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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 11, 2023

avid Waldman is here to do a bunch of Friday things on the KITM Friday Show.

Clarence Thomas had always yearned to be wealthy but refused to allow the fact that he was a simple Supreme Court Justice to ever hold him back. White male billionaires the world over saw this and empathizing with Thomas’ struggle against...

Aug 10, 2023

David Waldman makes certain that no pontoon boats of ignorance block Greg Dworkin’s docking of his Raft o’ Stories!™ on today’s KITM.

What really happened in Loudoun County? You should have a pretty good idea by now. After all, we covered it thoroughly all this week. Glenn Youngkin rode the conservative

Aug 9, 2023

On Wednesday’s David Waldman catches up with Greg Dworkin. Actually, we all catch up with Greg, who is way ahead of us on the latest news.

OHIO! Voters like freedom and democracy and will vote to protect them. It’s funny how many pundits doubted that a year ago. Now, the Gop war on democracy is in retreat, as 

Aug 8, 2023

David Waldman and his dedicated staff here at KITM World Headquarters are in the midst of a little late spring housekeeping. From now on, whenever I need to post a link to “the social media site formally known as bird”, I will try to find an identical link somewhere else... It would be nice If only we migrated to...

Aug 7, 2023

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are back, and here to talk about whatever you are talking about. That’s Donald Trump, right?

We’re still talking about TFFG’s latest indictment, which won’t be his last, but is presently being treated to his usual panicked bs and revenge fantasies, with maybe few added tweaks. For...