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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin bring us to the middle of the week and the beginning of the month simultaneously. Let’s multitask together:

Breaking: Donald Trump, the liar responsible for hundreds of thousands of COVID deaths, lied about being safe from COVID days before sneaking into his televised debate with Joe Biden, and knowingly became directly responsible for COVID infections at superspreader events just prior... which he continues to lie about. Sounds pretty on brand, but the bearer of that news was Mark Meadows, and who’d trust what he has to say? (Brad Raffensperger is also talking, for what that’s worth) 

Donald Trump might “run” for president in 2024, spurring Democrats to wonder if they should maybe just give up now. Perhaps Joe Biden should put some zingy Twitter insults out there…

Twitter isn’t what it used to be and might soon be even less.

Supply chain bottlenecks appear to be easing, thanks Joe! (As if voters cared about a problem once it is fixed.) Kids escaped from a school shooting and Republicans worry that some might have learned some history before they could break out the window.

Meanwhile, the more unvaccinated there are, the less unvaccinated there’ll be, and that goes too for the new Omicron variant. Omicron is confirmed in 23 countries, so that cat is out of the bag, horse is out of the barn door, however viral epidemiologists put it.

Chris Cuomo joins his brother Andrew Cuomo in retirement. Neither better skimp on this year’s Christmas presents.

Small time insane grifter Sidney Powell will have the underside of the bus memorized before this is over.

The news media is now issuing explainers for those who can’t believe Lauren Boebert et al. could be so 🦇 💩 🤡.  If you thought GQP infighting couldn’t get uglier, you haven’t met Marjorie Traitor Greene. Marj is now stalking Nancy Mace, like she stalks Ilan OhmarAlexandria Ocasio-CortezDavid Hogg… Don’t worry, Kevin McCarthy will have the ladies calmed down by the weekend.

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