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Republicans can’t find enough to be angry or frightened about in Biden’s America, so they are turning on each other. Greg Dworkin supplies a scorecard for us, so we can check each one of them off as they are gurneyed off the field. Nancy Mace and Lauren Boebert fight to their political death over our attention. Dan Crenshaw calls the Freedom Caucus performance artists and grifters, and he should know. The GOP purge of those not ready to big-lie continues. Steve KG Bannon knows David Perdue could never be worthy of Donald Trump’s butt.

The Fox Christmas tree was officially lit last night, happy holidays! The Boeberts and the Massies also are all set to light each other up this season.

This guy gunned down this guy because he drove recklessly.

The long arm of the January 6 committee will have a lot to gather up. They will find many of them already behind bars, in the spa area most likely. A National Guardsman/insurrectionist rioter saw the mob from both sides and really should experience jail in the same way.

The COVID Delta variant is still kicking our asses, especially the red ones, but being fully informed and vaccinated should help against the Omicron variant. Getting vaccines into the ignorant is the stumper though. A medical board attempted to decouple vaccination from politics by not letting conservatives find out they were anti-lying.

Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court issued an official “whatevs, do what you want” on expansion of the court, but isn’t that true about anything that happens in DC? A permanent rule can always be fixed with a temporary rule if you just know the rules. David Waldman has us well-armed for this fight.

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