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Today, David Waldman is off being meaningfully contemplative, so again KITM travels back in time, to Rosh Hashanah. Not that recent one, however, but way back to ‘73 5773

It was the first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, Elizabeth Warren was on her way to a win, Linda McMahon was on her way to a loss, everyone was comparing Mitt Romney to James K. Polk… or at least Mitt was, and David still was rocking his NPR voice, all while predicting the imminent retirement of past-his-prime author Bob Woodward. Here’s David’s take at the time:


Happy 5773, Earth! You don't look a day over 5750, if you ask me. It's September 17th, and Occupy Wall Street is back out on the streets, marking its anniversary. Daily Kos contributing editors Greg Dworkin and Steve Singiser joined the show with their polling and punditry roundups, plus listener calls led us to discussions of the importance of your vote (especially in local elections) and the unfortunate decline in impact and value of Bob Woodward's insider journalism.

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Landslide! Gavin Newsom is not recalled, not even a little bit.

But, with 46 contenders, there was, of course a “winner”, whose “loss” was actually a “win”…  You guessed it, Frank Stallone. Also, if you listen to Kasie Hunt, Nate Silver and Chris Cillizza… Wait, if you are smart enough to listen to David Waldman and Greg Dworkin, what do you care about those idiots?

What matters is that Newsom won, by running against Trump, and Trump wasn’t even running, just like he won’t be in 2022. Donald Trump is set to be the guy all Democrats and some Republicans will be running against for a long time to come. Meanwhile, Larry Elder was caught using Republican fraud boilerplate, which so far hasn’t worked for anyone. The GQP is martialing their forces elsewhere.

The U.S. Army says active duty soldiers must be vaccinated by December 15. Once vaccinated, most people will just move on to something else they don’t want to do. Some unvaccinated people will wish they had. Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts approves of diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B and chickenpox vaccine mandates...

Rioting police in Philadelphia smashed a black woman’s car windows and beat her. Later, they passed around photos of them “rescuing” her child. The city will pay this lady $2 million, in lieu of prosecuting the officers, learning a lesson, etc.

Wretched hives of scum and villainy, the Trump Towers, aren’t what they used to be. The scams are drying up, and so is the rent. In New York, about the only reliable tenants are the 15th floor, which is home of Trump’s MAGA PAC, and up to 3 employees, sometimes. 

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We rely on David Waldman to follow the news wherever it takes him to supply us important information to bring into our day. You won’t believe where he had to go today.

Veronica Wolski, who would record herself wearing a face mask (No, a “Zorro” mask, lol) to torment store employees and bring joy to her QAnon viewers, has died of Covid. Lin Wood says that’s just like Herman Cain, and he’s right. It is hard to keep up with all the anti-vaxers getting their ticket punched lately, although that pastor who mocked AIDS deaths really earned his. The GQP comes out against all vaccine…”mandates”… (wink!) Now those douche-gargling vaccine deniers are (reads notes) gargling douches! Nicki Minaj has almost completed the required epidemiologic research to be able to competently advise her 22 million Twitter followers. Nicki checked with her cousin’s friend in Trinidad and now has concerns about the size of his testicles. Minaj fan Dr. Raven the Science Maven describes how vaccines work to save your body-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody (Mwah!)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went to the Met Gala, offending those who want her to stick to sackcloth and Mao tunics. Everyone pulls out their rulebooks and highlighters. Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney worked very hard on her dress, let’s give her a hand.

The people most in fear of people of color end up being those most in fear about “critical race theory”.

In California, Gavin Newsom is probably going to win, Larry Elder is definitely going to whine, but we won’t know until it’s over, and they fix their dumb system.

In DC, Republicans root for Manchin and Sinema to screw everything up, but quietly, because no one wants to be seen with Manchin and Sinema.

A bad guy with a gun might have thought, in some QAnon sort of way, that he was a “good guy” when he tortured and killed a family, including a 3 month old and the family dog, while “interrogating” them to rescue a girl he had only imagined existed.

Ed Henry sued Fox News for firing him for sex trafficking, harassment, revenge porn, sexual assault and rape, but apparently handcuffing his victim and threatening her did not sit well with the judge.

Six officers might be reprimanded for playing for the wrong team January 6th.

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It’s Monday, and David Waldman, with Greg Dworkin, present to you a KITM. After that, you’re on your own.

Greg and David open the show with a remembrance of 9/11, not forgetting how it lead to the deaths of millions in the Middle East, institutionalized war crimes, destroyed US freedom and democracy, and established white nationalism and bigotry as accepted American values.

This weekend, George W. Bush said a smart thing a couple of decades too late. Donald Trump wasn’t at Ground Zero in 2001, and he wasn’t there again. Instead Donald was at the De La Hoya Holyfield vs. Some Other Guy fight, and also a Moonie shindig. Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani couldn’t book the Four Seasons, but did find a place that let him run a bar tab.

Vaccination mandates make sense, medically and politically. More than half of Americans support vaccine mandates. Republicans don’t want to be vaccinated against anything they can pretend away. Their big fear is that mandates could work as well as vaccinations. Podunks catch headlines fighting the rebel cause, while most businesses prefer to get back to business. Covid rapid tests cost a lot because manufacturers like money.

Will a booster shot help? Eh, it wouldn’t hurt. However, the dangers of walking through fecal fountains and poop plumes have been well established and you should consider double, or triple masking against those incoming... or outgoing effluvia, and not just for Covid’s sake.

Californians know it’s fun talking trash about their Governor, but when it’s time to put up, they know when to shut up. Every losing Republican will still be crying fraud from now on.  Stephanie Grisham (Not Winston Wolkoff) never took questions before, but did come up with the answer on when Trumpworld was aware of the 1/6 riots.

Joe Biden might need to take Joe Manchin out behind the barn for a while.

About that dazzle of zebras — mistakes happen, that’s all David can say at this time.

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The top news of the day, of course, was President Biden’s address announcing his new federal policies to combat the continuing pandemic. And of course, the instant, reflexive opposition from Republican governors, particularly those considering running for president in the near future. Which is to say, all of them.

Naturally, all of them have terrible track records on COVID as a result. So I spent an hour or so on Twitter as well as on the air putting their failures in terms their constituents could understand. That is, given their per capita death rates, how many of the people in the stands at The Big State U. football game this weekend would die, if fans died at the same rate as COVID patients in their state. The results are startling.

Meanwhile, in the real world, there’s every indication that Biden’s plan is just what most people have been waiting for.

Oh, and while we’re on the topic, Kellyanne Conway deserves a special spot in the hot place for this supremely shitty COVID take. And speaking of Conway, she and a bunch of other Trumpniks got their asses bounced from some cushy federal advisory board positions TFG gifted to them. So they’re crying. And of course, they’re not entitled to. Oh, and by the way, one of them (like Mike Flynn) is a spy.

Have you ever admitted to wondering whether, with all these Trumpy Republicans dying from COVID, it could actually impact the outcome of the next elections?

Have you ever admitted to wondering whether, with all these Trumpy Republicans in the Senate (and some Trumpy Democrats), Democrats looking to include immigration reform in the reconciliation bill might fire the parliamentarian?

Steve Bannon is stupid. Arizona Republicans are stupid. You really shouldn’t cross the streams.

The DOJ is stepping up its game on the Texas abortion law.

Well, it was a rough day. How about we pick up everyone’s spirits with a nice obituary? No, really, you should read it.

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David Waldman allows Greg Dworkin back onto the KITM stage once Greg promised to not work so blue today. He also turned off the New Age background music, so Abby went somewhere else to downward dog.

Tennessee encouraged teens to get vaccinated. The GQP told them to shut up, and they did. Now, in Mississippi, fetal deaths have doubled among unvaccinated pregnant women with COVID-19. Red/unvaccinated states continue to die/own the libs. 

 Joe Biden is going to have pull this car over again.

Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson shares heartbreaking stories of the people oppressed by vaccines and masks. Florida’s Ron DeSantis isn’t big on masks and vaccines as he is on Regeneron. Then again, his top donors don’t make masks and vaccines… Salad tycoon Jonathan Neman figures more salads should be mandated, as thinner people are naturally free from health worries. Shopping for salad, a woman found herself oppressed by just the sight of masks on other people. She is now free of her employment. If you take Ivermectin, you can be free of birth control, forever! 

450,000 more Americans have died since Donald Trump promised free Regeneron.

Robert Mercer and a few co-workers over at Renaissance Technologies will pay about $7 billion to the IRS in fines, and probably around that price to make sure they aren’t hassled again.

Robert E. Lee, loser, went down again in Virginia, but the most interesting thing might be what was under his statue.

Barack Obama, winner, is out stumping for Gavin Newsom and against Gavin’s recall. Larry Elder is all set to be a Trump-level loser. Election truthers do what they can to take the security out of future elections.

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David Waldman finally returns with an all-new, LIVE, KITM! Well, not exactly “live”. There’s network latency... and that auditory signal traveling from your ears to your brain… What really matters is that our live shows have Greg Dworkin cussing like a trooper on them. If you’re lucky, you still might get to hear a little on the above link!

So, what’s more offensive, several dozen f-bombs or a nurse chuckling as she listens to a boy describing his grandmother dying of COVIDAnti-maskers and anti-vaxxers laugh and rage, while everything rules-followers built crumbles. Sometimes, when a friend or relative dies, they think of changing, but that doesn’t happen half as often as it should. (Them thinking of changing, that is.) Florida isn’t even thinking about changing. Meanwhile, death panels convene in Idaho, where they will pick and choose who deserves to live. Jimmy Kimmel simplifies matters.

The same number of rural conservatives take veterinary drugs as those that make church casseroles from hog feed… Unfortunately, that’s probably a non-zero number.

There is a 1 in 5,000 chance of a breakthrough infection for a vaccinated person. In 24 states there is a 1 in 500 chance you are already dead. There is a 100% chance Covid medical bills are getting bigger. Should we kill a few more grandmas to make Joe Manchin happy?

Covid’s butterfly effect, along with millions dead world-wide, are causing tsunami-sized ripples in supply chains everywhere.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announces a plan to crack down on pre-crimes, to support banning what women do about their pre-embryos.  

Cutting unemployment benefits makes no difference in job growth, and MAGA-types receive only temporary sexual gratification.

Afghanistan was botched, the media has determined after analyzing available data. They could consider it a bit more

Robert E. Lee surrendered, again, this morning in Virginia and this time was cut up into pieces. Filibusteros Steve Bannon and Jason Miller have fled into South America.

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L’Shanah tovah! David Waldman is out rockin’ in the New Year and wasn’t available for a live KITM, but he was available to record an all-new KITM!

Lunatics just don’t just end up at town halls and school board meetings on their own. National conservative groups and donors rile them, fund them and weaponize them, because they have long understood local extremists lead to national power. While Democrats fight for the procedures, norms, and rules, Republicans understand that procedure, norms and rules are whatever those in power deem them to be. Steve KG Bannon knows that a perfect complexion and white rule are only one reality away, just a snap of the finger for enough voting precincts. On the other end of the power spectrum, 5 Supreme Court justices can make the future, or the past, whatever they say it is. In fact, they don’t even have to bother to say anything.

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Back to 2012David Waldman broadcast LIVE from the 2012 Democratic National Convention with appearances by Armando, Greg Dworkin, former president Bill Clinton, Dave Grohl, and the Foo Fighters! Not all got air time, as the show was truncated to only one hour, but here is how David described it at the time:


Organized chaos this morning. That's the best description of the scene on the ground in Charlotte, as Armando & I made our way to the PPL, the blogger's home away from home during the convention, to kick things off with our abbreviated morning segment.

For chaos, things seemed to come out pretty well! We had Raven Brooks and Mary Rickles of Netroots Nation stop by for a few minutes, and they gave us a quick rundown on who's here, how many they expect, and what's in store for bloggers, new media and netroots types who choose to make the PPL their base. Be sure to check out the site, because they're streaming video from up in that place. And you know you love the video.

Greg Dworkin joined us for his regular segment, which was an accomplishment in itself. And our phone lines kinda-sorta worked, at least enough to get Bill in Portland Maine on "air" with us!


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I managed to put together an all-new, pre-recorded show for today, but I’m not exactly at the top of my game now that it’s time for a show summary. But let’s wing it, anyhow.

First, a delivery on the hint from Monday (I believe) that there was some weird story floating around out there about a high school football game featured on ESPN over the past weekend. Er, well, here is that weird story.

You know what other story is weird? Lauren Boebert’s story. But there’s a new chapter. And while it definitely ain't right, it’s actually the least weird chapter she’s got.

In other news that slipped through the cracks, Trump lost a huge court case, again. Only this time, it’ll cost him—at long last—at least some of his tax records.

In Jan. 6th news, it sounds like the investigative committee thinks that just maybe, some of their House colleagues may have left a paper trail that’s worth having a look at. Or more specifically, a paper trail about their electronic trail. But, wait! Shouldn’t we wait five minutes for Kevin McCarthy to make the situation worse? Ah, nevermind. He’s just done it. Well, surely that’s the last of… oh, wait! We forgot about Andy Biggs!

Oh, and we also forgot about the terrible lawyers who have attached themselves to the case. Some (f not all) of them were hoping we’d do that.

In pandemic news, not all of the loony birds fighting mask mandates are Foghorn Leghorn types. The problem is, they’re everywhere. And worse, Bannon the Hutt (TW: Bannon’s face) is jumping out in front of their parade.

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Want to find out stuff? Listen to today’s KITM with David Waldman and Greg Dworkin, your one-stop-shop for what you need to know:

Hurricane Ida has hit the New York area. Tornadoes headed through Maryland and down the NJ turnpike into Manhattan and the Bronx last night.

Rudy Giuliani’s Hope Hicks, Christianné Allen, isn’t doing it anymore, at least for Rudy. A Hooter’s representative is doing it now, probably with less enthusiasm for all involved.

Nurses and doctors on the front lines of fighting Covid will tell you vaccines are their most important tool. The largest study of masks yet show even surgical masks can make a difference. Actually, there are scads of tests, oodles of studies, and heaps of evidence supporting mask use. Of course, none of this will make one whit of difference to a moron. Joe Rogan got Covid and took all the cures with the exception of those Democratic vaccines. If Rogan doesn’t survive, perhaps he missed out on a new fix… maybe...

Snakes. You knew it’d have to be snakes sometime with this crowd. Liberty University has more COVID-19 cases than 4 larger Virginia campuses combined, so there might not be enough pit vipers to go around. If it means getting into a ball game, people will do whatever.

COVID outcomes in Florida and Connecticut show that leadership matters, but if leadership mattered in Texas or Florida, those places would be unrecognizable. California has spotted the recall con. Robert E. Lee goes down to defeat in Virginia.

Texas showed Republican political stunts are now to be taken seriously and literally, and the Supreme Court rules us all, for as long as we let them.

Hey, remember Afghanistan? Once people started to see that Joe Biden really was doing a good job there, the media lost interest. Republicans late to slap together their publicity antics sadly, quietly return to the US.

Remember Donald Trump? So does the Trump Organization's corporate director of security Matthew Calamari Jr., and he might be talking.

Soon you won’t be able to hire the National Guard to be your mercenary squad.

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Yesterday, we traveled back in time for a little KITM, 2012-style. Today, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin can’t stop talking about those juiceboxes during the breaks.

Men were so sure this disaster would never happen, and shrugged off all the women who tried to sound alarms. Well, that could be just about anything, but often it is the loss of abortion rights. Again, Susan Collins was wrong, and Hillary Clinton was right, both for the millionth time. The Supreme Court didn’t have to do anything to overturn Roe, and that is exactly how they finally did it. The people who made this happen will never have a problem.

Barack Obama couldn’t control the weather as president, but he knew what to do about it, and for that we should be thankful. Similar expectations are being levied now against Joe Biden in Afghanistan. Joe isn’t promising miracles, just hard, honest, competent work. Honest people see that. Sane people too. Getting out of Afghanistan might be easier than staying out, eventually.

Joe and the Dems are becoming the tiniest bit disarrayed. Nancy and Chuck have got this.

The media will be the last know any of this, because they’re too busy watching each other to understand what is going on.

Meanwhile a Texas school district has shut down classes due to Covid outbreaks. It took a couple of teachers dying to get their attention. Perhaps Delta has peaked, but it sure wasn’t due to red states, because that isn’t part of their game plan. Sending kids back to school without a mask plays into that plan, also.

Peter Meijer says neither Joe Biden or the Pentagon tell the truth to the American people. Peter discovered this by lying to the American people.

Want to prevent another January 6th? Well, you could create more norms to violate. There are rules, then there are rules. David, through Ira Goldman, studies the procedural gambits that might be gambited.

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Today’s broadcast arrives from the far distant past of August 31, 2012! A time so deep into antiquity it feels like an alien world. Americans lived in fear of the West Nile Virus, Donald Trump was a hasbeen, and there were still US troops stationed in Afghanistan. Strangest of all, Kagro in the Morning had commercials… and David Waldman… took callers. Don’t believe me? Just listen to the above link and you’ll understand why your vote should never be for Mitt Romney.


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COVID, Afghanistan and Ida David Waldman and Greg Dworkin go there, figuratively, and we are right there with them:  

Judges aren’t into Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis banning mask mandates. Some GQP goober, gubernatorial candidate in Pennsylvania, recently pledged to “make men, men again”, and also felons, in order to bring an end to people disagreeing with him on things, starting with mask mandates. He talks tough, but so did a lot of other anti-vax, anti-maskers at the beginning of this month, but you don’t hear much from them now. There are a lot of dumbasses still out there, for sure, but those dumbasses still deserve equal medical care, just not the same insurance rates.

The evacuation of Afghanistan is going well, at least as well as could be expected, in that anyone should expect it to go horribly, as much as Afghanistan is a horrible place to find oneself... The US will be judged on the last twenty years, but also this moment, and we are in charge of this moment.

At this moment we have hurricane Ida to deal with. We seem to be doing okay with an awful situation there as well, but of course at this moment the only direction to go is down.

Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz are among Donald Trump’s greatest acolytes, and as such are fully aware they will need to knife Donald in the back first, before he does it to them. You knew Jim Jordan would be first to crack, didn’t you

Don’t believe everything you read on Twitter. Newt Gingrich sometimes makes stuff up.

Will the fraudit come to Pennsylvania next? Why not — although fewer of our greatest legal minds might be available for this one.

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Afghanistan still leads the news, following the bomb attacks at the Kabul airport. Republicans pledge to double the effectiveness of every terrorist attack by calling for Biden’s resignation, impeachment, or removal under the 25th Amendment. In the meantime, they’re also pretty sure they could just go in and “start killing bad guys.” Now, a normal person might take the time to ask themselves what kind of guys they’ve got over there, anyway. But not Republicans! Questions are for losers!

Speaking of bad Republican reactions to Afghanistan, have you heard the one about how the refugees just want a free ride out, and are gonna freeload off of the rest of us when they get here? I hope you haven’t, because it’s dumb.

The Supreme Court has been on a tear, lately. Today’s news from the Court includes action striking down the extended eviction moratorium. Landlords, you see, have been suffering. This despite $46.5 billion appropriated by Congress for plugging this gap.

Now, I know their name is No Labels, but I just can’t help it. I’m going to label them. And the label will read, “Bunch of jerks.”

Finally, I don’t know who was targeted here, but I suppose anything that makes you feel guilty about climate change is still a good thing.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin celebrate my birthday the best way they know how, with a brand-new Kagro in the Morning show:

US occupation of Afghanistan was a bad idea from the start, through the middle, and to the end. No matter how well Joe Biden does, it won’t change that. The news media isn’t interested in 20 year mistakes, however. It gets antsy without a daily disaster… Oh how lucky for them! The ad space and commercial time will sell itself today. Meanwhile, people still need to get out of there. 23 California students are among them. Hillary Clinton is working on it. 

Greg finds compelling polling everywhere he looks. In Virginia, Dems are busting out all over. In California, the partisan breakdown of returned ballots can be compared between 2020 and 2021. In Germany, the SPD are pulling ahead of Angela Merkel’s CDU im sonntagsfrage bundestagswahl sendeaufruf wechselstimmung!

Voters swing less each election, but most of them in 2020 swung away from Trump.

No one would expect that FDA approval of COVID vaccines would ever cure stupid, and it hasn’t. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally attendees were warned that 2+2 equaled 4 two weeks ago and have picked up new math skills since. 15% of K-12 students in Mississippi have been quarantined, which equals 65,525 students. Florida thought their lesson was ending, but miscalculated. New York police didn’t take the job to follow the rules, although an Albany court won’t let God get you out of your responsibilities.

Democrats have 3 weeks to get their health spending together. The infrastructure/reconciliation bills are hurtling towards their impossible deadline (Which is OK) while Bernie Sanders girds up his loins and takes the battle to Manchin and Sinema.

The Secret Service told the Capitol Police there’d be trouble on January 6, but did they listen? We will find out that and more soon. John Burkman and Jacob Wohl are showing a real bad return on investment for whomever funds them.

Modern filibustero/scurvy dog, Steven Bannon wants to be there when Jair Bolsonaro overthrows Brazilian democracy. He’ll do it over Roger Stone’s dead body, maybe.

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Happy birthday David Waldman! Happy birthday Armando! Happy birthday to me, tomorrow! Happy Wednesday Greg Dworkin! David is celebrating a portion of his birthday in his son’s orthodontist waiting room, and so had to take off early. Consequently, today’s KITM is only one hour long, but still packed with the info you need.

Who would have done a better job in Afghanistan than Joe Biden? Everybody, according to the only story reporters have seemed interested in telling. At long last, that quick and easy story is giving way to more nuanced reporting, filling in a bigger picture and revealing some quite amazing competence… but also incredible inhumanity, greed, and stupidity, which have always been part of our deal with Afghanistan.

Finally, FDA approval of COVID vaccines means unvaccinated people will eventually be required to think of different excuses to never, ever take a vaccine, or wear a mask or allow you or your kids to wear masks or be vaxxed.

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What’s happening today?

Most of the fun and profit in the AZ Fraudit, at least for the fraudsters, is in the fraud part, so it is understandable why they would want to delay releasing their results as long as possible. Three of the the AZ Fraudit Cyber Ninjas (Collect all their action figures!) have delayed the process even further by throwing themselves under the nearest hospital ventilators.

That stuff in Afghanistan is still happening.

Anti-vax sheep prefer sheep medicine.

Rudy Giuliani left his toenail clippers in the last IHOP.

So, you think Republicans have it tough under Donald Trump? Democrats have somehow have found themselves under the thumb of Joe Lieberman... The No Labels/Problem Solvers coup for now has been fought to a standstill. The Asshole Nine, plus Two don’t see Biden’s, Schumer’s or Pelosi’s goals as “winning”. In fact, they don’t see “winning” as winning, and progress doesn’t interest them as much as seeing Nancy Pelosi sweat. David Waldman and Joan McCarter attempt to measure how many dollars, minutes, and clauses separate the factions.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin raise the curtain on our second week of our second decade of fine KITM news and entertainment:

Wildfires in the west, storms in the east. On average, you really can’t complain, except for all the COVID right there in the center, geysering out South Dakota, because of, or in addition to, that spread by the Sturgis motorcycle rally. Note that there are some solutions to this pandemic. Ivermectin is an example of a bad one, and the vaccines are examples of good ones. Your personal situation may call for you getting a third shot, while everybody's situation calls for you getting a first shot. For those who don’t believe this is a government plot to make spoons stick to noses, FDA approval for the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine is great news.

Afghanistan is kind of a mess, which experts and journalists describe as “not their fault”, and probably a president’s fault. While some Republicans insist that it’s not too late to bomb Afghans back to the stone age, most Americans like us out, and know the difference between friends and enemies. Our performance in Afghanistan is improving, but makes lousy b-roll

In Washington, moderate Democrats turned out to be extreme assholes once that they found out how much Senators Sinema and Manchin got out of obstruction.

Congratulations go out to Matt Gaetz, who eloped with his sweet alibi to California this weekend. Matt is definitely marrying up. Donald Trump allowed Matt to get married for some odd reason. Donald remains an idiot, screwing up the future of Space Command so that he could score points with Rick&Bubba in Alabama. Both Donald and Mo Brooks discovered that their big lies might have become more powerful than they are, when the two were booed at this weekend’s rally.

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Where will David Waldman take us today? Listen to today’s KITM, when he finds out with the rest of us!

Back to COVID. It never left, but it sure is coming backDelta’s dawning through mostly red states, mostly red Senators and mostly red Representatives, taking more than a few to that mansion in the sky. People shaming unvaccinated and unmasked are now being shamed, because many unmasked and unvaccinated aren’t that capable of shame.

Revolutionary Floyd Ray Roseberry demanded Joe Biden’s resignation and Medicaid for All, for him. He got none of the above, crawling out on his hands and knees, not a very proud boy. Floyd’s revolution ended up being televised on Facebook for hours before someone got bored and turned it off. Marjorie Traitor Greene’s performance-enhanced rage getting swole the day before might have inspired Roseberry, or perhaps it was whatever stuff Don Jr. pushes. We may never know… Oh, wait, Floyd is alive and white, so he’ll be hosting an OAN hour by the weekend. Check out Kyle Rittenhouse, who was treated as a mass-shooter for about 10 minutes before being lionized, followed by think pieces thinking a fuller picture of the man-boy was due. Now it’s out that when Kyle wasn’t shooting people, he kind of wished he was.

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COVID sucks, and Greg Dworkin with David Waldman try to determine if this suckage will peak again soon. This time children are more involved, and that doesn’t just mean that more people are sick, but that a new range of stresses are being introduced to societal infrastructure just as kids go back to school. School boards in Florida are mandating masks, defying Governor Ron DeSantis’ authority. So is Joe Biden, who is preparing to take legal action, including deploying the Education Department’s civil rights enforcement arm, against DeSantis and other Govs blocking school masks. The GQP is losing the coronavirus mandate battle as red states lose the coronavirus infection battle and are beginning to get the picture on social responsibility.

Which brings us to the question of booster shots. Is it better to get boosters out to Americans, or first shots out to the rest of the world?

Most Americans are happy to get out of Afghanistan, and some are also glad to leave a lot of what they’d rather forget behind… such as the Afghans, for instance. We can do better.

A January 6 insurrectionist was just about to walk away with a misdemeanor, and he would’ve too, it it wasn’t for those meddlesome Sedition Hunters on the internet. Sedition hunting has become a fun and useful hobby for many, rewarding to the FBI, less productive for assholes.

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It’s the KITM 10th Anniversary Show! Original KITM host David Waldman makes an appearance, along with his long-time guest, Greg Dworkin.

Just think, 10 years ago we were at the half-way point in our occupation of Afghanistan —  in retrospect an excellent time to begin planning our exit. As it turns out, just about everyone else’s preparations had been underway for a while in anticipation.

The Trump Bug Out had to happen, well before Trump, and Joe Biden was the guy to make it happen. The media rolling with the story fitting the most stock footage on hand was as predictable as them Googling where they were to stop their buck today. The people who were getting away with it are taking advantage of this moment to get away with it again. The first victims will be the future victims, as always.

As a result, Joe Biden’s approval numbers drop to… higher than Trump’s were anyhow.

In about a minute, Afghanistan will be moved far behind the furthest back burner once more as we address... (checks notes) …mask mandates! Non-morons remain in favor of them, btw. Has anyone tried slut-shaming the non-masked? It can’t be worse than what Republicans are trying. Everyone needs masks, vaccinated or not, as vaccines aren’t the shield they used to be. Greg Abbott is one of fifty governors vaccinated, and he’s got “it” again, right after a maskless Republican fundraiser. The asymptomatic Gov loaded up on Regeneron, the Republican go-to for avoiding embarrassing death in front of Democrats. The painful, expensive, inadequate, ineffective, unavailable, but not Democratic, alternative to vaccination.

Meanwhile, the Arizona Fraudit is to be delivered to the state Senate next Monday, hopefully containing enough evidence to put each of the counters away for a long time. Lunatic coup planner Jeffrey Clark should be impeached, indicted, incarcerated, and denied parole

Back in the real world, House Democrats are introducing a voting rights bill named for John Lewis. Nancy Pelosi plans to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the budget plan at the same time, or thereabouts.

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Who is the president of Afghanistan? Well, it’s not the guy it was last week, right? Don’t worry, there is an acting, interim, caretaking president keeping things going smooth over there, perhaps not so smooth over here.

How do we nice guys end up in situations like this so often?

David Waldman hoped to get away from such vexing questions for a couple of weeks in Costa Rica, when he confronted a not-yet-torn-down historical monument to his bête noire, the filibuster. No, not the parliamentary procedure, but the military term, or more precisely, those damn Filibusteros, who recruited, organized, and plotted raids through Mexico and Central America, under the unofficial auspices of the US.

The most filibusterous of them all, William Walker, hoped to conquer vast regions of Central America to establish new slave states. He succeeded in taking Nicaragua, making himself presidentre-instituting slavery, writing a book, and getting executed.

Then Joan McCarter called in and snapped us all back to present-day: Republicans gave Dems the finger and a declaration of non-cooperation on a debt ceiling vote. Unemployment benefits for 7 million are about to lapse, and no one in Washington is doing much about it now that Joe Manchin became disinterested. House Democrats also want to play Manchin and Sinema’s game, and who knows, maybe Nancy Pelosi will give them something.

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David Waldman leaves Costa Rica, where the dogs and busses can roam free, back to KITM World HeadquartersGreg Dworkin and our hungry ears:

Who didn’t know that sending the US into Afghanistan wasn’t a mistake thousands of lives and trillions of dollars ago? The biggest mistake was ever believing we could do enough over there to make up for that first mistake, without ever correcting that first mistake. George W. Bush put us in Afghanistan, but everyone who left us in Afghanistan is about as awful. Joe Biden was right to call off this charade now. No matter how wrong he was, Donald Trump was right to call for withdrawal. Of course, Donald was too chicken and too self-centered to actually do it. Getting innocents out would be our second step in the right direction.

Everyone knows the correct actions to handle COVID-19, as well. Some are pretending not to, some are hiding from the truth, some are hiding the truth. Covid reporting and tracking is breaking down, while any numbers that are reported are fought overPediatric Covid-19 hospitalizations soar, while Ron DeSantis will sell Regeneron to any embarrassed conservatives faced with dying to own libs. Trump promised Regeneron for free. He was lying, but doesn’t that count?

Cori Bush wants to demilitarize the police, and needs body guards, for the same reason. Meanwhile Marjorie Traitor Greene has another suspension from Twitter, 5-6 more strikes and she’s out.

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Happy Friday the 13th! Happy Non-reinstatement Day! Happy Last KITM before David Waldman returns from touring the tropics, and back to our KITM World Headquarters live broadcast studio/breakfast nook Day!

Today is our last day to head down memory lane!  So, do you recall what was going on over at Kagro in the Morning exactly 3 years ago? Well, if I remember correctly, it went something like…


His golf game rained out, Donald Trump stayed inside, motorboating motorcyclists, his very important contingent, and a prime example of those supporters Trump relies upon... as opposed to that wacky, vicious, low-life Omarosa, who Donald had to fire 3 times—plus another time he just found out about—because she, well, didn’t really “fit in” with the group. Now that Ja’Ron, he’s a good one. (Whatever his last name is.) There’s a certain level of loyalty and commitment expected in conservative quarters, you know... What about North Korea!

The great news: November keeps coming, and nobody can prevent that. David Waldman joins with Dr. Greg Dworkin (Ret.) (not yet) to round up pundits, and polls, without which we might think Trump is popular, and wouldn’t notice the big blue blizzard heading our way.

Losers might actually be losing for once. Trump calls to boycott Harley-Davidson, and Scott Walker ahead of Tuesday’s primary. Chris Collins suspends his reelection campaign, but he still needs to resign. New polls show Ted Cruz could really lose, once people meet Beto O’Rourke. IL-MN-MI-OH-IA-WI could go blue, and if not all of them, that’s still good. “Unite the Right” united a couple of dozen of “them”, and lots of “us”. Once upon a time, Richard M. Nixon was a popular president.

The America conservatives hate has always been the the one they’ve known and hated.

Are you still sure there’s no need to worry? It’s not just Kobach: Three vote-suppressing Secretaries of State are overseeing their own elections in 2018.

A fourth federal judge, this time a Trump appointee, has rejected a challenge to special counsel Robert Mueller's appointment. Donald is not good at getting stuff done or whatever. Is Space Force the Trump Steaks of his presidency so far? Devin Nunes does his part, by tampering with witnesses in Azerbaijan.

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David Waldman just has a couple of loose ends to tie up in Costa Rica, but in just a few days will return to KITM World Headquarters for a LIVE show!

In the meantime, do you remember how Donald Trump sucked as a president, even before COVID? Let’s reminisce with this KITM from the summer of 2019:


Greg Dworkin ascended Mount Denali, descending a fortnight later to confront wickedness and depravity, and bearing polling of all sortsDavid Waldman, and we, rejoice:

It’s hard to find any stiff-necks in Iowa, no matter how hard the press tries. The Suburbs are fleeing Donald Trump, but where are they going? Moderate Dems might be the ones to watch in 2020.

Child solicitor Jeffrey Epstein didn’t quite make it to trial, surprising probably no one more than Jeffrey Epstein... in fact, Russian Bots and the President seem to have had it figured out before Jeff’s body hit the floor. William Barr has reached Susan Collins levels of concern over the irregularities. Prosecutors vow to continue their investigation into the inner workings of Epstein’s criminal organization, once they finish their investigation into the inner workings of Epstein.

Gun culture and wellness culture offer their followers “empowering epistemology”. The El Paso killer quoted the gospel chapter and verse.

Donald Trump is a racist. Cruelty remains the point, although corporations have leveraged extra benefits. Why haven’t Trump companies been raided, other than the very, very obvious reasons?

What is the opposite of diplomacyDomination? Sanity?

Donald hears the pitter patter of little feet, exiting the White House.

Even the best evil megalomaniacs have setbacks attempting world domination, as Russia’s hypersonic cruise missile prototype makes just a little tiny little Chernobyl over the White Sea.

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David Waldman had a plan to commune with the locally abundantequatorial adjacent, flora and fauna while on vacation —  until the moment he found that bug in his hotel room... Well, you sort of had to be there. The point is, David is not here to describe the most recent threats endangering us, so we put together several Mini-KITMs… which have run out

We have another idea. Plan C is to finish out the week reviewing past KITMs. Today, one year ago, Thursday, two years, and Friday three years ago! And now, KITM presents last year, when many were worried about a “pandemic” and Trump was worried about TikTok:


How can you top yesterday’s KITM, with both Armando and Greg Dworkin as guests? Well, you can’t. However, it is always possible that David Waldman did! Hit the link above, and see if he pulled it off.

Winter is coming, and windows will begin to close, including America’s window of opportunity to beat back Covid-19... and, those windows on those schools we’re now herding our children into. 800 more students went into quarantine in Georgia. Guam’s governor tested positive for coronavirus. Most Americans won’t be able to get a coronavirus vaccine until well into 2021. Vladimir Putin claims that Russia has the world’s first approved COVID-19 vaccine, although it will need to be administered by a needle hidden in the tip of a nurse’s shoe.

Yesterday, some reporter made the mistake of asking Donald Trump a questionMockery thus ensuedjustifications were rationalized, and in the morning the cycle begins again. Each day, White House staff build Potemkin villages around Donald Trump. Governor Kristi Noem even createdSpinal Tap-scaled Mount Rushmore for her villageAmerican contractors knew 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate were stored in a Beirut warehouse, and many people know how that can turn out, and yet Trump said it was “a bomb”… and then drug some of our great generals into it. Defense Secretary Mark Esper didn’t realize he was on the wrong side of the Potemkin walls until it was pointed out to him.

Is TikTok’s… time running out? Well, Donald Trump says he thinks that app’s hot, and when Donald likes what he sees, that’s never a good sign. Trump wants some “key money”, or he will simply just destroy the company. Meanwhile, as per usual mob protocol, Trump’s lawyers will be challenging any subpoenas coming their way.

The stock market doesn't reflect Americans' pain. It certainly does not reflect Ivanka Trump’s pain, who made about 4 million in one year from the Trump DC hotel, and still felt the need to request severance pay.

Mandamus: It’s not just a river in New Zealand. It’s also a deeply concerning and misguided D.C. Circuit ruling in the Michael Flynn Case.

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David Waldman, ensconced in the Costa Rican primeval, hidden amidst the elusive jaguar and agouti, remains unavailable for live broadcast. David did record several all-new snack-size KITMs for us... although this one is more or less the other half of yesterday’s Twix® on Pegasus, the spyware developed by the private Israel-based NSO Group to be sold and marketed only to good guys, never bad guys.

It is easy to tell the “good guys” around the UAE, as that is usually defined via heredity. Just ask Jamal Khashoggi… or at least, his wife, and his fiancé, whose phones were hacked with Pegasus software just prior to and following Khashoggi’s personal hacking in Istanbul.  Then there was Princess Haya Bint al Hussein, and Princess Latifa bint Mohammed al-Maktoum of Dubai, both considered naughty girls by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The fleeing Princesses were hunted down all over the world with the aid of Pegasus, and probably the helpful folks at the FBI.

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I bought tires two weeks ago. To this day, my browsers and apps all still vie to sell me tires. Can’t anyone monitor me more intelligently?

(David Waldman, still somewhere holding a coconut with a straw and little umbrella, remains unavailable for live broadcasts. He has however, assembled several all-new Mini-KITMs, of which this is #6.)

The Israeli surveillance company NSO Group  sure knows how to monitor people. Just about everybody on the internet uses end-to-end encryption to guard our privacy, frustrating those who don’t prefer our privacy. NSO developed a way around all that, so simple that you don’t even have to click a thing before it is busy uploading your photos and videos, recordings, location records, communications, web searches, passwords, call logs and social media posts — in real time!

Hey, before you say anything, NSO exclusively supplies this program to only the most responsible governments around the world. Supplying spyware to criminals, terrorists, or governments that do not have people’s best interests at heart would be like selling them “weapons”. It just isn’t done. Except for the 50,000 politicians, judges, lawyers, teachers… 10 prime ministers, three presidents and a king that were infected, of course.

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David Waldman is still out, continuing his tour of our KITM Jungle Lair facilities, but before David departed he managed to record a series of all-new Mini-KITM episodes!

This one is more of a “Midi-KITM episode, as it goes down quite a deep rabbit hole. Food injustice is as American as apple pie, which we imported with slavery, genocide, capitalist subjugation, union busting, tipping and cowboys. It’s also as American as Bill Gates, America’s top farmland owner. Bill could be buying up hundreds of thousands of acres of prime farmland in order to save the world, or in order to make billions of more dollars...

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David Waldman, possibly in Costa Rica to observe Annexation of Guanacaste Day (Orthodox), continues to be far away from the KITM microphone today —  but never our hearts — and ears, posting this brand-new Mini-KITM!

Donald Trump remains a goldmine of morality plays and cautionary talesCarol Leonnig and Philip Rucker discovered this the very, very hard way, enduring an hours-long interview recounted in their new book I Alone Can Fix It. Is Trump delusional or lying? That line has been blurred, according to David and Vanity Fair, but it remains clear how dangerous Trump is.

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David Waldman is off in Costa Rica today. Pick up a plate of beans and rice, or some rice with beans… or some beans, with beans, beans, and rice… or a handful of pork rinds with us, and enjoy our little KITM empanada:

From a distance, QAnon believers just seem to be silly dummies to be laughed at and eventually ignored. Unfortunately, some Q-nuts are kind of dangerous, and a few of them are really dangerous. The saddest thing, however, is how QAnon addiction destroys families and relationships by warping the best of intentions into grinding abuse, while arming seasoned abusers with new, grimly effective tools of torture.

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David Waldman continues to serve up brand-new pre-recorded KITM snacks while he’s out becoming one with nature.

Today, it is time we try to get a handle on Kyrsten Sinema, the fervent, steadfast Libertarian. Green Party member. Democrat. What’s next for Krysten? Well, it won’t take a political scientist or psychologist to predict this career path.

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Now, for a limited time only, David Waldman will be passing out these all-new KITM Fun-Size treats! Just the right size for summer and back-to-school season (as well as filling in the time slot) while I assume, David zip-lines over waterfalls and sloths

The walls are always closing in on Donald Trump. One of those times was just ahead of January 6, when Trump was leaning on acting attorney general, Jeffrey Rosen, to help him overthrow democracy. Justice Department official Richard Donoghue ended up taking notes on those meetings, which were given to Congress last Wednesday and released to the public on Friday.

According to the notes, Rosen told Trump that the Justice Department "can’t + won’t snap its fingers + change the outcome of the election." Donald pretended to understand and replied, "just say the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me and the R. Congressmen." This felt a little coup-y to the sane people in the room. Trump, sensing this, then plotted to replace Rosen with an new acting toady, Jeffrey Clark.

In an unexpected move, Donald Trump has assured everyone that while everything he says and does seems criminal and vile on the surface (and also deep-down) in actuality, all is always the opposite, always.

The lies won’t end soon. Too much money in it. Trump’s Big Lie raised $100 million for him so far.

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David Waldman delivers his KITM Hiatus Eve special, but he’ll be back —  on Monday! — with new recorded shows!

This is about the point in a science fiction film when the protagonist damns us all to hell for ruining things forever.

We were this close… but now we have the Delta variant, a cool name for a sequel, but a pretty horrific disease. Republicans, who usually only understand other’s problems when it happens to them, are having it happen to them. Unfortunately all that they seem to understand this time is that there is “a problem”, because it is happening to them. So now we have Republican selfie riots in the Capitol, and it is back to blue states and Democrats to the rescue, again. Red states, on the other hand, hope increasing ignorance and inattention will save the the day. Somehow, the UK has a handle on things, although no one can quite explain how.

Republicans also prefer their delusions over any testimony on the January 6 insurrection. This could be an issue for them when they are called to testify on their delusions. Donald Trump says the cops who spoke to Congress are pussies, so it might be interesting to hear his thoughts, under oath. Merrick Garland won’t defend Mo Brooks, but should do more.  First things first, as the attorney general for the District of Columbia continues investigating the 2017 inauguration committee. The Arizona Senate liaison, Ken Bennett, resigned, and then didn’t.

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For we were podcast-less —  and on this day, David Waldman podcasted unto us, and verily, greet we also Greg Dworkin, bearing his Thursday Raft of Trueth™:

Which sign of the apocalypse is Mike Lindell? Probably one of the last ones. Marjorie Traitor Greene promotes her unending self-stewardship drive. A Muslim-free gun range closed in Oklahoma, caps-locked to the end.

Coronavirus continues to plague the US, particularly in heavily moronic areas. This is concerning to the GQP, as their constituents, indeed most of them, are morons. The Capitol Police are expected to arrest maskless morons soon. Thomas Massie and Chip Roy believe they have more morons than the cops can handle, but many might be just pretending to be morons to keep up their Republican bona fides. Charlie Kirk continues to fight for COVID deaths, even after the timely loss of his TPUSA co-founder. Do morons promote racism, or visa-versa?

COVID Aid programs are spurring a (temporary) record drop in poverty. Red states are eager to see things back to normal.  Meanwhile, something’s going well in the UK, but nobody’s sure why.

Steve Bannon knew what was coming on January 6.  Mo Brooks knew. Jim Banks... just found out? Andrew Clyde is certain that he will never know, and you can't make him. The Fraternal Order of Police is suddenly quiet.

Chuck Schumer and the G10 have arrayed all 50 Senate Democrats, just like that, and the infrastructure bill moves forward, right over the former guy. 

Donald Trump endorsed indicted incumbent Ken Paxton over that one Bush for Texas AG, because, really, who likes an ass-kisser? Donald, of course. But with so many to choose from… Mitch McConnell is getting sick of winning.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin continue the KITM countdown to hiatus. What will happen Monday? Who knows! Why are you asking me? Let’s focus on the moment, today:

Olympic gymnast Simone Biles is out with the “twisties”, which is a bit like the “yips”, but while hurtling towards the ground. For those with neither talent nor discipline, either term might be difficult to understand.

Republicans are losing the Trump touch, unable to inject enough chaos into the opening day of the January 6 committee hearings, which even Fox News covered uninterrupted. Marjorie Traitor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert, and Paul Gosar were hoisted with their own petard of citizen journalists “just asking them questions”. Thus, Capitol police officers were allowed to take us to hell and back with them in yesterday’s testimonials. 

Being relieved of GQP clowning enables the Select Committee to truly investigate, and journalists the freedom to correctly report. Andrew Clyde was forced to address his “normal tourist visit” statement. Jim Jordan might eventually have to address his January 6 conversation with Trump. We might even find out what “Blue Lives Matter” really means. Armando reminds us that the faster we get these answers, the better. Things are moving a little too fast for Mo Brooks, who can’t catch a break from his justice department lawsuit for inciting insurrection, which should be covered by more than tort law. The DOJ says former Trump officials can testify about January 6. Retired general Russel Honoré can tell you what he saw

Nothing beats getting vaccinated, but even then it is time to put the masks back on. One of the greatest challenges we now face, is of course, morons. Florida has a surplus of morons, and now a surge in COVID. Texas Republican Chip Roy has a few questions he’d like to scream at Anthony Fauci. Kentucky’s Thomas Massie will sue over his mask fine, or at least sue over his several misconceptions about it. Mitch McConnell is many things, but a moron is not one of them.

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Let’s join David Waldman in making the most of today’s show, shall we?

California will require state employees to get vaccinated, and so will New York. If you are anywhere not vaccinated, you shouldn’t go in a bar or restaurant. (And, you should get vaccinated.) About a million rugged individualistic ovine bikers are herding into Sturgis, South Dakota next week.

Simone Biles withdrew from the Olympic team gymnastic finals, opening the way for a Russian gold medal. Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly open a bottle of champagne. 

Kristen Sinema, who has no values, does have a mutual attachment with No Labels, who are the Members Only of political organizations, still around for no apparent reason.  Reverends Jesse Jackson and William Barber, along with 37 others with values, were arrested protesting in Sinema’s office yesterday.

A bipartisan commission is finally looking into what happened at the Capitol on January 6. Republicans know it’s time to pull the cords on the rhetorical dynamite strapped to their chests, while plotting revenge on the disloyal. Last night they lit the fuse on a privileged resolution to demand that Nancy Pelosi seat all of Kevin McCarthy’s selections to the committee, which quickly fizzled and went out. Finally, we can hear descriptions of all that PDA put on the record.

Arizona Senate liaison Ken Bennett can liaise all he wants, but no one’s letting him attend to the fraudit anymore. The Pennsylvania GQP wants some of that old Trump chaos over in their state. The people worried that Anthony Fauci might have been Red Chinese the last 40 years, bought themselves a brand new Chinese Freedom Phone.

The Dixie fire, Bootleg fire, Crater Ridge fire, and many, many others pump smoke and ash across the country as climate change plays out before our eyesJoan McCarter has more than one reason to mask up. Meanwhile, it’s still infrastructure week. Republicans understand that if anything goes well for anyone ever, and it’s not Donald Trump, then it’s a Democratic win, and that just can’t happen. Now would be a very good time for Schumer and Pelosi to cancel August recess.

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It’s almost August, and as QAnon and Mr. Pillow tell us, Donald Trump is returning to the presidencyDavid Waldman will be out of the country for the next couple of weeks.

Don’t worry, David won’t be gone forever. Unfortunately, neither will Trump. Trump is lonely, old and wants attention, like his followers. Trump is perpetually entitled and victimized, like his followers. Trump is a sociopathic, parasitic grifter. His followers could only wish. Some do have some successful grifts occasionally, but most just can’t catch a break.

Nancy Pelosi will add Republican Adam Kinzinger to the January 6 investigation, which was already bipartisan with Liz Cheney, but now is twice as much. Kevin McCarthy continues his snit, and will also continue to lose.

Greg Dworkin isn’t here to shame or disrespect anyone for not being vaccinated yet, but even his patience can wear thin. Vaccinations are inching up, but the Delta variant has changed the rules.  Asymptomatic carriers are multiplying, breakthrough cases are increasing, super-spreader events are scheduled, and winter is coming.

Remember when Politico vindicated Ron DeSantis? They’ll probably regret that.

Add right-wing radio host Phil Valentine to the rapidly growing list of vaccine regretters, who woulda shoulda coulda got vaccinated. “Unvaccinateddoesn’t necessarily mean that they “refused” to get a vaccination, just as those folks that must require the vaccine to have FDA approval aren’t necessarily the same folks who believe this is all a federal plot to force them… but they probably are. Either way, they need to take the vaccine.

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Wednesday felt like Saturday. Thursday felt like Friday. David Waldman assures us, Today is what you make it. (It’s Friday.)

Ted Cruz gave us his guarantee a year ago. Today, he is guaranteed to be 100% Ted Cruz. Joe Biden promised Republicans were going to shape up when Donald Trump left. The problem is, Donald Trump never left and never will.

Constitutional sheriffs and sovereign citizens deserve each other and should move to Gimmetaria together. A Michigan sheriff following the wisdom of Mr. Pillow, Mike Lindell, has taxpayers paying for an investigation into a Trump county whose entire population is less than half of Biden’s state margin. A reporter tried to plumb the depths of Trump supporters’ gullibility and stupidity, and discovered there is no bottom. It is hilarious, even as we die laughing.

Michael Cohen believes Jared Kushner will be hiding a bit deeper in Mohammed bin Salman’s pocket once word gets out that he flipped on Trump.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse discovered that the FBI’s “supplemental investigation” on Brett Kavanaugh was as interested in collecting tips on Brett as the National Enquirer was interested in collecting tips on Donald Trump. In fact, both sets of data and all the cheeseberders seemed to go through Donald in this time period. Oh well, what can be done now? Joan McCarter has a few ideas.

Armando knows that once we agree on the Constitution, the rest is easy. A Democratic bill would only allow elected House members to serve as speaker. House Republicans want Kevin McCarthy to throw out Nancy Pelosi. How long can this go on?

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Don’t believe everything you hear! Believe David Waldman, who will set you straight on the best fried chicken served by 18th century reenactors in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Ohio’s Barberton Chicken, on the other hand, is an acquired taste. (Although a pretty good taste to acquire.)

Nancy Pelosi booted Jim Banks (Some Republican) and Jim Jordan (Everybody knows him) from the January 6 select committee because “The unprecedented nature of January 6th demands this unprecedented decision”. In other words, it is because they were complicit with an attempted overthrow of the US, and are continuing to assist in the coverup. “Unprecedented” must be a GQP problem-word, probably as they’re still sore from being unpresidented last November. Following Pelosi, Kevin McCarthy immediately unleashed the snit he clearly prepared in advance and now won’t invite any Democrats to his club. Chris Cillizza completely missed the point and blamed Nancy Pelosi for dooming democracy again, just like she did on the bipartisan 1/6 commission.

More than 30 former top Senate Democratic aides called for changes to the filibuster rules, so that should do it.  The Supreme Court doesn’t even pretend that they aren’t in charge anymore.

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Winner, winner, chicken dinner!  That’s the yearly Waldman family tradition David goes out of his way to honor, therefore, just as he went out of his way last year, he’s out of his way this year, also.

Here, let me sum up what I said previously:

David Waldman is out, but not out of stories to share! David couldn’t bear to leave us empty-eared, so he burned the afternoon oil at KITM World Headquarters to produce a special pre-recorded show for today!

Do you reside in a city with a federal building or property, maybe a post office? Do you disagree with Donald Trump’s handling of… anything? Are you insufficiently loyal? Then, you might be excited to hear that Ken Cuccinelli has a van with your name on it. Actually, the van has no name on it, and the guys climbing out will be masked with no identification, all adding to the excitement for everyone. Even if you are the shy, retiring type, Q-shirt volunteers will have their ears to the ground in every neighborhood, trained to root out baby cannibals like you and me. The whole operation isn’t quite up to Russian standards as yet, but that ambition is certainly present here, today.

Democratic leaders are asking the FBI for an urgent briefing on members of Congress being targeted by a foreign operation, employing known tool Ron Johnson.

Before you are disappeared, you might want to first consider whether or not you want to send your child into one of the largest unregulated experiments ever conducted. If you are rich... well, there’s a lot of things you don’t have to consider, because if public schools aren’t private enough for you, and neither are private schools, there’ll always be your money to fix things. If you are medium-rich, you still have online learning, sort of. If your child is not white, that might lead to jail, however.

Ritchie Torres is not white. In fact, he is expected to be the first openly gay Afro-Latino man in Congress. Congress is literally not ready for someone both Black and Latinx, as Torres can’t join both the Black and Hispanic caucuses.

You knew that Ailes and O'Reilly weren’t the end of it over at Fox News. Maybe, soon, the rape and sexual violence there will taper off, now that there’s a lawsuit on Ed Henry for rape and the current top talent on harassment. With those guys gone, it will cut in half the security demands for the Republican convention.

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We would’ve won this morning’s space race had David Waldman let us clear the bird’s nest blocking the KITM World Headquarters Secret Virginia Volcano Launch Base Hideout lid. But as a result, David won’t be joining space pioneers Richard Branson’s North American Aviation X-15-level flight last week, or Jeff Bezos’ Mercury-Redstone 3-esque blastoff today. Branson’s looked kind of cool, but not a tenth as badass as an X-15. Bezos’ however, looked shockingly like... Jeff Bezos. Of course, what really mattered was who’s was the biggest.

A lot of people keep dying from COVID-19. For some of those people, it was a pretty big surprise. Marjorie Traitor Greene was suspended from Twitter for a few hours for lying about Covid. Sean Hannity took a short break from lying about Covid, then regained his composure. Donald Trump found a way to lie about vaccinations, the election, Joe Biden, and the people who point out that he lies, all in one lie.

Dolly Parton tried, everyone.  She tried.

Meanwhile, mask mandates might need to happen again, even outside.

Speaking of deadly lies, Kevin McCarthy picked his star player, Gym Jordan, to foul the way for the Republicans on the January 6 commission.  Good news, there is at least one Republican who called the riot criminal. On the other hand, there are 3 who pretended that the election was the crime.

For those keeping track, the Trump campaign has admitted a lie. Can we now just move on? The DOJ is moving on from Wilbur Ross’ lies to Congress on behalf of Trump. Actually, it was Bill Barr who moved on, before Merrick Garland even moved in.

Joan McCarter reports that Republicans want to defund the police, in this particular case, the Internal Revenue Service, potentially delaying the vote on whether or not they're ready to have a bill on which they hope to vote on eventually. Instead, Chuck Schumer will proceed today with the procedural vote to proceed on the proceedings.

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It’s Monday, and David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are back for a new KITM, but probably not this Wednesday, as now there is chicken involved. (You need to tune in, I can’t sum up everything, you know.)

Ohio sent troopers and the National Guard to the Texas border. Nobody will say where they are or what they’re doing, or if they actually went, and who’s spending or making money off this.

COVID cases are shooting up, again. Less of the infected are sick and dying, but so many more are sick and dying because so many more are becoming infected. That’s not so hard to understand, is it? Conservatives point out that if so many liberals weren’t so la-dee-dah, showing off their vaccines and all, it wouldn’t have spoilt it for everyone. They could’ve marketed magnet and microchip-free versions if they wanted, also...

Of course, there are a lot of non-imbecile unvaccinated out there. Those folks might require Olivia Rodrigo-levels of persuasion. All it took for Toyota is the loss of tens of millions of dollars of revenue. Fox News’ heart has become heavy as their wallet has become light. Nonetheless, from selling fake vaccine cards, to selling site hits, there still is plenty of money in watching people die. Cutting out the fraud takes the miracle out of miracle cures.

Speaking of frauds, most Arizona Republicans don’t need “results” to tell them what they already believe. Now the Pennsylvania GQP wants a taste of that sweet, sweet grift. What could possibly be wrong with that? Ask Florida man Paul Hodgkins, the first insurrectionist to not get remotely the felony punishment he deserves.

Polling shows 58% of Americans approve of President Joe Biden's job in office. Polling has been much less kind to “polling”, but you realize, the polls could have that completely wrong. Polls can’t hurt Terry McAuliffe. All that money can’t hurt Terry either.

Lindsey Graham said that Republicans should leave DC to prevent Senate Democrats from passing an infrastructure bill via reconciliation, which would work because then Democrats wouldn’t need reconciliation to pass the bill.

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David Waldman, man, myth, legend, Friday, KITM, etc.:

We knew how awful and dangerous Donald Trump was before the latest books came out. We just didn’t know how noble and brave Ivanka Trump and Mike Pence were. There is a reason for that. At least Mike Pence was smart enough to turn down a 1/6 ride with the Secret Service as they wavered between being pro-USA or pro-Trump. 

A scammer raised $3.4 million with PACs that pretended to support Trump, deserving that money about as much as Trump would.

William Regnery II, of the Regnerys who financed White nationalism from the 40’s through the present has died, 80 years late. The Regnery name and philosophy live on through Regnery Publishing. The political lives of Republicans depend on publishers like Regnery, sometimes living much longer than they deserve to.

The COVID pandemic is back, because wishes don’t make it go away. Booster shots are deemed beneficial for the immunocompromised

Democrats are pushing a budget to support Joe Biden’s agenda. So far, the Dems are quite well arrayed. Republicans might be forced to vote for some of the things they plan to take credit for.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin told you so. If you listen to KITM or read this, you have been telling everyone so. Donald Trump is an impulsive, mentally unstable and unbalanced individual who suffers from an inferiority complex, duh. Apparently, Putin could’ve told us so, likewise. Vlad could just be funning with us, but that wouldn’t make it less true, just the truth released at the wrong time.

Word is out that General Mark Milley realized Trump was setting up his own Reichstag moment to keep himself in power. So, now they tell us? If it was a Reichstag, how long do you wait to prevent Machtergreifung? Donald says Mike isn’t his type.

Donald of course placed his bunker moment at the totally wrong time, of course did the totally wrong thing, and wanted to kill anyone who told on him. Instead, so far the ones suffering a downfall are the Republicans caught believing the good guys would win. Trump supporters are still out there winning, and pwning the libs every day.

Anti-vaxxers keep winning by losing, because causing death is pro-life.

Hundreds of thousands of white flags will be placed on the National Mall to honor the lives lost to the coronavirus in the U.S. Where does somebody get that many little mourning flags? Turns out, there is a place.

The fraudit team in the Maricopa ballot count didn’t match the official total. Even if it were 10 ballots, you know their count wouldn’t match. In Georgia, 200 ballots were double scanned, then discovered, and then fixed with zero effect in the official results, so... Soros?

Back in the real world, 90% of American families with children get their first child tax credit check. Thanks Dems! Democrats roll out their $3.5 trillion budget, but should they have asked for $3.95? Whichever sounds best, just get the signature and work out the details later. Now, however is a good time to get labor reforms in there.

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David Waldman opens today’s KITM thanking all you out there. Not just you patreons, but those that deliver talent, time, and ears to us each day! Also, Donald Trump. Where would we be without him? Oh, we’d probably think of something to talk about.

Without Trump, Greg Dworkin might have had less to say on COVID-19, but probably not. Red states and blue states might still be diverging on their handling of the pandemic and acceptance of masking and vaccines. People would be lied to, and people would regret believing the lies.

Some people want to believe lies. The GQP would have catered to them without Trump, but with Trump there is greater focus. Truth has always weighed down culture warriors, and fascists, and is of course, the first casualty of this war.

For authors, Donald Trump is gold, and the rush is on. Without Trump, we’d all have to talk about Ken Starr, who is as sleazy as Trump, but as sanctimonious as Mike Pence, and maybe ickier than both.

There is some non-Donald news, sort of. Stephen M. Calk arranged for $16 million in loans to Paul Manafort in order to get a job as secretary of the Army. The guys who planned to kidnap and kill Governor Gretchen Whitmer would hate to have their cop-killing locker room talk played to a jury. A judge spanked team Kraken, but they still might get away with it.

Remember when the big lie was climate change denial? California anticipates nearly all salmon in the Sacramento River will die from the heat. The EU proposes an internal combustion engine ban from 2035.

Senate Democrats landed on a $3.5 Trillion reconciliation infrastructure proposalCollins, Murkowski, Manchin and Sinema will say things, but that’s different than doing things.

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It’s Tuesday, and David Waldman remembered to invite Joan McCarter, and she remembered what they were going to talk about. Yay!

Did you know that Donald Trump was a deluded low-intelligence big-mouthed sociopath during his administration? There is new evidence supporting this in two new books out, I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J. Trump's Catastrophic Final Year and Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency. David reads and comments on an excerpt from I Alone Can Fix It. That’s the one with Trump flirting with martial law to keep the presidency. The other one has Eric Trump picking a fight with math and Rudy Giuliani with the plan that Trump just claim he won... or was that in the first book? Which one reveals Trump wanting to execute whoever snitched about his hiding in his little bunker? Oh, that was a third book, Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost!

This is only the start on these books. There’s plenty more material out there. We are just getting to the “Stop the Steal” era! Although, we might not have the Kracken to kick around anymore, once the Eastern District of Michigan is through with their sanction hearing.

The Trump Organization isn’t sure of what you mean by “chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg”, there’s no one there by that name.

Catching COVID is now the hot thing in red states. Only RINOs don’t get on respirators, or allow people the freedom to get on respirators, in those states. 

U.S. investigators have arrived in Haiti to aid in the Moïse assassination case, as there is a noticeable Venn diagram overlap between Haiti suspects and DEA informants.

Greg Abbott’s posse turned away at the Texas border having failed at rounding up the Democrats who plan to stay away for a few weeks to block Abbott’s voter suppression bill.

Senate Democrats and White House officials are meeting today to talk spending and revenue targets, budget resolution and reconciliation instructionsChuck Schumer might shorten the Senate’s August break to address the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which means Republicans need to step up their delaying process. Joe Biden continues nominating a diverse slate of federal judges at a rapid pace, but that can’t fix the Supreme Court who are slated to be much worse next session. SCOTUS isn’t as bad as Donald Trump wanted them to be, and after all he did for them, too!

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It’s Monday, so you knew you’d find David Waldman and Greg Dworkin right here, like they should be.

CPAC is so untethered from reality that they detached from time, convening for their second annual convention in 5 months. 

We still have a fascist problem. The Big Lie was the big winner at CPAC. Those that like to hate, love Trump. QAnon loves Trump, but believe the actual problem is their name. Evangelicals love Trump, but believe the actual problem is their name. Both groups believe no one will need to raid the Capitol if the coup happens before the election. The GQP is so far from center, both-siders can only find Democrats to pick on.

Democrats might be realizing that holding the center once Republicans take a turn might be foolish and unfair, especially when it comes to redistricting. Rachel & Travis of the Irreverent Testimony podcast pointed out years ago that nonpartisan gerrymandering would not be the way to go.

CPAC did not have an in memoriam for Edwin Edwards, although he certainly was there in spirit.

We still have a COVID problem. Delta variant cases have been increasing, and now so are hospitalizations. Due to inaction, Delta is surging in unvaccinated pockets throughout the US. Unvaccinated hospitalized patients say they regret not getting the shot (Unless they are on respirators, but one can assume…) Of course, much of this inaction isn’t accidental. Fox News reached out to suffocate millions of their viewers. Kristi Noem brags that she did the least for her state at CPAC, whose members demand even less for everyone.

Today, Sidney Powell, and Lin Wood are in court for a hearing on whether they should be sanctioned. Lin Wood testifies that he was only a coffee boy and stated, “Kracken? I hardly even knew them”. 

Officials from several U.S. agencies have arrived in Haiti to assist on settling things after the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse. Some of those held in connection to the assassination are connected to a Miami-area security firm.

Police discovered 1,000 rounds of ammunition, and about 20 long guns in a hotel a short walk away from Coors Field, just ahead of the MLB All-Star Game. Drug dealers should remember to not allow their deals to look like a terroristic event in these sensitive times.

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David Waldman delivers the stories and information you need to finally win those debates over the dinner table. (The same amount of mashed potatoes will still be thrown at you.)

You just hate to see White people feeling bad about themselves, especially when you are a White person. Tennessee Republicans don’t want their kids to be traumatized by Ruby Bridges’ story and other “critical race theories,” as they have had to painfully endure their entire lives, and are taking steps to stop it.

The US Women’s Soccer Team was pointed to as disgracefully turning towards the National Anthem… or was it disgracefully turning towards the flag? Either way, if they weren’t the US Women’s Soccer Team, they wouldn’t be pointed at.

Donald Trump wanted to use the COVID-19 pandemic to call off the 2020 election. Donald Trump said that William Barr would lick the floor if he told him to. Donald Trump was surprised and angered when he lost the election. Donald Trump is going to sue everyone until receives justice.

The Secret Service paid Trump National Golf Club over $10,000 in May. That’s okay, because now Trump National Golf Club has free admission for everyone!

Seattle’s largest police union doesn’t want it to get out that 6 of their officers might have been insurrectionists. Meanwhile, the FBI discovered a militia that planned their attacks at “bible studies”.

Philadelphia anti-fascists kicked pro-fascist butt. Saudi Arabia will start a digital news service and lobbying effort aimed at capturing American hearts and minds — without bone-sawing!

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin celebrate National KITM Day today, or is it Eastern Orthodox KITM Day? I get the days mixed up.

Haitian President Jovenel Moïse is still dead. Haitians are only certain about that one thing. Darwin Darko, Senior Haitian Correspondent, tells us Jovenel might have acted too Donald for some. The assassination squad identified as Americans, because that’s just what they would do... 

Tucker Carlson caught the National Security Agency’s attention after only a few private calls to Vladimir Putin. 

There is still a COVID pandemic. Since Donald Trump said he’d deliver the miracle cure, almost as many Americans have died of COVID as were lost in all four years of World War II, both from combat and all other causes. In some areas it is as bad as it ever has been, with Delta variant cases overwhelming hospitals. Those are the areas where many are rejecting vaccines. That is Trump country, where vaccination rates are tied to Fox News and OANN viewership. Will a different messenger convince those people who watched friends and family die from coronavirus, and yet still refused to be vaccinated? They’d rather argue whether the virus came from a Wuhan lab or not. Proving them wrong on that probably won’t get them vaccinated either. Once the virus is finished in their holler, it might not emerge as the same virus, but something worse. 

A school board meeting turned into an anti-mask riot, but why would you expect school board meeting attendees to be concerned about education? You don’t expect town hall attendees to be interested in governance anymore. Governance is the last thing Trump voters are looking for. It is loyalty to the cause that is important. Loyalty is so important to Republicans that they won’t hesitate to knife each other in the back under suspicion of disloyalty.

A few shamed evangelicals prefer to be called Protestant now.

Rudy Giuliani's D.C. law license was suspended, which kind of makes sense, as he is an idiot. Donald Trump’s present legal representatives are pretty stupid also, and you know, Donald isn’t that much of a genius himself.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin celebrate National Tell the Truth Day by delivering just a regular KITM:

Haiti President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated, forcing many Americans to learn more about Haiti and what has been going on there. Many others won’t bother when they can always pull something out of their butt.

People just like lies. Mike Pompeo will tell you, lies are much safer than the truth. Matt Walsh knows that the truth is in fact more dangerous than any gun. We all know that’s a lie… but on the other hand, who knows what risk truth carries?

It is the dianniversary of the insurrection to ratify the Big Lie as truth, and the New Lost Cause is such a comfort to Republican candidates and voters that democracy has become an existential threat. Donald Trump is just the Hitler conservatives need to hold onto what they have. Reporters who were at the Capitol still suffer from PTSD.

Every Gop state party chairman will remain neutral unless they have a big lie to protect.

Truth is sometimes so uncomfortable, people would rather die than confront it. Unfortunately, the truth is, not everyone deserves to catch Covid. Old people understand the truth about the fragility of life and stay safe. Waves come and go, but the more people who are safe, the more people stay safe.

Nikole Hannah-Jones won a Pulitzer prize for her work on the 1619 project. She was about to join the University of North Carolina as a tenured chair, but UNC megadonor Walter Hussman threatened to take away his megadonations if Hannah-Jones got tenure, so the University pulled the rug out from under her. So, Nikole took her talents, and $20 million or so, and brought them over to Howard University. This is justice for Hannah-Jones, but probably did little for any other Black professors out there. Still, lessons were learned at the Tulane School of Medicine, who are on probation by their accreditor over allegations of racism and lack of diversity.

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David Waldman makes it back to us with a live show today.

So, did you blow a hole in yourself or someone this weekend? If so, you are not alone. The second amendment is pretty outdated.

6 months ago Mo Brooks gave a warm-up speech to insurrectionists in front of the White House. Today, Brooks says he was “just following orders”, although those were orders he enthusiastically agreed with. Trump was attempting a military coup, but fortunately Trump is bad at doing things. Still, the Big Lie is now an element of 4th of July parades. Texas is forgetting the Alamo. Kyle Rittenhouse statues can’t be far behind, as long as bigoted fear can be stroked by Disney’s choice of pronouns.

Former cop/January 6 thug Thomas Robertson was released from custody on the condition that he not possess firearms, so he bought 34 more and started assembling pipe bombs.

Good news! If you got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine you probably don’t need a Pfizer booster against the Delta variant. However, if you got the Pfizer vaccine

A police officer tried playing Taylor Swift so that YouTube would block any videos he was recorded in. It didn’t work, so maybe he could try altering his uniform.

Joan McCarter is here with the weather update: IT’S STILL HOT! The Northwest is becoming unbearable, literally, as people start to die and the West becomes a desert. Climate change is an existential threat, but remains somehow debatable as part of infrastructure. Meanwhile, ExxonMobil is throwing something slightly under the billion dollars they expect in taxes at lobbying efforts to help make bills and people wither away. Fox’s new weather channel only measures the fair and balanced temperature in their studio.

Pelosi and Schumer, come back! Your country needs you and all the decent people back to Congress asap. You don’t even need to physically come back, as proxy voting and hybrid hearings are working pretty well. Even Republicans understand the value of proxy voting, although they won’t admit it.

Gettr’s getting what it deserves.

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Happy 5th of July!  Today is the day we observe Independence Day, and can you guess what David Waldman is doing today? Observing the holiday! The former guy is off crying somewhere so there is nothing between us and our hammocks, barbecues, and humming of patriotic marches. Instead of a live show, why not listen to a KITM from the dark years, Monday July 6, 2020:

Today, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin bring us complex answers to complex questions. That is, after all why we tune in to them for a couple of hours. (Actually, 1:58:45.)

Donald Trump is pretty simpleHe’s a racist, he’s going to appeal to racists. You would think that there would not be enough racists to make that work. You would hope soFear and resentment has been a solid strategy for Trump, but probably not this time... Probably not. That is partly because  coronavirus is skyrocketing right where Trump’s supporters live, which is no coincidence. The pandemic is hitting Donald right in his big beautiful electoral map. COVID-19 has chased the Republicans from Charlotte to Jacksonville to rout them out again.

We don’t have all of the dumb people in the world, it just seems that way. Understanding why COVID cases increase as deaths are decrease is as simple as understanding Simpson’s Paradoxregression to the mean, and conversely, regression to the tail. It also helps to understand the difference between equality and equity in contact tracing protocols. Listen, just follow the expert advicewhenever you can find some.

239 experts in 32 countries believe that the coronavirus is airborne, which might affect a lot of future expert advice.

Things sometimes become more complex, the closer you look at them. Are Military bands worth our tax dollars? After much deliberation, David determines that... yeahprobably!

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Haul out your milk bags, grab your anisette, and start shucking those clams! David Waldman is here and he’s in the holiday mood!

GETTR is like Tinder for incels, but less useful. It is of course, backed by FCB (fugitive Chinese billionaire) Guo Wengui, aka “Miles Kwok” (No middle initial “O”, sadly.) and led by Jason Miller, AASM (Alleged Abortion Smoothie Mixologist).

The Supreme Court were getting along so well, but politics and money intruded and now the honeymoon is over. Well, they still like money in politics, so they are backing donor privacy to keep the dark money flowing.

Democrats can’t look to the Supreme Court to fix democracy. They must use the budget-reconciliation process to make voting easier.

The House passed a $760 billion proposal to fund transportation, in hopes to shift debate toward more sustainable infrastructure projects. For Republicans, it shifted their rhetoric to predicting economic disaster, just like it always has.

Critical Race Theory attacks by the Right are old hat, too.

If Kevin McCarthy wanted to, he could force Liz Cheney off the Jan 6 select committee. It would be a lot of work, easily remedied, and who cares about Kevin McCarthy?

Donald Trump's company and its chief financial officer were indicted on Thursday on multiple felony counts. For Donald and his co-conspiratorial offspring, the news sure could be worse. Good for them, the Trump Organization kept a second set of books to track their graft outlay.

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Tragic news. Donald Rumsfeld died on my day off, and everybody used up all the good jokes already. Rumsfeld won’t be somewhat north of anything, anymore, and now can be fondly remembered as someone who will be in no one’s presence ever again.

America’s Rapey Dad, Bill Cosby, is not the architect of the deaths of half a million people, and also unfortunately is still with us, even more so now that an attorney screwed up.

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin interrupted their Canada Day celebrations to bring us that news today, and also because Canada Day isn’t one of those holidays that one celebrates anymore.

You know who’s likewise still alive? Yes, Donald Trump was delighted that charges have been brought against his business and CFO. All of those people are not him, after all. Donald is miffed that his 4th of July Trump celebration was cancelled, however.

Nancy Pelosi and the House have voted to create select committee on the January 6 Capitol insurrection. It was a bipartisan vote, and those two Republicans that voted for it will probably get an invite. That leaves a few more Republicans to assign, and Kevin McCarthy vows to give them the stink-eye if they accept. Adam Kinzinger tells Kevin to bring it on. The next move is McCarthy’s, and then the checkmate will be Pelosi’s.

Kyrsten Sinema once called Joe Lieberman “Pathetic”, but has since been seduced by Joe’s innate charm. Al Gore demands that Donald Trump not behave so crazy

New Pew data show that Joe Biden made large gains with people Donald Trump regularly offended.

The Supreme Court did just what everyone expected they would do to voting rights, upholding restrictions and protecting big donors.  Justice Elena Kagan had about 41 pages of problems with that.

New York City’s Board of Elections ruined the reputation of ranked choice voting, and general voting integrity, when it was really their reputation that deserved it. A Michigan Republican spent eight months searching for evidence of election fraud and returned with common sense. 

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem will send 50 National Guard troops to join the 3600 already there. To save South Dakotans money, the South Dakotans in Texas will be paid by a Tennessean, who in turn will be paid by anybody he wants.

The Los Angeles Police Department's bomb squad attempted to destroy a seized cache of 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks, eventually succeeding

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David says he is going to “the doctors” today, so no new show. Really, he said he had a “doctor’s appointment,” “in the morning” and wouldn’t have “time”… Maybe I’m doing quotes wrong. Anyhow, here’s what I “actually” said back then and the links:


Today on KITM, David Waldman cherry-picks the data, so you don’t have to.

Greg Dworkin rounds up a bunch of newsy and pollsy things. Culture Is replacing class as the key political divide in the US as in UK, but the balance is better here. Brexit is finally figured out.

More is discovered about the Istanbul attackers. GOP national-security experts are more #ReadyForHer than for him.  

Hillary Clinton wins, Trump loses huge in June. How polling can go wrong. How can Trump punish his non-supporters? Who would want to be the Trump VP? This guy is available—and born in NYC!

Things are more complex than Donald Trump makes them. For instance, steel. Black Lives Matter would like to get more details on Hillary Clinton’s approach to civil rights.

David catches up on Donald Trump’s schemes, scams, grifts, and other flim-flams. Trump promised millions to charity, and after about seven years he has donated about 10 grand. The Trump Institute offered its get-rich schemes with plagiarized lessons. Is the Trump Network a political Ponzi scheme? Clownstick said he was forgiving over $45 million in personal loans he made to his campaign, so quit bugging him for proof.

The Bob McDonnell Supreme Court ruling makes convicting politicians of corruption almost impossible, btw.

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David Waldman opens up his KITM Tuesday tapas bar of political news delights:

Bringing back a mask mandate would be a good idea” say doctors who apparently have never met people.

Madison Cawthorn is a self-described “big history buff” who doesn’t know history, and might not understand what “buff” means.

Rex Tillerson spent 40 years climbing the ladder at Exxon, but greed, hubris, and Donald Trump are guaranteed to bring anyone to their knees.

The Arizona ballot fraudit impresses ignorant deluded people, but few others. The Department of Justice believes that the features of Georgia’s new voting laws are in actuality, bugs.

William Barr says that just because he ordered “election fraud investigations”, it doesn’t mean he believed they were valid. Donald Trump says that just because he said he’d “march with insurrectionists to the capitol”, that he was actually going. Ivanka Trump says that just because she testified that she played “no role in planning inaugural events”, that she wasn’t always in there making sure she got hers.

We kept the filibuster, so we didn’t get a $15 federal minimum wage. Rich, aka Liberal Thinking, Admin of All Daily Kos Progressives, points out there are other paths to a minimum income goal, proposing equality payments.

Joan McCarter reports on the local weather: It's HOT! Also, national politics:

The House is voting this week to toss out their old insurrectionist knick-knacks, although it’s their new ones that are really tacky.

Toyota was considering not handing money to insurrectionist lawmakers, but then realized that there are many fine people on both sides buying their cars, and one doesn’t really need a democracy to buy their cars, just a good credit score.

What would the Supreme Court know about voting access and suppression? We will find out soon, along with their thoughts on megadonor anonymity.

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Happy Monday, which is like the weekend, but with more memes, and 100% more David Waldman and Greg Dworkin!

This weekend a social media influencer at the Tour de France introduced hundreds of teeth to macadam and discovered it is possible to become too well known.

Who knows where COVID-19 came from, but where it’s going is Trump country. That’s where kids sneak out behind their parents back to get vaccinated. A booster might now be needed for the Delta variant. Don’t worry, it’s just like the flu, except with 1 in 50 dying. 

What does this mean to the Republican party? You mean, outside of a loss of voters? Not much. Donald is kind of turned on, though. The ACLU found out that whichever seat in the lunchroom you pick, that’s Trump’s seat, and a blackeye is the least of your worries. By the way, the 2nd Amendment does not prohibit ownership of an F-15. Look it up.

Americans are worried about crime, but that doesn’t mean they’re blaming Democrats. Speaking of criminals, William Barr and Donald Trump always knew that sooner or later, only one of them would be left standing. Barr drew first, but everyone knows Barr’s not a straight shooter. It’s now Donald’s turn, and soon Mitch will be gunning for Bill also.

QAnon is going the way of the John Birch Society… which is absolutely nowhere. Those people may not ever understand the words “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, but they have been the same believers for centuries. The Catholic church has been around for a while also, but hating on Joe Biden might not have been that well thought out.

Lovable Joe Biden says what he means and means what he says, but no one needs to hear all that. Infrastructure negotiations are back on track, as Joe Manchin lowers his standard for bipartisanism to mutual eye contact.

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Fridays are often about focusing on a couple big stories on our way into the weekend, and this Friday is no exception.

Tops on the list today: New details about who knew what, heading into January 6th. Speaking of which, the House select committee idea is back on, again.

Next up: New details about the mostly pretty stupid-sounding plan to totally infiltrate and totally upend Democratic politics nationwide by… giving some money to the Wyoming Democratic Party, or whatever. Like I said, it’s mostly pretty stupid-sounding. But this is what they do.

Stupid-sounding or not, sometimes you’ve gotta keep an eye on these dumbasses.

Side note: public gunplay rarely works out the way people think it will, and when it goes wrong, it often goes wrong in just the terrible ways frequently predicted.

Historian Thomas Zimmer offers an unique look at Republican resistance to the Juneteenth holiday. It reminds him of post-war German resistance (well, West German resistance, anyway) to marking May 8th as VE Day. But at least the Germans had a point. They lost World War II. But American Republicans won the Civil War. So what’s the problem? (OK, we all know what the problem is.)

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Previously on KITM:

You might have heard that Nancy Pelosi was to create a select committee to investigate the Jan. 6 insurrection upon the Capitol. Nancy wondered where you could have heard such a thing. Now we know where —  from Nancy Pelosi, today.

You’ve heard that Eric Adams is in the lead for the New York City Democratic Mayoral primary. Candidate Maya Wiley says she’s taking her ranked-choice #2 spot and is turning it into a #1. You might have heard Andrew Yang’s presidential team screwed the pooch, but they say it was the mayoral team.

And now David Waldman and Greg Dworkin with the latest:

Field trip! House Republicans get to dress like Great White Hunters with Donald Trump down by the border. If they find any Trump wall still standing they will pose in front of it. Peter Doocy asks Jen Psaki if Kamala Harris might have a secret crush on Donald.

John McAfee, founder of the McAfee antivirus software company was ”eccentric”... You know, the on a remote Belize island running a bio-lab, dozens of armed guards, neighbor turning up with a bullet hole in his headharems of under age prostitutes, admitted and suspected drugs and drug dealing sort of “eccentric”. The one thing John apparently wasn’t into was paying taxes. McAfee told friends “If I suicide myself, I didn’t. I was whackd” and, “Know that if I hang myself, a la Epstein, it will be no fault of mine.” Anyhow, yesterday, John was found… Well, he was found in Spain. 

The Saudi operatives who killed Jamal Khashoggi received paramilitary training in the U.S., which evidently did not include “making it look like a suicide”.

Edward Snodgrass simply tried to execute ”a dying man’s wishes”, which happened to be "voter fraud”. He might get the book thrown at him, including months in jail, unlike Crystal Mason, who was unaware that she couldn’t vote on parole, and got 5 years.

There’s no jail time for the first defendant to be sentenced in the Jan. 6 insurrection at the US Capitol, but there are a lot more to come.

Donald Trump downplayed COVID-19 while hundreds of thousands of Americans died, caught it (worrying Mark Meadows sick), leveraged the power of the presidency to get himself cured, then went back to mocking people who did get sick while hundreds of thousands more Americans died.

Idiot Matt Gaetz tried to showboat on critical race theory, but General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, earned his title, and proved it with his answer to Gaetz, who probably still has his head cocked like a Labrador retriever, trying to understand it. This is not what Laura Ingraham paid Milley to do.

“Critical Race Theory” sounds like maybe you’re trying to criticize people’s racism, and there are many people out there who are proud of their racism and ready to fight you for it. David suggests that non-racists do nothing… but do nothing over at school board meetings, where taking up space can be good.

Progressive leaders and activists wonder if Joe Biden’s magic wand broke. Meanwhile, populist and fake-populist leaders in Eastern Europe are sad that no one likes them anymore. In the US, the Southern Baptist Convention had to elect new no-nothings when their old no-nothings learned too much.

Ivanka and Jared are privately appalled with the behavior of Donald Trump, or they’re just laying low until the estate sale.  

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t Italian satellites causing Donald to lose the election. Maybe it was chickens... No, those weren’t kernels of truth on the henhouse floor.

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Spider-Man and the Pope agree, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Joe Manchin probably has said this to his mirror lately, as he continues his quixotic and/or self-centered fight against most logic and public opinion. Is Manchin playing 4 dimensional chess? Does he have any game pieces to play? Even if Joe hasn’t quite got it figured out, the rest of the Democratic Senate better work out their next move if they hope to turn this “intentional” loss into a winGreg Dworkin tells us to leave Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema (and Democrats) alone! Republicans are the problem. 2022 is coming soon enough.

There’s plenty of voting going on right now. Eric Adams is in the lead for the New York City Democratic Mayoral primary, which is the long way of saying he’s probably the next NYC Mayor. He sure is doing better than Andrew Yang, who in turn is doing a lot better than Bridgeport, Connecticut’s second most famous mayor, Jasper McLevy. In Jasper’s defense, he ran on the Socialist ticket, but you don’t hear India Walton —  Buffalo, New York’s first woman mayor complaining. You can also welcome Sheriff Kimberly L. Beaty — what a sheriff now looks like. 

David Waldman can tell you that the overnight success of bringing filibuster reform into the mainstream has ten, twenty… sixty years of effort behind it. Yesterday would have been a great day to point out that any day is a good day to reform the filibuster.

The Republican-led Michigan Senate Oversight Committee found that Joe Biden won the election and Donald Trump is a nut. It doesn’t matter, because Republicans like Jim Jordan kind of like nuts, and are ready and willing to turn the world upside down on Trump’s behalf. (Ivanka and Jared are privately appalled.) Catholics and evangelicals that love Trump hate church. Georgia counties are now cashing checks covering the legal costs of protecting Trump. 

Someone said that Nancy Pelosi was forming a select committee to investigate the January 6 insurrection. Nancy Pelosi said that someone should shut their lying mouth about her.

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On today’s KITM, David Waldman tears back into the Sfogliatelle of “Italy Gate”, this time focusing on Michele Edwards, aka Michele Roosevelt Edwards, aka Michele Ballarin, aka Michele Lynn Golden, aka Michele Lynn Golden-Ballarin... heiress, struggling single mother, Ukrainian-Somalian pirate negotiator, defunct airline proprietor, realtor, mansion squatter, and Munchausen-level fabulator whose every syllable rings fake, and is of course, key to Republican’s return to respectability. Michele is due another last name and another “reinvention”, probably next as the host of The Apprentice. Remember Tareq Salahi? The guy who crashed a White House dinner in 2009? He did several stupid things after that, too. Eh, it’s a living.

Kevin McCarthy couldn’t explain how he could maintain his Trump-brown nose if Donald took his job. Donald wanted the DOJ to take out SNL. Trump is mad that Mayor Bill de Blasio would take a guy’s golf course away just for treason.

Joan McCarter calls in to explain how no one likes regressive taxation, including Joe Biden, who is taking a hard line on using popular progressive tax plans to pay for popular infrastructure projects, which would sound like a no-brainer, and exactly what the Republican Senate would fight against. Infrastructure, voting rights, you name it and Joe Manchin will be happy to pound his head against the wall over it. The Democratic Senate is just about done watching him, and Chuck Schumer is moving on. Kyrsten Sinema goes out with a bang and a curtsy, writing an op-ed presenting herself as an independent-minded Democrat who embraces Jim Crow politics and Republicanism.

Joan has some good news, describing the process and procedure of using Newt Gingrich’s tool of destruction, the Congressional Review Act, to take out onerous Trump-era rules.

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It’s SummerDavid Waldman was set to do his opening monologue while reenacting the old “Coppertone Kid” billboard with Abby, but it turns out we don’t have a video component to KITM. (He still did it.)

Greg Dworkin tells us that the introduction of a federal Juneteenth holiday at least got people to thinking, which is quite a lot to ask from some people. Are Republicans that ignorant, or is it just an act? If it is, most of them turn out Olivier/Streep level performances each day. South Carolina lawmakers allow their workers to chose between Juneteenth and Confederate Memorial Day, as some can pick between Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Robert E. Lee’s birthday, because some are just, uhm,”fans”?  Brian Kemp will decide how much the holiday really means to you.

Arizona election analysis found former Donald Trump fans moved over to Joe Biden. We’ll see how many Trump fans are true followers in the North Carolina Senate primary. Few are fans of watching Joe Manchin get owned. Perhaps even Manchin is a little tired of it.

If ranked-choice voting has anything to do with voting against the people that you think suck, it should be a good fit with New Yorkers.

The Covid Delta variant has grown to a third of all US coronavirus cases in just 11 days. On the other hand, the US is hitting encouraging milestones on virus deaths and shots according to the CDC. How can we tell what is good or bad news? David has noticed that things just aren’t adding up at Missouri suddenly started appearing at the top of their list for new cases, while Florida sometimes pops to the top of the new reported cases list, and sometimes doesn’t. Inept? Deceitful? Probably! The Trump administration hit all the bases

“Italy Gate” is not the summer special at Olive Garden, it’s much worse. Then again, even the biggest, craziest Trump election conspiracy theories are merely Republican election conspiracy theories at their core. Old-hand Hans Von Spakovsky is trotted out whenever the GQP requires expert nonsense. Mansion-squatting realtor/Somali pirate mediator/Congressional candidate/serial “re-inventor” Michele Roosevelt Edward/Michele Ballarin/Michele Golden-Ballarin could be even more expert.

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Hey, if I don’t see you, happy Juneteenth tomorrow! Happy Juneteenth today, too! David Waldman gets us all in the celebratory mood with today’s KITM lead-in to our first national Juneteenth weekend.

Darwin H.M.@Darwin_Darko on Twitter, has been celebrating since the Senate passed the bill to make Juneteenth a national holiday, and recorded some of his jubilation to share on today’s show.

Of course, we all need to thank Donald Trump. The abject ignorance and arrogance of the Trump administration “made Juneteenth very famous”, to uhm, well, people like me, who were only dimly aware of its important history. More enlightened activists fought for decades to bring awareness to Juneteenth, state by state, and a few, like Opal Lee, survived to see it happen! Certainly, there is more work to do. Many knew creating a national holiday was the least they can do, and were always interested in doing the least they can do. A few Republicans wonder if Black people would be able to tell the difference between Juneteenth and other holidays. Confusing holidays does seem to be quite the problem... Ralph Norman sees a slippery slope toward respecting Native Americans. Matt Rosendale just wants everyone to “call an ace an ace”… which is odd that he used the new woke version of the term, isn’t it?

Anyhow, Bibi Netanyahu is holed up in the PM headquarters in Israel, and they’re thinking of cutting off his Diet Coke… Sadly, back in the US things just aren’t handled that way. The Republican party itself has become an anti-democratic force and an acute threat to American democracy.  Arizona voting data has been slipped across state lines to a cabin in remote Montana so that the Cyber-Kaczynskis can put the finishing touches on their manifesto before its release.

Remember that COVID-19 lab leak theory? It doesn’t hold up.

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I don’t buy it.

Dude. Bruce Wayne is a super genius inventor, he purposely left the bottom of the Bat Cowl open for a reason, you know. And —  those big ears on top? That’s right...  for “steering”, man...  

Oh, hold on, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin have their Wednesday KITM out, I got to get back to work:

Critical Race Theory is here to stay, or at least until the money and power it brings to scammers and nutjobs begins to tap out. The beauty of CRT is that you don’t even need to know what it is to make it work for you. Kind of like an assault rifle. Tom Cotton tries aiming it at the Armed Services, who are still trying to recover from previous attacks. The only weapon that’s easier to use is religion. Any idiot can use that… Well, almost any idiot. MT Greene learned about the Holocaust, and politics, this week. The Arizona recount is however 100% foolproof.

Fox News defends America from the onslaught of critical apple-pie theory. Tucker Carlson is just asking questions —  Alex Jones’ questions. Tucker could be said to be floating incendiary balloons, but on the other hand, incendiary balloons are factual.

Speaking of facts, more on January 6 are coming out every day, and no fact has ever been a friend of Donald Trump. New emails and documents reveal many of Trump’s attempts to corrupt the DOJ into overturning the election. Donald is still working the refs in Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, the Biden administration is looking backward, not forward for their lamest talking point ever to excuse Donald Trump of his Russian sedition.

Joe did handle Vlad well today, though.

Joe Biden held up border wall funding. Well, it was a “programmatic delay”, and the last time we looked, that was less of a problem than violating an emoluments clause.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court sided with private school parents in striking down a order to close all schools in order to limit the spread of COVID-19. You remember COVID-19, don’t you? There was some thing about it last year.

Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema continue their Joe Liebermanification of politics. Mitch McConnell might use this to beat Democrats. Nancy Pelosi might use this to beat Republicans. That’s bipartisanship!

Bill Gates is the biggest private owner of farmland in the United States, because that’s the American dream, to be the biggest private owner of things.

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Happy anniversary, Mrs. Waldman, wherever and whomever you are! It’s the “Silver”, so David Waldman ponied up for the traditional 24 pack of diet cola, which if you listen closely is already being enjoyed!

Critical Race Theory! Those are today’s scariest three words for three reasons, as just its name reminds White people of, gulp, ”race”... of frightening “theories” such as “evolution” and “gravity”... and worst of all, of “criticism”, which they will not ever, ever abide. As a bonus, it melds the two greatest threats their school children will face, Black people and Commies, into the curricular equivalent of “Black Lives Matter”. 

Fox News knows what to do with frightened White people — make money. But in this modern world, grifting cash is available for anyone willing to milk fear, so the CRT goldrush is on, with some slip-gibbets setting aside decades of jive to pick up their latest “scam in a box” before the best spots on the “America is a hellhole” MLM pyramid are taken. Here’s the inspirational story of Intolerance Sales Rep of the Month, Lorie (Cole) Waters.

Joan McCarter calls in with the story of local fear franchisee Janice McGeachin, in Idaho rooting out Marxism, Communism, Socialism, and Uppity Blacks. McGeachin can’t exactly define Critical Race Theory, but she knows it when she sees it… or will once Idaho cuts enough money from education budgets and hands it to her.

Let’s see, what else is happening? House Democrats have proposed $1.5 trillion spending ceiling, as a compromise to reach across the isle. Republicans propose the same idea, in order to get what they want and screw Democrats. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are under pressure to pick one of those plans quickly, before time runs out. Mitch McConnell is set to destroy democracy several ways, with or without Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema’s help. (They are probably going to help.)

Steve KG Bannon wants to lock Merrick Garland up for trying to protect voting. Donald Trump wanted to lock Jeffery Rosen up for trying to protect voting. Sure, Dana Rohrabacher posed in pictures on the wrong side of police barricades on January 6, but he didn’t go into the Capitol. After all, he already spread feces there before.

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Listen as David Waldman and Greg Dworkin deftly weave the weekend logjam of news into rafts of stories right before your ears:

We begin under the cloud of another mass shooting —  Many clouds of many mass shootings: 9 incidents with 4 or more victims, 4 mass shootings in 6 hours, 50 injured, a dozen dead. Maybe we should do something about it. Trump banned bump stocks, which didn’t mean a thing, and they’re coming back anyhow.

We also aren’t doing enough about COVID. Some of us are safe, too many are not, and variants keep coming. A Texas hospital fires its employees for not taking vaccines, and a federal judge is okay with that.

Joe Biden’s overseas at the G-7 not being a moron, disappointing no one but Vlad and the conservative media. Joe is so hard to pick on, but not Kamala Harris, as any pack of jackals will happily tell you. Kamala’s not the first VP to wade into trouble in Latin America, she just needs to better communicate with the press.

Bibi Netanyahu is Israel’s new former guy. The new boss is definitely not the same as the old boss, in fact there’s plenty of new bosses, many of them ready to work with our new bosses, just not necessarily with each other. Women in Israeli politics aren’t erased, just heavily blurred.

Some Southern Baptists aren’t southern, or Baptist enough for others, but most of them do idolize Donald Trump. Followers of the former guy sing the praises of guns and daddies, but aren’t too big on Black folk. Black folk, on the other hand have been accepting of Ralph Northam, once Northam showed that he could learn from his mistakes. QAnon is beginning to lose its flock.

Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are about to prove that Joe Lieberman was right all along. Or not.

If Donald Trump doesn’t pay for his crimes, we all will. At the DOJ, officials start throwing themselves under the bus, but no one will ever believe Barr and Sessions didn’t know. Apple told Don McGahn that his and his wife's records were subpoenaed by the Trump DOJ in 2018.

No one believes that Trump and Barr had nothing to do with the teargassing on Lafayette Square. People who read past the headlines understand that they did. The Oregon House expelled Mike Nearman only after a video of Nearman planning, and another video of Mike executing his plan to aid armed trespassers into the Oregon capitol were released. Republicans will tell you all of this talk about Democracy collapsing is exaggerated, especially compared to what they are planning.

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It’s Friday, the day we look forward to David Waldman pulling out his old KITM ukulele for a couple of hours of “wiki wakki wooing” us into our weekend… But, as too often happens nowadays, some heinous act of political corruption comes along, necessitating that we toss our dependable ballads and shanties and just dig back into the news:

Well, they finally got to the bottom of that wiretapping story. It turns out to be Republican projection, kind of like it always does. The Department of Justice, under Jeff Sessions, then Bill Barr, and of course Donald Trump, had directly investigated Democratic members of Congress... and their kids. The DOJ subpoenaed Apple, the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN and others, for phone and email records, including the phone data from at least one minor child, then placed everyone under a gag order to cover up its actions. At the time this was happening, William Barr testified that he “didn’t know” if Trump told him to do this. Today, Barr “doesn’t recall”.

There hasn’t been a worse AG than William Barr, but the question is, is Merrick Garland any better? Merrick is not casting any blame at the moment, which doesn’t make all of this “no one’s fault”, instead it increasingly is making it all Merrick Garland’s fault.
Over and over again, Donald Trump commits crimes for which he should be convicted. Democracy can not stand if Trump is not held accountable. Well, Trump and the last few Republican administrations, and probably the next few.
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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin successfully delivered the Thursday KITM, pausing only a couple of times when their boom mikes magnetically sucked onto their foreheads

Perils of Big Government: Louie Gohmert asked the Bureau of Land Management if they could move the Moon for him, and someone parked it right in front of the Sun. The government (probably Anthony Fauci) installed 5G and magnets in our vaccines, which sounds kind of nice, but has known risks.

Like Jake LaMotta with a few more concussions, Donald Trump passes out bar tickets at Mar-a-Lago funerals. Lauren Boebert hasn’t got what it takes to win The Presidential Apprentice.

If COVID would “Darwin out” only the deserving, things might be fine. Unfortunately, those unvaccinated pockets breed and release pernicious variants as if they were some kind of mismanaged virology labs. Therefore, there’s just no room for laissez-faire attitudes toward pandemics when all of our comrades are in danger. Every newly vaccinated person protects the remaining unvaccinated.

Terry McAuliffe’s primary victory in Virginia reflects the strength of the Democratic Party establishment. The Mayor’s race in NYC is a battle of progressives though. Was Bold Joe Biden a mirage? If Biden wants to hold on to what he’s got, he has no choice but to get even bolder. Kyrsten Sinema now has her chance to show us how this bipartisanism stuff works. Joe Manchin isn’t looking for bipartisan votes, because he doesn’t see his voters as being Democratic. Mitch McConnell hasn’t given up hope that someone will pull his finger just one more time.

Joe Manchin’s brand is being “unpersuadable”. You can try to persuade him, but he isn’tNonetheless, laws that mandate supermajorities/bipartisanship, such as a proposed amendment to the Electoral Count Act are logical, shame the hypocritical, and have the added benefit of perhaps fixing the unconstitutionality of the law.

The police didn’t tear gas and beat protesters just so Donald Trump could strut around Lafayette Square with a bible. That was an unintended bonus. A slow and orderly evacuation of the square for contractors wouldn’t have met Trump’s tight schedule, and the boys really would have missed their chance to crack some BLM skulls.

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That was David Waldmanprobably, under that writhing mass of cicadas behind the KITM microphone this morning... It sure sounded like him. Anyhow, all he needed to do today was introduce Greg Dworkin and Armando, and you know we’d have nothing to worry about.

Terry McAuliffe made a big decisive comeback in Virginia with enthusiastic voters. The former guy continues to make his party the former party.

Severe COVID cases and deaths plummeted this spring, except in the areas with low vaccination rates… There just might be something to those vaccines after all, beyond helping you find your car keys in the morning.

Israel’s soon-to-be-former-guy, Bibi Netanyahu, wanted to get a little insurrection Flag Marching going this Thursday, but that will be postponed until after the new government is sworn in.

The Senate report on our January 6 insurrection has Trump-sized holes in it, which is just how Republicans and Joe Manchin want to leave it. The Big Lie isn’t enough for the GQP though, they need you to eventually doubt everything. Maybe it’s working. Republicans don’t particularly like democracy, and Americans don’t particularly care. Democrats can’t quite explain why… at least not in a way that isn’t annoying to everyone else.

Democrats can’t close the gender pay gap, raise minimum wage, or stop discrimination upon L.G.B.T.Q. workers. Ron DeSantis doesn’t want any colors other than white on his bridges. Don’t expect any pride from Merrick Garland, either. The DOJ, established to defend civil rights, now seems more interested in Executive branch rights, including those of patriot-rapist Donald Trump —  So, wtf? This is just the question Armando pondered recently, and he has a few nits, big and small, to pick. For reference, check out the Federal Employees Liability Reform and Tort Compensation Act of 1988 and related cases, opinions and replies!

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Hot topics this morning included Armando’s displeasure at “old school” pro-Republican coverage of VP Harris’ Central American trip. But others were focused on the new Senate Rules committee report on the various security failures of January 6th.

The Biden DOJ continues in its traditional role as zealous guardian of executive power, this time continuing the Trump-era defense of… (alleged pervert) Trump.

The only political tradition Trump ever honored: flip-flopping on the filibuster. Speaking of tradition and the filibuster, people are for some reason interested in discerning the true legacy of Robert Byrd—Manchin’s predecessor in the Senate—on the filibuster and the sanctity of the rules. But it’s actually not all that easy to work out.

Joan McCarter knows that well. And she knows that it probably doesn’t matter, anyway. At least, not to Joe Manchin. We’re still waiting to find out what might matter to Joe Manchin. So far, we know that finding votes to prove his theories about bipartisanship doesn’t. But that’s still technically better than the absolutely nothing we know about Kyrsten Sinema.

On the other hand, we are learning things about how deep the problems are at the IRS, and how billionaires are able to slip by almost tax-free.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin present today’s KITM with flies up front and forward facing, as you’ve come to expect.

Mo Brooks has finally been served with a lawsuit filed by Eric Swalwell. Well, Mo was still hiding, but his wife, who happens to be of suitable age and discretion, took it for him. Brooks might’ve not been aware of that convention, as he was also unaware that he shouldn’t post his Gmail password and pin numbers. Mo is no ordinary stooge, but is actually paid a lot to know better.

Marjorie Traitor Greene demands that Joe Biden investigate Anthony Fauci by June 31, which is exactly when Joe should do it.

The former guy kicked off a new season of The Ex-Presidential Apprentice this weekend, along with simultaneous presidential, congressional and House Speaker campaigns, demonstrating there’s no one in American politics who could ever fill Trump’s pants like he can.  It’s a load probably few in history could carry, in fact. Many Republicans are lining up with their pails to lend a hand, however.

When will democracy die? Two years from now? Four? Will the Democrat’s effort be not enough… or even less? Donald Trump loves Joe Manchin as much as he used to love Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell in turn learned to love the Insurrection. Many hoped and planned for an insurrection before January 6th. The Militias were just waiting for Trump’s word, but should know Donald never commits to anything.  Trump expects that you’ll simply assume that he’s determined to strike in the US, and act accordingly

We aren’t the only ones in the world with a Trump. Benjamin Netanyahu hasn’t started wearing his pants backwards, but he’s starting to feel a “deep state”, and has witnessed several greatest frauds in history as well. January 6th style violence isn’t far away, and Israel has right wing militants already in the streets, just waiting for the word...

Then there’s Jair Bolsonaro.

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Happy National Donut Day! Oh, I mean… Very Somber and Reflective National Donut Memorial Day. Sorry.

Gee whiz, why aren’t people rushing back to work at low-paying jobs?

Joe Manchin still saying the same thing over and over, but not making any more sense.

There’s more detail out now from the Senate parliamentarian on the new reconciliation theory. But as usual, I’m less than thrilled with the way it’s explained in the media. As with everything, if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.

Economists say California’s stricter COVID lockdown has set them up for a stronger economic recovery.

Emptywheel says something’s happening with Rudy, and Rudy’s such a bad lawyer, he’s taking everybody around him down, too. Why? How? Well, start here, I guess.

Don’t “mess with” Texas, arrest Texas! After all, they wanted to hang Mike Pence, which he’s OK with. Just like he’s OK with the end of the “Christian Era.”

Georgia’s GQP wants in on the fraudit train.

DeSantis figures out that people like getting checks. Will he do better with them than Dems did?

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Due to a technical mishap, today’s KITM when ran backward does not reveal any QAnon directives, but instead plays a Carrot Top standup routine from 2005. We regret the error.

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are here to put our outrages in context:

QAnon turns out to be a big old can of mixed nuts. Not by coincidence, so are Trump followers and Republicans. The GQP has long lost track of who’s leading or following in their party, and frankly would rather not know. Greg Gutfeld at Fox advocates for Vladimir Putin to have Joe Biden killed, as if there wasn’t a rule about saying things like that somewhere.  More than 100 scholars believe this behavior might lead to bad things in the future. Democrats have just the solution, which David brought up to Barack Obama about a dozen years ago, and now that Barack has put some thought into it, believes maybe he had a point there. 

History will not judge differently if no one judges at all today. Reality Winner marks her 4th year in prison.

Longtime fans of the From the Desk of Donald J Trump  were disappointed when the blog became yet another victim of liberal cancel culture. Trump will return to live performances while arrangements are made to relocate the desk of Donald J. Trump back into the White House. Laura Trump swears she hasn’t heard a thing, while the rest of conservative media look at their feet and try to move upwind.

Bibi Netanyahu is heading the way of The Donald, but won’t bother with a blog, as he is already aware that no one likes him. An historic coalition of non-cicada eating political leaders oppose Bibi enough to set aside some of their other differences.

The evil organization REvil joins DarkSide, and probably SPECTRE and Hydra, in their efforts to bemuse the Russian government while costing individual American companies millions of dollars through seeming unstoppable extortion. What can multi-billion dollar US businesses do? What would fictional American businessman Michael Corleone do?

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It was all smooth sailing for today’s Raft o’ Stories™ from Greg Dworkin.

Good news on unmasking the vaccinated! It doesn’t appear to have had significant spillover effects resulting in any spike in infections. Bad news (maybe) on additional reconciliation bills. The Senate parliamentarian has more thoughts.

News from the Q-ological world: a new taxonomy of Q loons has been put forward. As with the coronavirus, this illness appears to spread in church.

Elsewhere in crazy, Israel is attempting to sort out its governance, and, uh… here is a thing that people once thought, I guess, about girls and the news.

Although maybe it’s not entirely off-base, considering what some people do with the news. Like, pretend that a real thing is that there’s a park in Seattle that’s “too woke.” A park. Not a person. A park.

About that Texas voter suppression bill, was it all just one big misunderstanding, gosh darn it? If so, why is the governor—who is terrible—so determined to see it through? And speaking of terrible people trying to see things through for no particular reason, there’s more to know about that wacky  Kushner/MBS plan to “reshape the Middle East.” Specifically, what’s behind the Saud-ish interest in custodianship of Haram al-Sharif, and why they’d want Jordan out of the picture.

Finally, a quick tour of some Trump crime spree hot spots: the DC hotel is up for sale, again; Trump, caught with his pants down both literally and figuratively, has someone else thrown under the bus (again); Trump’s stupid blog, where he’s recently been inciting more sedition, is suddenly shut down because reasons.

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It was a big day for follow-ups on stories we’ve discussed earlier.

First, a new attempt at a GQP freak-out, thanks to Marjorie Traitor Greene. Then, a reminder that these outrages aren’t real. They’re just like GQP Facebook targeted ad messaging tests. Spit them out as fast as you can make them up, then see what sticks.

And about that Ryan Air flight forced down over Belarus? It still sucks, but... there’s a “but.”

And about that Texas voter suppression bill? It still sucks, but… there’s a “but.”

And about that Maricopa County fraudit? It still sucks, but… soon it will suck worse.

And about that pandemic? Some of the things that happened didn’t necessarily suck.

And about Sean Hannity? He still sucks.

And finally, about that lie that cops didn’t use tear gas to clear the way for Trump’s Lafayette Square/St. John’s photo op? It’s still a lie. But now the Biden DOJ is defending the cop riot, anyway.

Then, Joan McCarter called. And she didn’t lie once! We got the inside scoop on Idaho’s hottest story: the dueling executive orders of Gov. Brad Little and rogue Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin. Thanks to Joan, we know that this isn’t the first time Idaho’s had to deal with this f*cknuttery!

Last Friday’s filibuster of the Jan. 6th commission could’ve gone very differently. And maybe all filibusters from now on should. But in the meantime, what next for the investigation?

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Today, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin call upon all Americans to remember, to reflect, and to thank those who have made tremendous sacrifices to keep our country safe and free... After that, have yourself a ball!

Critics who planned to call Kamala Harris a professorial goody-two-shoes today were stunned by her disgusting display of unfit, unpatriotic, not passed-out-at-the-barbeque behavior.  The former guy sure wouldn’t have behaved like that

While we are commemorating and solemnly observing, let’s not forget the 100th anniversary of the Black Wall Street race riot massacre, which is not the only Black Wall Street, nor deadly race riot of the period, by the way. Definitely not the last one. 

Michael Flynn is a spy who wishes the US be overthrown. Donald Trump says Flynn is a patriot, therefore Republicans believe that that the US should be overthrown, or they are simply RINOs. Democrats will need to meet them halfway, or they aren’t bipartisan. Also, any Democrats meeting halfway will find themselves very alone, and losers. Filibusters are an aberration that no one will miss. None of this is new. Hal Crowther isn’t Nostradamus, just observant.

Hispanics are liking Joe Biden more every day, as do most sane smart people. Chuck Schumer and Susan Collins aren’t even pretending anymore.

Benjamin Netanyahu has run out of friends and ideas. Speaking of bankrupt, HateWRKS in Nashville is fresh out of hats, with only a couple MAGA hats and white hoods left in stock.

Covid isn’t gone. If you are unvaccinated and don’t wear a mask you will get it eventually. People stream in over our southern borders to get their shots — if they come over in a plane, they’ll receive one.

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It’s Friday! Time to get down with a looonnng weekend... trimmed back to a more pragmatic two days with our upcoming Memorial Day KITM. But first, help decide which Frappuccino David Waldman will drink on the air next Monday morning! Write your recipe on any 20 dollar bill and send it to KITM World Headquarters no later than this Saturday to qualify! 

The Senate is already slamming their briefcases shut and heading for the door, a handful of votes short of actual governance. China will still be there when they get back

Ron Johnson and Mike Lee stuck around last night to make everyone pay for sticking around last night.

The Arizona GQP hired Cyber Ninjas for their fraudit, because doing the job correctly was no one’s priority, Cyber Ninjas accepted, because they knew their agreed to price was a fraction of what they’d net

The Trump vs. Cheney fight is a battle for the soul of… JK! There is no soul!

Matt Gaetz promises to be a fearless leader of the future revolution... over Mr. Trump’s dead body, wink. Matt Gaetz's ex-girlfriend hopes to end her walk of shame over at FBI headquarters.

Foster Friess fries… or freezes? Well, like any woman he had control over, Foster no longer has a choice.

Russia won’t let Air France fly into Moscow, and Air France will cancel Russia flights because everyone knows Belarusian skies aren’t friendly.

Government insurrectionist Proud Boy wants his government checks to keep coming.

Top Wisconsin Republican Robin Vos is hiring former cops to investigate the election, not to find lawbreakers, but to help create new laws to break.

Can Democrats save democracy before it’s totally lost? Why would you think so?

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin will… won’t… WILL be back on Memorial Day! Maybe. But they are definitely here today!

We are under a cloud of another mass shooting, or is it “beneath the shadow”? You’d think I’d have the idiom down, for how often it happens. By the way, it was the 18th mass shooting in California this year. It’s the 12th mass shooting in the US — this weekend. It’s time for harsh words!

Joe Manchin wants a January 6 commission, and for that matter, filibuster reform as much as you do, but if he gave them to you, you might leave him.

One of the January 6th Capitol tourists said he entered the Capitol that day to find his son a bathroom (Nancy Pelosi’s desk) and maybe pick up a souvenir (Nancy Pelosi’s decapitated head). 

Kremlin Cruz is full of exactly what you’d expect.

Donald Trump is fading away, as is QAnon, but if not for nutcases, Republicans would simply cease to exist. And, that is why MT Greene is the absolute, uncontested leader of the Republican party. It turns out that Greene is not the leader of the Democratic party, so they’d be happy to just get rid of her. On the other hand, militias never fade away, they just die… unfortunately they plan to take a lot of us with them.

So, what’s the chance the COVID-19 virus leaked from a lab? “50%”? Or, maybe “1%”? Who knows? What do numbers have to do with pandemics anyhow? It’s what the media thinks that really matters. Joe Biden didn’t trust Mike Pompeo, because who would? So, Joe will keep track this time.

Find an evil corporation, become a shareholder — success!

There was a plot to “Game of Thrones” the Middle East, and of course Jared Kushner schemed to be the Littlefinger for Ol’ Little Fingers.

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It’s Wednesday on KITM! There’s no show without David Waldman, and we all need Greg Dworkin to get through our day, but who’s finally back to grind his gears and offer expert legal and constitutional analysis, but Armando

One year after the death of George Floyd, and his legacy continues to unfold, perhaps even with Whites, although they can be a pretty dense crowd. Kristen Clarke was confirmed as the first Black woman to head the Justice Department’s civil rights division. The vote was a close one, however, as many Republicans weren’t certain that someone like her might overly favor, you know… “her kind”.

Donald Trump knew those Chinese were up to something. Of course, most of the time Donald was polishing their apples and loving their cake, but sometimes he was just “asking questions”. Trump just asked questions every single day of his administration (and before and after), so odds are good that he’d eventually run into an answer he found useful. Tom Cotton started the Wuhan Lab “question” and jumped it right up to a “bioweapon” question. Mike Pompeo was always big on questions, and so was a natural to lead a raid on Wuhan. With all the bad-faith inquiries, it was tough to spot the valid leads to follow.

Some fully vaccinated people are still wearing masks. Most of them do it for their health and yours. Most mask wearers would answer nicely and politely if you asked them why. With the pandemic panic fading, fewer Californians are gathering tar and feathers for Governor Gavin Newsom, especially those voters considering the alternative.

The Maricopa fraudit is a joke, but we keep laughing at these idiots and they keep multiplying and becoming more dangerous. Except for Mike Lindell. We can probably keep laughing at him.

What is it that keeps Trumpers out of jail? Once again, it is up to Donald to lead the way. The NYC grand jury convened by Cyrus Vance might finally get the ball rolling. Bill Barr can’t cover for Donald Trump anymore… but wait, has Merrick Garland taken up where Barr left off?

In the Capitol, McCarthyism still runs rampant. Liz Cheney might like democracy, but she’s nobody’s friend. Paul Gosar used to have friends, before he started hating democracy. Right now there is little chance for any sort of reconciliation.

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David Waldman delivers our Tuesday KITM and invited Joan McCarter too!

It has been a long year. George Floyd’s death had an impact, but not enough justice or change

Former guy White House Counsel Don McGahn has agreed to testify before the House Judiciary Committee next week. McGahn used to ignore subpoenas, and who knows how much the committee will get out of him, but unfortunately it won’t be televised live.

Teacher Brian Beute ran against Matt Gaetz’ pimp, Joel Greenburg, for tax collector, not pimp, or any of Greenburg’s other specialties. Beute is certain Greenburg couldn’t have crimed like he did if there wasn’t an efficient criming system already in place. Joel Greenburg’s only mistake was that he was just too ambitiously corrupt for his position.

MT Greene wants to be the biggest idiot crackpot racist in Congress, and her ambition is capturing the attention of her bosses again.

The fraud-it admin-surrection grift-metic in Maricopa is a mess, but a successful one that will be attempted everywhere, soon.

Joan warns that time is running out for Joe Biden’s “bipartisan” infrastructure efforts, before the “infrastructure week” jokes begin again. The House Republicans did show up with a token plan, but the Senate isn’t even bothering. Republicans don’t need to work when they have Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to do the heavy lifting. Manchin has his hands full, obstructing virtually all the bills going through. Mitch McConnell can’t rely on Sinema and Manchin to stop a Jan. 6 commission, so he will have to have Susan Collins do it.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin present our KITM Victoria Day Special. Not the Eastern Orthodox one either!
Belarus sent a MiG-29 fighter jet to hijack a civilian airliner containing a journalist that isn’t a big fan of the Belarus president. The Belarus president isn’t a big fan of journalists.
Think the former guy could drive? Of course not, why would he learn a thing? Joe Biden drove a Ford F-150 Lightning to 60 miles per hour in 4.4 seconds, and liked it. American EVs will be made with Trump’s ass in mind, however, and thus will be the size of houses. The good news — you can live in them like houses too.
A year after George Floyd died, and crime is rising!  Well, it might correlate better with the lifting of the Covid mask mandate.
The mask mandate could have been dropped a little slower, you know, so that the people who complain government moves too slow could get themselves situated. Vaccine rollouts, on the other hand, need to be quick and smooth, so as not to spook the vaccine hesitant into a stampede. It’s definitely hard to get everyone on the same page, especially when they aren’t into reading pages —  at least not yours.
You’d think the Fraudiots and their fraudit in Maricopa would have embarrassed the Republican party into non-existence, but these are Trump Republicans —  pretty much identical to Republicans past, except for how they apparently crave shame. They all crave power, it’s just that a dwindling number believe disgrace might get in the way of that. After all, the audit franchise is expanding into Georgia, and MAGA-Qs are preparing to be future election officials. 
Republican Mike Gallagher called January 6th "banana republic crap" but isn’t about to vote for a January 6 commission. An Ohio GQP chair worked tirelessly for Trump, raised millions, but was slow to destroy a co-worker that disparaged Donald, so she’s a goner.
Jared Kushner stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi on the taxpayer’s dime, when Mohammed bin Salman had a perfectly good pocket for his stay.
Jason Miller slipped an abortion pill into the smoothie of a stripper he got pregnant (allegedly) A US District Judge says Miller owes Gizmodo $42,000 for wasting their time with a defamation suit.
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Some may be hesitant on adhering to his 100% raw cicada diet, but few would doubt David Waldman’s expertise on politics and procedure:

The election fraud myth began with a lone grifter, then rolled like a big dung ball across America and around the world, picking up more schemers, scammers, and conspiracy theories, until it crushed Maricopa county. A Michigan judge is attempting to block its path over his county, when earlier he helped give it a little roll himself.

The House voted in favor of a bill to establish a commission to investigate the January 6 attack on the Capitol, as expected, since most people would want to know how such an atrocity occurred, and avert it in the future. You wouldn’t expect Republicans to, however, and yet 35 did. Donald Trump demanded that the GQP get much weaker and much stupider, and do all he told them, and of course Republicans got right on it. (Bending over backwards and brownnosing would appear difficult, but seems second nature to most of them, although there’s just something special about the Pence family.) The bill now heads to the Senate and its doom.

Well, maybe not. Greg Dworkin reminds us that there’s always hope… and doubt and despair, and that we need to have a plan for each of them. Norm Ornstein outlines several options for Democrats, including going it alone… and forcing Republicans to do likewise.

Senator Ron Johnson plans his own, personal investigation in order to really accurately recreate what happened on January 6th. Perhaps he’ll be tazing and beating hundreds of watermelons with a Trump flag.

We are just beginning to recover from the physical effects of COVID-19, but the trauma will be around for a while

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin will carry us over the hump but will never drop us.

Covid vaccinations keep climbing, now that it’s kind of fun to stay alive. Vaccinated Americans are kicking back and enjoying themselves again. Be careful, though, and consider the lives of others.

“Arizona election auditors” —  Well, they are hardly “auditors” and Arizona disowns and discredits them —  There must be a better way to describe these peopleHow about “aud-iots”? Anyhow, these aud-iots have questions that can’t be solved by simple grift-metic, but would be solved by a swift kick in the pants, as demonstrated by the Michigan judge who just booted them out of Antrim County.

Biden and Trump agree more than you think — said one person on earth, and who outside of the journalism elite would believe that? There is an insurrection in progress, today, but to the MSM, that’s yesterday’s news. For some news sources and their viewers, it never even made the news, which is great news for the insurrectionists. Nancy Pelosi knows what she’s doing, again.

Also, and most importantly, Ol’ Smilin’ Joe Biden is the president. Almost as important, the former guy is not. Now that Donald isn’t a president, more and more people are noticing that Donald is a criminal.

Susan Collins better be concerned about why a criminal enterprise wanted her re-elected, as you know the FBI is. Why isn’t James O’Keefe in prison yet? It’s nice to have a good lawyer, but sometimes you need a good judge, or in O’Keefe’s case, a bad one.

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Tuesday —  David Waldman and Joan McCarter... Need we say more? We do? Oh well, okay:

Guo Wengui  (exiled Chinese billionaire) hid Steve KG Bannon (international hobo) on his yacht a while back. Their friendship has blossomed into a vast disinformation network of businesses, media platforms, local action networks, and Q-nuts fighting everything Biden and Chinese, while raking in the cash of course.

Andrew Giuliani has never held public office, but has sleazy duplicity in his DNA, as well as his resume, so he’s running for New York governor.

Governor Chris Christie, tears streaming down his eyes said, “Mr. Trump sir? May I please run for president in 2024?

The Trump justice department obtained a secret grand-jury subpoena to find out who was making fun of Devin Nunes.

 James O'Keefe procured journalist Tarah Price to perform $10,000 worth of journalism on Trump National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster along with a few FBI agents to discover just how deep their state went.

The FBI, CSI and NCIS get all the cool TV shows, but what about our young men and women out there each day fighting for our 16th Amendment? Who wouldn’t want to see cops tackling shirtless rich white guys each week?

A guy hid in a trunk to fire a weapon at a woman at an abortion clinic. An anti-abortion protester shot at him. Who was the good guy here, and did they have a gun?

House Republicans were delayed waiting for Elise Stefanik to make their sandwiches right, but might be back on track today to put together a coherent infrastructure bill counteroffer to Democrats.  A bipartisan deal to form an independent Jan. 6 commission actually did happen, but Kevin McCarthy isn’t about to allow himself to get caught so easily.

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David Waldman just might be in cahoots with “Big Rope” to sell more gallows, as evidenced by several convincing sales pitches he voiced today.

A guy in Colorado figured that all the other guys were disappearing their wives and fraudulently voting for Trump, so why shouldn’t he

You might have seen insurrectionists storming the Capitol on January 6, Georgian Republican Andrew Clyde saw a normal tourist visit. You might have seen Andrew Clyde barricading Senate chamber doors against storming insurrectionists on January 6.  Andrew Clyde saw himself guiding tourist traffic.

Gasoline shortages through the south were triggered by ransomware. Colonial Pipeline did pay that ransom, by the way. Oh, and the flow was not impeded, the ransomware attacked the meters used for billing.

The whole Supreme Court might not need to line up for the gibbet, if 4 new jurists could be added to show them the error of their ways.

Jared Kushner convinced his feeble-minded father-in-law to kill Americans to boost stocks. Jared apparently brought less peace to the Middle East as might have been hoped. Jared did make a ton of money.

Then there’s Donald Trump. While Donald pretended to not lose the election, behind the scenes Trump ordered America into full retreat.

Maricopa county knows auditing, and the Maricopa County Elections Recorder knows unhinged insane lies, and knows the difference.

Greg Dworkin tells us why Smilin’ Joe Biden is so upbeat. While Joe continues to fix things, the GQP plummets into the blackhole of its constituents. These are the kind of people that vote “present” in a secret vote.

The folks wondering why it is taking so long to escape mask mandates wonder why mask mandate relief is happening so fast. It’s not that the CDC came up with decision quickly, It’s that they waited so long to tell you what they decided. Millions under the crushing financial burden of awful deregulated insurance plans have discovered a miracle alternative called “Obamacare”! 

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No masks if vaxxedWhip those lips out people (when you’re ready) and seize your CDC approved weekend

But first, listen in as David Waldman welcomes back Ian Reifowitz, still the author of The Tribalization of Politics: How Rush Limbaugh's Race-Baiting Rhetoric on the Obama Presidency Paved the Way for Trump (If you still don’t have a copy you only have yourself to blame.) Larry Summers regrets not panicking the public more about inflation. Ian reminds us that inflation and the deficit aren’t worries for Republicans when presidents are Republican.

Republicans are usually cynical hypocrites. If you ever catch one being sincere, be afraid. MT Greene, serial stalker and bully, is Republican grievance theater brought to life.  Other wingnut monsters, from Matt Gaetz to the Proud Boys, can attest to the drawbacks of this life.

The GQP removed Liz Cheney from her leadership position and replaced her with Elise Stefanik in hopes that for once they’d have a Conference Chair who’d finally make them a sandwich. The problem with putting a lady in charge however, is that they just don’t make decisions like a man. Challenger Chip “Sahoy” Roy did nonetheless take it like a man, and that’s the last time you’ll ever hear from him.

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Nope, there isn’t an Eastern Orthodox Eid al-Fitr, there is Eid al-Fitr, and it is today. Who would want to put off breaking that fast? Yum!

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin bring on the Thursday KITM:

MT (vessel) Greene stalked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez down Capitol hallways verbally assaulting her, just like she did Cori Bush, and David Hogg earlier. Shouldn’t someone call 911? Meanwhile, Republicans ousted Liz Cheney over some disagreement she had with them about the tour group visiting the Capitol on January 6. The GQP might have a lot of tough questions to answer, but the toughest part will be getting honest answers out of them. The Big Lie is the only thing they have going for them. Lying is the one thing their voters like about them, and the only way they will keep their jobs

A West Virginia delegate, previously Democratic, selected job security over principles. Texan Jason Villalba thought about it and picked principles instead. Joe Manchin really doesn’t understand the question. Elise Stefanik can turn into many things, but maybe not Chip Roy.

Will the elimination of party primaries reduce the trend of Republican extremism?

Covid vaccine reluctance keeps hitting new lows. Most people want vaccinated, and those who don’t are as difficult to access as when people want them to vote. If you are the type who resists vaccination because you calculate your odds of infection or death are about the same as winning the lottery, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has got a deal for you.

Donald Trump, screwball in exile, might thank his host Ron DeSantis for his asylum, but Donald isn’t that kind of guy. Trump told Wayne LaPierre that Texas would be a good place for the NRA to hide out. Trump was wrong.

Does the DOJ still not understand that its loyalty should be to “justice”?

120 retired generals and admirals wrote an open letter to remind us that a military coup is not something that only happens in far-off lands.

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If you’re like me, you’ve been perfecting your lip-syncing to David Waldman’s two commercials that have played continuously for years and years of our KITM podcasts. Well, time is running out, as KITM is finally changing things up with the introduction of GUEST SPOKESPEOPLE — like you! To show you how its done, long-time listener/supporter Gil Aquino wrote and performed his very own minute commercial, David spiffed it up and it was just that easy. Try it!

Greg Dworkin could produce his own plug for the show, but he’s been busy rehearsing that ventriloquism act with Abby, and hauling in huge rafts of important news and punditry to share with us. Cancel culture claimed Republican Liz Cheney in a blink of an eye. Liz Cheney was no angel by the way. She is in fact, pretty awful. But, Liz’s latest stand might be more than that of a Never (again) Trumper. It wasn’t just about telling the “Big Truth”, but about any truth ever mattering again. Republicans are now for or against democracy. There is no room for a middle in the party anymore, even if there might be with their voters. The GQP will try to lie to the public, they might try to lie to themselves, but they can never trust each other again.

Joe Biden’s popularity is rising, because lies don’t work on Joe.

Republicans won’t need lies if they can change laws. Of course, they can’t change laws without a lot of lying. Roy Blunt wouldn’t give water to anyone he wasn’t trying to manipulate. Gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner assures voters that she’d rather golf than consider their issues, but probably just said that for the votes.

Evangelicals in Virginia apparently don’t care about the truth, or lies… or facts really. The NRA’s lies aren’t working at all anymore. The founder of Students for Trump lied so much that he lost track of who he was. He now has 13 months in prison to find himself.

An expert panel looking into the handling of the Covid pandemic have decided that “mistakes were made”… kind of like in Chernobyl. Plenty of Americans still want the vaccine, but as in voting, the problem is access.

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Spring brings warmth, life, hope, and things really do feel like they are getting better. This weekend, David Waldman discovered that he could get out, relax and have fun, even without a ball washer handy.

Everybody wants to be Mayor of New York City. Candidates Shaun Donovan (federal housing secretary) and Ray McGuire (investment banker at Citigroup) were asked the median sales price for a home in Brooklyn and went for the low bid like they were on the Price is Right.

Joe Biden has been tidying up the place since he got in and it sure is looking prettyRahm Emanuel has the ear of the president, but will have to speak up from his post on the other side of the world.

National security wasn’t “sleeping” so much as it was “choked out for a while” during the Trump administration. The CIA was on the job, but when they said to “consider the source” the administration didn’t consider them at all.

Republicans might not be good in governing, but they sure are great at circumventing it. Democrats tried out the Congressional Review Act and just loved it. Thanks Newt! Republicans always want immigration stopped before they will consider reforming it.  Budget reconciliation might finally step around that. If any governance ever does occur, Tom Cotton will be the guy to stop it . It will take a lot to dodge him.

Relax, Virginia Republicans have a new man to chase the red Chinese away (and to lose to Dem Ralph Northam) by the name of Glenn Youngkin

Hate him or despise him, Josh Hawley has always been the same his entire life. Elise Stefanik is whatever she needs to be at any moment. Ronny Jackson knew he’d be better off saving Trump’s face over his life.

Joan McCarter is happy to have survived her vacation and make it back to KITM. Joan has followed Elise Stefanik’s transformation from RINO to MAGA to whatever. What Joe Biden really needs to worry about is across the street and in the middle of the 19th century.

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David Waldman hopes that you called your mother this weekend if you had the chance. Except for Ben Shapiro’s mom, she says she’s good. Greta Van Susteren pretended to be offended by a term she pretends is liberal. Even a mother could never love the NRA.

Greg Dworkin rounds up the punditry describing just how things are heating up in the GOP. Republicans reap the chaos they sowed.  Donald is their their messiah, therefore the Big Lie is their gospel, lying is their liturgystupidity is their sacrament, and there should be restraining orders on their apostles laying on of hands. Christian Nationalists are drawn to them somehow.

The Big Lie can be traced to a Texas security company and right-wing websites, but its followers had long been waiting for its arrival. Laws against voting are being followed by laws against protecting voting.

How can Jacob Wohl still possibly be outside of a prison?

People love how Joe Biden is handling the pandemic, too bad we didn’t have him a million deaths ago. Coronavirus is still spreading rapidly around the world and global herd immunity is not an expectation. Variants continue to multiply, but vaccines and scientists have shown they can hold the line. Dutch scientists have trained honeybees to identify coronavirus, for example. Research has shown the places and situations where we need to be cautious, but also the ones in which we can just cut loose. Now if we can just keep ahead of humans thinking up ways to subvert the system...

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David Waldman is almost certain this is Friday, and it is certainly a great time for a Friday KITM:

Republicans are at their long-awaited pivot point between vicious lying authoritarian morons. Neoconservative vicious lying authoritarian Liz Cheney might be too smart to fall in with the Trumpian new guard, but not smart enough to hold on to her job. Just one little Big Lie and Liz would’ve been welcome. On the other hand, they haven’t made a lie that Cheney’s replacement, Elise Stefanik couldn't deliver. Stefanik follows GQP/FOX protocol by always priming the rubes with little lies so the big lies go down easily.

Lawyers for Anthony “Tony Two-Times” Antonio (If that isn’t his nickname, I don’t know what’s wrong with the world) claim that he rioted at the Capitol because he swallowed too many Fox lies. Maricopa “auditors” know that tree-free and sustainable bamboo paper ballots would indicate green-minded AOC agents took advantage of Staples Reward savings.

Voter fraud conspiracist OG Kris Kobach will run for Kansas attorney general

A Miami private school doesn’t mind taxpayer handouts but does refuse Covid guidelines, providing a beacon for gimmetarian parents. The school is now searching for someone with the ability to exercise good judgment. Kansas substitute teacher/state representative/sexual harasser/physical assaulter/lunatic Mark Samsel might be a good fit

Boogaloo Bois conspiring with Hamas is becoming a trend.

Want to quickly and easily slander someone? Want to pay a hefty fee to clear your name? Not by coincidence, this is a one-stop-shop.

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David Waldman wishes us all a happy Cinco de Mayo! Wait... Well, TGIF! Wait... Oh well, it’s tomorrow somewhere... or maybe yesterday… Greg Dworkin joins us. Greg knows what day it is, and much more!

Millions are saying no to vaccines. What are they thinking? Journalists will try to guess for you, but are probably wrong. The truth is, more are getting vaccinated, and boosting Covid-19 vaccine production worldwide, and lowering barriers will continue to progress.

Heir to one of the least nice dynasties in US history, Liz Cheney, is as far from nice as people generally get. Her motivations in opposing Donald Trump can not possibly be what they seem on the surface. Nonetheless, it is nice of Liz to apply this long-overdue enema to her party. Not that they’ll thank her for it.

Liz Cheney is smart enough to see that Donald Trump is a has-been. (The New York Times has even been peeking out to see that the coast is clear.) The rest of the GQP are as dumb as Kevin McCarthy, who only lately has become dimly aware of the hammer coming down. William Barr might finally drop that stupid poker-face gag now. Flynn, Bannon, Manafort, Ivanka, and the rest of the gang just wish that blanket pardons were as real as their paper trail. Rouslan Riaboshapka, Ukraine's former prosecutor-general, can show he was fired because he crossed Rudy Giuliani. One way or the other, they are all going to jail.  As always, Donald deserves a bit more.

Rudy Giuliani still believes the check is in the mail.

Not just stupid, but crazy: The Arizona audit will continue to zoom and enhance until they see the answer they want. Florida suppresses voter rights, science, and free speech by burying them out in the glades. Fox News is allowed to watch, but they would rather see people die. The Texas Atomwaffen got their jollies off calling in bomb threats.

Norm Ornstein joined over 350 other scholars in sending a letter to the Senate encouraging filibuster reform. Norm and friends could learn a lot right here.

Rhode Island is preparing to redraw its districts, and KITM listener David Paquette wrote an anti-gerrymandering bill and will be testifying on its behalf, today!

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin welcome you to the Cinco de Star Wars KITM Holiday Special — tomorrow: Revenge of the Sixth.

Joe Biden’s July 4 vaccination goals might have changed, but his pandemic safety goals have not. The vaccination rate is slowing, and so is the drop in cases. Pfizer expects to file for full US FDA approval of its Covid-19 vaccine for 16-to-85-year-olds, and soon the age will open up to 12-year-olds. We keep getting safer, but we need more, sooner.

Trombones just might clean up your town, but the latest in Harold Hills sell air cleaners to schools and institutions. How clean do you need your air? “Church clean”, or “restaurant clean”? What is ”safe” for you? With which lobbyist do you trust your health? There are many vaccine skeptics who have converted, but probably none have changed their minds based on the opinion of people they didn’t like. You should know that most will only end up following their flock to safety... Hey, is that what they mean by herd immunity?

The Republican herd runs amok here and there, but if reason, dignity, honor, and honesty can be avoided, there’ll be no problem. Liz Cheney has a problem. If Liz could only embrace just one big lie, all would be forgiven. If only Republicans could be as forgiving and forgetful as most in journalism, they could all move on. (We may be slowly moving from that journalism.)

The Proud Boys sold themselves as anti-communist freedom fighters, not to any normal people, but to rich Chinese ex-pats.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson calls bullshit on William Barr and demands that his secret memo to not charge Donald Trump with obstruction be released

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May the fourth, the day David Waldman hosts the entire KITM using his beloved “Jar Jar Binks” impression, and CBS refers to Republican voter suppression as “tightening state voter laws”.

Some people like to tell the truth. Some people like themselves better when they tell the truth. Some people know you like them better when they tell the truth, and they like that. So, what’s in it for Republicans? Nothing.

Does the GQP want to earn your respect, or at least some self-respect? Why bother? What has moral courage ever done for them? Ted Cruz would rather have money. When your check clears, his conscience clears. Josh Hawley fought to end our country, secure that friends would still show up when he makes it rain. Republicans realize that if the lie is big enough, everyone can make a fortune off it. There’s a gold rush in Maricopa. Facebook is already counting the new Big Lie money about to roll in. Everybody’s whatabouting to riches. Need a new lie? All they need to do is ask, and ask, until everyone is “just asking”. Once in power, lies can be declared truth, and truth… can be fixed. Liz Cheney has risen to the top of the Republican fixit list.

Former MI6 spy Christopher Steele has produced another unverified dossier, including the long-awaited sequel “Donald Trump Sex Tape: Number 2

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are back together again! Their pent-up news energy threatened to explode at any minute (as did Greg’s computer).

Good news! The world has emerged victorious over influenza this year! COVID-19, not yet. India is calling their pandemic response a crime against humanity.

In the US, “herd immunity” has probably fallen out of reach, but we might not need to achieve it to reach normalcy, which could mean something like seasonal flu death rates. About 56% of U.S. adults have received at least one shot, with the more vaccinated areas receiving more benefits. The Johnson & Johnson pause didn’t really increase vaccine hesitancy, it’s just that some will get around to it when they get around to it, and some are just cops, and you go and try to make a cop do a thing.

Even fake cops can be pretty cocky, although the “Arizona Rangers” are just grifters with badges.

Schools got air TROUBLE my friend! With a capital ”T”, that rhymes with “P” and that stands for “unproven” air cleaner technology sold by traveling hucksters, looking for their piece of institutional pie.

Meanwhile, Republicans be Republicaning. Systemic racism got them here, but lies… and more lies will need to keep them here. Republicans long for the days when their insurrecting had a shelf life. One news team plans on remembering for once. The Gop hopes that more poll watchers will abuse their positions in the future. Of course, they assume poll watchers are just like them.

The Giuliani two-man clown car is crashing and burning, and you can bet they’ll find more clowns in the trunk.

The nation smiles at President Joe Biden, and Uncle Joe smiles back in unity. Republicans might even be feeling it a little bit

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