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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 25, 2018

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It’s Wednesday, and that means that you get a KITM chock-full of the sweeping experience and remarkable acumen that all of you expect, and some of you pay for:

David Waldman, a.k.a. the Jane Goodall of our political scene, predicts a lot of poo-throwing this afternoon when Donald Trump watches Fox News report that Jeff Sessions is recusing himself again. Jeff scurried quickly away, hoping the alpha dotard was too busy getting stuff done or whatever to notice him. 

Steve Mnuchin enjoys solar eclipses after all. Scott Pruitt’s security chief was an investigator for The National Enquirer. The Port Authority ethics chairwoman pulled out her white privilege in front of police officers and was released unharmed. Gop-led budget committees have just one job... and refuse to do it.

Hey, we didn’t lose bad at all last night! Greg Dworkin pores over the stats to determine that win or lose, Republicans are losers. Team Blue won their 40th statehouse seat with a flip of New York’s 10th, but still won't control the chamber because a Dem has chosen to continue to caucus with the Republicans. Arizona teachers plan to strike for school funding.

This all should make Republicans anxious, although they were already “anxious”, as in “status-anxious”, as in “white-status-anxious”, as in “racist”. Many in the Alt-Right are also anxious that they might never be loved by the women they fear and despise. Some of the women the Alt-Right fear and despise remain anxious about brown people. West Virginia Murderer-Candidate for Gop Senate, Don Blankenship is anxious about the Chinapeople.

Maybe if the Gop had less day-to-day responsibilities they’d feel more relaxed… as if they felt any pressure to attend to scruples to begin with. At least the swamp is upfront about its sliminess in Trump world.

Armando points out that Chelsea Clinton pointing out factual errors to authors citing her is not “feuding”, when there would be no feud if they just contacted her to verify their articles. Journalism is not about creating safe spaces, either.

Joan McCarter reports that Trump’s favorite doctor has dropped back to at least second place since he’s not quite the guy he portrayed on TV. Meanwhile, we are now waiting for the rest of government to melt down.