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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 26, 2021

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin bring their usual red carpet style and substance to this morning’s KITM:

It’s Oscar time, the time when we discover all of the stuff that we should have been watching, had we any taste. This year however, we have a winner that is not only good for you, it is actually goodTwo Distant Strangers was written by Travon Free, who wrote for the Daily Show, and was directed by Free and Martin Desmond Roe, and is right there on your Netflix.

We have enjoyed almost 100 days of quiet nice times with Uncle Joe. People like Joe and his approval/disapproval numbers seem to be as steady as Donald Trump’s (Although reversed, of course). President Biden heads into the next 100 even more confident and self-assured, meaning that Republicans are more panicked and bitter than ever. Larry Kudlow warns that we might have poured our last pork lager. Speaking of Rick Santorum, he has Dan Savage trending again. Maricopa County Republicans are hand correcting 2 million ballots to 110% Trump. They are going to be soooo mad when they find out he lost again. They will be furious when they lose in 2022.

We are talking about those Republicans that survive refusing vaccines and masks to the 2022 elections. There is no getting through to the hard core, and most who were motivated and had access are already vaccinated. The trick is to decrease barriers to those who would take a shot. Johnson & Johnson… erm... Janssen isn’t helping matters. At least we do have vaccines. Around the world, some countries are having a horrible time, and could be helped by our leftovers. Unfortunately, Trump “America First”-ed others out of a chance to borrow a few from us. This can, and will be solved, hopefully soon.