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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 24, 2017

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Don’t you wish it was harder to find things to make fun of? Or, at least easier to find something rational to talk about in this world? Either way, David Waldman has you covered, for a couple of hours each day. By the way, Donald Trump is nucking futs. It’s just so hard not to stare, and almost impossible to look away. As we near 100 years days of this administration, Trump’s approval is at record lows, but isn’t that what makes him great?

If you really wanted eloquence and intelligence there was plenty to see at your local March For Signs. What’s so important about science? Greg Dworkin, at times an advocate and activist for science, tells us today is the day to act

Trump and his gang can’t shake down Mexico, so we’ll have to do. How much longer will bullying work? Was Trump elected due to the media’s compulsion for symmetry? Should the Democrats also consider the media the enemy?  

In France it’s Macron vs. Le Pen for this important week. Trump likes anti-semites, and their dads.

The media’s been pretty good to Bill O’Reilly. Fox has long been a sanctuary for wayward lechers… since maybe Steve Doocy, although some think it originated with Roger Ailes. Now, even dim-wit Sean Hannity is catching up. But no, that sticky trail leads across the ocean to The Beaverbrook Brothel, and Rupert Murdoch!