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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 26, 2018

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David Waldman, Greg Dworkin, and for a moment there Armando fought to put a cap on today’s gusher of news. We’ll see what can be mopped up by Friday:

Ronny Jackson’s nomination to head the Department of Veterans Affairs crashed like a government vehicle being drunk-driven away from a Secret Service going-away party (Allegedly), joining the 24 nominee pileup. Now Ronny’s free to tell us Donald’s true stats! (Alleged)

Donald Trump almost got all the truth out before being censored by Steve Doocy this morning. Before he was silenced he still managed to say plenty. Plenty to be reviewed by students of history, law, and psychology for years to come.

Trump hopes to take over as Michael Cohen’s lawyer. Donald picks horrible locations for casinos, but pretty good ones for money laundries.

Many voters say they haven’t seen that pay boost from the tax law, unless they’re liars. If outperforming polling expectations actually equals winning elections, Democrats are going to be winners in 2018.

Jill Stein tosses the Senate Intelligence requests for her Russian communications right into the election recount file.

Scott Pruitt attempts to slow the bus bearing down on him by seeing how many others he can throw under it.

Jeff Sessions knows he’s damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t, so he just won’t say.

The Kanye West-Donald Trump online media cross-promotion blitz should be a big success, for Kanye. Shania Twain feels that she could have done something stupid if she was only given the opportunity. Steven K G Bannon had been working on Trump campaign marketing long before there was a Trump campaign.

No one really seems to have a clue of what they are talking about in the Joy Reid hacking case.