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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 25, 2017

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Alas, the fake media has not seen Humpty Dumpty change position on his WALL... yet. Give him time. He might decide to move it to the Wisconsin/Canadian border, once North Korea finally decides to pony up for it. In the meantime, here’s David Waldman’s collection of news and stories to enjoy and consider in between the times Donald blows something up. You know Trump is insane, right?

The Trump Wall is supposed to stop human trafficking etc, Donald definitely is aware of this problem, but he let one villain slip through his fingers. Tim Nolan might traffic some children, but he has loved a couple black ones to death, and occasionally dresses in Klan robes, so…

Ivanka wanted to talk about economic empowerment of women, not her dad groping them, nor how her new political power is part of her own economic empowerment. The Trump White House offers economic empowerment to many, if they know where to look for it. For instance, a donor’s son found opportunities waiting for him at NSC meetings in Venezuela. Trump condos could pose “potential conflict”—does Donald seem the guy to leave money on the table?

David gives us a taste of GunFAIL with a couple of stories: Columnist M.D. Harmon taught the finer points of proper gun-handling to a young man in his basement. After killing his wife, Tex McIver was told to remove all the guns from his house, including that one in his sock drawer.

KWWL doesn’t do “fake news” about Stand Your Ground, but it isn’t really “factual” either.