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Kagro in the Morning - October 17, 2014

With help from Armando, no one beats a dead fan like KITM! Gideon asks about a Meteor Blades' take on non-violent drug offenders and voting rights, which leads to expansive consideration (surprise!) of sentencing, prison privatization, libertarians, torture, domestic spying, the designs of the Founders, and more! In other debate news, Cory Gardner is grilled again over personhood. A Hunter post ponders the meaning of SC Gov. Nikki Haley's yardstick for Confederate flag approval. Back to Meteor Blades momentarily for a comparative study in political "courage." More reporting from St. Louis County municipal courts provides evidence we're regressing.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 16, 2014

Twitter's abuzz over Florida's "Fangate." Appearance matters in debates, of course. Greg Dworkin points us to key pieces on last night's fireworks, and updates us on the latest from the world of polling, and Ebola. Armando shared some interesting insights on Fangate, and some general media criticism. Strong follow-up to the RWNJ effort to revise WMD history. Members explain why Congress is a living hell.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 15, 2014

Ebolamania! A second nurse at TX hospital is diagnosed. The decrepit, depleted chemical weapons which most people thought Iraq did have (as opposed to the massive, active program, which they didn't) were, as we'd already learned, been found. RWNJs feel sure this makes them right. Michelle Obama's turnip vine that will somehow be spun into an optics disaster, I guess. Feminist writer Anita Sarkeesian draws a terrorist death threat from a Elliot Roger-style loon, but Utah law says they have to allow gun carriers in the room for her talk, anyway. Joan McCarter joined us for her regular Wednesday segment, discussing SC's rejection of "Stand Your Ground" protection for victims of domestic violence. Idaho's resumption of same sex marriages, and PPP's first ever poll in the state. Budget cuts and sequestration drained Ebola response capabilities. Election outlook picture mostly unchanged, but coverage gets panicky. Probably no Ebola sandwiches at Jimmy Johns, but maybe be careful. AFP is back at the fake voter registration flyer game, again. And the impossible happens: gun criminals purposely target non-gun-free zones!

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Kagro in the Morning - October 14, 2014

Today's morning buzz is a rehash of the collective gasp and pearl-clutching over a Senate candidate not wanting to talk about who she voted for, and no small amount of astonishment that no journalists seem interested in calling Mitch McConnell's astounding Obamacare dodge "disqualifying." Greg Dworkin rounded up today's Ebola stories, plus one oddball piece about how your dentist might be ripping you off. Speaking of Ebola, it seems there are some folks who think quarantines are for the little people. In weather news, both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans appear to be covered by gigantic storms. Snapchat is worth $10B even though it apparently can't & doesn't fulfill even its most basic premise. An exploration of why successes in marriage equality, marijuana laws, etc. aren't as easy to replicate in climate change. Gun ban at the NC State Fair survives court challenge.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 13, 2014

Washington football team owner Dan Snyder hosts the outgoing Navajo Nation president at a game (on "Columbus Day" weekend). So that problem's solved forever! Greg Dworkin checks in with our daily Ebola update, including claims that budget cuts impeded the search for a vaccine. And an English court says an anti-vax activist's been lying. Follow-up on the armed Utah teacher who accidentally fired her gun in school. Why "Columbus Day" makes no sense as a school holiday. The crazy valuation of Snapchat. A "gun guy" who accidentally Second Amendmented himself pens a memoir. Chris Hamby follows up his astounding black lung series with the final word on just how outrageously wrong the coal companies' go-to doctor was.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 10, 2014

Nobel Prizes awarded, and other Twitter buzz. In Chicago, a man with an assault rifle shoots up a subway train, but so far has failed to be Muslim. The police report on The Palin Brawl is out, and it's a doozy. Rosalyn MacGregor's report includes a review of MI-SEN candidate Terri Lynn Land's performance during a radio appearance, diminishing hopes for a MI-SEN debate, the shifting tax burden under Rick Snyder, and the costs of that shift. By email request from sfbaytransplant: Comcast gets a complaining customer fired! Armando shares his thoughts on The Palin Brawl report, and Chuck Todd's comment that Alison Lundergan Grimes "disqualified herself" in not declaring how she voted in 2008 & 2012. Accidentally shoot a grizzly bear? $10,000 fine! Accidentally shoot your neighbor? Hmm. And government handouts: not just for the ladies, you know!

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Kagro in the Morning - October 9, 2014

The Twitter chatter this morning: another fatal police shooting in St. Louis. The deficit has Ebola. Greg Dworkin has actual Ebola news and the not-actual solutions the news tends to drive. Joan McCarter joined us for a make-up appearance, and we segue into discussing the flu, a disease that actually kills people in America. Like in Idaho. Where, as elsewhere, there are Republicans in electoral trouble all over the map. Justice Kennedy stays ID (and NV) marriage equality cases. Why? And did you know that Idaho has slashed education funding so drastically that in many counties they can only afford a 4-day school week? Dinesh D'Souza's d'scent into trolling. GunFAIL follow-up: babysitter who got probation for a gun accident that killed her 5-year-old charge can't even be bothered.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 8, 2014

This morning's Twitter chatter: Grisham, OR open carrier robbed of his brand new gun... at gunpoint. Greg Dworkin updates us on the polls, notes the fretting that Joe Biden told the truth about some Middle Eastern allies, and the lack of fretting that Tom Cotton is blowing it out his ass. Are some polls underestimating blueness? Top conservative Ebola freakouts. In terrible policing news: a black teen living with a white foster family is pepper sprayed by cops as an "burglar," and a fascinating police stop interaction plays out on video in a tony DC neighborhood. An FBI report calls certain gun myths into question. What are these "beacons" found in NYC phone booth ads, now apparently being removed? Justice Kennedy stays ID marriage equality. Another look at our upside-down recovery.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 7, 2014

Who gives the most to charity? And BTW, what's charity? Greg Dworkin brings us updates on polling & Ebola-ing, and intra-state GOP fights. Further examination on the nature of our "war on terror." More on Dems getting nothing for toeing the NRA line. BuzzFeed discovers some creepy tracking devices in NYC phone booths, and gets them removed.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 6, 2014

A third teacher has accidentally fired a gun in school. Greg Dworkin notes that Republicans not responsible for actually running anything are sowing panic over Ebola, but not Rick Perry. The Senate outlook remains mostly stable. Why the growing economy just doesn't feel like it's growing. Gideon sends us a comment discussing historian Gregordy Daddis' op-ed pondering the meaning and aims of modern American war fighting. In breaking news, word from the Supreme Court of the denial of review of the several state marriage equality cases. Wind energy seems like a winner for KS, right? But the Kochs don't make money from it, so, no. How about a little Noam Chomsky? "America hates its poor." And as David Purdue has to try to live down past remarks on outsourcing, we're reminded that being a CEO hasn't been about "job creation" in a very, very, very long time. Philadelphia moves to cancel teachers' contracts. Oh, and steal their pensions.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 3, 2014

Technical difficulties spoiled the live show today, but we taped all the action for you for today's podcast. Greg Dworkin shared the news of the strong jobs report, an interesting take on economic inequality from an unlikely source, and the upcoming traffic apocalypse (again!) we can all thank Chris Christie for causing. Speaking of economic inequality, how about this crazy chart that basically shows the economy being eaten whole by the rich. And Rosalyn MacGregor has even more on the subject and its effects on businesses large and small. More discussion of the evil genius of targeting the prison population for profit. Gideon asks opponents of the ISIS strikes whether there's evidence for the proposition that bombing is worse than doing nothing. But there may be no clear answer about that, or any other aspect of the issue, given how some of the strikes have gone, and the alleged paucity of intelligence behind them.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 2, 2014

Arkansas AG candidate may be disqualified, for multiple voter registrations! Greg Dworkin rounds up the latest on ebola. Secret Service director Julia Pierson has resigned. Can that really make a difference? Gideon solicits comment on the Daily Kos community effort to draft a proposed legislative response to "over-policing." It's an exercise consciously conceived of as a response to ALEC, about which there's always plenty to say. And speaking of ALEC, here's yet another way the sort of privatizers who make up their constituency have devised to soak the poor: skimming off cash transfers to prisoners.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 1, 2014

Today's Twitter chatter: ebola freakouts, and WV plans to frack beneath a river that supplies their drinking water. Luckily they have no history of problems in that area. Greg Dworkin recapped the APR low-down on the Texas ebola story. Also: a Tea Party tantrum threatens Pat Roberts; ISIS strike polling bump; Brookings scholars say primaries are growing in their impact, and; Chris Christie's polling hits a new low. Joan McCarter shares one of the dumbest Obamacare polls to date, conducted by one of the worst pollsters ever. Scott Brown tries to attack Shaheen on border security, but he never attended a single border hearing. Koch brothers freak out over a Rolling Stone exposé. Hiding corporate money overseas. Let's invade Bermuda! Updates on races with Daily Kos-endorsed candidates. The collapse of the Kansas conservative experiment may have a mirror in Idaho. A local TV reporter presses Cory Gardner hard as he tries to duck & deny his support for personhood legislation. And Mitt Romney's still buying houses. Because normal.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 30, 2014

Today's Twitter chatter: the White House intruder, and the House hearing on the subject. Greg Dworkin jumps the fence with some Mike Pence hype, positive hits for enterovirus-68 in CT and "linked to" paralysis cases in CO, polling on ISIS response and general outlooks on military action, and what it means for Rand Paul. Conservatives are at it again with their voter suppression tricks, and nobody's willing to say they do this all the time. And a fake Occupy Central app installs spyware on Hong Kong protesters' phones. Senate Republicans threaten to use nuclear option they don't believe in to undo change implemented via nuclear option. NFL's new prayer penalty. Cops apparently can't get rid of their military gear. Discounts for having a tool, nothing for knowing how to use it safely, though. Constantly rising ATM fees: a net neutrality analog?

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Kagro in the Morning - September 29, 2014

Noted this morning: We've reached that point at which corporations can have a religion and are entitled to unlimited political speech, but employees can be fired for running for public office. Greg Dworkin handled the domestic news part of our show today. In Digital America, newspaper reads you! The latest Senate polling and predicting. The government's back in the game, ponying up for grants to fund studies of violent deaths. Catching up on Hong Kong. Then it's back to Saud-ish Arabia once again, this time to get a better handle on the apparent paradox of the Saudis & ISIS. Plus this side note: our ISIS costs are mounting.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 26, 2014

Welcome to our "trendy" podcast! Greg Dworkin rounds up top headlines, starting with reactions to the Eric Holder resignation. Everything you need to know about reading the polls. The ESPN/Bill Simmons/NFL imbroglio prompts Armando to call in, though he couldn't help veering into the relevant, as we pondered the next moves on finding a new Attorney General and the political environment in general. One more thing about Saud-ish Arabia. Rosalyn MacGregor reports from MI. Private pot cops in CA & why they might not be the worst thing ever.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 24, 2014

Still curious about Saudi Arabia, but too lazy to go beyond Wikipedia, "we" have another extended "conversation" by "ourselves" about the nature of our "great ally" in the Middle East. Do the apparent contradictions of our "War on Terror" make more sense if we stop thinking of Saudi Arabia as a western-style political unit? Joan McCarter brought us back to the present, discussing the politics of the ISIS strikes, the question of the need for Congressional authorization, and who's saying what on that score. The latest "conservatives plot to oust Boehner" story. CO students walk out in protest of the conservative school board's revisionist history push. More and more insurers want in on Obamacare. "Nasty" ad "Causes GOP Candidate To Embrace Gun Safety Law."

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Kagro in the Morning - September 23, 2014

It's bombs away, again. So that had to be the focus of today's show, and Greg Dworkin rounded up some representative samples of the coverage and analysis, to get the discussion rolling. We concluded the reading of Matt Stoller's piece, "The Solution to ISIS is the First Amendment," joined mid-way by Armando, who heard an opportunity to bash Andrew Sullivan and ran to take advantage of it. The upshot: complex situation is complex. But there are plenty of analogs to American politics that might just make the tangled web seem less improbable, if no less confusing.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 22, 2014

Greg Dworkin was back with us for his morning round-up, starting with Gideon's question about the CBS/NYT/YouGov poll of ME-SEN, and moving on to CO-SEN and the latest overall Senate modeling, before shifting to the latest in the Bridgegate story and the refutation of the "scandal is good for Republicans" notion. Greg also gives us a bit of inside scoop on the (Sort-of) Great Enterovirus Panic of 2014. Militia border demonstration washes out. Because gun threat. OR man who shot & killed his neighbor in 2009 has now shot & killed the new neighbor. Hunter on TX's new pro-conservative public school textbooks. WaPo's fact check of Sen. Boxer's Benghazi counter-claims on security funding. Thomas Frank catches us up on the crumbling KS experiment. More from Stoller's "solution to ISIS" piece.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 19, 2014

Today's ostensibly non-political story that's nonetheless political to us: plastic microbeads are in everything. Even toothpaste. So now they're in your water. Open carry moves to... in front of schools. And how do you tell an open carry protester from a maniac? Wait for him to start shooting. Mark Pryor toes the NRA line, but they spend millions to defeat him anyway. What's Mayday PAC doing giving money to anti-reformers? Why the shift away from an assault weapons ban? Explaining away kids' fatal GunFAILs. Witness who reported Ohio WalMart "gunman" turns out to be full of it. Congressional inaction as tacit approval of executive action. Matt Stoller gives us stuff to think about, re: ISIS.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 18, 2014

Still more technical difficulties kept us off the live stream, but the podcast goes on. Australian officials claim to have busted an ISIS terror plot in that country. But don't worry, Dick Morris will save you. Greg Dworkin sends us word on what he's been up to at his day job: prepping for enterovirus-68. One of the more interesting "what you don't understand" pieces about Scottish independence. Explainers explain the troop commitment to the Ebola fight. APR: Senate modeling update. Govs. Nikki Haley and Chris Christie have four local Dems bounced from a burrito joint they were visiting. More on "poverty capitalism." Trendspotting: bathroom #GunFAIL.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 17, 2014

Technical issues kept us off the live stream for the first few minutes of the show, but not to worry, it's all here on the podcast. Twitter and social media users help crack the case on a hate crime attack in Philadelphia. A former MA police chief is arrested on gun charges, and you won't believe the gun trouble he's been in before. Joan McCarter joins us to discuss the Philly case, an update on net neutrality actions, this fun new pope, the state of play in the elections in Kansas, Senate action on appointments, and the difficulties of getting to a vote on action against ISIS. Afterward, we reviewed the writing on the politics at play on that issue.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 16, 2014

No, "tort reform" isn't a serious cost-control measure in health care. Greg Dworkin wasn't with us this morning, but notes the official numbers showing a significant decrease in the numbers of uninsured. Charlie Cook lists the things that could still go wrong for the Gop this fall. Jeanne Devon of The Mudflats on the Palin Riot of 2014. The "necessity defense" for climate action civil disobedience. (Stand Your Planet?) Rosalyn MacGregor updates us on MI-GOV & SEN. War powers & national security issues are looming again. Venture capitalists are getting nervous about a new tech bubble, and with good reason: stupid stuff is happening again.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 15, 2014

Greg Dworkin sent us a couple worthy links today, in lieu of his usual appearance, inlcuiding Nate Cohn's "Democrats Are Seeing More Daylight in Path to Senate Control," which we pored over for a while. The article's mention of KS independent Greg Orman leads us to a discussion of what it means to caucus with one party or another in the Senate, and why it's done. And hey, aren't party caucuses a little like unions? Say, how about the somewhat clickbait-y revelations of a "secret" Senate rulebook? We take the bait so you don't have to. We also caught up on in-school teacher GunFAIL, because we had to. Someone's picking up & running with the "smart gun" ball again, and even some conservatives think it's worth doing.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 10, 2014

This morning's Twitter chatter: yet another "Uber, but for..." gets funded. This time, for making the house cleaning market "more efficient" by re-inserting the cash-skimming middleman. (But it might not be working out all that well.) Greg Dworkin reminds us that "makers" make money, not jobs; rounds up ISIS strategy news in advance of the president's speech, and; points to the insiders debating insularity on insider's TV talk show. Joan McCarter tells us Ted Cruz says the Citizens United amendment would outlaw Saturday Night Live. Meanwhile, Daily Kos joins in delivering three million petition signatures in support, and SF Bay Area Kossacks head to Sen. Feinstein's office to lobby for net neutrality. Reminder: you can weigh in with the FCC on net neutrality through Daily Kos, and pick up a protest day widget for your own website, too. We also discuss Daily Kos Elections coverage of yesterday's primary election results, and Republican plans for yet more Benghazi investigation, and another Obamacare repeal vote. Because new ideas!

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Kagro in the Morning - September 9, 2014

Twitter's still wrapped up in the Ray & Janay Rice story. Plus Condi Rice as NFL commissioner? Greg Dworkin rounds up punditry on Republicans running to the center, and Ted Cruz's Obamacare nightmare (as if he cared about "facts"). Polling on ISIS & foreign policy, generally. Senate moves ahead with Citizens United amendment. Big step forward, or not? Continued reading & discussion of Radley Balko's "How municipalities in St. Louis County, Mo., profit from poverty."

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Kagro in the Morning - September 8, 2014

Today's morning Twitter chatter: TMZ comes up with video of the assault by NFL player Ray Rice on his fiancée, for which he received just a 2-game suspension from the league. Greg Dworkin tells us the White House has got an ISIS strategy for us, and is employing strategery on the immigration front as well. Nate Cohn's "Why Democrats Can't Win the House." Nick Kristof wrote about Ferguson & then read the comments. Coal waste landfill workers told it's "safe enough to eat." Meanwhile, we're banning solar panels and reversing even small fracking protections? One WI town has to fight fracking even as it's revealed the fracking company's CEO is in jail on charges of child sexual assault. All these stories are about conscious decisions to stack the deck. And so's this one about the dizzying array of fines and penalties designed to soak the poor of St. Louis County, MO.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 5, 2014

Today's Twitter chatter included the story of a Pennsylvania perv busted by the woman he was assaulting, who just happened to be a federal marshal. Greg Dworkin's roundup gave us food for thought on the McDonnell conviction, yet another unforced conservative gaffe on slavery, and James Risen's take on ISIS (plus Risen as an issue unto himself). Texas school districts aren't missing out on the militarization bonanza. Scientists break the science fiction barrier, with brain-to-brain interfacing. If Dan Snyder gets public money for a new stadium, "it's time to shut down pro sports." Does that ever pay off for the public? Probably not. Gideon flags the "Preventing Antibiotic Resistance Act" for our attention. And for anyone who ever asked why I track GunFAIL, the answer is: Idaho State.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 4, 2014

Greg Dworkin notes the odd disparity in when the traditional media finds electoral questions "too close to call," and when it does not. WaPo explains its entirely routine (though somewhat silly) shift in Senate modeling. Big changes in KS-SEN. Mike Rogers offers Obama a free hand on ISIS, even as louder-mouthed hawks condemn things before he even contemplates them. And Greg notes Lieberman's conspicuous absence from the hawkish triumvirate. New on the Bridgegate front: top NJ brass silenced cops on the lane closures. Glenn Beck is: 1) still alive, and; 2) resigned to a Hillary presidency. Armando calls in with breaking news on the Halbig case. Listener Rosalyn MacGregor clues us in on MI-GOV. And Gideon has some Congressional procedure questions arising from the latest ad against Mitch McConnell.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 3, 2014

Today we learned the answer to the question impliedly asked last week: How long before one of the newly armed teachers accidentally Second Amendments himself or someone else in class? Greg Dworkin brought us two articles opening the door for a Very Serious People-endorsed "proceed with caution" approach to ISIS. Joan McCarter gives us her take on the lag in evolution of strategic thinking about non-state threats to our national security, and alerts us to a coming debate on a proposed constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. Speaking of which, Tom "Dr. No." Coburn's up for a constitutional convention, because he's "grown disenchanted with gridlock in Washington." Per capita Medicare spending is falling. Daily Kos organizes for secretary of state races, and our community contributed about 25% of public comments to the FCC on net neutrality! Closing a tax loophole on health care CEOs nets $72 million. And, Popular Science explains the "fake cell towers" that can hack your phone without you knowing it.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 2, 2014

We're back, post-Labor Day, to celebrate Eric Cantor having landed on his feet with a Wall Street firm. Surprise! What a regular guy he is! Greg Dworkin rounded up stories on the Gop's anti-Obamacare strategy death spiral, the collapse of resistance to Medicaid expansion, both leading to the possible dissolution of the once-hyped "wave." So what's left for them? How about using this pre-fab punditry formula to turn almost anything into a "serious issue?" What about ISIS? Chris Christie tries on the foreign policy costume, donors say it doesn't fit. And don't miss Greg's weekend wrap-up, "Things you can learn from Mom and Dad", Rei's latest on Bárðarbunga. Thank the stars for their substance, because from where I sat, the weekend was filled with chatter about tan suits and naked selfies. Last week's 9-year-old with an Uzi story continued to capture eyes & imaginations, but there was plenty of routine kids' #GunFAIL, too. And the clamor for reaction to Russia leads to bans on imports, which leads to AK-47s, which of course leads to new conspiracy theories. Brooklynbadboy tipped us off to East End Long Island's fight between the rich and the insanely rich. And Armando joined in to discuss the WaPo's compensation for Katherine Weymouth, the fate of Michael Sam, and the many issues swirling around the NFL.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 29, 2014

We check in with the end of the Market Basket management dispute. Or was it a labor dispute? Or both? Louisiana's libertarian water, now with brain-eating amoeba! Gideon opens the door to an inquiry into the many & varied issues surrounding police militarization. HuffPo reports that video gaming collectives are SWAT-ing their rivals' offices! Also: what's a gaming collective and why do they have offices? Courts make it increasingly difficult to hold cops accountable. Another video surfaces, this time of cops arresting an unarmed black man who answers demands for ID in exactly the same way open carry protesters do.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 28, 2014

Everybody's talking about the 9-year-old with the Uzi. And you can probably thank GunFAIL for that. Greg Dworkin's top story is a narrative-buster: Medicare growth seems under control. The McDonnell "crazy wife" defense. Jindal flip-flops & sues over Common Core. "How fish can learn to walk." Congressional candidate's gun stolen, used in deadly robbery. Here comes the pro-militarization lobbying. Another detail from the McDonnell trial: his oddball living arrangements. In the wake of Ferguson, shocking video from a February story in which cop dash-cams captured outrageous brutality, which the cops nonetheless denied. Struggling to keep up with views on drug-detecting nail polish, and Ferguson as a "suburban ghetto."

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Kagro in the Morning - August 27, 2014

The GunFAIL lines are ringing off the hook today. The 9-year-old with the Uzi. The NH officer who lost his gun in the courthouse bathroom, which is very rare, except for when officers do it in other NH courthouses. And the case of His & Hers gun derp. Greg Dworkin rounds up ISIS news, including chatter from the usually-wrong. More on that "libertarian moment" thing. Obamacare disappearing as an election issue. "Between the World and Ferguson." Joan McCarter told us about the Republican Senators & candidates who groveled before the Koch brothers, President Obama's pursuit of a non-treaty climate accord, and more. Tomorrow's news today: a reminder that both teachers and students are heading back to class armed this year.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 26, 2014

Today's morning Twitter chatter: audio surfaces purporting to have captured the sound of the shots that killed Michael Brown. Fox Question Mark asks if it's "misleading" to refer to Brown as an "unarmed teen." And the NRA says a mom who works (against them) from home isn't a stay-at-home mom. Big Time GunFAIL: a 9-year-old girl accidentally shoots her firearms instructor in the head. And a legally blind man shoots his nephew. The "white privilege" of "being afraid for your life." "Suburban ghettos" as "ticking time bombs," and Adam Serwer's "Eighty Years Of Fergusons." How AIPAC got Israel funding passed during a Senate recess.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 25, 2014

Morning chatter included the NYT's use of the by now-infamous "no angel" framing on the day of Michael Brown's funeral, and Maureen Dowd's absolutely terrible Sunday lede. Greg Dworkin rounds up the latest back-to-war chatter, and peeks under the hood of the New American Foundation, what they're up to, and who funds them, plus the latest reason somebody's gotta be bombed. In other news: Obamacare's popular, but the name isn't; the Notorious RBG speaks. Surprise! Reporters digging into the records of the Ferguson-area cops who mistreated them find some serious dirt! Revisiting the pundit fumbling of the Perry indictment, and Jon Perr's documentation of the history of the "criminalization of politics" tripe. Lastly, not only are corporations people, they're militarized cops!

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Kagro in the Morning - August 22, 2014

Catching up on the Ice Bucket Challenge, news of the first serious accident, plus we listen to Mitt Romney get doused. Turning to the more serious, here's more on excessive reliance on fines & penalties in Ferguson, where each household is served with an average of three warrants a year! These aren't the high-stakes drug warrants we've discussed in the past, but it's worth connecting, given the militarization discussions of late. We check in again with Gideon, who provides food for thought on the James Risen case, Elizabeth Warren, Ferguson, the Kajieme Powell shooting, and more. Next, Meteor Blades' "Cop cams could change police behavior, but technology can only do so much," plus some speculation on the problems they might create. And from Politico, "How going nuclear unclogged the Senate."

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Kagro in the Morning - August 20, 2014

Another day of protest in Ferguson gives us cause to compare, once again, the kid glove treatment open carry protesters get from cops. Is it the cameras? Because cameras don't solve everything.  Top Missouri Republican finds Ferguson voter registration drive "disgusting." Would it be out of bounds to say so if there were a clear and definitive constitutional right to vote? Breitbart says the famous photo of a protester throwing back a canister of tear gas is their evidence of "Molotov cocktails." Google data finds two different Americas, and so did The Upshot. The click-bait headline everyone's talking about: "I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me." And, that new gun violence study I previewed.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 19, 2014

Ferguson news continues this morning, as the bigger name national press declares it OK to consider the situation outrageous. GunFAIL is back in the news this morning, with the accidental shooting of a 7-year-old boy by his grandmother, who mistook him for an intruder. Again. Greg Dworkin brought us another round of Rick Perry indictment news, and a thought or two about Ferguson. Updates via Rei and WaPo on volcanic rumblings in Iceland. 3-D printed guns actually made out of metal have arrived. And GideonAB calls in to give us the overseas observers' view of Ferguson, and point to Phoebe Loosinhouse's diary on the subject.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 18, 2014

It's Eric Cantor's last day. Because everybody resigns on Mondays. The 18th. So we recount his prolific use of chauffeured SUVs. Greg Dworkin rounds up the Rick Perry indictment news, reports that evangelicals haz gots a sad, collects the latest on Iraq, things looking up on the jobs front, and some improvement at the VA. We circle back around to Ferguson with stirrings on the grand jury front, and John Oliver's much-discussed take, a read through Jeffrey Smith's insightful look at the Ferguson community's history, and Mark Sumner's backgrounder on the lengths to which conservative Missouri went to keep Ferguson under the boot. Finally, no, it's not just libertarians who care about this.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 15, 2014

Things calmed down overnight in Ferguson, only to heat up a little bit as the local police released the name of the officer who shot Michael Brown, but then proceeded to implicate Brown in a robbery. Greg Dworkin joined us for further discussion of police militarization, some suggestions for how to dial it back (or make it worse), and what we're hearing from libertarians on this. And just for variety: "a very cool thing about Robin Williams." Bmaz calls for removing the St. Louis Co. prosecutor from the investigation. After that, we watched the Ferguson press conference unfold via Twitter, naming officer Darren Wilson, but including the release of a police report alleging Brown's involvement in a robbery prior to the shooting. We parse that live and as we read it, along with reports that Ferguson police have some less-than-honest reporting.

Direct download: August_15_2014_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - August 14, 2014

Greg Dworkin's back, but it's all about Ferguson, police militarization and political theory today. Reporters are getting arrested. Once (presumably, generously) cautious libertarians are finally beginning to issue statements. And we awaited the same from MO's governor. Meanwhile, should we expect a bolder Ferguson response during the "libertarian moment"? Or is that not a real thing? But the bulk of the show is given over to a discussion of the political dynamics of police militarization, how it happens, and why. I think we hit some points that aren't getting serious discussion elsewhere, if I do say so myself. And I just did.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 13, 2014

Thanks to Bill in Portland Maine for his generous tip of the hat to what's technically the third anniversary of Daily Kos Radio! An extended round of thanks goes out to all the people who make the show possible, and to all the people who do the things that make the Daily Kos community the remarkable place it is. A bit of an introspective show today, prompted by the anniversary, involving some of the mechanics of how we measure the growth of the show. But the addition of Joan McCarter helps save the day, and we do discuss events in Ferguson, the militarization of local police, the Koch pullout from MI, Joe Miller's ugly AK campaign, the big Dem NC-Sen ad buy, and how Rand Paul stiffed IA evangelicals to party in the Hamptons.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 12, 2014

A bit of a mix for you today. Robin Williams. Ferguson. A Chris McDaniels song parody by Lauren Mayer. Marketing follies & how to get rich people to give you money. The federal judge who wouldn't recuse himself from former AL Gov. Don Siegelman's trial is arrested. Gideon reminds us of last month's "how to motivate reluctant voters" story. Parleo offers us the international scoop on a brand new party winning seats in Spain and the European Parliament. Ann Coulter, terrible on everything, is terrible on ebola, which leads us to "5 Insane Things I Learned as a Foreign Aid Worker," which leads us to note that anti-terror "corruption" in foreign aid isn't just a foreign problem, which leads us to today's discussion about militarized cops, which begins with this Chris Hayes tweet. Back to Tucker Carlson: no, his bathtub drownings claim probably isn't correct, and since enemy of the people said I let him off too easy, we go way, way back to let Hunter tell us why Carlson's so vile.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 11, 2014

Gotta discuss the unrest in Ferguson, but the only part of it that's even close to being in my wheelhouse is the contrast between how police approach First Amendment protests versus Second Amendment ones. Which brings us back to the Ohio WalMart shooting, which for better or for worse, even gun rights advocates are catching on to. James O'Keefe is still alive, and he thinks you don't know Osama bin Laden is dead. Sarah Palin channel begins serving up the dumb-vomit. Via Twitter, Stacy Cox suggests we make fun of Tucker Carlson, and I oblige. Lisa asks how many kids have had fatal gun accidents this month, so we count it up. Bill in Portland Maine pointed us to a story worthy of wider notice: Gov. LePage won't bother looking into or trying to recover half a million dollars swiped by a crony. And BallerinaX recalls a link between the Maine story and Utah politics.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 8, 2014

Happy Friday! We're bombing Iraq, again. A married couple, both cops, fed up with their daughter making bad life decisions, decide to murder her boyfriend. A GunFAIL follow-up: family of man killed by a gun he thought was unloaded asks for donations to the NRA. Since issuing its first concealed carry permits in February, Illinois has had to kick over 100 approved instructors off the lists of those who can train applicants. (Like what we heard about last year in Missouri.) And in Michigan, they're supposed to be watching for violations by concealed carriers. But they're not. Well, just trust 'em, I guess. A fracking company owner for reals goes to jail for dumping waste in the river. Remember those giant tobacco settlement payments to states? Wall Street figured out how to steal them. The idiotic practice of Members of Congress faking "thrift" by living in their offices.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 7, 2014

Taken in by the TPM headline: "Maureen McDonnell A 'Nut Bag," we catch up a little bit on the McDonnell corruption trial. An... interesting Twitter exchange over whether DC is (or ever was) "cool." An Ohio man is shot & killed by police for waving a rifle at customers inside a WalMart. Was he an open carry protestor? Nope. His family says it was a toy gun he probably picked up off the store's own shelves. Good news: Servers at these MN restaurants are getting a raise! Bad news: the restaurant is charging them the 2% credit card transaction fee on their tips! VA-10 Gop nominee Barbara Comstock was a lobbyist for the Kochs. And Blackwater. Give a monkey enough time with a camera & he'll take a selfie. And challenge the foundations of copyright jurisprudence. And Rolling Stone says everything Republicans believe is wrong.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 6, 2014

A 10th accidental child shooting in August here in the U.S. And they've got similar problems in South Africa. So similar, in fact, that they've got a street gang called the "Americans." The My Parents Open Carry flap reminds me of the real life story of open carrier parents Meleanie & Scott Hain. Joan McCarter joins in with commentary on items both trivial and weighty. Ran(d) Paul's dine & dash; the new NBC/WSJ poll says (among many other things) that Congress is less popular than ever, but they're beating Putin, anyway. Interesting results also on income inequality, policy priorities and more. Big money attacks on Obamacare not moving the needle. Primary election results: "accidental Congressman" bounced; "top two" open primary, an idea promoted by Chuck Schumer to boost turnout, yields a two Republican race in WA-04. We ponder the rules implications of Republican control of the Senate, and note that we're in for another drawn-out fight over the torture report, unless maybe the new leaker gets hold of it. Lastly, the continuing storyline of Gop grifting.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 5, 2014

The 5-year-old mayor of Dorset, MN is ousted. (Be honest, you thought I was going to say he was accidentally shot, didn't you?) Politico also notes the gun rental suicide epidemic. There is a real book called My Parents Open Carry and The Onion didn't write it. The trials and tribulations of McDonalds' franchisees. Armando on the GMO labeling controversy, Glocks vs. Docs & the First Amendment. Also: KSU's interim president takes a pay cut to give lower-paid employees a raise.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 4, 2014

Technical difficulties galore, today. But the podcast is here & ready to go. Greg Dworkin helped get us back on track with his round-up. Economic performance, explained. Either Benghazi's not a real scandal, or the investigators aren't real Republicans. And the Gop base is gearing up to ruin 2016 for their party. Several one thing(s) you need to read about ebola. And one we shouldn't have to. For the 40th anniversary of Nixon's resignation, Bob Woodward reviews John Dean's book. From the tech world: your USB devices might be Transformer hackers or something. Crazy southwestern idiots use the border crisis as an excuse to try to shoot actual people. But they're so crazy, they seem to end up shooting their families, instead.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 1, 2014

The CIA's been spying on the Senate, and I forget to read the articles about it. Greg Dworkin leads off with "The Tea Party's Image Today," providing hours of fun with some fantastic word cloud illustrations. Also: "Why Am I Moving Left?", one journo's political journey towards Cheeto-muncherism, and the cult of political manliness examined, in "No More Mr. Tough Guy." The mystery of the Google barges is solved, and it's dumber than you might have guessed. Via Atrios, Afghanistan's now more expensive than the Marshall Plan. More about "Moving Left." Making labor organizing a civil right. "Palin of the South" storms out of "Palin-style interview." A for-profit late-stage cancer treatment company pays for FreedomWorks to fight making early detection affordable.

Direct download: August_1_2014_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - July 31, 2014

Greg Dworkin rounds up news from the McDonnell trial. And speaking of governors in trouble, will Christie's problems spill over to Cuomo? Some might hope so. Hollow denials about impeachment dreams. Notorious RBG speaks. As did Lois Lerner. Then, the growing swirl around the Gruber comments, on which Armando weighs in. Again, we conclude that Halbig's just beyond the pale. Surprise! We also take a look at a diary by FischFry arguing against the incorporation of the Second Amendment as against state governments. Another lone nut open carry situation features yet more jailhouse lawyering. And E.J. Dionne's look at the "impeachment two-step."

Direct download: July_31_2014_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - July 30, 2014

Bad news, everybody: there's good news. GDP numbers are strong, and that's bad because our fiscal conservatives who love America know that GDP growth is communist and America is a hellhole. Greg Dworkin, sporting a brand new headset, pointed us to yesterday's APR, which began with a reflection on just how far we've come, economically, and examines public opinion of Obama's foreign policy style. Speaking of which: the Russia-Ukraine thing. It's time for Chris Christie comeback stories. Joan McCarter is also back from hiatus, and we talked about hot new trends in plagiarism, the pre-recess waiting game in Congress, "Paul Ryan's one crazy trick to hurt all the poor," David Sirota's continuing work on Chris Christie's pension fund shenanigans, the controversial decision to bring Netroots Nation to Phoenix, the future rollout of Daily Kos' own regional mini-conferences, the Daily Kos endorsement of Jim Mowrer in his race against the execrable Steve King in IA-04, and the looming world water crisis. Oh, and George Zimmerman isn't working as a security guard at a gun store, after all.

Direct download: July_30_2014_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - July 29, 2014

Another look back at Halbig today, this time in search of The One Analysis To Rule Them All. In gun news: open carry at the airport goes poorly; naked boobs are ruining Texas gun boners; a concealed carry ninja intervenes & nearly lets the bad guy get away; child gun deaths on the rise; at least 14 states see gun deaths top vehicular deaths; what to do if you don't like it when open carriers come in: just leave, and; if you think you shouldn't be afraid, one gun rights advocate says you're wrong. Natalie Tennant does what the CW says she "has to," but would WV win in a real trade-off?

Direct download: July_29_2014_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - July 28, 2014

Sarah Palin stole our idea of starting our own channel! And Florida continues to go gun crazy. Greg Dworkin brought us great show fodder, as usual, starting with the 11th Circuit upholding Florida's incredibly stupid "Docs vs. Glocks" law. Other tidbits: fist bumps vs. handshakes; the dumb poll of the day; why we're likely to see more "worst" presidents; weirdest Obamacare theory yet; the niche industry of conservative insurgency; and the maybe not-so-unique problems of measuring quality in health care. In the second hour, a deeper look into the niche insurgency industry & Glocks vs. Docs stories.

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Kagro in the Morning - July 25, 2014

Don't say I never did anything special for you! Although I couldn't put together a genuine live show today, I stayed up late and recorded you an ALL NEW KITM, so I wouldn't leave you hanging on a Friday! Lots included in the show, like Spedwybabs' simple & helpful pointer for how to help with the Detroit water crisis; lots and lots of Halbig & King follow-up; and the House lawsuit against Obama inches forward. Also, the craziest gun story of the day: the MN man who shot a 17yo neighbor because she asked him to stop riding his lawnmower over her property. And the NRA imagines a "gun-required" world. The financiers are securitizing farmland and crops. What could go wrong? Turns out none of these big mouths ever "goes Galt." And they're also lying about the connection between corporate performance and their giant paychecks. Shocker.

Direct download: July_25_2014_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - July 24, 2014

Have you heard about this #PoorDoor story? An upscale Manhattan apartment building with a separate entrance for lower-income residents? Greg Dworkin rounds up some weird news, the Cuomo ethics commission flap, Jeb Bush sticking with immigration reform, Gop "outreach" apparently coming down to Rand Paul, POTUS approval ratings remain stable, and though he still hasn't been swaggering bare-chested, he's reduced inequality. Another botched execution, and "Don't Learn on Me — Are Teaching Hospitals Patient-Centered?" Ian Reifowitz joined us for the second hour, for another wide-ranging discussion of Gop xenophobic rumor-mongering, Halbig and the filibuster, and guns and the politics of fear.

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Kagro in the Morning "classic" - July 18, 2014

On today's Kagro in the Morning "classic episode," Greg Dworkin joined us for his regular morning roundup, including the much-discussed "The Loud Truth About Abortion Protesters," the McDonnell indictment, the continuing Chris Christie saga, and the rather ridiculous notion that it somehow helps Christie for it to have legs. No less ridiculous: the idea that Christie, the new head of the RGA, is somehow thrilled with Bob McDonnell being in the headlines. Greg's most interesting reads on the subject: Matt Bai and Matt Katz. Plus Jonathan Chait has seen the Gop future: GWB. (Not the bridge, though there's that, too.) For the second hour, we welcomed Sophia Yen and Ellen Shaffer of the Silver Ribbon Campaign to Trust Women, our co-hosts for the day, thanks to their winning bid in the latest round of Netroots Nation fundraising auctions! Today being the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, it was a perfect day to dive deep into the bundle of issues surrounding reproductive rights and health. Their backgrounder on the campaign and roundup of the issues took us from insurance coverage, to "crisis pregnancy centers," to the Hyde amendment, to forced birthing. But just as important, they broke through the walls of the "issue silo" and reminded us that no matter what your top priorities are, these issues are tied in many ways to everything you care about. And we thank sponsor Harry's for their support! Save $5 on your first order of fine shaving products with promo code "Kagro"!

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Kagro in the Morning - July 23, 2014

Lots of Halbig and King discussion today, with Greg Dworkin bringing us a sampling of today's most interesting writing on the topic. Also: GA-Sen, and; the charter schools sales guide, revealed. Discussion of yesterday's cases dominate the rest of the show. Armando joins in with his 200-or-so cents on the subject, and we touch both on the substance of the specific cases, as well as the weaknesses in the "legal theory" driving conservative thought on them. At the close of the show, we take note of Brian Beutler's latest, "The Conservative Judges Who Ruled Against Obamacare Missed This One Very Important Detail."

Direct download: July_23_2014_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - July 22, 2014

Following historical precedent, Republicans who predicted doom in the passage of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the Clinton budget and stimulus program, and the Obama stimulus plan, and were wrong on each count, are now also wrong on predictions of skyrocketing premium costs under the ACA. Greg Dworkin joins us to discuss this, today's GA Republican Senate run-off, Sen. Schumer's NYT op-ed backing "top-two" open primaries, and Harry Enten's assertion that Elizabeth Warren would be the most liberal Dem nominee since 1972... if she were, you know, running. Later, we respond to listener comments, critique the Schumer op-ed, announce the Halbig news, and clarify yesterday's information about Iceland's protest political party, the "Best Party."

Direct download: July_22_2014_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - July 21, 2014

Greg Dworkin's news round-up was essential in getting the show somewhat grounded after a long weekend out of the country, plus the distraction of Netroots Nation for many of my other online news and issues lifelines. "Goodbye to the Republican Wave?" Elizabeth Warren's "11 commandments," and yet another shot at the "she should run" argument. Republican resistance to taking care of their own, in one chart. Gates vs. Biden. RFK, Jr.: anti-vaxxer. Krugman reminds us once again that the "debt crisis" is largely imaginary. What's the best party in Icelandic politics? More discussion on Krugman's piece. Anti-vaxxer Rep. Phil Gingrey freaks out that Central American refugees might not be vaccinated! MO Gov. Nixon vetoes an "arm the teachers" bill.

Direct download: July_21_2014_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - July 16, 2014

Even as Netroots Nation 2014 draws near, Greg Dworkin continues manning his post! The continued TradMed insistence on a Clinton/Warren schism, CBO numbers on health care get better and better. Why don't they just Moneyball government like they do with business? Because even in you tried, the boss wouldn't listen. But the story that really got us cooking was "How to mobilize reluctant voters." Because we'd also heard that mobilizing voters can get you arrested. Come hear about the shocking story developing in Georgia!

Direct download: July_16_2014_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - July 15, 2014

After leading off with Daily Kos Kitchen Nightmares, Greg Dworkin returned to the show to bring us some sanity. The "radioactive" Common Core controversy. Santorum seeks to walk the tightrope on populism. The latest polls and the political zeitgeist say "it's complicated," but we don't like to think so. So, impeach, or something. And Peter Orzag says the do-nothing Congress is your fault. Obama Derangement Syndrome traps Republicans on Syria & Iraq, as well as Benghazi. Boehner's lawsuit makes Republicans look like whiners. Worse, it could end up empowering the Roberts SCOTUS far more than Congress. And don't forget to visit our sponsor,, where you can save $5 on your first order of fine shaving products with the "Kagro" promo code!

Direct download: July_15_2014_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - July 14, 2014

Greg wasn't with us for the big return to the live show today, but he set the agenda for the day with his collection of today's headlines. Mike Huckabee's discovered the perpetual candidate lifestyle, and has developed a pricey private plane habit. Singapore's ad discouraging gambling on the World Cup backfires. Homeopathy wins the World Cup, and German soccer players were there, too. How Michigan charter schools became prime feasting ground for edu-vultures. And to continue the ed reform theme, "Why many Democrats have turned against teachers unions," featuring a contribution from Netroots denizen & fellow Kossack Jeff Bryant. And P.S., did you miss out on saving $5 on your first order of fine shaving products from sponsor last time around? You've got another chance this month, when you use promo code KAGRO!

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Kagro in the Morning - July 3, 2014

Greg Dworkin rounds up top news, including new jobs numbers, the fully insane hijacking of a Thad Cochran press call, Republicans increasingly in sync with Rand Paul on foreign policy, another new Q-Poll tells much the same story, and Carly Fiorina is astroturfing to nobody. The latest GunFAIL compilation gives us an opportunity to laugh at WND's Joseph Farah. The House quietly deletes the requirement that Members and top staff report free travel on their financial disclosure forms. Details of Maine Gov. Paul LePage's multiple visits with "sovereign citizen" nuts, as the cross-pollination between the religious right and old-school nutcases is already on the rise. WaPo's report on the "men's rights" convention last week.

Direct download: July_3_2014_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - July 2, 2014

Belgium sucks. Greg Dworkin says that's an anecdote, not data. We didn't overlook either of the top two "most overlooked races." And nobody's quite ready to look past Hobby Lobby. SCOTUSBlog isn't the SCOTUS, but SCOTUS is its biggest reader. Republicans begin staking out positions against renewed intervention in the mess that is Iraq. NYT says Benghazi suspect has said important things, but not what they were. Gop as "party of ideas?" A new but kind of stupid Q-Poll. Joan McCarter joins us in pondering WTF about Belgium. Hobby Lobby won't be the last birth control case, nor the end of the War on Women. Bill O'Reilly's staff stalker looks for attention by baiting us about "Beyoncé Voters." Coming up on Daily Kos: the White House issues report on Medicaid expansion. Target comes up with a gun policy. Open carry protesters say they'll ignore it. Day One of GA's "guns everywhere" law brings us a draw-down between two open carriers. Gun "success" story is underwhelming.

Direct download: July_2_2014_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - July 1, 2014

Like most of the country, we're still reeling from yesterday's terrible Supreme Court gimmetarian decisions. Greg Dworkin brought us some highlights from the commentary: states may have more to say about birth control coverage, an attempt to walk the middle path, and a proposal to make oral birth control available over the counter. Twitter mistakes SCOTUSBlog for the actual SCOTUS. Maine's governor goes rogue. WSJ says biz groups awaken to find Republicans have run away from them. So, third party? Emerging rivalry between ISIS & AQ, dreams of a caliphate, and waiting for an Arab Summer. Afterwards, a little checks & balances chat. What's so "narrow" about Hobby Lobby? Updates on gun show GunFAILs, and a responsible gun owner so law-abiding, he says if a new law mandates he shoot responsibly, he'll disobey it, for freedom. An update to yesterday's Inouye story from our ears in Hawaii, Judy Vincent. Lauren Mayer's "Keep Your Hobby Lobby (Away From My Va-jayjay)." And it didn't take long, but the long gun open carry protest movement has brought out the racists.

Direct download: July_1_2014_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - June 30, 2014

Greg Dworkin sets the mood with The Onion's contribution on Hobby Lobby. Justice Stevens' City of Boerne v. Flores concurrence saw the RFRA itself as an impermissible violation of the First Amendment. James Risen's Blackwater blockbuster. The robots are taking over. The multiple problems with Facebook's crazy experiment. And the intriguing backstory to a Hawaii political drama. For the fifth time in three and a half years, we've had GunFAIL accidents at more than one gun show on the same day. An Oklahoma Republican says his primary opponent (Rep. Frank Lucas) was actually executed three years ago & is now either a body double or a robot. But hey, both sides do it. You know? Turning back for a closer look at the Blackwater story, we took time out to talk to Armando as news came in from the Supreme Court on Hobby Lobby and Harris.

Direct download: June_30_2014_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - June 27, 2014

Yesterday's Supreme Court decisions dominate the discussions today. Greg Dworkin brings us good fodder in the form of insightful writing on the subjects of buffer zones and recess appointments. Also in courts news, "Does the ACA violate the Origination clause?" and a Colorado federal judge upholds that state's new laws on gun background checks and magazine capacity. The passing of Sen. Howard Baker. Why the media loves Iraq hawks.

Direct download: June_27_2014_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - June 26, 2014

Greg Dworkin's morning roundup focuses on the MS run-off. Vox = "the left," apparently. Todd Akin's back. Plan B on the IRS "scandal": missing e-mails they hope you won't notice don't actually bear on the first "scandal." Never mind that lost e-mails didn't bother them before. Likewise, what the U.S. Archivist has to say interests them now, but didn't then. Armando joins in for a quick update and discussion of the day's SCOTUS rulings on recess appointments and abortion clinic buffer zones. Catching up on the "no-fly list" ruling, and common threads it shares on modern technology with yesterday's cell phone search decision.

Direct download: June_26_2014_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - June 25, 2014

Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter join us to round up the stories of the day. North Carolina's Outer Banks are largely doomed, but the real estate industry would like to pretend that's not so. Primary elections sorted themselves out yesterday in Mississippi, New York, Maryland and elsewhere. Crappy-looking revised GDP numbers give everyone a scare, but there's a twist. Netroots Nation is coming up fast! A federal court finds due process fault with the "no-fly list." The Detroit water crisis. More filibuster follies in the Senate. Speaking of which, it's the 1 year anniversary of Wendy Davis' Texas Senate filibuster performance, and her campaign's looking for supporters' help in marking it. SCOTUS decides on cell phone searches. And the year's biggest GunFAIL so far.

Direct download: June_25_2014_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - June 24, 2014

Today's the Mississippi Republican Senate primary election run-off, and it turns out the McDaniel/Tea Party camp will be turning out "poll watchers"... in the predominantly black precincts. So will they be open carriers, as we saw in Alabama? It's primary day in Maryland, too, where Netroots pal Evan Coren has called Don Engel's 11th district bid to my attention. GA Gop House candidate is the latest to write Islam out of constitutional protections. One way gimmetarians leverage the power of the state to rig outcomes & undermine reasonableness as a matter of policy. No one could have predicted a SYG shooting of a cop during a no-knock warrant. Is this how Open Carry Texas does safety checks? PA woman pulls a real gun (and fires!) on kids with water guns. And a fascinating look at the "adjunctification" of higher education.

Direct download: June_24_2014_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - June 23, 2014

It's Monday, but you probably didn't notice, because of this one chart that tells you everything you need to know. Greg Dworkin starts off the roundup with gubernatorial news: McAuliffe fights to expand Medicaid, while Walker & Christie fight off investigators and try to stay viable. Henry Paulson is determined not to miss the rise of another crisis, this time on climate change. Running out of reasons to oppose the ACA, Republicans are finally down to the last one: we have to pay money for a public benefit. "Who Says Obama Can't Lead?" Had you heard that "gun nuts are terrorizing America"? Probably not. Another profile of Tea Party Patriots' Jenny Beth Martin's lifestyle enhancement success. A federal judge has (briefly) put a stop to the lethal combination of science denialism & the Hobby Lobby theory of "religious freedom." And what's "religion" these days, anyway, given that churches are raffling off AR-15s?

Direct download: June_23_2014_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - June 20, 2014

Our Friday grab-bag had a little bit of everything in it. The mugshot that got 30,000+ likes on Facebook & why it matters. (It doesn't.) Sean Hannity proves the Heritage hatefest wasn't berating Muslims by berating the same Muslim. A collection of wrongness on Iraq. Vox on the House's vote to "rein in" the NSA. "Sovereign citizens" pulled over for hand-written "license plates." Prosecutors closing in on Gop faves Christie and Walker. A diary by Armando, and a Demos blog post, make the terrific point that those objecting on "government intervention" grounds to the PTO's cancellation of the R*dsk*ns trademarks are looking at things upside-down. Further musings on what should be the libertarian views of trademark and... immigration. A WaPo piece offers up an explanation for why VA state sen. Phillip Puckett's constituents aren't calling for his head: they hate Obamacare because "death panels."

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Kagro in the Morning - June 19, 2014

We started out by taking a look at one of the underreported details from last weekend's high school reunion shooting in East Peoria, IL. Yes, an off-duty FBI agent shot down the shooter. But apparently he shot just as another person was about to tackle the shooter. What might have happened? Who cares! Story over! Greg Dworkin collected stories making the case that John McCain is out of touch & no one cares what he says. Same with Cheney, and even Fox News knows it. Iraq in disarray, so why won't Obama lead & fix it already? Speaking of which, Norm Ornstein addresses polarization. Armando offers his observations on the DC football franchise, Iraq, upcoming SCOTUS decisions, and newspapers plan a new online comment system. Ours, sort of. NYT ends The Gun Report, and there's a labor backstory there. But Times editors say it was just getting boring or something. All the more reason for GunFAIL to continue.

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Kagro in the Morning - June 18, 2014

Catching up with the kitchen sink spin on Benghazi. Greg Dworkin's Abbreviated Pundit Roundup collects the worst of the worst. Turns out the Affordable Care Act has acted to make care affordable. The latest NBC/WSJ polling. Joan McCarter talks a little net neutrality, a little civilian prosecution of terrorism, and a little about the Cheneys shrieking about things. More on the successes racking up for the ACA. Mid-show breaking news: the DC football franchise's trademark registration is canceled! Then, some patented (not really) KITM free association leads us to... discussion of serious agri-business issues in Idaho, the Idaho Gop in disarray, and Raul Labrador's utter shock at finding out that leadership is kind of hard.

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Kagro in the Morning - June 17, 2014

Greg Dworkin rounds up news of the marine sanctuary proposal, Dana Milbank's coverage of the whackadoodle Heritage Foundation Benghazi panel, and several interesting angles on the emerging ISIS crisis in Iraq. "Gun-Control Advocate: Snowden, Obamacare Hurt Our Cause." Rick Perry's search for smarter-sounding anti-gay dogwhistles. A Louisiana Republican runs for Congress on the "I'm related to the Duck Dynasty guys" platform. Gop Sen. nominee frets over NC's "traditional population." Twenty children & adolescents are hospitalized every day with gunshot wounds. SCOTUS barely preserves legal penalties for straw gun purchases. Big-time Gop operative Barbara Comstock (now running for Congress, so here's her opponent John Foust's ActBlue page) opposes Medicaid expansion, then shows up at a free clinic ribbon cutting. Who's running the clinic? The local Muslim charity.

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Kagro in the Morning - June 16, 2014

Monday, interrupted! Another gun story has popped up, thankfully not involving any actual shooting this time, and dominates today's discussion. With open carry protests so much in the news, another one comes to our attention that brings into focus a lot of issues this practice is forcing more and more of us to confront. Greg Dworkin does his best to give us other things to talk about, like Tony Blair urging Iraq intervention again, while insisting the current crisis has nothing to do with the last one. And Boris Johnson calling him nuts for it. And (some in) the media critiquing their performance last time around. The amazing backstory of Michael Hastings' reporting on Bowe Bergdahl. Health care cost curve: bending. Gop angles to use gov't shutdown tactics to block new EPA regs. At Greg's prompting, we explore the Iraq background a little more, as well as reporting on the legal status of the five Taliban detainees traded for Bergdahl. Then a lingering look at the previously largely unnoticed "open carry situation" that arose in Michigan last month. "Gun Advocacy Has Now Become Parody." And don't forget to "Respect the Culture" that insists America is a hellhole.

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Kagro in the Morning - June 13

Once again, it's all too easy to do a Friday show full of particularly galling GunFAIL events: A Waffle House employee has shot & killed a customer. A grandfather in Janesville, WI drops & forgets his loaded gun in the outfield of a 12-year-old girls' softball game. A Kingsford, MI man impresses (and accidentally Second Amendments) the ladies doing what the founders intended: shooting a bag of cans. A Kirkland, WA man, having literally chased kids off his lawn, pursues them in his truck, pulls a gun on them, demands their wallets and cell phones, and curiously finds himself charged. A Virginia man shoots & kills the tow truck driver repossessing his pickup. CNN sides with the guys saying shootings in schools aren't school shootings. Private equity looting continues. "How privatizing government hollowed out the middle class."

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Kagro in the Morning - June 12, 2014

Eric Cantor is out as Majority Leader, setting off multiple leadership races. Greg Dworkin's segment went into double overtime. Christie's still toast, for new and different reasons. How Obamacare met its enrollment goal. Fascinating stuff out of the latest Pew poll. Fournier gets a positive review for his look at populism, and two different looks at what's fueling Tea Party resiliency. Ari Berman writes Cantor's loss is bad news for the Voting Rights Act. Ruben Bolling's "How to recognize an open-carry patriot." From Goldman Sachs to hedge funds to... trailer parks? Yet more ways private equity leeches wealth from everybody else.

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Kagro in the Morning - June 11, 2014

Much chatter about Eric Cantor's primary defeat! Both Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter have much worth saying on that subject and more. An extraordinary achievement in gun trolling. The guy who beat Cantor's an economist, but has no position on the minimum wage question, or anything else. So is this the end of any "productive" work in the 113th Congress? Student loan relief is filibustered in the Senate. David Dayen reveals who's funding the most persistent critic of Sen. Warren's student loan plan. TSA has found 892 guns being carried by passengers in airports around the country so far this year, a 19% increase over 2013's record-breaking rate. Gawker asks who's disrupting whom over at Airbnb.

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Kagro in the Morning - June 10, 2014

Greg Dworkin's roundup: small biz confidence surges; can Dems make a compelling (and winning) issue of the new carbon regs? Medicaid expansion as a long-term fight. The guy you can blame if it doesn't happen in VA. Vegas shooters paraded their arms down the street & no one said anything. Latest immigration excuse. Bergdahl polling. Further thoughts on the Bergdahl swap. Oliver North thinks he's hilarious. Petula Dvorak's takedown of VA state Sen. Phillip Puckett. Vance McAllister confirms campaign donation quid pro quo, and doesn't know why pols shun him. The "warrior cop" supply chain.

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Kagro in the Morning - June 9, 2014

We're back from the weekend break, but had to reset the random/mass shooting clock thanks to events in Seattle and Las Vegas. And a Democratic Virgina state senator resigned, handing partisan control of the senate to Republicans, who can now block ACA-funded Medicaid expansion in the state. Greg Dworkin discussed these stories plus a wide-ranging roundup of Bergdahl stories, including Frank Rich's piece that folds in reference the late Michael Hastings' 2012 profile. The shootings bring us to other gun stories: the dangers of gun-mounted flashlights, Google Glass precision-guided firearms, and (no one could have predicted) Alabama voters bringing guns to the polls. Please let this Craigslist ad be a joke. Taxpayer-subsidized bonuses for WalMart execs. For-profit ed company monetizes your volunteerism & skims from public libraries.

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Kagro in the Morning - June 6, 2014

The flip-flopping Bergdahl tweets from conservatives. Heartbleed redux! Are your selfies helping the NSA build a facial recognition database? Baseless speculation about "driverless cars!" Armando joins in to discuss emptywheel's synthesis of the O'Hehir and Moglen surveillance articles we pondered last week: "What If the Democratic Response to Snowden Is to Expand Surveillance?"

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Kagro in the Morning - June 5, 2014

After somehow getting distracted by story about a young Australian-born model/rapper, Greg Dworkin eventually got us back on track this morning, and helps us avoid future time-wasting debacles by recommending we follow @SavedYouAClick on Twitter. Ta-Nehisi Coates nods to the Black Kos reparations forum. Bergdahl roundup. European Central Bank experiments with "negative interest rates." Politicians scrubbing web sites and Twitter or pro-Bergdahl messages. Ongoing shooting spree in Moncton, NB. What's up with the abdication of the Spanish king? GunFAIL victim's dad wants you to know "this could happen to anybody." Militarized police, technology & the search warrant explosion.

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Kagro in the Morning - June 4, 2014

Open Carry Texas' brand hijacking campaign continues, now dragging Target into the fight. Greg Dworkin rounds up multiple angles on the POW swap stories, including how Republicans scrambled to delete old expressions of support for Bergdahl. Primary election news. The reparations discussion continues. Joan McCarter makes her weekly pilgrimage to the show, giving us an Idahoan's take on the Bergdahl release. We also discussed primary election results, the Gop still at sea on Obamacare, the lineup of Daily Kos gubernatorial endorsements, the net neutrality fight, MoDo on the weed, and more about Scott Brown's super-shady sweetheart deal. GunFAIL 2014 keeps up the pace, as we compare fatal accidents among children in 2014 to last year, and discover a statistical surprise: there were four kids accidentally shot to death on this very day, last year.

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Kagro in the Morning - June 3, 2014

Greg Dworkin rounded up these stories: the POW swap, new Obama job approval and issues numbers, political fallout from new EPA regs, more health insurance providers want in, but new Medicaid signups aren't moving fast enough, political leaning of doctors by specialty & income, with Christie now toast, Sandy money is flowing again, the blog-to-big-media pipeline of Tapped, and the gun nut civil war. The story of Scott Brown's super-shady corporate "job" was so ludicrous, Armando couldn't resist calling in to help make fun of it. Speaking of scams, conservative publishers throw a party for the latest impeachment-themed book. The signing statement issue is resurrected in the POW swap "debate."

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Kagro in the Morning - June 2, 2014

Greg Dworkin helps us round up the weekend's top stories, including the POW exchange, the EPA's new emissions rules (and all the controversy that comes with them), the VA, and how Gop intransigence accidentally yielded a national health care exchange. A musical interlude from Lauren Mayer (aka PsychoSuperMom), "GOP Hypocrisy Blues (VA Edition)." An extended discussion of the issues wrapped up in the POW swap. Another open carry demonstration, this time hijacking the Home Depot brand. And now, even the NRA recognizes that this is kind of dumb. And speaking of guns & dumb, Scott Brown is tangled up in something weird & getting weirder.

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Kagro in the Morning - May 30, 2014

Greg Dworkin sampled the morning's headlines. The House actually passed a gun background check funding amendment. Further UCSB fallout and gun safety roundup. Honest conservative snipe hunt. McConnell called out for ACA buffoonery. No, the VA is not an Obamacare preview. Microsoft billionaire Steve Ballmer looks to buy the Clippers from the most-hated man in America. More NSA & national security state discussion, based on Eben Moglen's "Privacy under attack."

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Kagro in the Morning - May 29, 2014

Greg Dworkin gets us back on track with his roundup this morning. More from Kinsley. Why he's wrong. EPA to regulate emissions by executive authority, and the likely fallout. Terry Lynn Land is terrible. McConnell fares no better. And could Andrew Cuomo be a test case for pulling Hillary left? Want to help Charles Gaba help MI? Gun news roundup: a public AR-15 whoopsie; WalMart #GunFAIL nearly took out a newborn infant; more bullets fly in Isla Vista. Conclusion of Andrew O'Hehir's "The empire strikes back," and the start of Eben Moglen's "Privacy under attack" set us up for some serious discussion of the national security state.

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Kagro in the Morning - May 28, 2014

We started the morning with a little national security state chatter, just as a placeholder for future discussion. Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter joined the show today and served us up a full plate of great stories. Reviewing the Kinsley review of Greenwald's book. The "First Amendment Blind Spot." Sam Wang handicaps the election handicappers. Concerned about veterans' health care? Expand Medicaid. Iran's bomb-making capacity is diminished. Had you heard? If not, why not? Abortion? Michael Boggs knows nothing about it! Mitch McConnell word salads his health care position. Bonkersghazi civil war continues. Speaking of which, Rand Paul gets himself four Pinocchios on the subject. End Times Alert: NY moms pay $1K for consultants to pack their kids' summer camp trunks.

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Kagro in the Morning - May 27, 2014

Returning to the "air" after a long weekend of rough news, Greg Dworkin joined us to discuss the #YesAllWomen global phenomenon, open carry blowback in Texas, the VA issue narrative versus reality, and how Sen. Burr stepped in it. Even as the tide turns on marriage equality, we're reminded that some think they can turn it on a dime, because "tradition." And the oldest Member of the House ever looks to win his primary. Dark money at work in Arkansas. Twitter was buzzing about corporate social media. What was the Boston "fusion center" tracking while missing the marathon bombing? Occupy. Boing Boing notes new NYT chief Baquet spiked the biggest pre-Snowden NSA story. Speaking of the NSA, the prescience of Justice Brandeis.

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Kagro in the Morning - May 23, 2014

CDC stats for 2010 (the last year available) cited in a routine newspaper report say 62 kids ages 14 & under were accidentally killed by gunfire. But my review of 2013 GunFAIL incidents are turning up many more. Greg Dworkin helps us digest that from a statistical point of view, and brings us around to the hot topic of Ta-Nehisi Coates' much-discussed writing on the topic of reparations. More angles on the Abramson firing.  A critic trades barbs with Charles Pierce over Glenn Greenwald. More about the wacko Sandy Hook denier/sign stealer. Revisiting the Senate wheel o' fortune. Georgia town bans sex toys, but loves guns. Figuratively. (I think.) Armando calls in to tie the reparations and Abramson firing issues together, and preview some upcoming writing on those subjects, as well as the odd cloud of issues surrounding the reviews of the latest Greenwald book. More conservative blowback on long gun open carry. AT&T to buy DirecTV. Drug cartel becomes lime cartel. Traffickers vs. vigilantes? Or private equity vs. traditional producers/labor? You decide!

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Kagro in the Morning - May 22, 2014

Constitutional freedoms abound! Breaking into nursing homes! Posing for gun trophy pics at Chipotle! Standing your ground against Godzilla! Greg Dworkin makes sense of our morning, rounding up Gop factional politics & their policy implications. In fact, he's so balanced, he does it for both sides! Random science note: outsourcing pollination to robo-bees. Even conservatives are piling on against Open Carry Texas. Anyone "fact checking" Rand Paul's claims about filibustering David Barron? Recommended reading on the "evolution" (if you believe in that stuff) of the Second Amendment. The exciting conclusion of Quinn Norton's "Everything is Broken."

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Kagro in the Morning - May 21, 2014

Today's Twitter buzz: Summer feeding program for poor kids, but "rural only." And a quick reminder of the increasing militarization of cops. Greg Dworkin rounded up post-primary news, notes a new high in acceptance of marriage equality, and the real problem at the heart of things like the growing VA scandal. Joan McCarter joins in for wide-ranging discussion of everything from the latest gun rights conspiracy theory, to a wrap-up on the ID-Gov primary, to the national Gop's witch hunt for ACA heretics, to yet more false equivalence on equivocation on health care. Harry Reid's talking rules change, again. The net neutrality fight continues, as coalitions fray. What happens when Republicans get tripped up by voter ID laws.

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Kagro in the Morning - May 20, 2014

Nothing works like it's supposed to! Greg Dworkin rounds up primary day news, starting with the Tea Party's continued struggle to find purpose, and where the big money is being spent. Are Republicans set for a pivot to climate change (in a bad way)? "Republicans getting away with utter gibberish on Obamacare," and "McConnell Is No Longer the King of Kentucky." Then today's story mash-up: Quinn Norton's "Everything is Broken," "why I was forced to shut down Lavabit," and yesterday's mash-up of NSA follies & the legal system. Whatever you're an expert in, there's someone else, somewhere, who's an expert in undoing you, using a system you don't understand but have to interface with, anyway.

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Kagro in the Morning - May 19, 2014

Polling reveals significant support for immigration reform, whatever that might mean. The media and media watchers continue to obsess over the Abramson firing, but I hit my limit on tolerance of the story. Idaho's Republican gubernatorial primary debate is filled to the brim with crazy. Then, a three story mash-up becomes our big umbrella topic of the day: how & why the DoJ misled the Supreme Court in order to shield the national security regime from any judicial review; runaway biometrics technology may make anonymity & obscurity generally impossible; and the emerging "right to be forgotten" which may be our only chance to save ourselves.

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Kagro in the Morning - May 16, 2014

Today we ask the important questions. Will this podcast even survive the Operation American Spring revolution? And, can the wacky world of white privilege be compared to net neutrality? Obamacare's closing health care clinics, in a good way. Baseless speculation on the outlandish possibilities the end of net neutrality opens up! Conservatives (whatever that means these days) get together to feed each other sandwiches and say the same things over again, and pretend it's new. "Should Your Driverless Car Kill You to Save Two Other People?" And "Why Don't We Know How Many People Are Shot Each Year in America?" Armando previews his Sunday Kos piece taking issue with Glenn Greenwald on issues of race & gender.

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Kagro in the Morning - May 15, 2014

Another wild GunFAIL story commands morning attention. Greg Dworkin notes new, low jobless numbers, the Jill Abramson ouster, and Chris Christie insisting he's not toast. On the electoral front, "The Wisdom of Partisan Crowds", the advantages of incumbency, and calling out science denialism. Worst prescription directions ever. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce weighs in on immigration. Walking the tightrope of Congressional leadership. "How gun extremists target women." Armando joins us to discuss a federal court decision upholding denial of trademark the USPTO found ethnically disparaging. Could that impact the DC football team?

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Kagro in the Morning - May 14, 2014

We kicked off the morning with a few sample stories reminding us to Respect Gun Culture. Greg Dworkin mansplains mansplaining, notes why Bonkersghazi has some Republicans nervous, Rand Paul's walkback on voter ID, and hypocritical coal politics in Kentucky. Will the Beltway get over Bonkersghazi? Joan McCarter joins us with news of the Idaho marriage breakthrough. Nebraska's Gop nominee for Senate says it's OK to ignore laws because religion, and that leads us to some discussion of the national security legal state of play, plus their horrible design sense. We keep an eye out for "American Spring!" Doctor Who catches a great Senate procedure story, with Harry Reid as the hero.

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