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David Waldman and Joan McCarter told you they’d be here today, and as usual they are 100% correct.

President Joe Biden and first lady Dr. Jill Biden honored National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day by laying a wreath in memory of Bob Dole, sadly the second one we lost this year.

Kamala Harris is smart to not use Bluetooth, and smart to not waste her time explaining why.

Remember that old news to KITM listeners is new to everyone else. Republican election lawyer Ben Ginsberg warned that the Electoral Count Act could be manipulated to overthrow elections. State Legislatures are filling with Trump goons set to overthrow elections. Steve Bannon helped Trump attempt to overthrow the last election, plans to overthrow the 2024 election, and will even do his part to overthrow the 2022 elections. Donald Trump wants to overthrow elections!

You know that Jeffrey Clark conspired with Trump to overturn the 2020 election. There is new evidence, however, and it’s linked directly to the White House. Did you know that Donald Trump spent every moment in and out of office soaking anyone for any penny he could get?

The Feds could release an alternative Mueller report, soon but several years late. The Steele Dossier doesn’t need an alternative version because it’s not really relevant. 

Mark Meadows new book reveals the old news that Donald Trump almost died from COVID but then ended up trolling everyone once again by surviving. Donald did not give Mark permission to speak however and decided that more discipline was in order. Meadows has since remembered his place... Devin Nunes always understood that he belonged beneath Trump, but he just couldn’t find the right place to latch on, until now. The Truth isn’t real, and never will be with Trump, which is all right by those investors who just like to see Donald happy.

The Iran talks end in Vienna almost back at square one, which is still better than where Trump left it.

Mitch McConnell and his maniacs (plus Joe Manchin) considered shutting down the government, but that ended up being too much work, so government was funded. The debt ceiling would be an evergreen ruse for Republicans to attempt next, but Mitch is a little shy this year to lose the filibuster, so who knows, maybe he and Chuck Schumer will Build Back Better. They better get on it, as Joan goes on vacation next week.

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