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Kagro in the Morning - May 13, 2014

Greg Dworkin rounds up the collapse of three major Republican narratives: climate change, voter fraud and ACA repeal/collapse. Why are Republicans cut off on all paths by facts? Aversion to science carries a high price. Sandy Hook truthers still bonkers. Don't kiss your camel (not a euphemism). Grayson for Bonkersghazi committee? An excerpt from Glenn Greenwald's new book makes the national security state sound like cartoon super villains. Rand Paul on drone policy: principled or opportunistic? Or some of both? Snapchat's central premise of turns out not to be true. What happened to our being saved by libertarian tech bros?

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Kagro in the Morning - May 12, 2014

Greg Dworkin rounds up the polling news: Dems in southern Senate races are holding their own, and AR's Mark Pryor continues to be referred to as the Senate's most "embattled," despite his consistent lead. Health care polling news update: people still think what they want to think, but that means repeal is still a giant loser. Should the employer mandate be dropped? Press Think captures the absurdity of the NYT crafting a he said-she said piece out of party positions on voter ID laws. Felix Salmon agrees. A quick roundup of Tim Geithner book chatter. And we parse "Obama busted for false facts on Republicans’ filibusters." Follow-up on an Arizona 3-year-old's GunFAIL reminds us to Respect The Culture. Freedom of speech that overwhelms others' rights is bad, even as freedom of religion that overwhelms others' is Teh Awesome. Vox asks if this campaign cash proposal is so crazy it just might work.

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Kagro in the Morning - May 9, 2014

This morning's flurry: Romney backs minimum wage hike. The Feds are looking into the Cowchella crowd. NYC to turn derelict public phones into Wi-Fi network. UberX drivers protest management squeeze. A third turkey hunter is accidentally shot in four days in Missouri. The open carry protesters who freaked out a Texas Jack-in-the-Box have been booted from Open Carry Texas, but isn't the real villain liberal elitism? The latest Bonkersghazi "smoking gun" hinges on a word game that Trey Gowdy has himself played before. Fundraising with it? That's a meh. The 5 stages of Gop grief. An opening look at "Entrepreneurs Are The New Labor."

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Kagro in the Morning - May 8, 2014

Good news, everybody! The conservatives are going to start their own version of something, because that something has been successful! Curiously, this success has happened despite that thing not already being conservative. Greg Dworkin brings news from the Bonkersghazi committee: it's a trial! Tom Edsall's "Supreme Injustice" sets the table for a good portion of the show. And, "Fear the Camel!" How's that for a teaser? We doubled back for a fuller look at the new Heritage project and Edsall's piece during the second half of the show, with a few Twitter distractions along the way, plus Jane Meyer's look at "Ronald Reagan's Benghazi."

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Kagro in the Morning - May 7, 2014

The morning's Twitter chatter: Lynn Cheney wriggles back into the "news." Greg Dworkin rounds up the methodical dismantling of anti-ACA talking points. How many Benghazis worth of Americans are Republicans failing to save by expanding Medicaid? Believe it or not, Benghazi chatter is down! And Greg's recommended tear-jerker read. Joan McCarter shared today's electoral news from NC and Columbus, OH, pondered Dem response to the new Bonkersghazi committee, and notes the likely pointlessness of today's ACA signups hearing, and the next round of fast food strikes. Is the new Bonkersghazi committee an admission that they've hit a wall? And a Georgia Republican says he'd rather have a terrorist attack than get searched by the TSA.

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Kagro in the Morning - May 6, 2014

Greg Dworkin's morning roundup comes with its own Storify compilation today, collecting the non-paywalled stories behind the shocking conclusion of a look back at Massachusetts' RomneyCare: it helped get people access to health care, and they're healthier and living longer as a result. How many lives might be saved by expanding Medicaid? And returning to a theme, "Universal Mammogram Screening Shows We Don’t Understand Risk." The Gop Benghazi revival, though aimed at impeachment, draws little of the Beltway press dismissal the "I word" did when aimed at Bush. A look at that Princeton kid's "privilege" essay. Post net-neutrality throttling is already happening. More places Wall Street is working hard to funnel public dollars to their private wallets.

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Kagro in the Morning - May 5, 2014

Greg Dworkin rounds up good news & bad for the 2014 midterms, what voters care about, the future demographics of government-sponsored health care programs, and the giant drop in uninsured rates. BundyLand Cowchella has erupted into internecine cosplay warfare. New hot trend: "standing your ground" by lying in wait over baited traps. And Sean Hannity loves it because law and order. WSJ says judges should create new checks & balances, because Obama. Follow up on Chris Hamby's Pulitzer Prize-winning black lung reporting: new protections announced.

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Kagro in the Morning - May 2, 2014

Today's morning frenzies: Jobs and Benghazi. Greg Dworkin adds his two cents, and adds that Christie's still toast, tech companies push back on data collection, the partisan divide on issues of race is growing, and celebs are eschewing the WHCD. He also previews his upcoming Sunday Kos interview with E.J. Dionne. Ireland opens up the "don't look backward" can of worms, arresting Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams in connection with a 1972 political murder. Then, another view of the relationship between the tech giants and the government, via The Guardian.

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Kagro in the Morning - May 1, 2014

Happy May! Greg Dworkin joined us to ponder the future (and possible end of) employer-provided health insurance, hammering out the kinks in the ACA, understanding jobs report day, and the weird dissonance going on in voters' heads. The MILCOSPLAY continues in BundyLand. David Frum ponders why gun rights activists win while other conservatives lose. Jamelle Bouie on the demolition of the WI voter ID law. A PA widow may lose her home over a $6 balance. (Where's her militia?) Louisiana might outlaw begging for money? Well, so much for SuperPACs and tech startups! Just kidding, of course. We mean poor people! Besides, when political money groups break the rules, nothing happens.

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Kagro in the Morning - April 30, 2014

Greg Dworkin brings us The Upshot's "Who Will Win The Senate?" interactive simulation, the latest polling on approval ratings, 2016 contestants, ACA, foreign policy, the economy, etc. Reactions to the NBA's verdict on Donald Sterling. Pediatricians' org officially says: high-deductible health plans are crap. Joan McCarter joins the show to review the week's craziness, the demise of "repeal & replace," and the millions more with insurance. Rick Scott gets his bald head handed to him on Obamacare. FBI trouble for Sam Kickback, er, Brownback. Scalia muffs it. And, the Daily Kos endorsement of Daylin Leach in PA-13. Finally, the role of the player's union in Sterling's ouster.

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Kagro in the Morning - April 29, 2014

Bothered again today by more press comparison of the Bush dynasty to the purported Clinton "dynasty." Greg Dworkin parses the latest polls, then leads us back to Sasha Issenberg's TNR entry for further discussion. Rs finally learning ACA isn't going anywhere. And a dubious "Doctor's Declaration of Independence." Mass shooting news from Georgia this morning, where of course, they recently went gun bonkers in the legislature. From Time's archives: "Do Guns Save Lives?" Well, they don't like this one much! E.J. Dionne on the new Georgia gun nuttery. What kind of signals do the wackos think they're receiving? Finally, more from the big Sasha Issenberg article.

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Kagro in the Morning - April 28, 2014

I know you won't believe this, but the NRA convention was crazy. Greg Dworkin rounds up Donald Sterling news, including Slate's "The NBA's Ownership Society." Thomas Piketty: A summary with marmots. Obamacare as an issue in FL-GOV. And the role of turnout in the 2014 mid-terms. TNR's "How the Democrats Can Avoid Going Down This November." The role of traumatic brain injury in incarceration & homelessness. "The NRA has declared war on America." Remember when the Tea Party was founded on "Where's MY bailout?!" outrage? Well, they've found it!

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Kagro in the Morning - April 25, 2014

Big thanks to show sponsor! Use the promo code "Kagro" and save $5 on your first order of premium but wallet-friendly shaving products! "Meet the Doctor Who Gave $1 Million to Research Guns." Armando called in to follow up on both of these themes, and we discussed the conservative penchant for silencing debate, for Freedom. A GunFAIL update. And a rather bleak look at the future of "entrepreneurial society" as we peek behind the curtains of the "disruptors" everyone can't wait to fund, via Baltimore City Paper's "The desperate hustle as a way of life," and HuffPo's "Meet The Real Amazon Drones."

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Kagro in the Morning - April 24, 2014

Cliven Bundy, ladies and gentlemen! Greg Dworkin parses Kaiser polling on healthcare in four southern states, and then sets the agenda for the day with Harold Pollock's "Pre-Occupied with Medicaid Expansion." Did Occupy "accomplish" anything? Was it a thing that could be measured by that metric? Is the drive for concrete results what sets the "Moral Mondays" movement apart from it? Are they set apart from one another? Also: NC Gop Senate field all deny climate change. And about that "US is an oligarchy" thing, let's take another look at that.

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Kagro in the Morning - April 23, 2014

Trying to find today's podcast? Congration You Done it! What'd we talk about? Cliven Bundy's got Marco Rubio Syndrome. Greg Dworkin tells us Digby's won a Hillman, points to a cache of NYT's 2014 analysis, and says Medicaid expansion seems to be pretty popular. Joan McCarter says the ACA's birth control coverage is pretty popular, too. And so's the so-called "private option" Medicaid expansion in Arkansas. More of the Gop "no backsies!" theory of governance. ALEC goes Bundy & Raul Grijalva pushes back. Nixon (a 3rd one) to face impeachment? Bill Cassidy imagines a pivotal historical role for himself. NFL cheerleaders join the fight against wage theft. And listener Gilbert Aquino takes a stab at answering our theological questions.

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Kagro in the Morning - April 22, 2014

The Aereo case came before the Supreme Court today, and it poses fascinating questions  about technology, copyright law, and even economic inequality, in a way. Matt Taibbi's got another book out about that, specifically how the rich never seem to get punished for any wrongdoing. Speaking of which: more about what might be next for labor after the UAW drops its NLRB appeal, followed by's " 7 horrific crimes that aren’t crimes any more for America’s most powerful." Oklahoma gimmetarians prohibit localities from changing the minimum wage (with ALEC's help), as Florida gimmetarians did for gun laws.

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Kagro in the Morning - April 21, 2014

We're back on the air after a shortened Spring Break week, and Greg Dworkin joins us with a pundit round-up featuring some of his own punditry. Don't forget "doctor satisfaction" in health care delivery assessments. "When Power Goes To Your Head, It May Shut Out Your Heart." And more on the brewing Gop war over Common Core. NYT and Morning Joe both urge Dems to run proudly on Obamacare. We somehow wander from there into the dynamics of campaign cash in determining party leadership. Alphabet soup: UAW drops NLRB appeal of VW vote. Once again, the guys who turn it up to 11 appear to have won. Scandal opens on yet another front for Chris Christie.

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Kagro in the Morning - April 17, 2014

We had an extended conversation with long-time Netroots denizen Mark Brooks today. He's actually got some experience working for the Bureau of Land Management that's interesting background for the current Bundy Ranch Cowachella loopy-ness. But the main part of our discussion was about his efforts to stay on top of issues of local governance in his rural Virginia county, and fight his way through the many (and familiar) obstacles that still hinder effective use of the Freedom of Information Act. Local? Yes. Unsexy? Maybe. But it's an issue with enormous impact on your everyday life. Come hear what he's got to say about it, and learn where you can turn if you're fighting a similar uphill battle. And the story I snuck in under the wire: U.S. appeals court finds conflict-minerals rule violates free speech.

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Kagro in the Morning - April 16, 2014

We just had to talk about the wacko Bundy Ranch situation, as well as the wacko weather situation. Bundy supporters advance the theory that county sheriffs have the right to disarm federal law enforcement, a theory mostly invented by... a former county sheriff! Why do they think so? Because they do. Joan McCarter, a Westerner herself, reminds us that Bundy's likely got few allies among his actual rancher neighbors. She also rounds up health care news, including the Reuters/Ipsos polling, and how Republicans are dealing with constituents who say they've benefited from the ACA. We also discuss the ongoing judicial nominations crisis, and the possibility of a SCOTUS blockade under a Gop majority. Just for fun, Josh Romney's tweeting of a picture of Mitt at the Post Office. And the Koch brothers' weird opposition to a Memphis bus line ends up in a state-wide legislative ban. Armando weighs in briefly from the road on continued Chait fallout. And the weather! Finally, the bizarre and infuriating case of the student who caught the school bullies on tape, and ended up arrested for wiretapping!

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Kagro in the Morning - April 11, 2014

Rounding up the recent rash of shootings on military bases, and more nutty gun legislation from Florida. A quick layman's read of an actual expert's read on Heartbleed. The (latest) tragic mistaken police shooting in LA. A little-noticed passage in the Christie whitewash report raises questions about what it means to "play ball" in NJ. An amazingly bold credit card theft scam in NY subways! National Memo's This Week in Crazy. Choot-spah of the day: ex-Breitbart dude says Colbert's act is "political blackface." Subpoenas fly in the Chatttanooga VW case. Is "the ideological middle dead," or is it being systematically obscured from view?

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Kagro in the Morning - April 10, 2014

Sen. Angus King (I-ME) suggests he may caucus with Republicans if they win control of the Senate. No word on whether he understands what that means any better now than he did when he said it in 2012. Greg Dworkin joins us to discuss that, House Gop rumblings against Boehner (again), and wider conservative rumblings against Jeb Bush. He briefly touches on new discoveries in the Christie whitewash report that I've been meaning to get to before falling victim to yet more tech troubles. (We'll return to that in the future!) We do finally get to an expansive look at the provocatively titled "Meet The Google Engineer And Occupy Wall Street Organizer Who Wants Silicon Valley To Run The Country," though. Also, a piece from David Sirota, noting a growing trend in corporate-owned media, this time in the purchase of the Anchorage Daily News. Can we tie all that together? You bet! Especially if there's no one around to tell us we can't or didn't!

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Kagro in the Morning - April 9, 2014

Greg Dworkin walks us through the RAND Corp. insurance rate data, points to the blurred lines dividing the Tea Party and the "mainstream" Gop, and brings us some conservative yargle bargle that reminds us that it's Jeb Bush's "reasonableness" act that makes him unacceptable to the base, with a guest appearance by old-school "notch babies." Joan McCarter remembers that issue, too. She also notes that the ACA might save you money on car insurance, too. Which is great if your car is infested with spiders! We check in on the non-happenings in Obamacare replacement, immigration reform, and unemployment insurance, have an additional laugh at Vance McCallister, and shake our heads at the Iowa Republican who apparently credits Obama's black privilege with saving him from certain impeachment. Just to throw a little substance in the show, we look ahead to the House vote on the Ryan budget and why, once again, they anticipate dissension in the ranks.

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Kagro in the Morning - April 8, 2014

Rep. Vance McAllister celebrates Equal Pay Day by firing his girlfriend/staffer. Greg Dworkin samples the headlines on retail medical clinics, "How politics makes us stupid," and the Gop civil war & 2016 primary jockeying. Glum turnout picture for 2014. Armando leads discussion of Jonathan Chait's latest controversial article. Barbara Comstock gives her vote to Rush, now wants Congressional seat.

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Kagro in the Morning - April 7, 2014


Back from the weekend, Greg Dworkin notes how Gop ACA opponents are still inventing new metrics to be outraged about. Chili's reverses course on their anti-vax error. Jeb Bush looks for a seam to squeeze through. Will it basically be "I'm too reasonable (on exactly one thing) to get the nomination?" BiPM's Cheers & Jeers updates us on Oklahoma. The many issues wrapped up in the Mozilla, Brendan Eich, OkCupid blow-up. Sen. Angus King (I-ME) enjoyed much Twitter love for pushing back against Dick Cheney on torture, but Cheney needs to be steamrollered. Changing gears, a privatization FAIL: rural fire hydrants shut down by water company, because their water "is for farms and homes, not fires."


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We check back in on the Sochi hacking story, now called into question. Greg Dworkin gives us a flu update, and I do my journalistic duty and catch the flu, live, during the broadcast. Next, an explainer on the "doc fix" and how it relates to... the CVS story. Really! Plus the new poll out of Kentucky showing Grimes with a slight edge over McConnell, new jobs numbers confound the pundits, and Jared Bernstein expands on the CVS model. The first ever hostage video featuring a captured military service dog raises some questions. AOL picks up on a new accounting trick that gives the C-Level Suite Looters a crack at your 401(k). Finally, another installment & discussion of the Cocaine, Inc. story.

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Greg Dworkin rounds up Sochi news, CBO fallout (including the Jonathans Corner on the subject), and the future of quant vs. gut journalism. Armando brings a roll of pennies to add 2 cents at a time for further CVS & CBO discussion. Another mention of Sochi's hacking problems then brings us to a trademarked (not really) KITM storyline merging exercise: Organized Crime, Legitimate Business, or Rival Political Party? You Make the Call.

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The morning's buzz was about CVS giving up selling cigarettes, and international grousing about Sochi accommodations, emphasis on the commodes. In more serious news: Greg Dworkin laments how "serious news" seriously misunderstands the CBO report on Obamacare. Joan McCarter joins us with more on that, including the worst of the worst from the traditional media. Also discussed: the new farm bill, the USPS as a bank, bogus Gop claims of an "insurance bailout," Republican disarray over the debt ceiling, and the Rob Andrews resignation. Plus, Joan outlines a big politics and process story: how partisan polarization has reversed and overcome the previous historical trend toward more openness and transparency in the legislative process. Lastly, Mark Ames on the passing of former Rep. Otis Pike, the first in Congress to take on the NSA and the intelligence community.

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The Christie saga continues, with former aides taking the 5th and refusing to comply with subpoenas. Greg Dworkin joins us to talk about that, the new Republican threat to the ACA's "risk corridors," and Arkansas Republicans' attempt to boot 85,000 people back off their new-found health care coverage. Next, a little background on the Bridgegate contempt mechanics. A look at the House's super-important floor business for today, the "Sportsmen's Heritage And Recreational Enhancement Act." And Elizabeth Warren backs a new proposal to let the US Postal Service offer basic banking services.

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Did you see the football game they showed around The Great American Right-Wing Coca-Cola Freakout? Did anything else happen? Sure, and Greg Dworkin rounds 'em up. "The End of American Exceptionalism," for instance. A peek at what the new Ezra Klein project might be like. Again, you'll have to wait & see on Obamacare. And Dr. Greg explains what's up with all those Hs and Ns in the flu virus! WaPo follows up on ACA launch in Kentucky. Armando weighs in on the Coke ad, the game, Christie developments & more. Gunfight Nation Rising: Is armed America a more dangerous America? And "The Myth of the Good Guy With a Gun."

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Greg Dworkin keeps us up to date with the Chris Christie's political saga, including the latest polling and Ron Fournier's "Why I Was Wrong About Chris Christie." Next up, "Where Obamacare Is Succeeding... and Where It's Falling Short." Extended discussion of the latest Obamacare horror story that turned out to be B.S.: "Bette in Spokane." Senate Gop has to rework its ACA "replacement," because gigantic tax. DNI James Clapper "should have been more careful," says the Pres. But why bother? What can Congress really do about it?

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It's the Great American Rich People's Freak-Out! The WSJ says Kristallnacht Perkins was right. Greg Dworkin brought us one of his trademark flu updates and told us Christie is still toast, Hillary's way out front, Avik Roy tipped the Gop hand on "repeal & replace," relatively strong economic growth shows the US is a socialist hellholle. "Politics is predation, organized crime by a prettier name," says Scott Raab at Esquire. (Story illustrated by DonkeyHotey!) Outrage of the day: school lunches confiscated from students who owed money & dumped! And Politico explains "Why the rich are freaking out."

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We were supposed to be talking about the State of the Union address and the many thousands of Republicans "responses" to it, but all that's on anyone's mind today is Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) and his thuggish threats to a local reporter. Joan McCarter joined us to discuss last night's events, noting in particular that Sen. Mike Lee's (R-UT) "response" seemed to acknowledge that there was no going back on some of the key provisions in the ACA, and the complete absence of abortion as an issue in the official response, despite the passage earlier that very day of yet another draconian limitation. Greg Dworkin jumped in to join Joan in rounding things up, and carry the show during our snow-delayed school departures. Edward Snowden gets nominated for a Nobel Prize, and that brings the NSA issues back into the news. The Gop is stuck dealing with continuing ACA success and The Math of Medicaid expansion. We take a look back at Michael Grimm's checkered past. And at another bit of background info on the wider look at Uber story, "tech libertarianism," and the "disruption" model.

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Tom Perkins digs the Kristallnacht hole a little deeper. Greg Dworkin rounds up the continuing Christie plummet in the polls, previews the SOTU previews, notes the belated arrival of something resembling a Republican alternative to the ACA, and points us to the LGBT rights issue wrapped up in a jury selection case. Armando weighed in on the case, on the Superb Owl, new media ventures launched around Ezra Klein and Glenn Greenwald, and the SOTU. Also, the House takes up its favorite tax hike bill, under the guise of yet another swing at the abortion issue. And the LA Times reports "Guns sent 20 children to U.S. hospitals every day, study finds."

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Twitter says the news is that Trey Radel (R-FL) is retiring because cocaine. Greg Dworkin says it's AP polling showing a drop in negative views of the ACA, but a drop in positive views as well. The State of the Union is tomorrow, so today's the day to find out Everything You Need To Know About what's going to be in it, and who will say what about why it actually sucked. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers (R-WA) will give the "official" Republican response to the SOTU, and TPM's Sahil Kapur looks at why, and we look at whether that makes any sense. We learned this weekend that the War on Women is over and women won, which you can tell from the Daily Caller's Free Beacon's "smokes" tag, which brings us to the latest news that the military's got a bit of a libido-controlling problem, too. A rich guy complains that everyone else's complaints are basically Kristallnacht. And we look back and update the Google Bus story, with more on the Uber angle, too. Speaking of private efforts to do what public efforts can't, another newspaper outfit is thinking about compiling a concealed weapon permit database.

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The morning's news swirl included Mike Huckabee insisting that women needed to control their libidos, even as Dick Black has been saying it'd be impossible for men to do so. Because "nighties." Greg Dworkin rounds up the day's Christie news and polling, Ryan Cooper's "The tea party and the structure of American government," Beinert on Rand Paul, two from Sarah Kliff tracking ACA news. We gave in to the temptation to take yet another look at the Richard Sherman story, once again comparing his bravado to that of, say, "successful" businessmen and tech bros. Very Serious News interview interrupted for a Bieber update! "Miami Beach mayor: Take your tech start-up gospel and shove it." And a theme emerges, as we continued into "When companies break the law and people pay: The scary lesson of the Google Bus." One of those rare items that seems like it'll be minor, but ends up encompassing Everything In The Entire World.

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Chris Christie still in the news, and not going away, Greg Dworkin told us. Virginia's new Attorney General, Mark Herring, announces the state won't defend its same-sex marriage ban. A new Pew poll shows partisan divide on economic inequality. A roundup and explainer on the "three Rs" of the ACA: reinsurance, risk adjustment and risk corridors. Which Repblicans seem desperate to call a "bailout." And the explosive story out of Texas, where a hospital says it's being forced by state law to keep a brain dead woman alive (for 20+ weeks!) to incubate her unborn baby, against her family's wishes. Shifting gears entirely, the story of how the town where the Superb Owl<sup>TM</sup> is actually being played is getting none of the NFL love & big buck$. An unintentionally revealing almost-sorta-semi-defense of Bob McDonnell. A former coal miner says they've been dumping this stuff in the WV water forever. Hunter's take on Dick Black's apparently uncontrollable libido has a happy ending (no pun intended): he's dropping out of the VA-10 congressional race.

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Greg Dworkin joined us for his regular morning roundup, including the much-discussed "The Loud Truth About Abortion Protesters," the McDonnell indictment, the continuing Chris Christie saga, and the rather ridiculous notion that it somehow helps Christie for it to have legs. No less ridiculous: the idea that Christie, the new head of the RGA, is somehow thrilled with Bob McDonnell being in the headlines. Greg's most interesting reads on the subject: Matt Bai and Matt Katz. Plus Jonathan Chait has seen the Gop future: GWB. (Not the bridge, though that, too.) For the second hour, we welcomed Sophia Yen and Ellen Shaffer of the Silver Ribbon Campaign to Trust Women, our co-hosts for the day, thanks to their winning bid in the latest round of Netroots Nation fundraising auctions! Today being the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, it was a perfect day to dive deep into the bundle of issues surrounding reproductive rights and health. Their backgrounder on the campaign and roundup of the issues took us from insurance coverage, to "crisis pregnancy centers," to the Hyde amendment, to forced birthing. But just as important, they broke through the walls of the "issue silo" and reminded us that no matter what your top priorities are, these issues are tied in many ways to everything you care about.

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Yet another snow day. And with a special election on to determine party control of the Virginia state senate, at that. We caught up on the latest SuperDerp from Fox News: The Five's Andrea Tantaros scolds Americans for not knowing their history. Like, for instance, not knowing "why some guy in boston got his head blown off because he tried to secretly raise the tax on tea." Which of course didn't happen. But, Freedom. Armando joined for a recap on the weekend's Chris Christie news, catching us up on the inauguration, the Hoboken angle and more. We actually cobble together a credible segue (via would-be NJ pol and former Olympian Carl Lewis) to the weekend's big sports outrage story, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. We read Ta-Nehisi Coates (twice) on the subject, and then mused about what, if anything, made his boastfulness different from that of outspoken billionaires and their "prosperity gospel." Maybe it helps if you think about that in the context of this weekend NYT piece, "For the Love of Money."

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The big news event of the day: President Obama's speech addressing proposed NSA reforms. David Brooks steps in it again. Greg Dworkin's lightning round headline recap! Duck Dynasty's season premiere tanks in the ratings. Mathematigal smacks down a mansplaining letter printed in Nature. Obamacare success story from Utah, enabled by (apparent RINOs) Orrin Hatch & Mike Lee! The Jonathans corner: Cohn, "Obamacare's a 'Bailout' Now?" and Chait, "The Death of the Death of Obamacare." Media Matters notes "Fox News Doesn't Care About The 'Bloody Senate Report'" on Benghazi. Reaching a subpoena-driven crescendo in the GW Bridge scandal. Armando called in for discussion about the continuing Benghazi mania, in which, of course, all previous attacks on American diplomatic installations have been ignored, the larger implications of Christie's bridge closure episode and other transportation shenanigans, and recent revelations about yet more NSA spying techniques. Then, a look ahead at the president's NSA speech from Reuters and Marc Ambinder.

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Breaking news this morning: shooting incident in an Indiana supermarket leaves two plus the gunman dead. Greg Dworkin rounds up other news of the day: a Poynter story about Brian Krebs, who broke the Target data breach story; CREDO breaks the transparency barrier; Chris Christie lawyers up; and the still-wacko story of how journalist power couple Bill & Emma Keller ended up beating up on cancer patient and blogger Lisa Adams, as addressed by Alexandra Petri in "Enter the Concern Troll." Bruce Bartlett notes a National Journal story reporting the Koch Brothers' multi-million dollar effort to win Republican control of the Senate. What if they just treated people fairly, raised wages, etc. as a wealth protection scheme instead? News from Vancouver: a 19-year-old decides to relieve the stress of his security guard job by running through the neighborhood firing his AK-47 in the air. A dissection of Politico Magazine's "Congressional Moneyball." Jedidiah Purdy's "No One's Job: West Virginia's Forbidden Waters."

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Outrage about Florida theater shooting continues, and the L.A. Times weighs in with an editorial and a key observation. Greg Dworkin rounded up news of the New Mexico school shooting, and the continuing stories of Chris Christie, the Gop civil war, the West Virginia chemical spill, and that health care thingy Obama passed. New reports allege that the Florida theater shooter has a bit of a confrontational history. Joan McCarter brought us word of the Bruce Springsteen Chris Christie parody, and the Gop effort to rebrand their rebranding. The new omnibus spending bill has FOUR provisions defunding the already defunded and now non-existent ACORN, something yargle-y about lightbulbs, and bargle-y about embassy security, the Vatican, and other assorted nonsense. The state of the UI extension bill in the Senate & its many Gop poison pills. And the latest on the net neutrality case fallout. Finally, a starting look at Politico Magazine's Congressional Moneyball.

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The Chris Christie and West Virginia stories aren't dead yet. Greg Dworkin brought us a round-up of the headlines on Christie and the latest on Obamacare, which is still a thing! Plus a new gun outrage out of Florida. (Because of course.) A retired police captain shoots a fellow movie-goer for texting during the previews. We return to the West Virginia story to discuss some alternative views of just what this spilled chemical is, how dangerous we should consider it to be, and whether or not Koch Industries really is connected to the situation. And to expand on the topic, just how did a relatively small spill end up contaminating the drinking water of nine counties? The answer, at least in part, is the drive to consolidate, centralize and privatize previously local, municipal water supplies.

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Another plausible-sounding theory of the Christie GW bridge scandal, this time from MSNBC's Steve Kornacki: billion-dollar redevelopment deal may have hinged on ease of traffic access. The theory is summarized in written form by Brian Murphy at TPM. What might that mean? Let the speculation begin! Greg Dworkin joins us to discuss developments, including headlines like, "Is there a way out for Christie?" and "Feds investigate Christie's use of Sandy relief funds." Whatever is ultimately uncovered, it's starting to look like his "bipartisanship" sheen is gone forever. Next, more about the chemical spill in West Virginia, and new worries about some remediation efforts, and the need for independent water quality testing. So, what do we know about the chemical that was spilled? One source says, not much! And certainly not enough. (But by the time the show was over, there was already push-back on that.) Perhaps just as disturbing, we were hearing that Koch-owned companies were supplying this chemical. (But again, push-back: a Koch-owned company does supply a chemical to Freedom Industries, but not necessarily the one spilled.) Finally, some local reporters are supplying our first information about Freedom Industries and the people behind it.

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Nine counties in West Virginia, and possibly as many as 300,000 people, are without any usable fresh water today, having seen their water supply "libertarian-ed" by the good folks at Freedom Industires. (A real company name!) Brian Beutler notes the potential political danger for the Gop in the apparent cost curve-bending success of the ACA. Well, if logic applied, that is. Greg Dworkin took the reins for a bit, and told us that "liberal" self-ID is on the rise, examining the realities of health care costs and how they mesh with social services. Yeah. Maybe you weren't thinking about that nexus? Worried about political polarization? World famous monkeybloggers say maybe it's not so much polarization as it is the tolerance and/or thirst for partisan warfare. Turning back to the Christie story, we review his marathon presser, then recap Rachel Maddow's interesting alternative theory of the case. And just for fun, we watched noted wackadoodle Mark Levin drag out his stock outraged response, cross out where it says "liberals" and instead pencil in Mitch McConnel, Jerry Moran and the NRSC. Yargle, with a side of bargle!

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Chris Christie's bridge-closing scandal remains atop the headlines today. Greg Dworkin sifts through them, thanks to TPM's roundup. We lingered on the subject, exploring the ins and out, while waiting for what became his marathon press conference. Moving on, we note NRSC staffer Brad Dayspring's purported surprise at the rival Senate Conservatives Fund's practice of making bulk book purchases, in this case of a book by wackadoodle Mark '100 Times Worse Than Watergate' Levin. (He says it a lot.) But listeners of KITM know that that's been standard operating procedure for PACs, and particularly conservative PACs, since forever. And another look at the Duck Dynasty-ing of Guns & Ammo writer, Dick Metcalf, under the title of, "Gospel of the Gun: Why the Fight for Gun Control will be Harder than We Think."

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Big #GunFAIL roundup today, with the publication of the New Year's Eve "celebratory gunfire" reports. New Year's Eve and July 4th are like Black Friday for GunFAIL. Twenty-three kids were accientally shot last week. And only two of them were hit by celebratory gunfire. Fifteen houses shot up, and five people hit, too. And three more people out shopping or dining with their guns strapped on accidentally set them off in stores and restaurants. In other news, Joan McCarter joined us for her weekly round-up. Unemployment Insurance renewal inches forward in the Senate, perhaps only to hang up on finding an unnecessary "pay-for." Dan Coates says he voted for cloture on moving UI forward because he ddin't want to strengthen Harry Reid's nuclear option hand. But on the other hand, even with the filibuster out of the way on judicial nominations, the White House didn't renominate William Thomas, who (if confirmed) would have been the first openly-gay African-American man on the federal bench. Joan walks us through the gigantic WaPo report on the vast web of Koch brothers political money and interlocking PACs, non-profits, etc. And Politico's report that "internet sensation" Mark "Coonrippy" Brown will post a primary challenge to Tennessee's sitting governor, just as soon as he's finished editing his videos of himself showering with his pet raccoon. Goodnight, everybody! Tip your waiters! Oh, wait, also the mostly-missing debunking of Obamacare "horror stories." The Chris Christie George Washington Bridge closure scandal blew up again while we were on the air, too. We followed-up Joan's Koch brothers story with Paul Waldman's take on it in "The Circle of Scam." And finally, the NYT's coverage of how gun enthusiasts, and more importantly, the gun manufacturers, hounded a Guns & Ammo writer out of his job for suggesting there might be common sense compromises that should be pursued on gun safety. All just days before many of the same people claimed it was un-American for others to try to do the same with Duck Dynasty.

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It's finally officially cold, meaning that the media capitals of the East Coast have felt it. Greg Dworkin joined us to share his round-up. The next government shut-down may be avoided, as a compromise spending bill appears to be on its way. Liz Cheney drops out of the Wyoming Senate race. Brookings discovers that "trickle-down" doesn't, and both parties are moving to stake out a position on economic inequality. Jonathan Chait surprisingly finds no interest among conservatives in facts and analysis. Jamelle Bouie thinks Republicans might need to come up with besides hating Obamacare. Again. And Monte Frank joins a Connecticut delegation in The Hill in "Gun violence survivor carries a message for us all." The political Twitter chatter this morning is all about coverage accompanying the release of a new book and a documentary about the 1971 break-in at the FBI field office in Media, PA that yielded the documents proving the existence of COINTELPRO, and massive surveillance and subversion of domestic political dissent. That, and the sudden change in the FBI's "primary mission" led us to spend an awful lot of time thinking about the ground that post-Watergate reforms of all sorts have lost to reactionary Republicans.

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It's cold. So, that's a thing that's happening. Greg Dworkin brought us the best of the day's Jonathan Corner news, with Chait's "After Obamacare Is No Longer Doomed, It Will Become a Scandal," which includes a reference to the startlingly stupid assertion that the ACA will usher in an era of legalized beheadings. For more such nonsense, Maggie Mahar's "Anatomy of an Obamacare 'horror story,'" plus a glimpse inside the burnt-out remains of the Republican mind in David Drucker's, "GOP confident Obamacare is a winner in 2014." The exciting conclusion of Jen Dziura's "When 'Life Hacking' Is Really White Privilege." The emerging story of the late Rep. Bill Young's first family. Murders are down pretty much everywhere. Is it about gun laws? Or some combination of pretty much everything in the world?

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First live show of the new year! Also, first show broadcast from beneath a glacier! Greg Dworkin's power hadn't gone out yet, so he joined us for a roundup of ACA news, including Josh Marshall's "As Obamacare Sign-Ups Surge, So Does Conservative Rage," the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment study, and comment on it by Adrianna McIntyre and Austin Frakt. Also discussed: the De Blasio innauguration coverage, the snowstorm, and Ezra Klein maybe-sorta plan to start planning something, and why the NYT is so interested in it. Next, some musing on the coverage of the expansive and still-growing NSA stories, starting with the centrist "balance" game on the subject, Michael Dearing's "The NSA and the Corrosion of Silicon Valley," and Julian Sanchez's "NSA Stabs Silicon Valley in the Back." Lastly, "The Japanese Mob Is Hiring Homeless People to Clean Up Fukushima," and "Navy sailors have radiation sickness after Japan rescue." How are they related? That's not so hard to see. But how are they related to the NSA stories? Only KITM bothers trying to make THAT connection!
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Morning wingnut outrage: Someone said "spooning" on CNN, and that's Teh Sex! Morning meta-debate: does criticism of the NYT's Benghazi story require on-the-ground reporting? Greg Dworkin focuses the morning madness with a round of ACA stories. Charles Gaba (aka Brainwrap) gets front page WaPo notice for his signup calculations. Greg's next story becomes the first hour obsession, the NBC coverage of how ACA implementation was impacting employees of a Michigan car dealership. But not before distracting us with the very wonkish notion of carving time up into infinitely small slices, to see if we can defeat federal health care policy. Or something. Then we double back to dissect that NBC News story, and it doesn't look like it holds up. The NSA is in the news again, and we read Cory Doctorow's treatment of the big Der Spiegel story. Also: Bloomberg reveals the new American Caymans, in South Dakota.

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We're (briefly) back from the holiday break, having been captivated by the post-Christmas tweeting of photos of people displaying the new guns they got as gifts. Particularly those shown with their fingers on the trigger! Greg Dworkin wraps up his picks from the week's news, including Brainwrap's data on ACA sign-ups (over 5.75 million), Christopher Flavelle's "Somebody Has to Be Wrong About Obamacare," private sector Christmas package delivery problems, the NYT's "With Health Law Cemented, G.O.P. Debates Next Move," WaPo's "Hey Dems: the only way out on health care is through," and Susan Demas' "I know who the next president will be!" We reviewed the early returns on post-Christmas #GunFAIL. Kenzo Shibata's "Why the Left Must Embrace Affluenza." Dartagnan's top-recommended diary, "Why No Wall Street CEOs Were Prosecuted For Causing the Financial Crisis." Josh Tauberer notes 50% of the U.S. population lives in 1% of the land area. Think about that when looking at red/blue Congressional district maps. Lastly, we start looking at Jen Dziura's "When 'Life Hacking' Is Really White Privilege."

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Not everything in the world has been said about Duck Dynasty yet, apparently. So we talk about how we don't understand why we're still talking about it. Greg Dworkin notes the arrival of Festivus, and airs his grievances against the media. In particular, this from WaPo's The Fix column: "Joe Manchin's Obamacare fears -- and why they matter." Better example of how to talk about health care cost disruptions: NYT's "Health Care's Road to Ruin." Yes, things are complex. Even the no-brainer of keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. And in a closing holiday note, "Nordic Quack," Sweden's bizarre tradition of watching Donald Duck cartoons on Christmas Eve. And how about our own rise of redneck TV? Great opportunity for easy grassroots activism (and local stardom!) in foresterbob's diary, "I signed up for health insurance, told my GOP Congressman about it, and made the local news." Then, an interview with bunnygirl60, aka Arliss Bunny, author of The Smart Bunny's Guide to Debt, Deficit and Austerity.

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Well, I guess we're at the stage where we have to endure Duck Dynasty "think pieces." It's also time for duelling essays by Washington journalists about why Washington journalism does or doesn't suck. Next, a reading (with accompanying patented KITM-style tangent discussions) of Gawker's "The Second Class Citizens of the Google Cafeteria." Somehow, we end up fomenting security guard-led revolution. Roll Call's round-up of recent House retirements, and their taxonomy of "The 4 Types of House Retirements to Come," then a little historical context/Hill insider anecdote to accompany their report the House's newest Member has hired a 25-year-old Chief of Staff. Finally, another shot at that crazy EPA/fake-CIA guy story.

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Greg Dworkin was back today, and he brought a new NYT/CBS poll with him. "Uninsured Skeptical of Health Care Law in Poll," we're told. And Greg takes that apart. He also points us to "The GOP Repeal Trap" as well as Alex Pareene's 2013 "Hack List." Then, we hold up National Memo's "America's Greediest" profile of Sheldon Adelson and yesterday's report on the "accidental" $100 billion tax loophole for the rich next to Slate's look at the original "Welfare Queen," and ask who's stealing more here? A quick detour to Speaker Boehner renting his DC apartment from a tanning industry lobbyist, and then a call from Armando, to move us to Politico's effort to let us know that they held a panel concluding that the media is full of filthy liberals. Of course, we think it's just full of derp. Finally, an attempt to get to the completely bonkers story of the EPA official who pretended to be in the CIA!
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"Happy Holidays!" POW! Arizona woman allegedly punches a Salvation Army bell ringer for using the "wrong" greeting. A clip from the David Pakman show (another Netroots Radio fave) informs us that $4,000 of the taxes paid on a $50,000 annual salary end up paying for corporate subsidies! Joan McCarter joins the show for a roundup that includes the non-budget "budget deal" and renewed threats of debt ceiling brinkmanship, the lack (so far) of serious post-nuclear Senate drama, the expiration of unemployment insurance, the NSA lawsuits, Dan Drezner's "Tone-Deaf at the Listening Post," and, somewhere in the middle of it all... historical changes in human sleep patterns! Also: "Accidental Tax Break Saves Wealthiest Americans $100 Billion," which Alec MacGillis points out is more than half the latest cut in food stamps. But that's the good kind of redistribution, right?

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Another federal court says NSA surveillance is likely unconsitutional. The post-nuclear Senate has apparently cleared more than a dozen judicial and executive nominations in the past week. What happened to the promised meltdown from Republicans? Is it too early to declare it MIA? Greg Dworkin discusses this, notes the 99 44/100% pure Crazy among Michigan Republicans, Aaron Carroll's Incidental Economist post, "Reducing the number of uninsured is a good thing, not a bad thing," and Boston Globe reporter Billy Baker's Twitter discussion of his "Bus 19" success story. Picking up where he left off, we did a critical read-through of a recent Ezra Klein piece, "Pick your problem: Unemployment or income inequality." Something different: the burgeoning Shia LeBeouf plagiarism scandal/performance art piece. Returning to politics, Senate Republicans have yet to decide how to react to the nuclear option. RWNJ NH state legislator threatens "armed resistance," because of course he does.

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Ron Fournier's upset again, tweeting that "the Obama White House is no better than past administrations about shading the truth," and that "Obama's apologists will say that every president plays politics with policy in elections years." He's got an article behind it, but I'm pretty sure that last week the problem was "both sides." The first tweet says yes, but the second one says no. I just wish someone would lead! George Washington Bridge scandal continues to roil, sort of, for Chris Christie. An extended look at the year-end review of the collected GunFAIL stories, particularly accidental shootings of kids. Reports out of Florida say 4 in 10 people treated at hospitals for gunshot wounds were the victims of GunFAIL episodes, about double the national rate. And fatal GunFAILs there quadrupled in 2012! And an expansive reading of Joan Walsh's "Poverty nation: How America created a low-wage work swamp."

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Here's how we wove together a themed show today: We started with National Journal magazine's "The Return of the Welfare Queen," positing that Republicans were reviving the 1980s Reaganite rhetorical relic, and held that up against the "Affluenza" story out of Texas. Which one of these crazy items is the worse "entitlement" anecdotal horror story? Armando joins in to link the discussion to Hobby Lobby, the Bain economy, tax breaks for passive income, the 1% versus the rest, etc. And from there, the Swiss proposal to adopt a national policy of a minimum guaranteed income. Is it contemptible socialism? Or an ultra-conservative "block granting" of all welfare programs into one? At least one conservative says that's just what it looks like. But of course if you bring it up as a liberal, conservative support will disappear, as it has with everything else. About which, see today's Jonathans Report: Chait on the "The Heritage Uncertainty Principle." Also: the NYT smuggles Snowden documents, but is awesome when it does it, unlike Glenn Greenwald, who was clearly so communist-y.

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Fresh outrage of the day: Fox News is upset that someone wondered whether we couldn't make Santa imagery more inclusive! Greg Dworkin notes the latest ACA figures according to Brainwrap, who's basically "FiveThirtyEight-ing" (or maybe "@Redistrict-ing") the numbers at Also: the budget deal and the continuing Gop civil war; movement on Guantanamo closure; Katie Couric to revisit the HPV vaccine issue, this time with science? Other stories: The fake (and possibly dangerous) sign language interpreter from the Mandela memorial! Megyn Kelly's derpy Santa Claus grousing. But while we're on the subject, how about an anthropological look at where Santa's wacky red suit comes from? Would you believe psychedelic mushrooms? TPM reports "GOPer Who'd Only Lower Flags For Americans Was OK With Pope Tributes." Third party pipe dreams. Eric Cantor finds a way to be a dick about funding pediatric cancer research. David Dayen analyzes in Salon how the budget deal takes yet another piece out of federal workers' hides. Another tech startup dude-bro reveals himself as a giant assbag.
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Enjoy today's extended segment with Greg Dworkin & Armando! Weather-related school delays in the region of KITM World Headquarters meant we were depending on them to step in, and they delivered! We covered a little bit of everything. The Mandela memorial. The ACA website is working & enrollment is up. The Ryan-Murray budget deal inches forward, taking flak along the way. Is OH Gov. Kasich the last Compassionate Conservative? Armando joins in a long discussion of the Hobby Lobby case, safe harbor provisions, and the concept of conscientious objection. Plus: the Time Person of the Year selection, and rebounding in the polls for the Obama administration. Returning to the conscientious objection issue, we read the fantastic blog post, "Get Your Fake Conscience Objections Off My Lawn." Related: another look at the continuing Twitter exchange between Amanda Carpenter and Brian Beutler. Lastly: NSA discussion. They're monitoring online video games, now. Plus Juan Cole, riffing off of President Obama's speech at the Mandela memorial, notes that even healthy dissent just isn't possible in a surveillance state.

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An extended kickoff segment with Greg Dworkin and Armando this morning. Greg follows up on the "enhanced medical care" story, highlighting some of the potential problems. In today's Jonathans Report: Chait's "Congressional Republicans Reveal Secret Love for Obamacare." Also noted: approval of the new "Volcker rule." Armando calls in to put some fine points on the issues raised by Chait, and by Brian Beutler's Twitter exchange with Ted Cruz staffer Amanda Carpenter. Armando stuck around for additional discussion of Beutler's report on the wingnut position on the emerging budget deal, and how it might impact a Dem push on unemployment insurance extensions. Next up, discussion of the Republican "reversal" on the sequester. Remember when the reason the "Super Committee" was going to work was because everyone thought sequestration was irresponsible and stupid? Now the wingnuts say it's not just genius, but sacrosanct. Further reading of the Beutler/Carpenter exchange reveals Republicans "fight" the war on Obamacare the same way they did in Iraq: ordering others to do the fighting for them, while they type up complaints online. A brief #GunFAIL update, including the Army's new private gun ownership mentoring program. Newt Gingrich's defense of Mandela praise. And predictably enough, with a Dem in the White House, Republicans consider NSA lies to Congress to be criminal acts. Frivolous wrap-ups: Hipster civil war; Hilton vs. Lohan, in "Celebrity Warlords."

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The traditional media's favorite game, "Both Sides" forces its way to the fore again, this time with Cokie Roberts telling NPR audiences that yes, conservative critics disgraced themselves by denouncing Nelson Mandela on the occasion of his death, but that she was pretty sure Obama was probably getting some flak from Dems upset that he was including President Bush in the delegation headed to South Africa, too. So, both sides! Greg Dworkin helps us decode it, as he always does, and leads us into discussion of the nature of advocacy journalism, and Third Way-ism. He also notes that alongside the big NYT "Invisible Child" story, there's also their story on "enhanced medical care" for New York's wealthy elite. Huzzah! Plus, for today's poll fix, a summary of the latest McClatchy/Marist survey. Armando calls in for an exchange on the "enhanced medical care" story. And that sets us up with a theme for the rest of the day, neo-libertarianism versus reality, by way of a reading of David Simon's recounting of his speech to the "Festival of Dangerous Ideas," and weekend TV news (and Daily Show) segments featuring conservative "arguments" against addressing inequality and raising the minimum wage.

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The first hour-plus of the show today was given over to reactions to the death of Nelson Mandela, mostly spent gawking with Armando at unearthed relics of conservative opposition. George Will provides the bulk of the entertainment. The review included Joan Walsh's "Fight the right-washing of Nelson Mandela's legacy,"'s "Remembering The Religious Right's Attacks On Nelson Mandela," and their review of the curious coincidence of the intimate involvement of both Jack Abramoff and Grover Norquist in resisting the American anti-apartheid movement (because Freedom). Wacky! Then, we turned back to the Detroit issue, finishing up with the Demos backgrounder, and supplementing its weediness with an explainer from David Sirota, an interview from Josh Eidelson, and an AP report on the next round of the city's screwing.

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Everybody wants a part of the Ron Fournier millennials game! Except millennials, I guess, because they don't care about anything. Greg Dworkin actually knows what he's talking about, so we let him put the Harvard poll in perspective. He also updated us on the new curveball Chuck Grassley's stupid ACA amendment has thrown lawmakers, the gun-on-campus situation at the University of New Haven, and on Katie Couric's alarming HPV anti-vax segment. In other surprising TV commentary news: Martin Bashir! That pulls Armando into the conversation, as he points us to Egberto Willies' post on the subject, and later segues us into more discussion of how terrible Third Way is. Chuck Schumer pays a visit to Daily Kos. Further explanation of how the Grassley amendment has given Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) a sad, and how Smith's own bill (had it passed) would have made him sadder, still. Brian Beutler adds to our hedging on whether there'll be another government shutdown. Blackwater's founder wants you to know it's a mistake to think they always used excessive force. The proof? One guy once reholstered his gun rather than start taking potshots when in the room with President Bush. Finally, another installment from the Demos explainer on Detroit's fiscal crisis.

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Third Way is terrible. I say so. Greg Dworkin says so. And Joan McCarter says so. So that's three ways, right there. Greg tells us about the numbers, how Obama is running away from Obamacare by giving a speech about Obamacare, (Why won't this guy lead?), how the journamalisms on the ACA is awful, and about Tom Edsall's NYT piece "The Center Cannot Hold." Then he tried to reassure us there wouldn't be another government shutdown, but we hung up on him. So, we asked Joan about that instead! And also about the Republicans' stealthy non-i-word impeachment hearing, why Third Way is so terrible, what's up with the Detroit bankruptcy, and how Republicans are dusting off the same "$717 billion in Medicare cuts" talking point all over again. Later: the Virginia special election to fill Mark Herring's seat, and some critical background from Demos on the Detroit bankruptcy situation.

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A grab bag of topics and headlines for today's show. "Cyber" Monday. Fox News tries to inject the impeachment meme again, this time over! says "At Least 1 in 4 Dark Money Dollars in 2012 Had Koch Links." Congressional negotiators are said to be close to a mini budget deal to replace at least part of sequestration's cuts. The NY train derailment's cause: the engineer fell asleep. Spotless, years-long performance record, no drugs, no alcohol, no texting. Just a bad moment. A Wisconsin voucher school is found to be in mid-collapse. By the numbers, this is one of the least productive Congresses ever. (But you knew that.) Gun control advocates are targeted by gun nuts with misogynistic, violent threats, because freedom. RWNJs of the future will one day insist the Constitution requires Republican Party membership. David Pakman's report on a horrible story out of New Mexico, in which police strip-searched a drug suspect and sprayed her vagina with mace! Fox News says swim classes for Muslim girls is Creeping Sharia! A wrap-up on the NSA sex snooping stories.

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Waking from our post-Thanksgiving slumber to find out the ACA website user interface appears to be working, and that Amazon says they're experimenting with the idea of delivering via drone. Greg Dworkin updates us on the state of the website-turning-the-corner narrative, noting Timothy Egan's op-ed, "Rooting for Failure," new sign-up numbers, and where the storyline is likely to go from here. Also: claims that support for gun control helped Mark Herring win the AG race in Virginia, and Gabby Giffords and Eric Schneiderman write on a new model for background checks at gun shows. Then, a discussion of one reason Sunday shows suck: they're full of pundits who all live the same cloistered lifestyle, and whose job is to sound jaded when they read The Hotline to you, then insist they're geniuses for doing it. No Labels turns out to be a flop. Former Sen. Bob Smith says he's a Republican again, and from New Hampshire again. And last week's Snowden document dump said the NSA is spying on the online web surfing habits of Muslim "radicalizers," but it's OK because none of their stuff ever gets out of control and none of their definitions ever get expanded. Or start out as completely stupid in the first place. Or whatever. Look, just shop. OK?

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Pre-Thanksgiving with Greg Dworkin, Joan McCarter and Armando. Greg rounded up the day's ACA news & polling. Twitter's been buzzing with discussion of the latest attempt by conservatives to overturn Obamacare and block access to contraception along the way. Armando and Joan both weigh in on this one, and wrap up on the story of netroots involvement in the filibuster reform fight, including the role the Daily Kos Campaigns team in converting the "outside" game into metrics the "insiders" could understand and absorb, a critical element in making the "inside/outside" game work. Joan previews the upcoming holiday period on the Daily Kos front page, including coverage of significant Thanksgiving and Black Friday labor actions. Wrapping up on the nuts & bolts of the nuclear option, we take a look back at a forgotten, late 2005 proposal by the then-majority Republicans in the Senate to set off a sort of "mini-nuke" that actually purported to erase its own tracks after it was used. And how was it to be used? To force through an ANWR drilling amendment, believe it or not. But can that sort of thing really be erased? Depends who you ask, and when!

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Greg Dworkin rounds up NRO's "Collateral Damage in a GOP Civil War," Politico Magazine's "Which Side of the Barricade Are You On?", coverage of the Iran deal and the latest ACA rollout commentary, too. Just in time for the holidays: Kentucky-scented candles. What does Kentucky smell like? Listen and find out IF YOU DARE. Rep. Trey Radel's staff begins jumping ship. Preparing for Thanksgiving Obamacare debates (with a minor diversion on the "Thanksgivakah" confluence). Pope Francis calls unfettered capitalism "tyranny!" Liz Cheney gets a "book deal." Media Matters covers Newsweek's look at whether 60 Minutes reporter Lara Logan's husband may have had any professional influence on the botched Benghazi story, and that leads us to a discussion of the borderline unethical practice of producing "video news releases."

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It's post-nuclear Monday! Greg Dworkin rounds up some of the fallout, points us to the WaPo's fantastic coverage of ACA enrollment stories from Kentucky, Peter Beinart's column on the weekend's Iran deal, and alerts us to the upcoming issuance of the prosecutor's report on the events of 12/14 in Newtown. WalMart's CEO retires. CNN's nuclear option coverage gives the grassroots/netroots (and me) some credit for pushing things through. Revisiting the possibility of contesting the Virginia AG election in the state legislature. More discussion of the Kentucky ACA article. Sarah Palin attempts to address the nuclear option news. Why didn't Harry Reid use this opportunity to push through the "talking filibuster"? And how long before we might see something like this on legislative filibusters? The 2005 fight offers us some insight.

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It's our first post-nuclear show! Once again, we give you a look way, way deep under the hood, with all the information you'll need to shut up just about anybody you're likely to run into at any Thanksgiving dinner, anywhere. You might especially enjoy the "time machine paradox" that once allowed the Senate to use the nuclear option, and then erase its tracks, such that everybody spent the next 35 years thinking it had never been used. And yes, that's available to the Senate today, and always has been. Because time machine! Next, the amazing and infuriating story of police misconduct in Miami Gardens, FL. But we don't leave you hanging with that downer for the weekend. Oh, no! First, "Right-Wing Author Abandons Cultural Populism, Decries 'White Trash,'" and then the positively uplifiting story of Rolling Jubilee and Strike Debt. Thanks, Occupy!

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Looks like it's nuclear option day! Greg Dworkin also had some other stuff, too, about that whole health care thing. Some especially good stuff on cost-contol market forces, how they work, and how we sometimes maybe kind of wish they wouldn't. Or maybe just wish that we could have our cake and eat it, too. Building on that, we discussed "The huge health-care subsidy everyone is ignoring," and reminded ourselves that there actually are some Republicans looking to eliminate that subsidy... but only if you buy a plan that covers abortion. Which would only be about 87% of private plans on the market. And, "English Has a New Preposition, Because Internet." Lastly a wrap-up on the nuclear option outlook, and one last attempt to clarify just what'll likely happen, what it means, and what it doesn't.

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Lots of filibuster reform discussion today, right off the bat, and right through our discussions with Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter, as well. Greg rounded up the day's health care news, punditry and polling, and told us about the "forbidden words" in ACA reporting: wait and see. Joan covered the state of play on filibuster reform, what we were likely to see and when. And yes, we hedged a little bit when it came to the bottom line question of whether or not it would really happen, or whether we'd see another deal. Then, an extensive check-in on the show comments from jimstaro on "keeping your plan," enemy of the people on filibuster reform & the House's "Hastert rule," and Doctor Who on his evolving position on Senate rules reform. Lastly, David Dayen's "JPMorgan's bait-and-switch: The ballyhooed settlement is just a scam!"

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New polling fans the Obamacare website flames, and outrage is manufactured over the Gettysburg anniversary. Greg Dworkin rounds up those headlines, plus news about the surge in ACA enrollment, the history of hyperbolic declarations of the end of Democratic presidencies, and Jonathan Cohn's "Six Things the Media Doesn't Understand About Obamacare." Then Institute for Policy Studies supports its "Platinum Plated Pensions" report with some salient facts about the people pushing hardest to cut your Social Security benefits. Surprise! They're super rich and don't need Social Security. One of those people, by the way, is the CEO of WalMart, where low-paid workers are now holding food drives for their fellow low-paid employees! Talk about corporate welfare! Now they're pocketing the margins on food purchased for donation to their own workers! Speaking of WalMart: more amazing GunFAIL. And Norway joins the parade of allies finding NSA prying into their communications.

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It's Monday, and that means unwinding the credit default swap disaster that is weekend political coverage. We all go off to enjoy a few days off, maybe some sports, time with the family, etc., and what happens? The health care web site becomes Watergate, Katrina and New Coke all in one. And if you don't buy that, how about calling it a "political Katrina"? An interesting dodge, but outside of the weather itself (and maybe not even excepting that), what was non-political about Katrina? Greg Dworkin notes the different definitions for everyday words that the political punditry tend to use in describing events, perhaps as part of their toolkit for reducing policy to TV-ready political stories. Adam Serwer raises a flag: "The victor in Virginia's attorney general race stands a chance of losing." How? In a reversal decided by the Republican-dominated state legislature. Yes, such things happen. We provide some additional context. In the wake of the super-typhoon, an LA Times op-ed asks who's a looter? Words have meaning, of course. And words like that, improperly used, can actually make a gigantic disaster even worse. The Cheney sisters have words over marriage rights (and the world was already done talking about it by the time Drudge wrote it up). And whaddya know, Tim Geithner has landed a job with a private equity firm!

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Turns out the Friday grab bag mostly just had one thing in it: a really interesting interview by the Washington Post's Dylan Matthews with Joel Berg, a former Clinton administration Agriculture Department official, and executive director of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger. Yes, we filled in the cracks with a few other items, like the strange fascination with Janet Yellin's wardrobe (like we haven't seen that before), reactions to the problems from Dems who lost seats in Congress in the 2010 elections allegedly over the ACA, Michele Bachmann's claims of having "lost [her] health insurance under Obamacare," and Rush Limbaugh's latest attacks on birth control coverage. (But yeah, that ad was kind of dumb.)

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Greg Dworkin's roundup reminds us of the ephemeral nature of too-early generic ballot mid-term election polling, updates the spin game on ACA "enrollment" numbers, and notes the divide between the political versus policy angles on the issue. And continuing with a favorite theme, he points to Rick Perlstein's latest, "The Grand Old Tea Party." From the wide world of weird news, the story that had Twitter all agog, "The Nanny Recipes: Skip the Microwave." Armando couldn't resist this one, but also previews his upcoming Sunday Kos piece on the relative wisdom of a hypothetical contested Democratic primary in 2016, with the even more hypothetical possibility of Elizabeth Warren contesting it against Hillary Clinton. After still more ranting about nanny training, we picked up this crazy story from former Kos-er Kaili Joy Gray, running under the title, "Idaho Republican Rapist Real Unhappy His Concealed Carry Permit is Revoked Just Because He Lied About Being a Rapist," and then Jonathan Chait's, "Rand Paul Fights Imaginary Doughnut Ban." Why doughnut and not donut? Because magazine. Finally, leading contenders for GunFAIL Derp of the Week: two stories about the latest hotness: accidentally firing your gun while out shopping.

Idaho Republican Rapist Real Unhappy His Concealed Carry Permit Is Revoked Just Because He Lied About Being A Rapist
Idaho Republican Rapist Real Unhappy His Concealed Carry Permit Is Revoked Just Because He Lied About Being A Rapist
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We take our turn grousing about Richard Cohen's nonsense, and wondering what would ever make anyone think it was "brillian" or "brave." Joan McCarter joins us to score a few points of her own, update us on the state of the latest filibuster showdown, and explain the differences between Sen. Mary Landrieu's "you can keep your insurance" bill, and Rep. Fred Upton's. Second hour: a roundup of assorted political (and tangential) items of interest. Chris Christie's abrasive style wasn't always a winning strategy. (And why is it that high-ranking men get to "win" with this stuff, anyway?) The woman in the photo on the original web site gets "cyberbullied." (Remember the SCHIP granite counter tops?) A revival of the bizarro 1995 NYT story, "That time Harvard and Yale took Naked Photos of all their Freshman Students." Yes, hello there, "Best and Brightest!"

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Today's media (and conservative) gripes about Obamacare boil down to this: we want to be able to criticize this complex socio-economic policy in the same way that we do horse race political contests. That is to say, poorly and without regard to reality. Greg Dworkin helps us wrap up the news and expectations (both realistic and not), the latest round of Twitter-bashing from journalists, and developments in the Virginia AG count. Following Greg's lead, discussion of the effects of Drudge and Twitter on political journalism. Then, the next filibuster showdown looms in the Senate, and the latest Richard Arenberg dispatch provides ample fodder for picking away at some standard arguments against reform: the Senate's history, the "slippery slope," etc. Follow-ups on the confrontation between Texas open carry advocates and Moms Demand Action, and the pol who won local election in an African-American district of Houston, purportedly by hiding the fact that he was white. More from "Breathless and Burdened."

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Greg Dworkin updates us on the counting in the Virginia Attorney General race, noting the transparency with the canvassing and the maneuvering around it is taking place. Nonetheless, there's controversy surrounding the interpretation of rules governing the counting of provisional ballots in Fairfax County. Also covered: reactions to the inadequate 60 Minutes response to the collapse of their Benghazi story. A little more discussion of Threshold Editions, the spin-off imprint that was apparently meant to discreetly vacuum up Right-Wing Nutjob cash for the otherwise respectable execs at Simon & Schuster. Gun nuts are at it again, showing up with weapons to protest even the smallest gatherings of gun safety advocates, this time four members of the Texas chapter of Moms Demand Action who had gathered for lunch at a local restaurant. Political News of the Weird: Philadelphia elects its first Whig in 150+ years. Think Progress: "White Anti-Gay Activist Wins Election After Pretending To Be Black." More from the Center for Public Integrity's series, "Breathless and Burdened."

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Big story of the day seems to be the unraveling of the 60 Minutes Benghazi "story." Although they'll correct & apologize, it's a bit too late once you've given the wingnuts more crack. Sure, correct the record, but what do we do about judges and others who were filibustered over this? Greg Dworkin brings us the "quants vs. guts" debunking of the Double Down drama; the recount news from the Virginia AG race; what demographics lessons from VA results; the backlash against Guns & Ammo for daring to print something about gun safety, and a new (to me) bit of info on the 60 Minutes situation: CBS owns the publisher of the book at the center of the story. That led to a lengthy discussion of the wingnut welfare scheme of bulk book sales, etc. Switching gears, more from the Center for Public Integrity's amazing investigation into the world of the high-priced lawyers who help coal barons stomp on miners seeking compensation for black lung.

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Greg Dworkin rounds up more of the elections fallout, and the unlikeliness of the sometimes-predicted Obamacare "death spiral." And using Jonathan Cohn's latest for TNR, we debate the question of "winners" and "losers" among insurance consumers under the ACA. Developments in two #GunFAIL stories, one brand-new, the other wrapping up the trial stage, illustrate the reality of the old "an armed society is a polite society" claptrap. Charlie Savage turns our attention back to surveillance issues, this time via an alleged CIA/AT&T partnership. You don't need a warrant if they're willing to sell you the data!

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Back on the air after a brief elections break, and on the air for real with We Act Radio, 1480 AM in Washington, DC, and! We rounded up the election results and read the tea leaves with Greg Dworkin, including the important reminder from Virginia that "moderates" are not the same thing as "independents." Joan McCarter joined us to wrap up the election analysis, news from on the Hill, and to preview what's coming up at Daily Kos. We covered the Senate's Obamacare hearings, whether the Virginia results will result in a change in ACA implemention there, the President taking his ACA show on the road to red states, the continuing debunking of the horror stories, and the lower-profile election day results on minimum wage, marijuana laws, and environmental issues, plus legislative news from Illinois on marriage equality. Also discussed: another filibuster fight looms in the Senate, increased scrutiny on coal barons screwing their workers out of black lung compensation (and Mike Stark getting sued by them, too), and a special GunFAIL story from out of Waco, TX, where armed prosecutors admiring each others' guns accidentally shot out the office window. For freedom.

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Kos nailed it on Huntsman a year ago! Greg Dworkin brought us a great Friday roundup, including the revealing Q&A with two contestants in an Alabama Congressional special election primary, the bonkers Hallmark move to take the word "gay" out of "Deck the Halls," and the latest on ACA "winners & losers." Crazy stories from all corners today. How about the gun-wielding Tennessean who shot a teenager TP-ing a house down the street. Hey, stand any ol' ground you happen to see! Right? The mysterious "Google barges," and the weird position they've put the Coast Guard in. Ron Fournier sees that Republicans are twice as unpopular as the President, so they're both the same, and those supporting either one are crazy. Chuck Grassley makes his ACA amendment look even dumber and more convoluted. Plus, Republican Senators who voted in favor of allowing the President to raise the debt ceiling subject, then voted to disapprove of their own votes. And an interesting story from out of a Tennessee courtroom, where the government (i.e., prosecutors) formally object to being called "the government."

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Greg Dworkin recaps the Sebelius appearance on the Hill, the continued debunking of ACA "horror" stories, and the latest polling. We were joined by Joan McCarter, discussing the "can you keep" your crappy insurance flap, the next Senate nominations standoff, NSA snooping (including brain-shattering statements from House Intel chair Mike Rogers), and the Food Stamp Cliff. A Halloween story: Tired of "sexy" everything costumes (including "Sexy Hamburger")? Tired enough to say a website dedicated to better costumes for women and girls should get $10,000+? Hmm. And from Joshua Holland at, "The High Cost of Low Taxes."

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Reminder: CREDO Mobile's special offer for our listeners ends at the end of the month! Greg Dworkin rounds up the latest news on ACA implementation, Kathleen Sebelius' appearance on the Hill, the Virginia elections, and the retreat from the Republican and Tea Party brands continues. Ryan Grim and Jason Linkins at HuffPo offer up "The Definitive Guide to Decoding Washington's Anonymous Sources." Ryan Cooper's "The Filibuster Must Die." Think Progress' "How Sequestration Gets Even Worse Next Year." And the Center for Public Integrity's shocking series on how coal giants use their high-powered lawyers and in-house medical "experts" to keep killing their miners with black lung.

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Greg Dworkin rounds up the day's ACA implementation news, and today that centers on questions of whether premiums are headed up or down. And where you stand on the ACA at large has a lot to do with how you'll describe what's happening. Especially if you're Suzanne Somers. And a reminder of the state of the upcoming elections in Virginia. The hot ACA debate of the day is over the meaning of the President's promise that "if you like your insurance, you can keep it." What does it mean to say you "like your insurance?" Does anyone really like it? Or do they just dislike change even more? And if you do like it, it's probably just because the CEO of your carrier hasn't figured out a way to make you pay more for it without making you hate it enough to switch. Next, "Chris Christie: America's most overrated governor." And Think Progress says the House is prepared to pass a Citigroup-written law "gutting a Dodd-Frank financial reform provision that forced federally-insured banks to cease trading in derivatives."

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Greg Dworkin sets the theme for the morning. And basically, it's this: political science says most political arguments aren't working. An update on the ACA website issues. And a tour of the weekend's most interesting long reads: Keller/Greenwald, and Posner. The NSA turns out, probably to no one's genuine surprise, is monitoring pretty much everybody in the world. Lindsey Graham threatens to block all appointments in the Senate, because Benghazi. Your Gang of 14, ladies and gentlemen. And just as a vote on the general counself for the NLRB comes up, too. Meanwhile, the House insists it wants to hold a vote disapproving of the debt ceiling hike. So, do you think this is a healthy time to be discussing the resignation of Kathleen Sebelius from HHS? The Hill reminds us of the existence of the "Food Stamp Cliff." Why is it a cliff? What's going to happen? And what does it tell us about the basic nature of the Republicans we're dealing with today? Well, pretty much the same thing that Brian Beutler (and Digby) said. Armando weighs in on the basic illogic of it all, plus the insanity of the attempted Benghazi revival.

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Brought to you once again by CREDO Mobile! Greg Dworkin wraps up the week in freak-outs, and suggests that maybe we're coming to the end of the effective life of that issue. But despite that, expect more partisan heckling. Meanwhile, WaPo-ABC polling data shows Gop favorability cratering among key demographics. We discuss the Michael Hayden/Tom Matzzie Amtrak encounter. How Fox News set up a fellow reporter for attacks (because fair & balanced). Follow-up on the question of whether the Koch brothers did or didn't bankroll the shutdown strategy. Christine O'Donnell elbows her way back into the news (and let's face it, I let her). Let her example be a lesson to campaing-in-a-box-ers. Revisiting the complex issue of prison privatization, via a HuffPost investigation of privatized juvenile facilities.

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Greg Dworkin recaps the ACA website news, including Norm Ornstein's latest on where the buck ultimately stops, and his predictions about how the traditional media are likely to cover the continuing story. Also: Chris Christie's weakness in the 2016 contest. A reminder that the water resources authorization bill under consideration in the House this week is the proper place for that Kentucky dam project to have been handled. Why did they rush it through in the CR to reopen the government when the proper bill was moving the next week? Jon Perr's "How Democrats helped Republicans save BushCare." Ari Berman's coverage of how the Texas voter ID law is discriminating against women! A conversation with CREDO political director Becky Bond, about how CREDO works, what moves them to action, and what they're up to right now. Alex Pareene takes a shot at the JPMorgan Chase settlement. And just to expand horizons a bit, a critique of Jeremy Paxman's interview with Russell Brand  on the UK's Newsnight program.

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Greg Dworkin recaps post-shutdown polling. There's still more confirming the disastrous results for Republicans, and they're so bad, it's starting to bring the future of party control of the House into question. Only Clive Crook hasn't heard the news yet, apparently. And Tea Party supporters simply refuse to hear it. Also: a rare cookie for Ron Fournier, and the firings at AP over the story-that-wasn't-about-Terry McAuliffe. The extraordinary derpitude of Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC). We closely parse her terrible dodges on health care, but remember, she's had a terrible month, scoring brain-shattering hits on shutdown derp & even gun safety derp, as well. Which reminds me, people are still accidentally shooting themselves. A lot. And if there's a way to top GunFAIL, it's gotta be NukeFAIL. Finally, we check in with loyal overseas listener GideonAB, whose eye has been on the role of HHS Sec. Sebelius in the launch, and on continued pressure to bring punishment down on Edward Snowden.

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Greg Dworkin updates us on the latest polling buzz: CNN's survey basically showing that everybody thinks it's a bad idea for Republicans to be in control of the House. There's actually much more to it, of course. And Greg breaks it down. Plus, a reminder that the ACA website problems will be much in the news today. Conservative blind squirrel: "Tea Party needs to recognize that it's playing with live ammo." Random notes: Max Blumenthal's tweet on Adolph Reed's observation about an early-career Barack Obama; the Sunday NY Daily News' surprising (maybe) take on the JPMorgan Chase settlement news, and; the Star-Ledger's incoherent endorsement of Chris Christie, right alongside their questions about his politicization of the state's judicial system. Finally, a look at the decision to include a conference on the FY2014 budget in the agreement ending the shutdown. How does voting in conference work? And why have a conference at all? Is it to try to give a platform to Grand Bargain talks?

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Another show brought to you by our fine friends at CREDO Mobile! Greg Dworkin rounds up the CW from the shutdown fallout, analysis pointing the finger at Gop "moderates," as opposed to the Tea Party, "The Truthiness of Rand Paul," the Gop donor class versus Tea Party, Virginia's bluing trend, and continuing ACA website woes. The political dynamics of earmarks and "pork." Is the Republican ban on earmarks in the House undermining leadership control? And speaking of earmarks, we dig a little deeper into that mysterious provision of the CR dealing with the dam project on the Illinois/Kentucky border. Conflicting stories, here! Plus, a guided tour of how to figure out the intentionally obscure methodologies used in earmarking. This, by the way, is the second "flavor" of transparency, without which simple data transparency is really useless. Also, Kevin Drum's "The Conservative Fundraising Racket, Part 674." And, witnessing the birth of a conservative Twitter freakout!

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Begin the countdown to the next shutdown! This one is over, and Greg Dworkin helps us wrap up the politics, including the vote count, the emergence of "big whoop" journalism from the what had been the "both sides" camp, and the real meaning of the "why won't Obama lead?" code: it really means, "why haven't you cut entitlements?" Unscathed in all the drama: the conservative article of faith which states that they only lose because they're not conservative enough. More Gop fault lines: Grover Norquist claims to be mad at defunders. Recapping the elements of the deal. How you paid for Ted Cruz's $24 billion mailing list. And just how did that number get decided on, anyway? The Atlantic names "32 Republicans Who Caused the Government Shutdown." What Cruz's fake filibuster should have taught us about predicting yesterday's cave. That reinsurance fee, explained. Interesting Tea Party insight from the New York Review of Books, of all places. And finally, a frightening and abusive FBI practice comes to light. Targeting American Muslims, of course.

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Looks like we're coming to the end of this round of the shutdown/debt ceiling crisis. Greg Dworkin helps us catch up on the latest developments, predict the day's events, and explain the most likely procedural path leading to the endgame. Joan McCarter offers her take on the morning's drama, and clears up questions around the medical device tax, the reinsurance fee, income verification, etc. We tour some of the off-year election action in Virginia and New Jersey, the continuing ACA web site problems, some of the finer procedural points (including one from the filibuster reform fights) woven into the shutdown crisis, and just because it's important and we haven't mentioned it: the gigantic, freak blizzard that killed all th ecattle in South Dakota. In non-shutdown news: Daily Kos joins in the fundraising fight in the Virginia state legislative races. Plus, a story you'll want to take with you to Thanksgiving dinner, to deflate any Teabagger talk about the so-called "special deal": the Office of the Attending Physician. And finally, another astounding story of GunFAIL unfolds in court: the police firearms trainer with an "unhealthy attachment" to his gun... even after he accidentally shot a recruit in the head!

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Looks like we're coming to the end of this round of the shutdown/debt ceiling crisis. Greg Dworkin helps us catch up on the latest developments, predict the day's events, and explain the most likely procedural path leading to the endgame. Joan McCarter offers her take on the morning's drama, and clears up questions around the medical device tax, the reinsurance fee, income verification, etc. We tour some of the off-year election action in Virginia and New Jersey, the continuing ACA web site problems, some of the finer procedural points (including one from the filibuster reform fights) woven into the shutdown crisis, and just because it's important and we haven't mentioned it: the gigantic, freak blizzard that killed all th ecattle in South Dakota. In non-shutdown news: Daily Kos joins in the fundraising fight in the Virginia state legislative races. Plus, a story you'll want to take with you to Thanksgiving dinner, to deflate any Teabagger talk about the so-called "special deal": the Office of the Attending Physician. And finally, another astounding story of GunFAIL unfolds in court: the police firearms trainer with an "unhealthy attachment" to his gun... even after he accidentally shot a recruit in the head!

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Looks like we're coming to the end of this round of the shutdown/debt ceiling crisis. Greg Dworkin helps us catch up on the latest developments, predict the day's events, and explain the most likely procedural path leading to the endgame. Joan McCarter offers her take on the morning's drama, and clears up questions around the medical device tax, the reinsurance fee, income verification, etc. We tour some of the off-year election action in Virginia and New Jersey, the continuing ACA web site problems, some of the finer procedural points (including one from the filibuster reform fights) woven into the shutdown crisis, and just because it's important and we haven't mentioned it: the gigantic, freak blizzard that killed all the cattle in South Dakota. In non-shutdown news: Daily Kos joins in the fundraising fight in the Virginia state legislative races. Plus, a story you'll want to take with you to Thanksgiving dinner, to deflate any Teabagger talk about the so-called "special deal": the Office of the Attending Physician. And finally, another astounding GunFAIL story unfolds in court: the police firearms trainer with an "unhealthy attachment" to his gun... even after he accidentally shot a recruit in the head.

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Looks like we're coming to the end of this round of the shutdown/debt ceiling crisis. Greg Dworkin helps us catch up on the latest developments, predict the day's events, and explain the most likely procedural path leading to the endgame. Joan McCarter offers her take on the morning's drama, and clears up questions around the medical device tax, the reinsurance fee, income verification, etc. We tour some of the off-year election action in Virginia and New Jersey, the continuing ACA web site problems, some of the finer procedural points (including one from the filibuster reform fights) woven into the shutdown crisis, and just because it's important and we haven't mentioned it: the gigantic, freak blizzard that killed all the cattle in South Dakota. In non-shutdown news: Daily Kos joins in the fundraising fight in the Virginia state legislative races. Plus, a story you'll want to take with you to Thanksgiving dinner, to deflate any Teabagger talk about the so-called "special deal": the Office of the Attending Physician. And finally, another astounding GunFAIL story unfolds in court: the police firearms trainer with an "unhealthy attachment" to his gun... even after he accidentally shot a recruit in the head.

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Looks like we're coming to the end of this round of the shutdown/debt ceiling crisis. Greg Dworkin helps us catch up on the latest developments, predict the day's events, and explain the most likely procedural path leading to the endgame. Joan McCarter offers her take on the morning's drama, and clears up questions around the medical device tax, the reinsurance fee, income verification, etc. We tour some of the off-year election action in Virginia and New Jersey, the continuing ACA web site problems, some of the finer procedural points (including one from the filibuster reform fights) woven into the shutdown crisis, and just because it's important and we haven't mentioned it: the gigantic, freak blizzard that killed all the cattle in South Dakota. In non-shutdown news: Daily Kos joins in the fundraising fight in the Virginia state legislative races. Plus, a story you'll want to take with you to Thanksgiving dinner, to deflate any Teabagger talk about the so-called "special deal": the Office of the Attending Physician. And finally, another astounding GunFAIL story unfolds in court: the police firearms trainer with an "unhealthy attachment" to his gun... even after he accidentally shot a recruit in the head.

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Looks like we're coming to the end of this round of the shutdown/debt ceiling crisis. Greg Dworkin helps us catch up on the latest developments, predict the day's events, and explain the most likely procedural path leading to the endgame. Joan McCarter offers her take on the morning's drama, and clears up questions around the medical device tax, the reinsurance fee, income verification, etc. We tour some of the off-year election action in Virginia and New Jersey, the continuing ACA web site problems, some of the finer procedural points (including one from the filibuster reform fights) woven into the shutdown crisis, and just because it's important and we haven't mentioned it: the gigantic, freak blizzard that killed all the cattle in South Dakota. In non-shutdown news: Daily Kos joins in the fundraising fight in the Virginia state legislative races. Plus, a story you'll want to take with you to Thanksgiving dinner, to deflate any Teabagger talk about the so-called "special deal": the Office of the Attending Physician. And finally, another astounding GunFAIL story unfolds in court: the police firearms trainer with an "unhealthy attachment" to his gun... even after he accidentally shot a recruit in the head.

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