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Who knows where David Waldman will take us today? That’s why we tune in!

Asparagus Zucchini, always in season, is back on KITM to discuss crypto assets, which are worth absolutely nothing unless you can find that mark who buys what you’re selling. At that very moment you are rich... Until it all melts away through your fingers. All of this makes crypto an ideal foundation for US infrastructure, especially for Joe Manchin.

Donald Trump knew he had COVID, even as he flitted from one superspreader event to another like a honeybee spreading pollen... if honeybees were disgusting sociopaths and pollen killed a million Americans. At least this is according to Mark Meadows, just as disgusting in his many special ways, and equally untrustworthy. Mark’s beta, so when Donald said Meadow’s book was fake news, Mark had to agree. Donald wasn’t the only pestilent Trump at that debate, however. Trump had his whole toxic clan there to destroy the previously spotless reputation of the Cleveland Clinic.

COVID wasn’t the only way Trump could kill you, of course. Two Georgia election workers were reminded of that daily, and are now suing. Twitter is tired of being used to punch Nazis, and Nazis are taking note of that.  

Democrats can shut up a fascist SCOTUS by limiting what they hear. Of course, as long as there is a filibuster, that’s easier said than done.

Jeffrey Clark says he can’t appear at any January 6th hearings if Liz Cheney isn’t a Republican. Expect plenty of stupid lawyering in 2022.

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