of vaccination, go figure.

The new president of the World Taekwondo headquarters stopped by Mar-a-Lago to present Donald Trump with a black belt, knowing Donald does accept ass-kisses in lieu of cash sometimes.

Build Back Better heads to the Senate. The House did what it could to make the bill palatable, but Senators are a pretty picky bunch. The House is also urging the Senate to ignore the parliamentarian on immigration, but Dems never want to be ones encouraging Republicans to do bad things.

Joe Biden takes United States Postal Service Chairman Ron Bloom off the board, Joe’s next move is checkmate, Louis DeJoy.

Oh, and here’s a baby digging some shag carpet.

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