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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 16, 2022

Today’s KITM is brought to you by Hardee’s... the ”Roy Rogers” of Burger Chefs… or would be if they sent a bag of something over.

David Waldman is hungry for the truth, and related media:

Say what you will about Ron DeSantis, but he keeps the racism running on time, recreating White Citizens Council stunt...

Sep 15, 2022

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin count down the days until “Talk Like a Pirate Day” (Four, arr.)

Ron DeSantis hired coyotes to transport Venezuelans out of Texas into Martha's Vineyard. Woke people are wrecked by the news, but not as much as the immigrants.

Speaking of wrecked, Putin’s army in Ukraine could use...

Sep 14, 2022

It’s Wednesday, and we have KITM with David Waldman and Greg Dworkin! What more could you want? Good news! They have that too:

Ken Starr is heading to the precise place his virtue has always led him. Monica Lewinsky hopes everyone shows restraint in regard for those who loved him, on the outside chance there is...

Sep 13, 2022

David Waldman brings us the Tuesday KITM, filled with… everything we’ve come to expect in our Tuesday KITMs.

FPOTUS, MAGA King Donald Trump golfed without clubs yesterday, and not just metaphorically. The former guy wasn’t golfing, arrested, or even dead. The event most people are impatiently waiting for, I’m...

Sep 12, 2022

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin get us past 9/11 in the best way, with a 9/12 show:

In the UK, they would like a moment or two of silence for the Royal Family… perhaps for another 50 or 100 years or so to get past their previous several hundred years of indecorous comportment.

The biggest news now is Russia, Russia,...