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David Waldman covers the latest Trump insanities and stupidities, plus other political news and analysis.

Greg Dworkin calls in with the latest Trump insanities and stupidities and rounds up the polls. How’s Hillary Clinton doing? Very well, thank you. Clinton’s lead looks pretty solid. Jeb!’s advisor, Christie’s advisor, and Meg Whitman are with Hillary. So, Trump guesses the fix is in. Donald Trump presently has a harder time talking about his greatness, so he now moves onto how awful everyone else is, of course initiating his preemptive break-ups. Trump allies show they can keep up the Gish Gallop even as Trump throws out a baby to abuse the mom. Fox is caught, admits it, sort of.

44% of voters now support Obamacare, only 38% opposed. The North Carolina law blocked by an appeals court shows racist targeting

Joan McCarter goes into August with plenty of House and Senate news and has some stuff on the latest Trump insanities and stupidities. Republicans really would rather not talk about Trump. Donald Trump would rather not support Paul Ryan. Deborah Ross is getting an important endorsement on support of Social Security.

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Yay!  We, and David Waldman make it through a show without a mass shooting! Of course there will be another coming along soon... 

Greg Dworkin brings us the polling and news: Trump is way ahead, how about that? He does know how to throw a rally. Trump meets with the Gop Jewish Coalition, reminds them that some of his favorite stereotypes are JewishNot many were won over, though. Does Trump (or Kasich) understand what it means to be “prejudiced”?

The big money’s still on Marco Rubio, but when is Rubio going to win a primary? Can he even win a primary? Or could he just win anyway

If you are into image advantages, Hillary Clinton has a bigger one than Bernie Sanders.

Armando talks to David on the difference between talking it out and writing it out, and the advantages of listening to KITM. 

Joan McCarter reminds us to mark our calendars: One more week until the government shutdown!

Medical groups push for repeal of gag order on gun violence research. House Republicans leave Planned Parenthood defunding out of spending mix, for now. Senate Republicans vote to repeal Obamacare, defund Planned Parenthood, let terror suspects buy guns.

Chris Christie tries to show toughness by being more of a tough guy, by demanding evidence that orphans get adopted, questioning the value of allies (and alleys), and of course supporting torture. At some point a refusal to "look backward" becomes a failure to "look forward”.

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