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No more getting down on Friday. No more rest from the chaosDavid Waldman prepares us to be fed into the maw of the weekend:

Donald Trump heads to France, where he’s loved and respected and people know how to treat him. But first, Donald found another Enemy of the People to fight. He seems to be getting good at spotting them. Donald has had to coffee-boy Matt Whitaker ahead of schedule, not because of the Constitution, because when has that ever stopped him? But, because people on the telly-telly have noticed Matt is cray-cray.

Authorities are searching for a motive in the California bar massacre, but could it be that this maniac was trolling? The shooter used a high-capacity magazine outlawed in 2016, and didn’t need a bump stock to get the same results.

The Fake News has now become indisputably conclusive for the right-wingArmando calls in with three things to remember about the present vote counting (not recounting): Rights. Rights. Rights.

Ryan Zinke wants to see his name on a Fox lower third banner more often, so imitation Ryan Zinke might have to take his place.

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A little midterm election can sure change things quickly! We had a Blue Wave on Tuesday, but by Thursday the mainstream narrative writers were just too busy to back up. First, they have to strongly object with incredible concern over the slippery slope that, oh well... back to work. Then, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fell and broke three ribs. (Donald Trump is still workshopping out his funny tweet.) Oh, and another terrorist attack with another dozen or so dead. Not many people get shot in Thousand Oaks, but bullets changed that quickly. At least now reporters can be freed up from their Caravan gigs.

David Waldman, with guest Greg Dworkin, use today’s KITM to build a new narrative, one nuanced fact at a time:

Trump has a lot to be grumpy about. Democrats gain hundreds of legislative seats and a secure majority of state attorneys general. Dems did best in Donald’s 2016 states, picking up 28 seats. The youths are becoming civic. New Mexico picked up a Democratic trifecta. Plenty of poetic wins, including a gay Governor for intolerant bakers, a two mom Eagle Scout Henry Cavill-looking Senator, Scott Walker blocking himself from a recount… and, Colorado abolished slavery. Scuttlebutt also has it that Donald might get even grumpier, especially if he isn’t invited to the State of the Union.

Meanwhile the Blue Wave still is rolling in. The race is not over in Georgia. Brian Kemp is quitting his old job, which he might miss soon. Florida is not overAndrew Gilliam’s not over, which surprises Andrew Gilliam. Nate Silver is still figuring things out, and the AP has yet to call 23 races!

Trump cheered himself up by firing his arch-enemy and ours, Jeff Sessions, hiring great guy and future coffee boy Matthew Whitaker. Whitaker is well positioned for the job, arriving with nose pre-browned, experience operating scams from Miami to Iowa to Israel, and a hankering for New Testament justice.

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You look tired. Well, you didn’t sleep much last night, but it wasn’t the Ambien playing with you. We won. Trump lost. So this isn’t a dream, but it’s not a nightmare either. Dems have won more seats than the 2006 blue wave, indeed more than almost all of the “waves”. However, most pundits just wrote their “No Wave” stories, and went to bed as the wave crossed their fly-over states. This morning, Sarah Sanders saw an unanimous red wave, but Donald Trump could only see red, and speak “mob”.

Today, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin begin their look into specific gains and losses and what they mean for our future: 

Without gerrymandering, that 9.4% would feel a lot better. Democrats won about 60% of the popular vote for the Senate.

The votes are almost in, even if the stories aren’t. Angie Craig unseats Jason Lewis in Minnesota. Harley Rouda beats Dana Rohrabacher in California. In Maine, the Republican leads by a teeny-tiny bit, so ranked-choice voting could actually come into play. Zach Wahls, an Eagle Scout with two moms, is now an Iowa State Senator. Brian Kemp’s voter suppression in Georgia almost suppressed his vote, but who knows, he still could win. The three states that delivered the Trump presidency all elected Democratic governors and senators last night.

Our new House of Representatives begins to look more like America. Democrats will be making a lot more decisions that matter, where they matter, and are ready to work. Nancy Pelosi knows what to do, and so does Robert Mueller.

Republicans would rather vote for a dead pimp than switch. The Gop maintains a strong lead with the Indicted-American community.

Donald Trump says goodbye to those that crossed him, and many more that didn’t. Democrats couldn’t have done it without him. The Kavanaugh bump was maybe a dip depending on who’s looking.

By the end of the today’s show Mitch McConnell finally shut up, allowing Joan McCarter to call in and tell of the Medicaid wave in western states!

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David Waldman presents the KITM Midterm Elections special. Definitely not lightweight, yet so portable! Easy to take with you while you knock on doors, transport voters to their local precinct or Board of Elections, or even on your drive to volunteer at polling places.

Of course we are already doing those things. You know we are the best at doing all of those things and more. So, once the polls close, after we’ve done every last thing we can, we can… relax and watch the votes roll in and maybe take our first steps back out of chaos.

Just try not to disturb the Trump voters while you are voting, or anyone with chocolate milk. Can you imagine Donald Trump being so contemptible as to order wine only for the pouring down of a woman’s back? Maybe Trump’s tough talk about border deployment doesn’t match what’s really taking place.

Armando calls in to bloviate, but errs on the side of wisdom and conciseness. Georgia state ID seems to have racism and suppression engineered in. Border patrol in El Paso (two words) scheduled a "crowd control exercise" for election day. Trump attracts the fakest of news to his pre-election rally. The New York Times remains awful. Armando and David handicap the chances of the next several losers of Presidential Apprentice.

Soon we will be able to enjoy Ivanka Trump brand wiener skins and voting booths.


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What would you like to talk about today? As usual, that’s exactly what today’s KITM is all about. David Waldman delivers today’s news and analysis with a side of sizzling hot takes:

Brian Kemp is about as stupid as you could imagine. Just as bad news is “fake news” and investigations are “witch-hunts”, Kemp sees oversight as “hacking”false reports to the FBI as “wise” and democracy as “bad”.

Greg Dworkin says Forget the polls, forget the hype, do the work. Oh, and he brought some polls too, which can tell you many interesting things, except maybe who will win. Yes, lots and lots of people are voting, yay! Yes, Democrats are ahead. But. What will we do if that isn’t good enough? What happens if Trump wins his bet on demagoguery? Perish the thought.

Over the last few years journalists have learned to get played a little bit less, but not hardly enough. The good news with that is Trump took care of having the focus put on him, leaving Dems room to talk about issues.

Armando calls in with his takes and analysis of who he thinks might win tomorrow, and who deserves to win. Republicans’ race war predated Trump.

Want to take your mind off the midterm elections? U.S. law enforcement somehow failed to see the threat of white nationalism. Now they don’t know how to stop it.

For those just discovering Lincoln was Republican, some more history.

On Wednesday we can all get back to the Trump-Russia-Saudi-etc. collusion.

The legacy of well-fought campaigns: battle-hardened grassroots armies.

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David Waldman pulled us through the last week before midterm elections, he now nudges us forward. We know what to do in the remaining 3 or so days, today’s KITM provides us with plenty to chew on while we get the job done:

Melania Trump spent around 16 grand an hour at a hotel with $700 rooms. She knows that stuff in the minibar isn’t complimentary, right?

Donald Trump has so many lies to tell, and so little time. He told about 7,000 so far, but hopes to get to over 15,000 by Tuesday. Donald breaks out the fascist playbook, which his followers won’t want to put away soon. Trump OKs firing on civilians throwing rocks, a tried and true solution to crowd control, and now murder alibis.

David takes a look into an almost forgotten niche of Jewish history, Bundism. The Bund’s socioeconomic and cultural characteristics helped bring them into conflict and make them targets of Nazis, living on in paintings, photographs and memories.

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The countdown to the midterm elections passes 5 days. David Waldman suggests we fasten our seatbelts and place our tray tables in their upright, locked positionKITM copilot Greg Dworkin gives us a thumbs up, while crossing his fingers for luck:

Usually the olds come in for the early bird voting, this year it’s a millennial thing. Even if they are voting ironically, it’s probably a good thing, as young voters are being joined by lots of blacks and Hispanics.

Donald Trump loves to lie, and he loves to hate, and Donald’s deep fondness for both is beyond doubt in his latest paean to all he adores. Steve King shares Trump’s passions, and the two joined their love for 75 minutes this month. Mike DeWine finds he has a complicated relationship with Republican ideals, and Susan Collins finds she is a centrist when it comes to racist hate, while Paul Ryan mumbled something about executive orders before going back to hiding

The solution is to vote against all Republicans. Every single one. The Republican solution to that is to just make voting illegal.

Speaking of the law, what’s Robert Mueller been up to lately? Mr. Mueller’s been so quiet lately, and now that Whitey left an open bunk to fill, it could be that Bobby is coming for the Prez. Or maybe not, there are so many tasty treats left on the menu. For instance, Rudy Giuliani’s dealings with Russia raise so many questions, most with only one answer.

Robert Mueller is by-the-book. Good for him, there is a book called the “Watergate Road Map”.  The Watergate grand jury was prepared to indict President Nixon on four criminal counts.

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Happy Halloween! David “Woooo” Waldman rises up from the fog dressed as a very scary “Hipster Coffeehouse” to present a star-studded KITM Holiday special:

Yech! That guy Mike Pence brought was just a dude in a Rabbi costume.

Boo! Donald Trump emerges from Hell to torture Pittsburgh, for no one’s benefit but his own. Threatening birthright citizenship is designed to terrify and distract. The whole idea is absurdimprobable and unnecessary, but look, we’re talking about it. It’s scary enough to drag intelligent people into the debate, including “Ominous” Armando. There’s no logical reason this could happen, but we are in the middle of a Jason Voorhees presidency.

EeK! Democrats have found their expectations edging up, usually a very frightening state for them. Greg “Dire & Doom” Dworkin is here to help tamp those down for you. Pssst: We are kind of looking pretty good… But, they are working pretty hard, so… We need to work harder. Expectations of us keep going up.

Shriek! Joan “Macabre” McCarter reminds us that Republicans have been lying about protecting your health for years. Medicaid expansion is life and death for 14,000 people, it’s on the line, and on the ballot for at least 400,000 uninsured Americans.

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It’s Tuesday, David Waldman’s here, and it’s not the end of the world. Maybe.

Still, it is always a good day for a special End of Days KITM: 

Today, Donald Trump does what Jesus would do, head for a photo op at the site of the worst anti-semitic violence in US history, to remove the citizenship of babiesposse comitatus, Habeas Corpus, and any sense of humanity he can locate, then off to the true believers. Just like Jesus, except the Fake News would never admit that.

Meanwhile, Mike Pence was in Michigan, and showed up with a Rabbi that wasn’t quite kosher. For Mike and Donald, getting into gimmetarian heaven depends on knowing which Jews are the good Jews. For Jewish people, Sephardic and Ashkenazic, liberal and conservative, there remains some questions.

Through interconnected global efforts, white nationalism aims to be the new world order.

A shooter shoots at a shooter, but somehow non-shooters got shot.

An October Non-Surprise: Trump might spread false rumors about Robert Mueller ahead of the midterms!

One week.

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We emerge from another dark weekend about a week away from, you gotta hope, some sunny days. For now, let David Waldman and KITM be your your little rays of sunshine:

Donald Trump might be a horrible president, but at least he doesn’t put a lot of effort into it, much preferring dotardling off to rallies to foment violence and intolerance. Fox News and the rest of the right-wing media can’t escape responsibility either.

Stop! Hey, what’s that sound? It’s Greg Dworkin coming around, with the latest punditry and polls: The Pittsburgh gunman is an example of some of the worst the US produces. The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society is an example of the best. There is a straight line from our Charlottesville ordeal to Pittsburgh shooting, and a straight line from Donald Trump to anti-semitism. We all know what we need to do to fix this. Greg peels the polling onion to find Republicans are the early voters, and the early-early voters, but don’t let that keep you from registering, helping others to register, voting, getting others to vote, and sticking out those lawn signs!

The Pittsburgh shooter was radicalized efficiently and thoroughly via the internet, naturally, often by the Russians, of course. Russian disinformation on Facebook targeted the Ukraine long before 2016. Russian money targeted Republicans long before Trump. Russian trolls have much more success in social media than they have being social in person. The white nationalist global takeover claims Brazil.

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It’s looking more and more like  Debbie Wasserman Shultz  wasn’t The MAGABomber, therefore Florida Man might be lying to us as well! You just can’t support a civil society with such behavior. On that subject, Katie Tur got the "You mad, bro?” from Erick Erickson, and she remained quite civil, considering.

David Waldman deep dives into only a couple of issues today. First up, our Well Regulated Militia. A Kentucky man was looking for some people to shoot at in a predominately black church. Locked out, he went shopping a Kroger, assuring a fellow shooter (aka a Good Guy™) “whites don’t shoot whites”.

A Florida man/substitute teacher dropped the second amendment out of his pants onto an elementary school playground. In Missouri, two teen boys took over regulating a middle school teacher’s arms. A Wisconsin Gop loser will just nuke his rivals. Body-slamming Rep. Greg Gianforte wants you to know it wasn’t his fault, unfortunately lying violates his settlement agreement.

David then sang his siren song of law and economic theory to lure Armando into calling in. Alas, he was not so easily seduced (or was busy). The Framers did not intend for minority rule to be here forever, so Newt Gingrich demands Brett Kavanaugh hurry up and put the fix in. Here’s a quick history of  “judicial review” vs. “judicial supremacy” from Dred Scott on up. David studies The Bosses’ Constitution, and this weekend, so should you!

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David Waldman examines all the news today, the good and the bad. The good news is that Sauds made it to whatever step it is when you decide someone is to blame, but it’s not you. The bad news is more bombs are being shipped to people on Donald Trump’s enemy list. The good news is that some of our greatest minds are now on the case!

In a point for civility, the Blow! Them! Up! chant didn’t get a foothold in last night’s Trump rally. There, Trump assured everyone that once we shut up our back sass we might not have to worry about getting slapped.

Greg Dworkin unifies the S’s and the N’s in calling out Donald’s dotardation. Last night Trump saluted our brave boys in ICE as they liberated hamlets across… Well, that’s for someone else to figure out. More good news: Gilligan, Gomer Pyle, and Donald Trump can all be trusted with our national security. Trump tweets that tweeting’s for chumps, and so’s national security. But, maybe Donald Trump is kind of a genius compared to journalists?

The midterm elections have Republicans running scared — to the voting booth. Greg analyzes polling, theories, models, and remains optimistically non-complacent, promising solid answers for us in a week or so, two weeks tops.

There are Jared Kushner-sized holes in federal ethics disclosure rules, but don’t worry, Donald and Vlad are on it.

All sides in the Chinese-Apple-Amazon hardware hack case refute the allegations. Are the three too big to fail?

When both Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone go to jail, will prison become too insufferable?


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You think you have it tough? David Waldman won the Mega Millions jackpot last night. He just hasn’t reached that threshold of having enough people believe that he did...

Special genius Donald Trump, joined at the border by hoards of Hondurans, Guatemalans, ISIS, MS-13, killer bees and ebola hopes to reach just the threshold of terror… Oh, and it looks like he has, as bombs show up in Clinton, Obama, Soros, and CNN mailboxes. (Don’t worry, not the White House) Mike Pence and Chuck Schumer agree that there sure are a lot of despicable people out there.

Greg Dworkin attempts to shovel out Trump’s stall as fast as Donald can fill it. The White House scrambles to make Trump lies facts. Republicans have to get past the decade of fighting Obamacare to convince people of their support of it. Pundits warn Democrats to not concentrate on health care, unless that works, or Donald Trump, unless that works. Dems also shouldn’t mention Brett Kavanaugh, although that works too. No one’s thanking Rick Scott for his heck of a Hurricane Michael job.

Greg reminds us to not look at these early voting results, or these, or these. Let’s just win these 15 unbearably close races and achieve that Blue Wave.

Armando calls in to discuss Republican fear mongering, Democratic backbone, and why you should cancel your New York Times subscription. Also, Henry Waxman didn’t know inherent contempt from a hole in the ground.

Pressure increases on Bloomberg to verify its China hack story. Let’s know things.

Hey everybody! The FBI’s giving out free Hamilton tickets!

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Less than two weeks before the midterm elections! Or a little more, depending on who you ask. You won’t believe the lies you’ll be hearing in the next few days! Good for you! You sound like the kind of person that listens to David Waldman and KITM:

David Corn points us to the Trump Lie-apalooza.™ Steve Benen put together, and here’s a handy list from Kevin Drum. It seems people didn’t care as much for billionaire tax cuts as much as Trump hoped, so how about some fake ones? A couple years of lies have kind of worked, so how about a lot of them? Trump’s most effective lies work off of hate and feartherefore the migrant caravan, a regular event that the news notices on even numbered years, comes at exactly the right time, as it is off-season for tourist traffic. Just don’t tread in Virginia, they’re on the watch. George Soros better stay low for the next couple of weeks too.

Wilbur Ross escapes the long arm of the law, with the Supreme Court’s help. A DOJ official wasn’t as lucky. Michael Flynn, spy, might have had a back channel to email hackers in 2016.

Bipartisan proposals in Colorado could become a national model for eliminating gerrymandering… but, as Rachel & Travis of the Irreverent Testimony podcast point out, redistricting based on “competitiveness” may threaten representative democracy.

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Less than 15 days until the midterm elections! Also, another minute has passed, so there’s another alibi required for Jamal Khashoggi’s murder. Donald Trump doesn’t know what to believe. Seriously, Trump would believe whatever the Saudis say, if they could just stick to something.

You know what would answer a lot of questions? A Democratic congress.

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin look for signs of the blue wave on the horizon. Turns out, there’s plenty, of course keeping in mind that the blue wave happens only once we eke out many neck and neck races across the nation. Looking back we may consider the wave, but right now it’s eking time. Still, we have many, many enthusiasms to be enthusiastic about. You can bet on millennials to save the day. Donald Trump has a special genius for appealing to his special followers, although even they can take only so much winning.

Armando calls in with a review of Andrew Gillum’s debate winning, and the Florida gubernatorial race. The Saudis went medieval on Jamal Khashoggi.

The forces of civility came to a tense standoff in Mitch McConnell’s Cuban dinner crisis. What’s the point of eating expensive food at home?

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About 18 days until the Midterm elections. The next couple of weeks won’t be easy for an increasingly desperate, frightened and angry Donald Trump and Republican party, so expect to really get a load of it for the remainder of October.

David Waldman is joined by Armando to bring out the details and nuances of today’s news:

Trump took a break from the work of covering up the murder of a journalist to cheer the assault of another journalist. His base responded as “well” as expected to that idea, and are working on their “Cut! Him! Up!” chants for the next time they see Jim Acosta

Expect to hear more of the Jamal Khashoggi was no angel theory from people on the Trump/MBS side. Remember when Khashoggi hung around with Osama Bin Laden? Lee Atwater is spinning in his grave, looking to find his way out and punch the time clock again. Or maybe Lee is still sorry we didn’t have President Gary Hart. Mini-Trump (or maybe 3 mini-Trumps stacked in a suit) Matt Gaetz found some footage and made up a story, whereas Donald would have of course just skipped to the story part. A fake intern who actually was a fake reporter sent from everyone’s favorite faker James O’Keefe to spy U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill also had access to voter information.

Is fraud part of the Trump Organization’s business model, or all of the business model?

David and Armando discuss originalism and textualism and how little either matters to a Judge or a court getting their way. The Heritage Foundation interns pledge to never let anything take precedence over their ideology when making decisions.

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There’s trouble out on the old Saud ranch, and it looks like Donald Trump has been in cahoots with some mighty bad men. They’re all holed up now, but the posse is forming and... No, seriously, the president is engaging in a murder coverup to protect cash flows to his private businesses. That’s what he does. It’s what we do now. It’s not like we didn’t know that would happen. We did, but they wouldn't listen.

We don’t have to listen as much if we vote them out, so could we get on that over the next 19 days? We can fix things, and leave Trumpists happily in the past where they belong.

In the meantime, why don’t you try cannabis, eh? Greg Dworkin helps take the edge off by calling in on David Waldman to discuss the latest news:

Turkey sees an upside to the Khashoggi murder, Israel a downside. Trump sees only his side. As for the midterm elections, Republicans like the Democratic national message so much, they’re going to use it. The Gop offers low-cost no-coverage insurance, so you can’t call them liars anymore. What does it mean to protect people with preexisting conditions? Trump cracks down on migrants to allow a free flow of illegal drugs.

The Press asks: Did you ever notice how black politicians are just so... ambitious? And so... well spoken? While white politicians are so… normal? The Heritage Foundation creates a clerkship boot camp to make sure that “normal” is defined their way for a long time.

Facebook thought it was all going to be video, but it turns out people like to read things.

Is China implanting spy hardware into communications equipment? A security expert confirms that this is the method he’d least expect.

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Wednesday comes just in time! (It would be kind of confusing if it didn’t.) Wednesdays would be kind of confusing without David WaldmanGreg Dworkin and Joan McCarter:

Saudi crown prince MBS (Mister Bone Saw) Mohammed bin Salman is rampaging in anger after the death of Jamal Khashoggi... so you can imagine what he was like before. Mike Pompeo travels the globe, bringing a little chuckle and cheer wherever he goes. But not facts, no one likes those.

So, the Saudis don’t get the difference between rendition and rendering. Does that make them bad? Donald Trump sees the hit squad as quite a bit like Brett Kavanaugh, once you think about it. They like the music up loud, their hand over your mouth, and probably a good laugh now and then. One thing’s for certain, when the facts finally emerge, heads will roll.

Greg reminds us that if temperament and character matter, we’ll have a blue (and pink) wave soon. And who knows, maybe they do matter. Voters say Gop = Trump, including independents. Any wave will depend on the youth vote, and this time they just might vote. Remember that any wave is counted one drop at a time, and every vote needs to be made to count, not just the rich white ones. Oh, and the Republicans plan to cheat, ok?

Greg returns to the wake for dearly departed Sears Roebuck and Company, and it’s history of undermining white supremacy.

Stormy Daniels is certainly familiar with the Pump and Trump, as you know Donald gets off talking about how he screws others.

Joan and David talk about what could motivate crazy Senate dealmaking. (Probably their caucuses.) Mitch McConnell is worried sick that he might not have taken enough from everybody while he had a chance. Every Republican is turning up with a sick friend or relative that they might care about, at least for a month. Meanwhile, John Roberts tries to convince the nation that the Supreme Court is still legitimate. 

Less than 20 days before the midterm elections.

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Less than 21 days before the midterm elections. Knock on a few doors or something.

Donald Trump is wishing he was looking for a lost golf ball in Florida rather than listen to one more story of some person that lost another person. It’s a shame, because those were the people he needed to pay taxes and bail out the economy.

David Waldman and Armando, connoisseurs of Trumpist lies, sense subtle notes of trolling, perhaps a soupçon of cynical manipulation in maybe-lawyer, maybe-actress, maybe-Italian, maybe-Russian, maybe-spy, wife of George Papadopoulos, Simona Mangiante, proving her innocence by distributing doctored photos and altered birthdates to the press.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's letter and trust were of course betrayed by the best betrayers. Trump would never request less. Tiffany Trump celebrated her birthday at the Dad Hotel DC, surrounded by inaugural photos.

Sears is the place for closeout deals, created by the people buying the closeout. At one time you could buy freedom there.

Do you have the right balance of wealth and lifespan to interest Libsyn’s advertisers?  Find out now with this simple test!

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Less than 22 days before the midterm elections.

David Waldman is back from once-in-a-lifetime bonding, creating memories that will last forever and such, ready to tackle the latest:

Donald Trump ran the gamut between being a dotard, and being a big dumb baby on 60 Minutes Sunday, but really, he won, so who cares? Elizabeth Warren won 1 million dollars from Trump, but of course Donald won that one too, just like he he always wins those things. Donald Trump always wins.

With so many very fine people to sift through, Trump is finding it tough to piece together the mystery surrounding Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance. Who could have held a grudge against Khashoggi? Saudi King Salman tells Donald that he never even got coffee from Khashoggi. Jared Kushner has fixed most of his Mark of the Beast on 5th avenue mess, but remains privately concerned, though warm and cozy inside Mohammed bin Salman’s pocket. The rest of the world remains a cold, hard place, with Vladimir Putin probably killing people. Eh, who knows? That’s not our business.

Greg Dworkin helps bring the election picture into better focus. Keep dreaming of a 50/50 or better Senate, as Republicans are pretty entrenched in those upcoming races. The House and gubernatorial contests are a different, bluer story with Democratic enthusiasms to spare... hopefully.

Whatever happened to small town life when you could go to the Big Game, and the people you hated weren’t allowed to live in your small town? Neither Bill nor Hillary Clinton will be elected President in 2018, in fact they might not even be running.

Ryan Zinke was always on the job when it came to keeping public information from becoming public.

Looking forward, a federal judge has ordered the partial release of the Watergate road map.

Building codes work!

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Less than 25 days before the midterm elections people! No time off for anyone until we get this country back! Well OK, David Waldman gets the day off, he’s the boss. Anyhow, he made up for his absence today by putting together a special pre-recorded KITM:

You’d think Jamal Khashoggi would have showed up here and/or there by now, but lots of evidence has surfaced on what might have happened to him. The Turkish government says it has audio and video proving Khashoggi was killed inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. Donald Trump remembers Jamal bringing in coffee once or twice, but doesn’t see how that obligates him in any way, although of course 110 billion dollars does obligate Trump in a big way, and he is not about to blow that.

Yeah, sure, Kanye West... but did you know that Trump does a lot of crazy Oval Officestuff”? Donald and his Chaos All-Stars trotted out their latest production for Olivia Nuzzi.

China wants to be a world leader in advanced technology, as matter of national pride, cybertheft, espionage, world domination, etc. An example of their think-outside-of-the-box innovation is the designing of hardware chips to help them infiltrate America’s top companies.

University of Pennsylvania communications professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson was skeptical that Russia got Trump elected. She isn’t anymore. Here is how Russia helped swing the election for Trump.

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Less than 26 days before the midterm elections! 

Greg Dworkin brings us the good news, not so good news, and kind of bad news in midterm polls. Minnesota is looking pretty good, post-Franken. Claire McCaskill is betting that swing voters care more about the fight over pre-existing conditions than the Kavanaugh vote. Most voters feel Donald Trump stunk up the Republicans now more than ever.

Florida catches some hell with Hurricane Michael, and will go through more hell to recover. Donald Trump braves the storm with his troops a little over 1,000 miles north, after all they were already paid. Trump is losing in the only way he ever won—ratings.

Jamal Khashoggi has mysteriously disappeared... though probably not a mystery to the 15 Saudis leaving the Saudi consulate with take-out bags. Or to Mohammed bin Salman, who does seem to have a contentious relationship with the press. Robert Palladino and Donald Trump hope to find a rug Khashoggi’s size. Happily ensconced in MBS’ pocket, Jared Kushner is privately concerned.

David Waldman and Armando discuss destroying the Supreme Court in order to save it, or before Mitch McConnell can destroy it, along with the Senate.

Trump says the Dow dive is exactly the crazy he’s been waiting for, so give him some credit. Meanwhile, Donald discovers yet another guy trading off his father’s name, and yet another genius.

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Less that 27 days until midterm elections, y’all. The right-wing propaganda machine wishes we could hold it down a little bit for the next few weeks, but David Waldman will not pipe down! (Once he clears his morning throat.)

Maybe we aren’t an angry radical mob like people say. Maybe we are just paid to pretend we are angry by the international Jewish cabal... Greg Dworkin reminds us that if all else fails for the Gop, go for the classics. By the way, all else is failing for the Gop. Republicans call what they have now a big win, as polls show a boost in Democratic enthusiasms, and women are leaving the Gop for good, with a 30-point gender gap going into the midterms. Therefore, Donald Trump has no choice but to lie to his base some more, as the Republican party is almost all base anymore. In fact, the party is about as base as they come.

Joan McCarter tells us about Trump’s op ed in MAGA Today’s no fact-check edition. Others are fact-checking for them, and maybe they can get into the letters to the editor next week. Republicans will save the Great Society from Medicare for All. 75% of Americans want to keep ACA protections for pre-existing conditions that the Gop lawsuit seeks to overturn.

It also seems Democrats have picked Venezuelan socialism over Norway’s yet again. Rand Paul worries that someone might get hurt in this harsh environment. Someone important, like him. As Republicans search for some sort of solution to the George Soros question, they do hope to keep some of the good ones, like Sheldon Adelson. Donald and Sheldon are so close they finish each other’s sentences.

Senate Democrats force a vote this week to protect coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Should Democratic leader Chuck Schumer keep following Mitch McConnell, or not? Is it time for Lisa Murkowski to follow her conscience over to the Democratic party? Susan Collins demonstrates that her ability to remember sexual harassment is as good as Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, it’s just her sense of shame that has wasted away. Let’s never forget the secret history of women in the Senate and the history how women reporting rape were kept away from the courtroom.

Nikki Haley makes her triumphant retreat, revealing a hidden genius, and raising the question of what was she ever good at?

Meet the new Flake, same as the old Flake.

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28 more days until the midterm elections. Stay angry my friends. You know that when this guy is furious the line has been crossed. David Waldman anger-casts today’s KITM:

The F.B.I. review of Brett Kavanaugh was throttled because someone knew what would be found. Democrats have promised to continue to investigate after the elections.  

Kavanaugh will cast doubt over every future Supreme Court decision, finally. Brett Kavanaugh and Susan Collins have been part of the problem for since the Bushes. Heidi Heitkamp is one of the heroes who has helped make it a really scary time for dudes and their moms.

Donald and Brett recreated that moment when they first knew each was ”the one” for cameras yesterday. Kanye West stood Trump up for lunch today, but maybe Thursday. Ye has become The Donald’s go-to expert on gangs and prison issues. Taylor Swift isn’t going to let Kanye finish. Hitlers don’t want their names sullied by an association with “Trump”.

Republicans care about their families for the duration of a commercial.

Nikki Haley steps aside for the wife of some hidden genius.

Arresting dissidents for “corruption” is a common practice in China and Russia. The Chinese president of Interpol points this out, and is arrested for corruption...

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Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter... 29 more days until the midterm elections.

Now is the time, your country needs you. Making a hundred people vote is tough, but it will be tougher if you don’t.

Christine Blasey Ford’s story is not over. She didn’t come forward in vain. The road to progress is paved with pain.

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin tell us this is no time to pack up the tents, but to charge forward.

Trump rallies his troops, not Americans. Trump’s rally lies are ignored by the media, at least the fact they are lies. Trump’s rally lies are the driving force behind the Republican party’s plan to hold the Senate and stop the blue wave.

Republicans don’t care what you think, they expect you to back down. The white nationalist party needs to be razed to the ground. Tom Nichols is sick of all the winning.

We can win. We’re leading in 69 battleground House districts (nice!) House Republicans are in a panic, as in those districts have had big R to D flips in polling on economic issues, and Democrats lead in the importance of Judicial nominations

Gimmetarians have guns, and aren’t worried about your due process. Hamptons millionaires get what the other millionaires have, including paranoiaSaudi dissidents, the president of Interpol, the Kremlin boss behind the Trump Tower meeting, all wish they had a safe room.

Taylor Wilson, Amtrak terrorist and pal of Charlottesville terrorist James Alex Fields goes to jail.

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Of all days to be out of the office!

We had to go with a rerun today. But it's always interesting to check in on how things were Way Back When. Everything always seems so quaint and simple! Even when you're looking back on a day that was well into the Trump Era!

Today, we present our October 5, 2017 episode:

It’s Karma Thursday on KITM and David Waldman is here with guest Greg Dworkin to serve up just desserts: 

U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy has zero issue posting his pro-life stance all over the place and no issue asking the woman he had an affair with to have an abortion. Now he’s thinking of spending more time with his family.

The organizer of the Alt-Right rally in Charlottesville, Va might go to jail for perjury.

Elijah Cummings wants to know who’s paying for Kellyanne Conway’s jet trips.

The Trump/Russia/Steele/Pee-pee dossier is now in the hopefully latex-gloved hands of Robert Mueller.

Senator John Thune thinks perhaps you deserve to get shot if you don’t get small.

Turns out Donald Trump is both a dotard and a moron. Trump’s speechwriter used up the “A“ material on his first post-massacre speech, raising the bar for subsequent white on white slaughter addresses. The Gop realizes that now is the time to politicize tragedy. Some Republicans might be open to discussing meaningless gestures—so is David if it eventually leads to something worthwhile. Gop donors are finding less and less worthwhile.  

On the Democratic side things are looking up in Virginia, as Democrat Ralph Northam has a clear lead over Republican Ed Gillespie for governor.

When David and I win the Nobel Prize for Kagro in the Morning, the rules state that we can only pick one more recipient, which is really unfair when you think about it. Nobel Prizes in Science distort the nature of the scientific enterprise, rewrite its history, and overlook many of its most important contributors. Did Jim Watson and Francis Crick steal Rosalind Franklin’s data on the structure of DNA

Who would guess Milburn Pennybags would be a lefty troll? But there he/she was, at the Senate Equifax Hearing.

And—Author Paula Apynys is back to read Part Four of “The Domestic Abuse Cycle: A Framework for our Politics and a Path Forward”!

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The FBI report is a sham. Republicans pretending to care is a sham. So, let’s cut to the chase… Nope, not yet. There’s procedure to go with the pretending, and David Waldman covers that today, and what we can do about it tomorrow.

Senators are not to leak or characterize the report. In fact, they’d prefer you didn't look directly into their eyes when they talk about it. The White House characterizes the report as time to STFU and vote for Brett Kavanaugh already. Chris Coons was hoping for an investigation.

Greg Dworkin tells us there was no investigation, that the FBI ignored testimonies from Kavanaugh’s classmates which point directly to Brett lying under oath. Of course the FBI knew Kavanaugh is a liar before this latest investigation. Everyone knows Brett Kavanaugh will be horrible to women. Kavanaugh will always be a partisan thug. And, that once he is on the Supreme Court, that branch of government will become a useless drag on the United States and humanity. The people voting him in see every bit of that as a feature, not a bug. E Pluribus Unum becomes Pwn the Libs for a generation. 

Armando reminds us that we lost the Supreme Court in 2016, 2018 is our chance for redemption. Will winning Kavanaugh or losing Kavanaugh motivate Democrats or Republicans more? Republicans are at risk of a wipeout in California, but Florida is on a knife edge. It’s all up to YOU, the voter.

Fred Trump, huge crook, funneled hundreds of millions to Donald Trump, huge crook. Will that ever matter? Let’s elect some Democrats and find out.

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Where are we today? The FBI investigated without an investigation, Republicans will make a declaration without reporting anything, then force a vote, or not. Who knows? David Waldman, Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter are here to unscumble the obfuscating:

Donald Trump finally got his turn on Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and the cheers were both deplorable and predictable. Some Senators were sort of concerned and kind of appalled. Greg Wednesday danced his round-up of honorable/horrific Brett and Bart reactions our way.

People who really know Brett Kavanaugh wouldn’t confirm him. People who really know Bart O’Kavanaugh stay well out of reach. Educated white women were already recoiling from Trump. Then came Kavanaugh. Republican women however, still really don’t like women.

No one has time to read the 14,000 word New York Times Trump tax investigation, but still should.  Trump has been robbing the troops his entire life. Who’s helping him now that Dad’s dead?

Markos "kos" Moulitsas helps clear up the dissembling of terms everyone wish were never coined (FFFF, Devil’s Triangle, Boof) in the effort to drop Brett Kavanaugh (Cleveland Steamer) onto the Supreme Court. McConnell needs Kavanaugh as much as Trump does.

Joan "joanmccarter” McCarter wonders if Susan Collins has a shred of decency left. If so, it’s because of of sustained constituent pressure, so keep it up, and clear the hallway!

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RadioPublic|LibSyn|YouTube|Patreon|Square Cash (Share code: Send $5, get $5!)

That wasn’t red red wine—that was blood! Blood flowing from Dom Cozzolino’s ear after he crossed Brett Kavanaugh and his gang of drinking buddies in 1985! Weird how that youthful indiscretion didn’t come up before now.

Well, David Waldman and the FBI are on the case so we’re sure to discover a lot more:

Brett Kavanaugh seems to have been a belligerent sloppy drunk back in the day, a bit dryer now, and maybe had a glimpse of self reflection somewhere in between. It was probably during a time of such introspection that Brett realized he needed to get all of his witnesses’ story straight, as friends and perjurers do.

Old white men told you not to set them off, but now you did it. The Gop has two plans to heal the nation:  just confirm Kavanaugh, and if that doesn’t work, just confirm Kavanaugh. After that, Brett will ensure there is no dispute anymore, and all your female problems will just go back to normal for good.

We are not out of belligerent liar stories. Point out a lie to Donald Trump, and you get the lie back with interest. A reporter says “Thank you” and Trump calls her a liar… or a moron.

Trump personally directed the effort to stop Stormy Daniels from telling the truth.

“People want to make sure we have a congressman that is not hypocritical,” is a lie. If you are referring to Devin Nunes, that is.

A reporter finds that having an opinion prohibits her from telling the truth.

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Welcome to October, and back from a kind of quiet weekend. At least comparatively so, considering last week. Donald Trump fell into yet another May-December romance, and he’s launching a new brand today. Things like that  shouldn’t pull the discussion away from Brett Kavanaugh and the tsunami crashing across our culture.

David Waldman welcomes Greg Dworkin, who rounded up punditry to explore the sources and destinations of this national drama. Brett Kavanaugh is both too big to fail, and yet doesn’t sound like, look like, or act like a Justice anyone would want. But Brett is an angry white male, which is just what angry white males happen to be looking for. No one wants a furious woman, however, although that is exactly what these times require. Voter enthusiasm is now at a record high, which is bad news for the Gop house, maybe even for the Senate.

The FBI is now maybe, sort of investigating Kavanaugh this week with free reign, give or take. Armando calls in to discuss how a lack of investigation, allowed testimony and witnesses might make a prosecutor reluctant to prosecute a case. Outside counsel Rachel Mitchell didn’t mention shameless liar Brett Kavanaugh. Why should Brett feel ashamed? Little lies, big lies, are just his opinion, and soon to be The Opinion. Of course, no discussion on dorm room debauchery is complete until a Chad weighs in, and a Chad is aghast, along with plenty of others who witnessed Kavanaugh. So why is a perjuring lout still going to be #5 against 4 after more than a dozen years of official red flags? Because he earned it.

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Yesterday, Brett Kavanaugh cried like a baby and whined like a dog, but most importantly he lied like a Trump.  Today, David Waldman brings us a LOL YOLO Nothing Matters ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Post-Hearing KITM:

Sure, the Senate Judiciary Committee is plowing ahead. After all, their base expects pillaging to follow rape. Christine Blasey Ford will soon be forgotten, like some dry hump in high school. If Dr. Blasey Ford wants results, maybe she should call a cop. Senator Amy Klobuchar should have called for security.

Lindsay Graham promises vengeance if, well there is no “if” but there will be vengeance. “Tit for tat“ is fun for journalists and senators to say, as it has “tit” in it and also they’re talking about sex abuse, see? So that will be handy, as it was during the Clarence Thomas hearings. Thomas did the defiance and anger thing too. Temper tantrums have always been manly, while ladies always apologize. Those are just the rules, unless they aren’t, or unless someone makes them change. Senator Jeff Merkley tries an injunction in federal court.

Russian trolls quit hiding, because what are we going to do about them?


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When you get a chance to listen to today’s KITM, and it probably won’t be in the middle of today, but when you do, you’ll find the usual insight and context from David Waldman and guest Greg Dworkin there to help you better understand the day’s events. To wit:

Today is the Brett Kavanaugh hearing. Quick, turn it on if you forgot.

Our Clown in Chief tried so hard to make this all about him, but even going full dotard wasn’t enough to grab the limelight. There are Kavanaugh campaign commercials out there, but you can’t really vote for Brett Kavanaugh and if you could, you wouldn’t. For the first time in 60-70 or more years Republican Senators have found a disadvantage in being white males.

Today is the beginning of a teaching and learning moment for millions of Americans. People have the chance to confront the issues of adolescent sexual violence, class privilege, white privilege, male privilege… or not. Maybe they’ll just go into a death embrace, and sink with their ignorance. Some go down as “rape apologists” rather than be known as Lib enablers. But, many will wrestle with their own truths — together. Many that know, or think they know Deborah Ramirez learned about themselves. Kavanaugh accuser #3, Julie Swetnick, was first to testify, and she knows what she’s talking about.

A former Virginia governor’s grandson accused of raping a fellow University of Virginia student has avoided prison time, partially due to an Alford plea, but mostly because he’s a rich, connected white boy. Strip clubs, golf courses, fraternities, locker rooms, the Republican party are all safe spaces for men to abuse women and minorities and to find love, while shouting “No homo!”

Trump scored millions in 2016, and then the deep state stole it all.

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Kavanaugh! One simply cannot keep up with all the ways Brett Kavanaugh is a coward, bully, cad and thief, but one is not KITM! In fact, KITM is two today: David Waldman and Greg Dworkin, and they’ll help you keep up until you throw up: 

It took 35 years too long to catch up with Bill Cosby’s crimes. It is long past time to believe the women. Four friends of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford have signed affidavits backing her up, three more Kavanaugh supporters are calling for investigations. Republicans have not been kept up on those developments, because they have arranged to be not kept up. The Republican witness relocation program relocated Mark Judge before he could testify. Still, more Yale alum won’t let Brett lie his way into the Supreme Court, anyhow, he was a sloppy drunk. Deborah Ramirez is certain that was Brett Kavanaugh’s penis in her face.

What’s the difference between a Frat and a Gang? Male bonding leads to male cowardice and cruelty, and Brett Kavanaugh will always be out there trying to impress the alphas.  Legal drinking age in Maryland changed to 21 when Brett Kavanaugh was 17 years old, but we know he knew that. Why would Kavanaugh stop lying or drinking after college when it worked so well for him? And, there’s always alphas left to impress.

Dr. Blasey Ford might school a few people tomorrow. Confirmation or not, women are set to show men how it’s done this midterm. Greg scored some sweet polling for us, with Dem leads matching Trump disapproval numbers, even in some pretty red states.

Don’t worry, Russia will get what it deserves in the end.

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David Waldman brings us another installment of The Brett Kavanaugh show, which is OK, because it takes a lot of attention and work to dislodge an infestation this ingrown and intractable.

Many are jumping ship on Kavanaugh before they are mistaken for vermin. Donald Trump wants the Kavanaugh confirmation done yesterday (because that was the last time he had a chance). As per tradition, Brett went before cameras with his wife staring lovingly into his ear as he threw out some last desperate lies.

Meanwhile, all of Kavanaugh’s actions recorded over time contradict his recollections. Unless he was lying then... no wait, that makes him exactly just as bad.

Donald reminds women that if they ever run into a problem, and they’re drunk, they’ve got nothing. Paula Apynys (aka Paula Writer) tells us that it doesn’t matter when assault victims speak up. People will always say they are too late. Barring the truth, and Trump always bars the truth, the only solutions remaining for Kavanaugh are cheating, and chaos. So, how about a little Rod Rosenstein smoke bomb? If it’s not a bluff, there’s always someone smirking in the shadows waiting to take over.

Donald Trump’s standup routine is a surprise hit at the UN.


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David Waldman brings us the first KITM of fall—Brett Kavanaugh’s fall. The thing about this fall though, is that every day becomes longer from this point on.

Greg Dworkin rounds up two Round-ups chock full of Kavanaugh and chaos:

Brett has another accuser, and another, and another? Soon his accusers will outnumber his defenders. CNN finds (enlists) 5 random (Republican operative) women whose sons and husbands can touch girls (rape all they want) as long as they turn out well (the paychecks keep coming).

Brett Kavanaugh’s fraternity pledges were fondly known as “buttholes”, but turns out they’re just assholes... Goppers knew what they were doing when they tried to scoot this confirmation along, which is to keep the Republican party, Federalist Society, Christian Right, white male hegemony from collapsing. Now that women aren't helping prop it up, it just might.

Or maybe not. David reminds us that 5 guys will make you do whatever they want.

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It’s not just another day of Kavanaugh craziness. It’s a Day of Kavanaugh Craziness. The bizarro theory that Brett Kavanaugh had an evil twin takes root, declares Mission Accomplished, and is then deleted. Who’s behind it? That Ed Whelan guy. Boy, I dunno.

Armando joined in the wide-ranging discussion of just how nutty this whole thing is becoming, plus other assorted sad tales of our times.

Is Trump even dumber than we thought? Or is this actually within tolerances for his stupidity? Apparently, he thinks Spain can deter migrants by building a wall. Across another continent. Seems like a fine time to have him chair a UN Security Council meeting, then.

More about that thing where Yale Law profs and/or “Tiger Moms” are said to be “grooming” clerks for Kavanaugh. That’s a loaded word. And maybe it’s the right one. But this is just the latest twist to a long-standing practice that keeps the loop closed on elite legal careers.

Trump’s team sets about gaslighting you about his confession to Lester Holt.

There was always something… not right…  about that guy who was so keen on 3-D printing guns.

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David Waldman returns to today’s Special Holiday KITM atoned, rested, and ready to tackle at least the next couple of days before the weekend:

Donald Trump was “briefed” yesterday in N.C., which is only slightly less embarrassing than being “pantsed”. At least a guy got a nice boat out of the deal, and even Donald came away learning something.

Greg Dworkin rounds up his round-up, and then some: The White House can’t withdraw Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination because that would break their winning streak of getting stuff done or whatever. Remember, the Kavanaugh train is not unstoppable.

A classmate of Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford made the mistake of speaking the truth, and learned to never do that again. Men on the other side of these things know to avoid speaking the truth at all times. Women know better, although women on the Gop side of things seem to have picked the Gop side of things. Diane Feinstein couldn’t make everyone happy, but there is plenty of time to fix that. If Dr. Ford’s testimony had never come out Kavanaugh would only be known as a lying sleaze.

The FBI isn’t Trump’s enemy, or his buddy either. Donald saw a thing on the telly-telly, so he said a thing, and that’s that. Is that how it works? If so, Trump could have fixed his problems years ago.

3 term Republican Senator Nancy Kassebaum and Kansas governor Bill Graves will vote against Kris Kobach. In Wisconsin, Scott Walker thrives in adversity, so he must be growing like a weed.

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With Trump, they say, "there's a tweet for everything." By now, there's a KITM for everything, too. It's not often that Yom Kippur and Talk Like a Pirate Day fall on the same day. That is, I don't think so, and I'm not interested in looking it up. But even if it happens a lot, we've got you covered, because we've got an episode that mentions both in the first five minutes.

And that's good enough for me.

Today on KITM: David Waldman tackles the inconvenient placement of Yom Kippur, “Talk Like a Pirate Day” (arr) and psychic vampire vaginal egg skimmers (arr). Don’t look for those at Toys 'R Us, they’re bankrupt. (arr)

Donald Trump made Robert Newton sound like Trevor Howard as he told the United Nations that he will destroy Rocket Mantotally, believe me, once he razes this UN dump.

Donald Jr. works to keep his secrets, even though it’s Eric that tried to hold a secret event at a Trump club. They just can’t keep enough of the nosy people out.

Trump told you he was being wiretapped! Soon, we will find out why.

Fox’s first rule about the sex-cult: Don’t talk about the sex-cult. Soon, Miss Universe 2013 will bite Donald harder than a Moscow hooker.

Warren Buffett knew the S&P 500 index would outperform a portfolio of funds of hedge funds, once the managers took their piece.

Republicans are desperate, in a corner, out of time, and quit caring a long time ago, so...

Direct download: September_19_2017_64_2.mp3
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Sometimes, having an eye for the little things means a lot.

For instance, the Brett Kavanaugh story has become a sweeping historical epic, a parable of our times, history in the making! While the rest of the media paints in broad strokes, come to KITM, and bring your loupe, because David Waldman will be examining the subtleties in the details entwined amongst the nuances others hurry past:

It is a long time until next Monday, and many minds, some brilliant, some stupid are working out strategies. Strategists should not plan on women being fooled however, because all women have run into at least one Brett Kavanaugh, and they know one when they see one.

Lying might not get Republicans through election day, so for once they might be forced to open the manual. David hauls out Jefferson’s manual, but you’ll have to keep in mind the distinctions between the original text and the commentary on the text if David isn’t there to read them in different funny voices. You will want to read it if you are looking for precedent on impeachment.

Robert Mueller needs to read Watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski’s secret Road Map to reporting unlawful and impeachable conduct to congress.

Direct download: September_18_2018_64.mp3
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Boom. Everyone’s ears will be ringing for at least a week after the Kavanaugh bombshell. Today, KITM is all Kavanaugh, as David Waldman charts the beginning of the repercussions.

Greg Dworkin rounded up a few dumpster fires that weren’t Kavanaugh related, along with some actual good news (for Democrats).

Remember Paul Manafort from last week? Manafort remains an existential threat to Trump.

Democratic confidence is going up, as it should. The Russia investigation is helping the midterms, because the midterms will help the Russia investigation.

Sure, thousands of people left without electricity, sanitation, or medical care after Maria died, but FEMA’s Brock Long counted only a few directly wind-related deaths.

Then there was the Brett Bad Boy Kavanaugh news. Christine Blasey Ford is on the record, already foiling Republican Plan A, and leaving Susan Collins greatly troubled. 65 women who were easy to find last week to defend Kavanaugh are harder to find this week. However, you can talk to the more than 200 women supporting Dr. Blasey Ford, and one of them just might be Kellyanne Conway

Donald Trump witnesses another fine man in his general vicinity ruined. Don McGahn probably knows just what Kavanaugh went through. Justice Anthony Kennedy probably did also.

Unfortunately, Brett has smeared and attacked women before, and lied to Senators on several topics, somewhat complicating the Gop plan to throw everything into a fan and perform an Inverse Garland to escape.

The conclusion is of course: Dems in disarray! Times have changed since the Thomas hearings. On the other hand, they haven’t changed at all.

Direct download: September_17_2018_64.mp3
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Friday’s here again, and we’re still here again! All good news. David Waldman lines up the news, good and bad, to set us up for the weekend:

An armed society is a polite society, but when a guy cuts you off, and you give them the finger, and they give the finger back to you, well, you don’t have much choice but to shoot them.

The state department spent $30,000 on Nikki Haley’s apartment curtains, which sounds steep, but that extra $22,801 to motorize them makes a lot of sense, because that’s just cool.

Armando spent about an hour with David figuring stuff out: 

We won some, we lost some in New York, and in the end winning is better.

Ken Starr senses that now would be a good time to hawk a book. David and Armando lament the lack of news in TV news, which just doesn’t have that in-depth touch of print media.

Brett Kavanaugh might have forced himself on a woman, and is certainly a bad choice for the Supreme Court, but The Intercept is just wondering, what about Diane Feinstein?

Paul Manafort strikes a deal with the Mueller team, and pleads guilty to two felony charges. Trump and Manafort lawyers have a joint defense agreement, as they all know collusion to be beneficial sometimes.

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David Waldman was feverishly boarding up the windows and reinforcing the doors at KITM World Headquarters when he discovered a hurricane was heading his way too! It’s always something!

It is hurricane season, with Florence, Isaac, and others heading our way. Hurricane Florence is downgraded to a category 2, while FEMA is downgraded to a subordinate of ICE. No matter how low he goes, Donald Trump still can’t limbo under Hurricane Maria.

Put bloodhounds on any money trail, and you’ll have some Trump treed in no time.

Flunkies don’t stand up to Trump, unless they want to quit being flunkies.

Donald Trump may stun America with a shocking November surprise! David will not keep you in suspense. Will the mob take over America before the Mob does? The Electoral College is too frightened to function.

Brett Kavanaugh is able to lie in print as well as he does face to face. Brett can be first on the Impeachment chopping block. We haven’t even gotten around to asking about the $200,000 in baseball tickets!

Less than a tenth of one percent of people who lied on their gun background check were prosecuted during the last year. Oh well, the police will probably pick them up for something else eventually.

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On today’s KITM, David Waldman attempts to answer: Is Donald Trump’s lying cynical or deluded? A toughie! There’s just so much evidence to support either hypothesis. But don’t ask Donald, it just makes him angry and it sure won’t get you anywhere. In fact, when the pig manure hits the hurricane, it’s best to simply head in the opposite direction of Trump’s advice.

Trump was just careful enough with his language to avoid specifically “advocating imminent lawless action” at his rallies.

George Papadopoulos lied too often and too much to be of much help to Robert Mueller.

The U.S. is on course for a $1 trillion deficit. That’s not a lie, but David sifts through a few lumps to get to the whole truth.

There is too much truth in calling your shooting range The Bullet Hole when your patrons receive titular souvenirs.

How much does Brett Kavanaugh need to lie before he is disqualified for a Supreme Court position? Susan Collins will tell you (and she would be lying).

Joan McCarter pops in for a visit, and to tell us that the only solution for Kavanaugh is for Chuck Schumer to whip Democrats into an united position, which should be easy as new polling shows there's no reason for ANY Democrat to vote for Kavanaugh.

An anti-Affordable Care Act judge demonstrates that the truth is whatever a judge decides it to be.

Direct download: September_12_2018_64.mp3
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David Waldman returns from a day of Rosh Hashanah merriment and Torah readings, aware that celebration and somber reflection must go hand in hand... unless you are some sort of sociopathic dotard, of course.

Ben Shapiro quickly scans Barack Obama’s latest speech to find hooks for his usual talking points, so that Republicans can quickly scan his articles for lib pwning tips.

Remember Omarosa Manigault Newman? She was kind of wondering if you did, so she thought she should release another recording she made of Donald Trump. White House staffers recorded Donald like parents at a school play.

Sen. Susan Collins will be voting for Brett Kavanaugh, although singing la la la with fingers in her ears does help her feel a bit less troubled by that.

The International Criminal Court suspects the US of war crimes. John Bolton is going to come over there and show them what illegitimate really means.

A court filing just revealed Maria Butina is ready to flip on her co-conspirator. And maybe a candidate or two, although there just doesn’t seem to be a shortage of candidates for Maria Butina.

If there is an opportunity for a mystery attack anywhere in the world, there are Russians up for the task, including hacking into the RNC email system, because you never know where you might find something useful, like missing John Kerry votes, or Supreme Court kompromat. Russians are cleared of an attack at a Washington DC condo.

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Happy 5779!

Unless you’re listening to today’s podcast, which could lead you to think it’s 5778, since it’s a rerun from September 12, 2017. But as a matter of fact, it was actually still 5777 on that date! So, ha!

Ted Cruz popped up last night as just another shade of the rightwing sex-cult. No soup porn... yet. If you want to spank Ted for it, get in line. David Waldman’s KITM paddle has holes drilled in it just for these occasions, but today it’s reserved for bigger asses:

Where to start—Russians or Trump? Trick question, they fade seamlessly into each other. Which we knew since the Steele dossier, and which many knew long before that. Just when you thought Putin and Trump couldn’t be more intertwined new connections emerge. Trump lied to conceal his Moscow business partners right through the election. Russia used Facebook events to organize anti-immigrant rallies. How could they get away with that? Pretty easily. Let a Russian Russia-splain American sovereignty to you. 

Russia to white supremacy to Trump is a short path. The Senate passed a resolution on Monday condemning white supremacist organizations, which could force Trump to go on the record about these fine people.

Hope Hicks, how does she do it? We might find out soon!

Direct download: September_12_2017_64_2.mp3
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Yay, we make it to the weekend! Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh probably have a golf date over at Bedminster, but incase you weren’t invited, David Waldman brings us the latest, connecting the two with Republican and Russian hacking, the dark web, deep web, Michael Flynn, Barbara OlsonComstock, Ledeen, W9/11! We didn’t start the fire, no we didn't light it, but we tried to fight it:

Trump will keep NAFTA, but maybe with the “T” bigger, and in gold.

Trump will not answer questions about obstruction, not even in writing, not even as a multiple choice quiz.

The Feds are finally looking into the Trump Organization's finances. Democrats are finally looking into Brett Kavanaugh’s finances.

Brett Kavanaugh’s little concern eyebrows have been telling on him lately, as he looks into the face of perjury, and into the eyes of Sen. Patrick Leahy, victim of Republican email theft during the George W. Bush administration. Newly released emails, like the one with the subject line “spying”, were sent from Barbara Leeden, who's now a Chuck Grassley staffer in the Russia probe and is tied to Mike Flynn. Leeden used dark and deep webs to try to lock Hillary Clinton up.

Direct download: September_7_2018_64.mp3
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David Waldmanlodestar of KITM and Daily Kos Radio listeners worldwide, lights our way:

Greg Dworkin asks: “So, what do you want to talk about?” There’s not much eye contact happening today in the West Wing, at least for those who haven’t called in sick this week. Penceworld isn’t the happiest place on earth. Donald Trump sees treason all about him, just because that’s exactly the kind of people he hires, and the performance he has always demanded. His traitors haven’t squeezed enough out of him to plunge in the final dagger, but soon.

Meanwhile, somebody, who knows who, nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Now what? David recognizes Patrick Leahy’s gift of institutional wisdom, along with a few institutional memories as well. Memories of Manny Miranda’s memorandum misappropriation led Leahy to confront Kavanaugh on his connections to the controversy. Kamala Harris knows Kavanaugh knows. Everyone knows Brett Kavanaugh will overturn Roe, despite his load of stare decisis. Cory Booker brings it, and dares the Gop to try. Armando calls in to talk procedure, strategy, and to figure out what matters.

The Gop has learned one lesson: Always enforce loyalty.

Nancy Pelosi finally makes it to the big time, appearing on the cover of a major national newsmagazine for the first time in her career!

Direct download: September_6_2018_64.mp3
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What exactly did David Waldman do with his hands during today’s KITM?

Of course, things like that are always open to interpretation. For example, what’s up with Zina Bash? Is she too racially impure to demand racial purity? Fred Guttenberg, father of Parkland victim Jaime, is on tape attempting to shake hands with Brett Kavanaugh, but the White House will tell you what you are looking at isn’t what you are seeing. Donald Trump has told his wives, plaintiffs, prosecutors and citizens that for years. With Bob Woodward’s new book out, interpreting reality should remain a hot topic.

Greg Dworkin is here to save the Republican party by helping them return to reality. The blue wave is on the horizon, but Massachusetts’s Ayanna Pressley demonstrates that wave’s generational, gender and racial power. All of that power is making the Delaware Senate primary exciting. The former GOP governor of Kansas endorses Democrat Laura Kelly over Kris Kobach.

Republican corruption remains a solid motivator for voters, as is Republican greed. As long as Democrats keep getting in touch with constituents, and no one wants to be touched by Donald Trump, Democrats are in their best position yet to retake the House. Ted Cruz can’t bend the reality of the trouble he’s in. Cruz versus Beto all depends on if hes or shes turn out.

Armando, a student of legal realism, and an advocate of constitutional hardball needs us to face reality on how we will fix the mess our system is in. Should we follow the rules? Should they follow the rules?  What are rules? Get the gavel(s). Then work out the rules.

Who needs reality? Maybe we just need to feel like we are in power.

Kaepernick is a sonofabitch, but Trump still has a soft spot for Nike.

The British know how to handle Russian agents.

Finally, the witch hunt ends.

Direct download: September_5_2018_64.mp3
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David Waldman was late and owes us 6 minutes today. Put it on his tab:

Speaking of late, Democrats hurl themselves into battle during Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination hearing, after receiving  the last minute dump of a percent or two of the necessary documentation.  David talks Gang of 14, Nuclear Option, judicial filibusters, Patrick Leahy’s felicitous anamnesis, and related legends, myths and history.

Speaking of judicial impeachment, the West Virginia House impeached the entire state Supreme Court. David explores the why and how.

Kris Kobach wants to be the next Trump, but is too stupid to reach even that level, as he probably intentionally failed to register voters during his hunt for voter fraud.

You knew Bruce Ohr had to be pretty cool, based on the enemies he cultivated. David looks into the efforts to flip Oleg Deripaska on Russian organized crime, and Donald Trump, natch.

Screwing Russian oligarchs became an issue for Maria Butina the moment she forgot the difference between a euphemism and a metaphor.

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It’s Labor Day! There’s no better day not to reinvent the wheel. Hence, we share our perfectly good and still relevant September 4, 2017 episode:

Hey, you got the day offgood for you! What better way to spend it, than to do whatever you want to do today, plus some David Waldman and KITM flowing through your earbuds.

Donald Trump has decided to end DACA, with 6-month delay (maybe to get it closer to the 2018 elections?). Matt Damon says the guy was always an ass. John Kelly has to keep Omarosa away from Trump so Donald isn’t triggered. Kelly finds it tough leading a despotic ball-busting baby-man.

If you are celebrating Labor Day today, maybe robots haven’t yet taken your job. Unless you are actually a robot, and you are just saying that to impress people on Twitter. If you are on Twitter you probably are a bot, in which case congratulations, you make a lot more than me. The Bot King is pro-Trump, but denies that he is Russian. The remaining humans on Twitter are mired in futile bot wars. Our Sarah Connor might end up being Valerie Plame.

Russian election hacking continues to turn up, with little attention being paid. Meanwhile, Cambridge Analytica tried a move into the Kenyan Elections, but they don’t allow crap like that there. Around the world, Denmark and Sweden team up against Russian cyberattacks and propaganda, and Norway preemptively orders a manual recount of all ballots to prevent tampering.


Direct download: September_4_2017_64_2.mp3
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It’s summer sequel time! David Waldman presents a pre-recorded KITM follow up to his previous examination of the House of Saud, and its sequels, Son of Saud, and the Other Son of Saud. Mohammed bin Salman is out to reform Saudi Arabia, with a little charm, a little imprisonment, a little torture, a little death, and a little help from Jared Kushner, prince of the like-minded House of Trump.

David does a deep dig into the rise of M.B.S as the next Saudi king, what he’s had to do so far, and what he’ll have to do next, including the takeover of Qatar, and the World Cup.

Direct download: August_31_2018_64.mp3
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On today’s KITMDavid Waldman shares Donald Trump’s homemade fudge recipe.

Fresh out of the oven: Trump takes pride in the 2,975 fantastic jobs he performed in Puerto Rico. Trump was startled to read in his tweet that Don McGahn had to leave so soon. McGahn himself served up plenty of fudge with some obstruction, some collusion sprinkles.

Andrew Gillum doesn’t touch the stuff.

Greg Dworkin rounds up the post-Gillum narratives: Is Andrew Gillum Bernie Sanders? Is Beto O’Rourke Barack Obama? Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez John McCain? Armando thinks such talk is just so much… fudge. There remains a long fight ahead and certain battles will be won or lost, sometimes by small margins, but remember we are fighting for something much bigger. Pennsylvania is looking good for Dems at the moment. Winter is coming. The storm that awaits.

The white working class took flight when they saw Obama. Did you know that some white people use words such as “monkey” as a sort of code?

David returns to yesterday’s fudge fest on Salena Zito. Who’s full of more of it—Zito, her detractors, or their detractors?

Direct download: August_30_2018_64.mp3
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It may all feel like a hump, but David Waldman brings us the last Wednesday KITM before Labor day and election season:

Donald Trump watched TV last night. Not that he needs to, to make up stuff. He also won that last argument with Don McGahn. Trump makes plans to win all future arguments.

The Gop do not know where this NAFTA thing is supposed to go.

Trump baby balloons aren’t just for golf courses! Get one for your neighborhood.

Paul Ryan’s deep state is now focused on a former C.I.A. officer running for Congress.

Greg Dworkin rounds up the post-primary and post-John McCain news. The big story is the big race in Florida. Andrew Gillum tried out the untested campaign strategy of offering representation for his constituents, the benefit being that the more he represents, the more popular he becomes. The big stories on FL governor nominee Andrew Gillum are yet to be written, as no one thought to write them until now. Of course there might be big bad stories coming, but what matters is the record numbers that are paying attention. GOP turnout isn’t low. It’s Dem turnout that’s high. And that’s what makes the difference.

Meanwhile, an AZ state legislator went for the pervy old man vote, was caught with his pants down. 6 incumbent OK state legislators are no longer, after turning on teachers. Even Oklahoma’s governor race looks up for grabs.

Salena Zito doesn’t know what she’s talking about, which is ok by her editors and publishers.

Joan McCarter misses us! She called in bring us up-to-date on DC shenanigans. Senate Republicans peep out of their holes on the news John McCain has died, and scurry about to try again to repeal Obamacare. Donald Trump plans one more pre-election wall fitEvery Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee is demanding a delay in the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, while Chuck Schumer paddles in the other direction.

Direct download: August_29_2018_64.mp3
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Interim President Sarah Sanders prepares to attend John McCain’s funeral, Donald Trump figures out The Google, and David Waldman hits ⌘ Cmd + Roust on his computer to commence another KITM day:

Presidente Peña Nieto? Viejo Chocho Trump, línea dos.

The only Latino employee at the Federation for American Immigration Reform quit when he realized FAIR was the hate group.

When the President’s party changes, Brett Kavanaugh judgements evolve.

There is no way to block the full-spectrum corruption of Donald Trump. Donald pulls Presidential strings to help out Trump hotels, for some reason. 

Robert Mueller has Blackwater’s Erik Prince's phones, and computer.

Bruce Ohr spent his career fighting Russian organized crime, directly leading to him fighting Donald Trump.

Heroes emerge in the Jacksonville shooting. Scapegoats emerge, also. The far-right demands a crackdown on churches, synagogues, grandmas, the abundance of headphones, the paucity of silencers, and your attitude, buster.

Maggie Haberman speaks in tongues as her sources quit trying to figure out their boss.

Sam Nunberg lost his mind, is still looking around for it.

Direct download: August_28_2018_64.mp3
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What did you do for David Waldman’s birthday last weekend? Both Armando and I celebrated the way we always have, with our own birthday parties!

Sadly John McCain, who died this weekend, was only 4 days shy of his birthday. Greg Dworkin tells us that with John McCain gone, so is the Republican Party. No one could ever take the place of John McCain, but the AZ governor sort of has to set that up, as it’s his job to place an actual Republican, or whatever it is that is available now, into that position. Alternatively, they could put in a placeholder, like his wife, or somebody.

Trump disapproval remains remarkably stable, although Trump loathing must shot up at least as fast as the White House flag this morning. Independent voters might be finally catching on, for good.

As a rule, a sociopathic dotard exhibits no respect, everEveryone and everything Donald touches rots. His supporters have already rotted.

Manafort and Cohen thought they’d get away with it, because everyone always gets away with it.

David digs into the nuts and bolts of the latest major Democratic Party reforms, in anticipation of when Armando calls up and they really dig into it.

Direct download: August_27_2018_64.mp3
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The time bomb keeps ticking, and is probably golfing right now, which is good as news as any to come out of the White House. Allen Weisselberg gets immunity, so clearly Robert Mueller is heading in the right direction. “Chairman-1” David Pecker, owner of the Trump mouthpiece National Enquirer has got permission to empty his safe of sleaze with the list of those caught and killed.

David Waldman-1 describes how Pecker got his power, and how he can hope it might shield him from wayward trucks.

There are still news contributors contractually forbidden from criticizing Trump.

Content and information polluting Russian bots and trolls spread both pro- and anti-vacccine messages, because like Trump, they need to sow division to survive.

Direct download: August_24_2018_64.mp3
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David Waldman’s kids finally get out of the kitchen and onto a school bus today! Also:

Greg Dworkin isn’t here to talk about Donald Trump’s impeachment. Democrats want to talk about  corruption first, then a million other impeachable offenses, before getting to that “I-word”. Trump doesn’t want to be impeached until he figures out how to get some money out of it. Voters are beginning to warm to the idea, however. Republicans urge their embattled incumbents to speak out on Trump.

Donald hates those flipping rats, and is correct that Michael Cohen will get a statue before he does. Trump knows he is an illegitimate president whose election is tainted by fraud, but won’t let that stop him from burning it all down after he’s cornered. Michael Cohen pled guilty because he was cornered. If you think these things are obvious, you haven’t had a Trump supporter on your jury.

All the headlines go to Trump, making it difficult for other Republicans to get noticed. Here are a few your consideration: Scott Lloyd got a woman pregnant, took her for an abortion, and now says Jews who died in the Holocaust had it lucky. Vern Buchanan and Duncan Hunter tried to rake it in while no one was looking

Sure, not all things have gone the Gop’s way lately, but a brown man killed a white woman recently, and Tucker Carlson discovered white people in Africa that Donald Trump can save, so there’s that.

Armando calls in to talk about legal buffoon Alan Dershowitz, the Dr. Oz of campaign finance law, also Trump v. Cohen v. reality, and some advice for those considering piercing the corporate veil.

Direct download: August_23_2018_64.mp3
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Boom! The first charges go off in Trump Swamp, and we are just beginning to see the first floaters.

David Waldman, Greg Dworkin and Armando don’t know where to cast their nets first, but they have two hours to brave the smell and haul them in:

The guilty fragile narcissist dumb baby dotard unindicted co-conspirator feels some felony payoff remorse this morning, another case of “hiring the best peoplesticker shock. Donald would rather be golfing.

The spinners can hardly get the energy to twist this morning. Aw, heck if the Republicans themselves say they’re guilty, maybe they are. Robert Mueller achieves results.

Paul Manafort’s guilt leads to Russia, which leads to a lot worse things than life in prison, so Paul keeps his lips zipped.

And then there is Duncan Hunter: Republicans might cut him out of committees, but he can still win in November! The Navy has a suggestion for Duncan. Coming up: Vern Buchanan explains seven-figure yacht loans from foreign banks.

Armando eloquently elocutes allocution in law, similarities and dissimilarities between the John Edwards and Michael Cohen cases. Also, Manafort, Papadopoulos, Kavanaugh, Hunter, Guliani, Dershowitz and more!

Direct download: August_22_2018_64.mp3
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David Waldman couldn’t stand the heat, but he didn’t get out of the kitchen. He had it air conditioned yesterday to bring us an even cooler KITM today:

George Papadopoulos doesn’t want to go to jail. Robert Mueller thinks Papadopoulos shouldn’t have lied so many times, then. Now George thinks his plea deal doesn’t look so good anymore. Decisions!

Maybe someone will get a little of what they deserve for poisoning Flint water. 

You might be a white supremacist if… You attend a EURO convention. You are a speaker there. You are then praised by Stormfront. And/or if you are Steve Scalise.

Idiot alt-righters fell for yet another anti-anti-fascist doxxing trap and all they got was a lousy t-shirt.

Sen. Bill Nelson said Russians had penetrated his state's election systems, and you know, he might be right.

Facebook advertising ROI is proven once again, demonstrating notable gains in hate and fear indexes.

Direct download: August_21_2018_64.mp3
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It's the long-awaited Air Conditioning Replacement Day celebration at KITM World HQ! What does that mean? It means you get to enjoy this "encore presentation" of our August 21, 2017 episode. It was a simpler time, then! The sun was being eclipsed by the moon, and we were puzzling for just the first time over why the media seemed intent on keeping Steve "Shambling Mound" Bannon relevant despite his dismissal from the White House:

David Waldman’s being followed by a moon shadow, moon shadow, moon shadow... It’ll catch up with him later today, but for right now he is still producing new, but non-live versions of KITM. David is in South Carolina, but probably not visiting the state’s protected Confederate monuments. The whole point of Confederate monuments is to celebrate white supremacy. That, and to make money for statue makers. The clone army is in retreat, but might rise again if we aren’t alert. We are just now rediscovering the lost history of the only coup d’état ever to take place on American soil.

So, who the f@&$ is Steve Bannon? It’s not too late to ask that question, because he’s not actually going away like he really should. Steve Bannon stayed at the White House to advise Trump on very fine Nazis, but everyone knows Gorka’s the house Nazi, and Bannon wasn’t awfully up on Muslims, or geography. Steve Bannon’s expertise lies in climate denial, meth production, porn, and ass-kissing, but unfortunately he wasn’t meeting Trump’s standard.

A white nationalist ship refused help from a refugee rescue boat, so maybe they think they are superior swimmers as well.

Direct download: August_21_2017_64_2.mp3
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Donald Trump let himself off early today, to kick back, binge on his favorite tv shows, and grab a little “me time”, leaving David Waldman to sweep up a few lingering stories to get us through the weekend:

Bone Spur Donald’s parade has been postponed, until never. Our businessman president had the price all figured out, except for a few digits here and there. Maybe next Bastille Day he can ask the French how they run their government so efficiently. 

You can’t buy Omarosa’s silence. Not for $179,000. And, not with Trump’s idiot lazy lawyers, who are known for screwing up confidentiality agreements. David holds a seminar on the arbitration process.

The not so magic kingdom of SaudLand holds a special place in Donald Trump’s heart. Canada, on the other hand, Donald isn’t really that into. So, when Sauds float their whim of diving a plane into Toronto, Canadians probably shouldn’t turn our way for sympathy. Why fly an airliner into a building when you can just foreclose on it?

Direct download: August_17_2018_64.mp3
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David Waldman introduces a new paradigm in disruptive innovation: a “web-enabled” system capable of transferring David’s unique thoughts and emotions, opinions and facts, directly to you, almost instantly, or at any time, day or night, that you alone can independently select.  Experience KITM.

Also, Elon Musk has a new idea.

Greg Dworkin finds common ground with Trump loyalists. Make the House Democratic, and impeach Trump. Win-win! Even Alex Jones could tell you so, if he wasn’t so hard to hear lately. A dad tramples Nazi-boy’s free speech, might start charging him rent.

Greg’s got the polls! Dems are doing very well, but even better with the Trump bump. Nancy Pelosi is the last thing on voter’s minds. Richard Uihlein has lost $29,000,000 betting Gop. Democrats keep politics local to win elections. Those big red areas on Trump’s favorite map have lots of other colors too.

John Brennan is first off on Trump’s enemy listWho is Bruce Ohr, and is Donald making the moves on his wife? OK, just keep it up, and Omarosa will just keep dropping tapes. Trump’s lawyers dislike subpoenas. They’ll hate indictments.

David examines Elizabeth Warren’s plan to save capitalism for the stakeholders.

Disarray? Rhode Island’s Democrats love the stuff!

Harvey Weinstein’s couch may have seen a lot of sex traffic.

Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, has died. RIP

Direct download: August_16_2018_64.mp3
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David Waldman opens today’s KITM with a live comparison test between Google Hangouts and Skype that went about as well as you’d imagine, and you’d have to, as Netroots Radio also went in the crapper around the same time, taking us off the air for the first 15 minutes.

Then computers rebooted, buttons got pushed, Greg Dworkin called in, and it all got better.

Yesterday was a Primary Day, and you know what that means! So, let’s talk about Omarosa, who DNGAF about NDAs, or much of anything other than winning Presidential Apprentice. Maybe now we can all agree that Donald Trump is a racist by every imaginable standard. Trump is right to be scared of an N-word tape.

One in three Americans “like” Donald Trump. Why so many? God only knows, but that number won’t win many elections. Wisconsin Dems finally have a chance to beat Scott Walker. Dems have the enthusiasms! Not just one, but many, which is why Democrats are set to make a lot of history this November... by representing Americans.

Hatch Act violation alert! The Treasury Department votes Trump. White House membership has its privileges, at least $350,000 worth.

Does capitalism need saving? If so, Elizabeth Warren could be the savior, by returning shareholder supremacy back to stakeholders.

Would you believe Qanon spread because people wanted to make some money off rubes?

Direct download: August_15_2018_64.mp3
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Daily Kos Radio turns 7 years old! As you exit, be sure to slip a little something into KITM’s birthday bag!

David Waldman’s job is to explore all of those intricate webs of lies and corruption that others just don’t have the time or focus to provide. Tuesday is his day to pick up the loose web threads:

Chris Collins wants out, but he can’t get out of trouble, and he’s even having hard time keeping unelected.

Posing as president is tough for a sociopathic dotard that really doesn’t care if “you are up”, or that’s “what you call” your country. Donald Trump is shackled in place by a job title that won’t let him Peter Principle his way into assisted living.

Armando calls in to talk of our dog of a president’s latest sad attempts to become alpha. Being a dog back in the  ‘70’s, Donald would indiscriminately hook up with any mob, but with age came loyalty, sort of. Either way, he’s hooked for life.

Of the two ways to subjugate a country, the sword or debt, one messes up your future property a lot less. Saudi Arabia weaponizes its wealth and aims it at Canada. The United Arab Emirates wages financial war against Qatar to steal the World Cup, and the rest of Qatar while they’re at it. Multi-sleazy multimillionaire David Rowland is connected to much of this.

The DOJ adds a weapons trafficking expert to the Maria Butina trial.

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His golf game rained out, Donald Trump stayed inside, motorboating motorcyclists, his very important contingent, and an prime example of those supporters Trump relies upon... as opposed to that wacky, vicious, low-life Omarosa, who Donald had to fire 3 times—plus another time he just found out about—because she, well, didn’t really “fit in” with the group. Now that Ja’Ron, he’s a good one. (Whatever his last name is.) There’s a certain level of loyalty and commitment expected in conservative quarters, you know... What about North Korea!

The great news: November keeps coming, and nobody can prevent thatDavid Waldman joins with Dr. Greg Dworkin (Ret.) (not yet) to round up pundits, and polls, without which we might think Trump is popular, and wouldn’t notice the big blue blizzard heading our way.

Losers might actually be losing for once. Trump calls to boycott Harley-Davidson, and Scott Walker ahead of Tuesday’s primary. Chris Collins suspends his reelection campaign, but he still needs to resign. New polls show Ted Cruz could really lose, once people meet Beto O’Rourke. IL-MN-MI-OH-IA-WI could go blue, and if not all of them, that’s still good. “Unite the Right” united a couple of dozen of “them”, and lots of “us”. Once upon a time, Richard M. Nixon was a popular president.

The America conservatives hate has always been the the one they’ve known and hated.

Are you still sure there’s no need to worry? It’s not just Kobach: Three vote-suppressing Secretaries of State are overseeing their own elections in 2018.

A fourth federal judge, this time a Trump appointee, has rejected a challenge to special counsel Robert Mueller's appointment. Donald is not good at getting stuff done or whatever. Is Space Force the Trump Steaks of his presidency so far? Devin Nunes does his part, by tampering with witnesses in Azerbaijan.

Direct download: August_13_2018_64.mp3
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We take advantage of the freedom of our format today to present a “commercial”-free reading of a long-form—and I mean long—piece that just might give us some framework for understanding what the autocrats and other assorted dingbats in charge of what now passes for “Middle East policy” could possibly be thinking. Could it possibly help explain the rather bizarre circumstances surrounding the dismissal of Secretary of State Rex “Everything” Tillerson?

Direct download: August_10_2018_64.mp3
Category:News & Politics -- posted at: 11:40am EST

ZOOM! Cadet Pence reporting for duty on Space Force! Commander Donald J. Trump directs invisible planes to aim their missile-missiles, just like you see on the telly-telly! True Americans, led by Laura Ingraham make their last stand against those massive demographic changes that none voted for and never liked, ever since dirty immigrants starting washing up on shore in the 1400’s! Todd Kincannon is… crazy!

Here on our planet, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin commiserate on our world’s sorry stateBrett Kavanaugh will make things worse forever. For Chris Collins cronies who are not yet rich, you might be too late, as Collins is out of the millionaire making business. If Mueller doesn’t want to hear any lies, he shouldn’t ask Trump any questions. Even Republicans picking up a paycheck for being Republican aren’t awfully into their party at the moment. The Republicans’ plan is to pump up their base by disgusting everyone else, and you know Trump’s the man for that plan. In Virginia, women form an insurgency to topple Dave Brat, and discover he’s weak around the grill.

Devin Nunes had one job, and unfortunately for him and Trump, part of that job was not telling what that job was. At Paul Manafort’s trial, Rick Gates reveals the money trail, and all money somehow eventually leads to Trump.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hits the big time, with journalists, vetters, oppo researchers, and David becoming interested in her background details.

Direct download: August_9_2018_64.mp3
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We lost. Yay! How many times do we have to tell you that this is what winning looks like? (No really, how many times? Asking for a friend.) Honestly, OH-12’s close loss is one of those “good” close losses, as David Waldman and Greg Dworkin discuss this morning after, while bagging up the takeaways: The Generic Democrat is popular, the new wave is still to crest, college educated are finally smartening up,  more women are always welcome, and Missouri voters wiped out their “right to work” bill, which is big, nice news for unions.

Congrats and condolences to Ron Estes.

Paul Ryan began at nothing and slowly faded away. We won’t see Trump throwing victory signs from the stairs of Marine One anytime soon.

This just in: Rep. Chris Collins is going out, on insider trading charges, surrendering without a shootout. David examines the charges.

Move over turtle farms, David suggests Betsy DeVos take over the Department of Agriculture. Who cares about experience or even basic knowledge? Get a Mar-a-Lago membership and get in line. Who the hell is יצחק "אייק" פרלמוטר? David needs all of the words, even some Yiddish ones, to explain things sometimes.

We knew they were lying, the FCC admits it lied about the cyberattack that it used to ignore net neutrality comments. Goofy jerks Ajit Pai and David Bray blame each other.

Direct download: August_8_2018_64.mp3
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David Waldman brings us another information and insight packed KITM, available on RadioPublic, YouTube, TuneIn, Netroots Radio, and now simulcast on a giant screen currently erected in your back yard! (Made you look)

The Daily Caller picks their hill to die on against the New York Times, and it’s in Me.

Look, we know this isn’t why you tuned in today. You hunger for the latest Wilbur Ross news, and David fills that void with new details about Wilbur Ross’ business that point to a pattern of grifting. Actually, it points to Ross stealing about 120 million dollars, and fistfuls of Sweet'N Low packets.

Armando calls in to talk politics. The Rick Scott-Bill Nelson race for the U.S. Senate is “local”, but gone national in importance and price tag. Armando gives us his upshot of his time at Netroots Nation, and a preview of the in-depth article he’s putting together for Daily Kos this weekend. Netroots showed the Blue Wave might actually be a new wave movement.


Direct download: August_7_2018_64.mp3
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David Waldman welcomes all the cools kids back from Netroots Nation. If you thought it was too far away this year, the good news is maybe it’ll be closer in Philadelphia in 2019.

Greg Dworkin had two enormous stories to share, and skipped over them to talk about Qanon. It seems that masterminds of MAGA caught on to our prank. Now that the jig’s up, we’ll have to concentrate on winning elections by fielding candidates set to do good for their constituents. Kris Kobach is becoming renown for grifting and stupidity, and thus is a shoe-in for the Kansas Republican primary. Corrupt Democrat Robert Menendez is buoyed by being a Democrat in 2018, foundering by being a crook.  

The enormousest story, of course, is Donald Trump throwing Jr. under the bus while managing to be swept under the duallys himself. Trump continues making stuff up, while dancing the puppet hopak. How does Hope Hicks do it

A Trump Troll apologizes, and reaches his hand out in friendship... Thanks! Let’s work together to reestablish a nation of laws, and move on together. Republicans keep mum on their 2018 agenda also. No one likes printed guns, but you can’t stay in the Gop if you say that. Russia likes the US court system for its ease in eliminating dissidents

Are we in an Orwellian or Huxleyist dystopia? Why deny ourselves the experience of both?

Direct download: August_6_2018_64.mp3
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Donald Trump is golfing, resulting in fewer Trump cataclysms today, sort of, although he still has plenty cooking. Nonetheless, this gives David Waldman and us a moment to catch our breath and catch up before the weekend:

As folks (i.e. mob bosses, war lords and assorted plutocrats) at the National Prayer Breakfast and Gop circles can avouch, Maria Butina is the gift that keeps on giving. Donald Trump is still a bit confused on the Russian topic. Another female super-spy is uncovered at the US embassy in Moscow, after spying a decade, so maybe Donald will point at Barack, or Hillary, or Bill.

Robert Mueller is moving several FARA cases to New York prosecutors.

Remember when George W. Bush said he could override a torture ban? David does, as was part of a meeting President Obama convened with civil liberties advocates. The question is, what does Brett Kavanaugh remember about the W. years? (Kavanaugh’s pretty questionable in many ways.) Voting to confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is more than an act of Congressional suicide, it’s the Republican murder of the legislative branch of government. The second half of KITM is devoted to a compression of more than a decade of David’s thoughts and warnings on the subject, as well as a primer on “Historical Gloss”. If we aren’t doomed already, Republicans will keep trying.

Direct download: August_3_2018_64.mp3
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Today, in his modest Virginia kitchen studio, David Waldman contemplates wistfully all of the revelry and conviviality in New Orleans, not even a beignet to dunk, instead clenching a burning commitment to deliver our daily KITM:

Two police officers are injured in a shooting by a fellow officer at a funeral tribute to another officer. Don’t you just hate when that happens?

Greg Dworkin brings us more #gunFAIL: A gun safe, at least one that was used, could stop most school shootings. Greg also brings us more crazy from the crazier: Donald Trump is king of the haters. Republicans are in disarray, as Koch-lovers get nervous when they leave money on the table. America begins to realize its kleptocracy problem watching the Manafort trial, even if the prosecution can’t say that out loud. Tad Devine, chief strategist for Bernie Sanders, told us our economy is rigged, as he helped rig Ukraine’s economy.

White, college-educated women are getting too smart for Steve Bannon. They’re getting too smart for Trump and Republicans too. Central Ohio is suddenly up for grabs, as independents go to the Democrat, and Trump runs to the rescue. In Virginia, a Republican candidate’s staff fight to split the vote with an independent. In Montana, the Green candidate, who was earlier the Libertarian candidate, was always a Gop employee. Another fake Green is exposed in New York.

David reads the ProPublica story of how Kris Kobach conned city after city, by first selling them anti-immigrant fear, then anti-immigrant solutions, until they were bankrupt. Samantha Bee scooped us all a year ago. Counties across the nation fall off the financial cliff, as they are fleeced one by one. Just one more Supreme Court judge and Kobach can be pre-right!

Direct download: August_2_2018_64.mp3
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Everyone’s off to Netroots Nation! Except for David Waldman, Greg Dworkin, me and you. Well, maybe you are too, but that’s even more reason to listen to today’s KITM. Catch up on the latest between conferences!

Meanwhile, an alternative universe hosts white power rallies. The press reaps the deplorables, right where they sowed them. The next lunatics to bathe in the media gaze: Qanon. Get ready to hear their thoughts spoken over cups of diner coffee. No matter what, this will never be normal. Real journalism fights back in the margins.

The blue wave will be pink. A winning theme for Democrats? Kids, and health care. The Trump administration knew what they were doing to children, then decided to do more of it. A judge rules the administration must stop giving psychotropic drugs to migrant children without consent, but it will take more than that to stop them. Until then, kids will die.

Donald Trump lies a lot. Who knows why, but he does. When he says he’s tired of Bob Mueller though, he ain’t lying.

Maria Butina told an American CEO to send cash to Moscow, and for some reason, he did.

Be envious: Armando is going to Netroots Nation. On his way, he calls in to discuss Marc Short, who left the Trump administration to pick up a paid senior fellowship at the University of Virginia, although he’s not an academic, or experienced, and is a proven liar. Short’s experienced, academic ex-co-workers feel no need to represent both sides.

If you knew what Bob Mueller knows about Donald Trump, you’d know Trump is as guilty as sin.

Direct download: August_1_2018_64.mp3
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Donald Trump woke up this morning, confused. 3-D plastic guns don’t make much sense to him, and he’s planning on “looking into them”… heh. Speaking of GunFAIL, printed guns are the hot new thing to talk about, but David Waldman still feels the typical buyer might find them a bad penis substitute, as they are silly looking, too bulky and way too hard to conceal… moving on: 

Another “good guy” with a gun can’t convince the police of his “good guy”-ness in time and is fatally shot. It might take some time to figure out which guy with a gun was the “good guy” there.

What was Maria Butina doing at the National Prayer Breakfast? As with the many other Russians, and others that attend each year, she was just earning a buck.

For the second hour of KITM, David welcomes back Professor Ian Reifowitz to discuss how Trump’s tax plan was a lie. The administration has moved on, now putting together a unilateral tax cut for the rich. This will give wealthy people thousands more to not trickle down to the economically anxious, who have become economically delirious, happy to suffer to the death if needed.

Direct download: July_31_2018_64.mp3
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Here comes Netroots Nation! And KITM… well, KITM won’t actually be there, but you’ll be hearing a lot about it from David Waldman leading up to and during the convention. Overall, news like this will be reaching you much more efficiently, now that Daily Kos welcomed their first-ever communications director, Carolyn Fiddler, and opened their new Washington, D.C., office. 

All politics being local, Greg Dworkin rounded up some he discovered right in his own backyard. Connecticut sees a youth surge in voter registration. Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District is happy to choose between the greater of two greats. New faces, young blood, and braver stances are popping up everywhere. In David’s backyard however... Republican Denver Riggleman’s Bigfoot erotica is not being appreciated by Democrat Leslie Cockburn.

Trump backers will back Trump, but it’s harder finding them each day. Sean Spicer continues to gaslight, Rudy Giuliani destroys the goalposts. Donald bleats apoplectically. The New York Times therefore searches for balance by talking to the #1 Trump backer. Con men usually can find a way to slip away, unfortunately for everyone Trump’s con has to go 4 years. With all of this going on, Democrats better be doing well going into November.

“Prayer” and “Breakfast” used to be such nice things, but the National Prayer Breakfast is an institution designed to defile all of that. Maria Butina plied various trades, for various benefactors at the Breakfast, all of them searching for more white power. Alt-right fight clubs prepare for race war.

Direct download: July_30_2018_64.mp3
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Welcome class. Before David Waldman can begin his disquisition on attorney–client privilege and the crime-fraud exception in the Michael Cohen case, we will need to address proper yacht mooring:

Does Betsy Devos use a regular bit of rope to tie her $40 million dollar dinghy to a dock? Why not a bicycle chain or something more secure? Anyhow, no need to worry, she still has 9 other boats to make her commute.

Donald Trump bought himself some good news today, but it wasn’t cheap. You can’t blame him for splurging though, he’s just getting over a broken bromance. Noted liar Michael Cohen plans to tell the truth about Donald and the Russians. Noted liar Rudy Giuliani says Michael Cohen is lying. Noted liar Donald Trump could be lying then or now, but certainly as often as possible.

Michael Avenatti says that he has found 3 more women who were paid off by AMI, Donald Trump, and Michael Cohen. Allen Weisselberg, Trump’s chief financial officer for decades, is now being questioned by authorities.

Meanwhile, Russian hackers attack Senator Claire McCaskill ahead of the 2018 elections. (Psst… you know they hacked the vote, right?)

Direct download: July_27_2018_64.mp3
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Shadow ban! This morning’s Donald Trump fake news toilet-tweet dropped only a few hours ago, as Donald just wasn’t feeling the love coming his way anymore. KITM-ers leapt into action, supplying  David Waldman and us with the real story in almost real time—part of why you tune in!

Another great reason are guests like Greg Dworkin, who rounded up some pretty nice polling for election day, gulp, still 309 days away… Outside of the election, the public still supports the Mueller investigation, sees Helsinki as a fiasco, and likes Obamacare more than Trumpanything. Is the “Resistance” the most under-covered political story because He-Who-Must-Be-Resisted keeps hogging the limelight?

Pulling security clearances is just the middle of the Trump autocracy. The White House bans CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins, inspiring much-needed solidarity and maybe some more subscriptions

A wee contingent of Republicans attempted to storm the walls of justice defended by Rod Rosenstein, and have already failed. Even they knew they would.

Dems are not in disarray, David reviews the career of Jim Clyburn, and the time and effort needed to earn a position of leadership.

The Gop isn’t in disarray, they all know Putin’s the boss. Trump’s appointee to run the Justice Department’s criminal division came out of Russia’s Alfa Bank.

The Trump's-Cohen tape release was to avoid the crime-fraud exception… so expect a bunch more tapes to be released.

Direct download: July_26_2018_64.mp3
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David Waldman enjoys telling you things you might not know from angles you might not have considered, and he also enjoys hearing new things from new angles as much as the other guy, whomever that might be. Therefore, we all enthusiastically welcome Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter with their things and angles every Wednesday:

The first episode of Donald Trump and Michael Cohen’s podcast (Brought to you by Coke) is out, and with two that crooked, you know there’ll be all sorts of angles to consider.  

Brian Kemp is a winner in Trump’s book, perhaps the kind of winner Georgia is getting sick of having. Democrats are energized, angry and votingThe Blue Wave builds as voters become interested in governance in their representatives. It also helps that Democrats represent the majority of people, voters are catching on about Trump, and it might be tougher for the Russians to interfere this time.  

Pitting journalists against combat vets as the president did yesterday, benefits no one, and that’s what Donald did, as he reminds everyone to never believe what they see or hear.

Fine, Trump will stop telling you what he says to foreign leaders. You wouldn’t believe how stupid he is anyhow. He also doesn’t need you to believe that he will pay $12 billion to farmers, he just has to get on the record as saying it.

Congress is making sure that the Supreme Court will make the President the boss of them. What are the Senate Republicans trying to cover up for Brett Kavanaugh? Democrats in turn work to pull the covers off. Trump stooge and Senate anachronism Susan Collins calibrates her umbrage for the precise balance between “concern” and acquiescence

A pair of first-time female candidates—one a prominent gun control activist, one a college professor (and a former co-worker of David Waldman)—won the Democratic nomination for two suburban Atlanta congressional seats! Hooray!

Direct download: July_25_2018_64.mp3
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As of press time, Donald Trump’s binky had not yet fallen underneath his highchair, freeing up David Waldman to concentrate on the regrettably evergreen topic of #GunFAIL: A Utah mom won’t be charged for leaving a loaded handgun—with a round in the chamber & the safety off—on a diaper changing table outside of a children’s play area with a posted “no weapons” policy, because she didn’t mean to forget, which is an argument the DA just couldn’t overcome.

Oh, and there was a recent mass shooting we didn’t get around to talking about, in the far-away land of “Canada”, which is only noticeable as mass shootings tend to have more than one victim shot at a time.

The Trump Gop/Russia alliance is a natural alliance, but not coincidentally so is the neo-Confederate/Russian white nationalist... white “transnationalist”… white power alliance.

Those meddling, playful jokesters over in Russia have gained the ability to turn off the US power grid,  probably just for lulz.

Direct download: July_24_2018_64.mp3
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Donald Trump shambles across a unending barber pole of red lines, over and over and over and over. Today he walks over a few more… or is it the same one? David Waldman welcomes Greg Dworkin to help unroll those transgressions and spread them out for our study.

Is the camel’s back already broken, somewhere under that mountain of straw? Are the Bigs starting to accept the unimaginable? Or can they will back their ignorance after last week’s dissonance? Conservatives begin to yearn for the good old days. Trump’s glass is only half full of treason right now, but it isn’t going to get any emptier either. We are witnessing the death of a superpower, but the credibility of the foreign-policy establishment died long ago.

Democratic candidates are assured that if Brett Kavanaugh’s Roe stance isn’t effective in their area, there is still plenty wrong with Kavanaugh to go around.

Seriously smart people impart their wisdom to us yokels: James Comey likes Ike, and decides that you need to. Ryan Cooper has uncovered a growing Trump-Russia scandal he calls “Russiagate”.  When Hillary Clinton pointed out that Donald was Putin’s puppet, journalists reminded us that “puppet” is a very funny word.

Presidential Apprentice spinoffs: The pilot episode of Michael Cohen and Trump’s new series has dropped, and is sure to be a long-running hit. The Maria Butina show started out about sex, but now looks like it is about Russian money, and sex. The Trump-Gop-Russia alliance is a natural. TMZ reports that the Manhattan Madam is in talks for a comeback. Donald give a thumbs down to the Carter Page saga, but that’s just fake news.

Grammar lessons: The importance of oxford commas.  The handiness of double negatives.

Direct download: July_23_2018_64.mp3
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Is Glenn Greenwald full of it? Not completely, as David Waldman determines in today’s KITM. We aren’t really “at war” with Russia, so where’s the crime in some unmonitored hijinks? David sorts out the thinking in Greenwald’s twitter rant, and considers the distinctions between American Interests and Trump’s Interests, and Putin’s Interests and Russian Interests, because heaven knows Donald Trump won’t. Does Donald have a special weakness for strong men, or is it that maybe he’s genuinely confused about why that's "bad”?

Speaking of taking the time to consider nuances, Dr. T’Chanda Prescod-Weinstein wants to reduce the antisemitic conflation of Jews and Zionists.

It’s hard to beat the scum and villainy of Trump Tower I, or Trump Tower Toronto, or SoHo, or Vietnam, or Scotland, but Trump Tower III in Miami could be contender if a pair of Russian husband and wife human trafficking high-end prostitution entrepreneurs have anything to say about it.

Direct download: July_20_2018_64.mp3
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Trump knew. Well, you know, as much as Donald Trump knows anything. The question is, does it change anything? Definitely not enough to keep David Waldman and Greg Dworkin from their respective KITM microphones today.

After all, at least 9 Russians wish you knew earlier. Vlad handed Donald a wish list containing a few more victims/suspects, and Trump is working out the shipping and handling costs to attach to Putin’s bill. If only we knew what else was on Donald’s honey do list. We could subpoena the interpreter present, but that would require more Adam Schiffs in congress. Reporters shouldn’t be stenographers, but a stenographers job is to report exactly what they hear, therefore they are Donald Trump’s natural enemy.

All of this is eroding Trump’s base a little each day, although there will always be that white-hot white core at the center, which is certain to become hotter and more dangerous the smaller it gets. I guess we’ll just have to worry about that after we win in November. Marginal goofball Louie Gohmert mined Putin’s summit speech for stupid-nuggets and found a shiny one.

Trump, Putin…  and Paul Erickson. Erickson adds Boy Toy to his LinkedIn page. Sure, Maria Butina probably could have picked a better Republican to… infiltrate, but this one worked out just fine, since she was mostly just looking for someone to get her in “The Family” way while in the US. Strangely, the best way she found to do this was through the back door—The National Prayer Breakfast.  No pictures of Butina and Donald Trump Jr., yet, but the FBI has some wiretaps on Sonny-boy.

The U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem will cost more than $21 million, just when Trump bargained them down from a billion dollars to 250 thousand...

Direct download: July_19_2018_64.mp3
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Who would have thought that hump day would feel like such a low spot? Lucky for us, David Waldman, Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter are here to give us a hand-up out of this ditch:

Donald Trump was forced to point out that Monday’s Russia Summit happened to fall on Opposite Day, and today is Opposite-opposite Day so we are all back to… Better-than-super Day, give or take a few details. Greg is here to champion this administration... NOT! Greg even uses the word “Treason”, and so can you!

We are getting a clearer idea of what “Kompromat” means as well. The West Wing revolts, James Comey says “Vote Democratic”, thoughts and prayers go out to the Gop, but will any of them really do anything? Probably... not! Joan offers a simple test for Republican patriotism.

Supporter of Russian 2A rights, NRA shill, Russian Spy Maria Butina, enjoys taking America’s backdoor to power, the same way Evangelical Christians like to go. Republicans want a little privacy with their dark money exchanges.

Donald’s and Tucker Carlson’s heel spurs act up at even the thought of protecting NATO member Montenegro were they to decide to step under Russia’s boot again.

Trump is Russia’s, and therefore so are Trump’s assets, for instance, Brett Kavanaugh.  Russian operatives have already quoted Kavanaugh to defend against the Mueller investigation. Kavanaugh is set to put the final nail in Congress’ power to investigate Trump.

What can we do about all of this? Well, voting will help. Voting is not enough, though. Volunteer, organize, and hit back!


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Yesterday, the world discovered that the head of the Gop Centipede is none other than Vladimir Putin!

You knew that already, didn’t you? That’s because you not only follow the “Mainstream Media”, you follow KITM, and you are aware that David Waldman also follows the MSM, but he is especially adept in pointing out the good stuff.

Monday, Russian pro-gun shill, NRA confederate, Russian agent Maria Butina was charged with attaching Republicans to the centipede. Maria’s no Cari Lutkins, so at least she escaped the cloud of Eau de Bolton, if not the long arm of the law.

Is it even possible for Donald Trump to leak to our adversaries, or is it only he that can be leaked upon? Is the US due a $10,001.00 traitor fine? Is Trump hundreds of years ahead of us, or will it take hundreds of years to recover? Here’s what lawyers, including David, say.

Direct download: July_17_2018_64.mp3
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David Waldman is Icelandic tanned, rested and ready to go—back to Iceland. He returns, yearning for the latest American soccer coverage (all they have is “football” over there) and to catch up whatever happened here politically, if anything... Speaking of, the 2022 men's World Cup heads to Qatar, which makes sense only for all of the bad reasons.

Greg Dworkin is back to describe what works, what doesn’t with the public… for now. Trump’s chaos continues to work its magic on his base, the press, and us. The press needs to quit being headline stenographers. “Never Trump” Republicans need to stop being Republicans. Democrats should welcome them, but not if they keep voting wrong.

Trump is a textbook traitorous treasonist.

MF Russia and Trump are on the same page, but the rest of the world is aware Russia interfered in the 2016 election, Republicans benefited, and indictments are coming to Americans. Donald was a little nervous before his before his big date with Vlad, but performed exactly as expected. The Gop are finding more and more in common with their comrades out east every day. Lots of mini Trumps hit the campaign trail. Does the US vote for corruption because they think that’s their only choice?

This is no time for liberal despair. Some allies remain wise. Some judges remain clear-headed. Baby jails might still end up being a losing issue for Republicans. Tariffs are producing brutal local headlines across the nation.

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Remember Friday the 13th last year, in July? Of course you don’t, because July 13, 2017 was a Thursday. But you might remember what we were talking about that day.

However, try to forget all of that, so that today’s rerun episode is like new. What was it about (so that you can properly forget it)? Well, it was like this...

How do you, Dear Reader/Listener, cope with such an influx of political news, information, and knowledge inundating you on a daily basis? Why, you listen to KITM as David Waldman, and quite often Greg Dworkin sort it out for you! Today they sort it into two heaps—Russia and Health-Trump-Treasoncare:

Republicans say they can, but they still can’t design a workable plan. Nickleback is getting tired of being called the Senate health care bill of pop music. Mitch McConnell is running out of goodies to pass out and so is losing Senators’ attention, and running out of time. Like everyone else, Republicans kind of like Obamacare, but we all know they can’t say that. Moderates like it too, and thus won’t cave like McConnell hopes. But seven years of hatred is hard to pivot on. Doctors still care and are getting things done. Ted Cruz still doesn’t care, but his provision is in the bill. Meanwhile, over in California, Democrats who never do things “together”aren’t in line on Single Payer.

On to Trump-Russia, and the day Trump finally became President… and finally became a father.

Don Jr.’s emails are far more damning than anyone could have imagined. But, is being damned really a “sin”? Trump supporters don’t know the meaning of that word and others.

Now all roads lead to Jared Kushner. Now, that’s collusion! When this breaks, Donald Trump will have to tweet a link to the Pee-Pee tape just to get some attention. Jared’s repressed memories are all coming back to him now, over 100 of them.

Republicans, of course want to get to the bottom of this mess. So, on their path to subpoenaing Hillary, they blame Natalia Veselnitskaya. Stupidity like this can’t be faked, so let’s look into this. They could look into Jeff Sessions, but it’s a secret.

Maybe Trump will find answers in France. Like, what is Bastille Day? What’s on TV? What can I grab?

Is buying luxury goods a survival skill in our culture?

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Can you believe he’s been at this idiotic pardon game for a year, already? Of course, when it started, it was about pardoning himself. Now, we’ve moved on to random thugs and ne’er-do-wells. But that’s not all that different, when you think about it. Is it?

Who to pardon? Who to bomb? Where to golf? Donald Trump’s weekend starts tomorrow, but it almost looks too hectic for him to take time off. Eh, the place pretty much runs itself...

Until one of his little Fredos mucks it up. This kid was dropped on his head as a child! David Waldman and Greg Dworkin keep us abreast of a situation so crazy, even the spin is spinning out of control. Trump Sr. is 15 minutes dumber than Junior. Democratic House candidates were also targets of Russian hacking. Tucker Carlson finds out that Putin’s not cool anymore.

And—don’t forget Fredo-in-law still has security clearance. The Trump-Russia investigators are looking at Jared Kushner’s Trump campaign digital operation. Here’s how an alleged Russian hacker teamed up with a Florida Gop operative.

While all of this is happening, the Republicans continue to fail at governing. Here is what we know about TreasonCare. Maybe the Democrats will be invited to board the Titanic to help bail them out. Voters figure that can’t hurt. The Senate debates what goes into the bill before the parliamentarian this week.

Enter, Joan McCarter, with her DC acumen. Republican leaders are frantic to pass TreasonCare before everything falls apart. For those nostalgic for sick children and bankrupt families, TrumpCare has a lot to offer. Mitch McConnell worked out a schedule to bring it to the floor next week… just in case that doesn’t work, August recess is being moved to the end of August. As for Trump/Russia, well, first you need to get them talk about it.

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Did you know that each date this week (well, this week last year) is (was) a palindrome, in that the date reads the same forward as backward? Heavy, right? While you ponder that, David Waldman also has this Tuesday excogitation to prepare you for this news cycle once Trump pops like a boil… uhm actually he’s full of...

OK. So, you heard about Don Fredo Trump meeting with the Russian operative? He kind of walked into a rake on that one. Now, the whole scheme’s unraveling, there is a beautiful, delicious email trail, and Don’s third version of events is about due, although it probably won’t help him much. Pence 2020

Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya has been connected to the Trumps before, because they’ve done bad things with Russia before. Natalia says Don Jr., Jared and Manafort were begging for it. Does it matter who wanted it first?

Moving on to other international corruption, Jared Kushner tried and failed to get a half-billion-dollar bailout from Qatar. Donald Trump said Qatar funds terror. Trump wanted it to fund him.

And there’s Trumpcare. Not going to happen.

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What were we up to at this time last year? It’s a question we’ve all been asking, if by “all” you mean me. And specifically, me, when I’m wondering what to run for today’s show while I’m still out seeing the world. The answer, it turns out, has been archived. And it’s this:

David Waldman brings us whatever godawful week of The Presidential Apprentice it is, along with its spinoffs, Son and Daughter of Presidential Apprentice. In this episode, Donald “Fredo” Trump Jr. has been shopping for those huge beautiful Kremlin ties for his dad...

Greg Dworkin rounded up a ton of news on Russia and the Trumps—and that health care stuff too. Looking at the Trump-Russia timeline puts it all into perspective. It is all adding up for everyone, except maybe Team Trump and Team Pepe. Donald’s boy really wanted to be a good colluder for Dad, too bad he now has to take that ride to the middle of the lake to fix things for Jared. Real news now comes in music videos. Oh no! It’s A COOKBOOK!

Meanwhile, Trump-Russia will protect us from the cyber, or maybe not, or something. Also Trump sowed chaos at the G-20, while still the laziest world leader.

Taking a knee in the middle of fighting for Trumpcare appears to be a bad strategy for the Gop. Donald Trump doesn’t know what to make of these Republican’s lack of winning. Rural GOP senators notice they have voters. The best plan might be to win by losing, and join with somebody they can blame, like Democrats. The difference between “public option” and “single payer”.

Want to influence the Democratic party? Try joining the Democratic party. Want to influence the Republican party? Tell them God sent you.

New Nazis like vikings. Old Nazis liked vikings, too.

With Donald Trump, the norm always is: It all goes to Donald Trump.

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David Waldman is in Iceland, hopefully soaking up its picturesquecultural and more idiosyncratic highlights during his stay. Yet, he still finds time to put together special pre-recorded KITM’s for us! 

Are you ready for some association football? World Cup fever is sweeping the nation (probably, idk) but KITM listeners are also aware that even though team soccer began with the best of intentions, it eventually attracted multi-million dollar corruption... and James Comey, and David Waldman, who devoted hours to its coverage in 2015.

What does this have to do with the fix we’re in, here, today? Just about everything, it seems.  David follows the warp and weft of the threads of malfeasance sewn through the Trump/Putin/FIFA tapestry of corruption:

Long before The Dossier, Vladimir Putin caught Christopher Steele’s attention. Steele and the old-school shoe leather reporting of Andrew Jennings led Multi-millionaire Trump pal cat fancier, Chuck Blazer to eventually turn snitch, taking down FIFA President Sepp Blatter, and keeping corruption at FIFA to a minimum medium.

Trump’s Miss Universe business partner, “Trump of Russia” Aras Agalarov, used unpaid migrant labor to build two World Cup stadiums. Now he’s part of the Russia Probe.

The terrorism money trail leads to poaching, and lions follow the poaching trail!

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By special listener request—which is a great excuse to avoid conducting the search for an appropriate show—we today present what this one, special listener proclaimed to be our “greatest episode.”

Why would Donald Trump invest in beauty pageants and modeling agencies? Yes, that answer seems simple, but once you look beneath the obvious Trumpian layer of wanton, remorseless sleaze it all just becomes more dirty, sordid, cruel, misogynistic, and illegal. Today is the day David Waldman starts to peel away layers of that very rotten onion.

The bulk of this KITM is devoted to David’s annotated recitation of “We All Knew About the Trafficking.” The Untold Story of Trump Model Management (Part 1) by SwedishJewfish. This is a great introduction to the author’s other thoughts and narratives, as well the beginning of our deep dive into Trump’s golden cesspool to discover these Trumpettes: Chester the Molester, John Casablancas, Jeffrey Epstein, Eliot Spitzer, Roger Stone, and their many, many victims.

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While David Waldman gets his Hallbjarnarstaðakambur on, we still have the opportunity to enjoy NEW pre-recorded KITMs! David recorded today’s show as an in-depth backgrounder to prepare us somewhat, so our upcoming plunges into chaos might feel a bit less chaotic:

The UK interests Vladimir Putin just as much as the US, so it pays to study the parallels between what’s happening now and the events leading to Brexit. Russians offered business deals to Brexit’s biggest backer.

Donald Trump’s empty head equals a blank slate, spotless, ready and waiting for the Russians, Israel and Gulf States to scrawl their New World Order upon. Here is a detailed look into how well that has worked so far.

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We've made it to our second July 4th with Trump as "president." But we still only have one July 4th show during that time. And guess what? This is it!

Remember when North Korea wasn't our newest bestie? Well, back then, North Korea launched another missile, but Donald Trump anger-tweeted them, so don’t worry about it.

In the meantime, we used the holiday quiet period (minus the threat of rogue nation nuclear missiles) to catch up on Jay Sekulow’s sekret sektarian skimming, s(k)pecifically that of his son Logan, a racket that netted him nearly a million bucks, and which began at the tender age of 18.

A Florida judge drew the line on the state’s then-newly expanded “Stand Your Ground” law. It may yet be erased, but it gave us another opportunity to discuss the inappropriate short-circuiting of long-established principles of law, because guns are cool and gun owners shouldn’t be bothered with the responsibility of abiding by the law, because they're so law-abiding and stuff.

Only KITM would take you on this extensive a tour of the definitional minutiae of the emoluments clauses. But you can’t tell the players without a program.

And finally, yes there already was evidence of collusion. And plenty of it. Even Republicans were starting to acknowledge it. A year ago.

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As the old saying goes, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of Virginia and hang out in Iceland. That’s just what David Waldman’s doing, but not before joining Armando on today’s KITM to bring the heat on those that deserve to sweat:

More details emerge on the antics of our King of Debt, around the period of his cash-only spending spree a dozen years ago, and his failed attempts to buy the landmark St. Andrews hotel in Scotland.

Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley asked to lower American flags in honor of the fatal shooting of five employees of The Capital newspaper. Donald wasn’t feeling it. Donald Trump doesn’t feel empathy or shame, but he did eventually feel the heat, so the flags go to half-staff.

Trump never trusted George W. Bush, or Barack Obama, but Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad are two he can always rely upon.

Rhode Island Democrats troll the libs by primarying their own representative with an alt-Right Trump supporter.

Alan Dershowitz feels the brunt of the anti-Alan Dershowitz sentiment sweeping the country, especially around Martha’s Vineyard.

Melania Trump wants you to read only good news about her, and pay her for looking at her. So far that plan is going well.

Independent journalist Marcy Wheeler, @emptywheel, puts a human face—her own—to the risk posed to witnesses from the Gop's interference with the DOJ.

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Another LIVE KITM today!  And, another tomorrow. The next day? Who knows? (Maybe we will by Tuesday...)

ProPublica and David Waldman reveal Trump staffing’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” ethics compliance certification.

Greg Dworkin tells us to not mourn, but organize. Don’t waste your time with civility. Historically it has never worked...except in reducing annoying uppityness. Some in the media gentry warn Democrats to check their ungracious behavior lest it reflect badly upon us. What’s the difference with Donald Trump’s conduct? In a word, class. A concept beyond us coastal elites, that Donald just getsPaula (Apynys) Writer tells us receiving incivilities from us is part of the price Republicans need to pay. Susan Collins prefers to lied to in the nicest possible way.

Republicans near their goal of overturning Roe. Reaching it could backfire, unless “their goal” is “overturning Roe”. That would be a “win” for them, which they’d follow by eliminating any other rights they didn’t like, like yours. Trump’s White Power initiative might falter as he makes many whites less powerful.

Donald knows the importance of civility. He has asked Saudi Arabia to please increase their oil production, reduce their profit and help us out a bit, but there’s some topics he won’t even broach with our good neighbor Vladimir Putin.

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Remember the good old days when David Waldman could go on a summer vacation and we would think “Oh, what news could happen?” rather than “Oh, how much worse could it get?” Well, we get to find out the answer when David comes back July 16... Meanwhile, we can reminisce with some reruns of hand-selected “Before Trump” and “Early Trump” KITMs! Plus specially recorded Kagros recorded just for the occasion! Starting next week!

But first, today’s news:

Five dead at The Capital Gazette. Did Trump seriously or literally want the “enemy of the people” punished this way? When questioned, Donald Trump shambled away from reporters, throwing thoughts and prayers at them to make his temporary escape. 

Weird, but Trump seems to have had his act together when it came to shoving Anthony Kennedy out the door. That’s probably because he had several years to pull the plan together. There’s a lot more coming out on this “special relationship,” soon, which is apparent from all that static surrounding the story. David regrets his ableist enabling.

The Donald finally gets that big beautiful military parade that he’s been wanting and deserving. Maybe then Vlad will respect him. If not, Donald has in mind more gifts to impress before their big date.

Women show their might, saving us all by shoving the Overton Window back into a sane position on immigration.

Don’t get too cheery, it’s still awful out there. Republicans have gerrymandered the electoral college, and are gerrymandering the judicial branch. The Supreme Court is set to give some oomph to Trump’s pardon power, while the Gop everywhere is delighted to offer any two-faced dishonesty needed in their takeover/destruction of everything. Have a good weekend!


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HYPOCRISY overtakes civility in the punditocratic hive-mind today. Aren’t Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump going to play fair when they know the press will hold them accountable? Are Democrats allowed to say anything? KITM tells you all you need to know:

Greg Dworkin and Armando have a raucous little exchange over who sees the forest, and who sees just the trees on Democratic electoral priorities for November. Both agree on the asymmetries of the parties’ power and goals: White privilege is a Republican priority because as the Left is used to disparate constituencies, group interests, and in many cases not being white, the Right is used to being white and winning

And there goes another branch of government5 guys in the right costume can make you do anything. David Waldman postulates a strange alternate universe in which congressional procedure matters anymore, as well as a more conceivable variant where we just shut it all down.

Meanwhile, the people that don't like giving foreign people US resources are building US facilities to indefinitely feed and house tens of thousands of them, rather than to send them home. Immigrant children as young as 3 are being ordered into court for their own deportation proceedings. Oh yes, it will get worse before it gets better.

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David Waldman and KITM welcome Wednesday, and our Wednesday correspondents, friends and listeners. Everything else kind of sucks:

So now it’s cool to be civil? Fox News knows that if you set up a camera and wait, pretty soon you’ll see feces thrown. If this incivility keeps up, even beltway pundits won’t be able to eat anywhere higher than 2 stars. You don’t need a weatherman to know which way David Gergen blows, and those others who wish for a more refined discourse. As always, the Right encourages more civil behavior, as in “The Civil War”.

Civilly, Greg Dworkin points out there is in fact a lot of good news, and a lot of it happened last night. Dynamic young Latinas like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will make America great again. Compelling candidates and compelling races are heading our way in November.

More good news: In Virginia, voters are 2-1 anti-Gop, and Trump is killing his own incumbent.  Battleground states want a Democratic congress to stop Trump until we can all civilly show him the door. Republicans assist in the effort: Steve King delivers neo-Nazi messages, while the House prioritizes Hillary’s emails. Donald’s BFF Kim Jong Un returns to his first love, little rockets.

Joan McCarter reports that the House will vote on the immigration bill that won’t pass, no matter how much Trump screams at them

Reality Winner pleads guilty as part of a plea deal.

Megan McArdle loves caps, periods, and debating civics, manages to be incorrect in all three.

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First the good news: Paula Writer, aka Paula Apynys, brings us the most optimistic Charles Pierce article in a long time. “This Nation Is Beginning to Realize the Full Extent of What It Did to Itself in November 2016

The bad news is, of course, “what the nation did to itself,” which is David Waldman and KITM’s job to bring to you:

Donald Trump isn’t really good at getting stuff done or whatever. That was never his or the Gop’s or his supporters goal. The “administration”’s goal is to “win”, this time thanks to “Supreme Court Justice” Neil Gorsuch, lifting the injunction on the Trump Muslim Travel ban, furthering the extent of what the nation did to itself in November 2016. The history of the Flores agreement is the history of what Democrats do to themselves.

If this moves you to up your day-drinking, beware, Jack Daniel prices go up in Europe, and no doubt we'll eventually help carry that load. Harley-Davidson tries to escape its abusive relationship with Trump, and so Donald threatens to end them.

Our answer isn’t civility, when the other side is only about subjugation

At least we can file our taxes on the back of a postcard.

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David Waldman never loses sight of, and always points us to the correct issues. There are a lot of them however, so quick, hop on the KITM tourbus, plug in your earbuds and let’s go:

Each week, thousands get banned from restaurants because the owner, employees or patrons don’t want them there. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is one of those people. Driving by the Red Hen, Donald Trump notices things are amiss, which seems to be the hygiene technique employed at his restaurants. David Axelrod wonders how you’d feel if you were him and couldn’t eat out that night? Normally, it’s nice to be nice, but it’s not normal anymore. (Hopping Mad tells us how to pull together an effective protest in minutes!)

Greg Dworkin assures us that the media are now returning to focus, even as Trump goes full fascist. Trump was exposed as such a weakling that even his base is beginning to pity him, and even Godwin is up for calling Nazis Nazis. Trump’s plan for deportation without a judge or due process could become reality tomorrow. But, although people do generally object to baby jails, they still prefer to keep the blame off themselves, therefore we have a history of such things we prefer to avoid addressing. As you might guess, MS-13 is Trump’s go-to scapegoat. (Hey, whatever happened to ISIS?) Fascists have a history of not caring.

Defense Secretary James Mattis falls out of the loop, as if Donald had one. The Iowa GOP bets it all on Trump, as if they had a choice. Harley-Davidson cashes in some of its chips because of Trump.

Good news: Democrats keep outperforming the partisan lean in Senate races, and progressives are getting attention.

Can we count on Trump’s incompetence? Mini-Trump Paul LePage shuts down road repairs and thousands of jobs, only LePage knows why. Kris Kobach remains incompetent, and no one can stop him.

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