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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 27, 2016

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David Waldman congratulates all of you who enthusiastically went out to vote yesterday, and hopes your voting machine was as turned on as you were.

What is Greg Dworkin’s diagnosis after looking at poll results? Not so good for the Sanders campaign, but a sunny prognosis for his ideas. Bernie nabs Rhode Island, Connecticut goes to Hillary, and guns are a significant factor. Hillary Clinton gets more votes by addressing voter priorities. John Kasich face plants even where people should like him. Cruz rides the FU train out — and has something to say to you! Time to look towards the election. How did those states get those crazy shapes?

Joan McCarter returns for her regular Super-post-Tuesday visit: Remember, every election is critical, don’t lose focus on the down-ticket.

Bob McDonnell argues that Citizens United means he’s not corrupt —  thanks Scalia?

After losing to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz pulls out a tape measure to reassure his followers.

Arianna Huffington is now the Uber of optimistic leadership we need.

Donald Trump demonstrates the art of the deal on himself

Moms again and again buy a gun to protect their family, stick it in their purse, and leave the purse with their kids. A toddler shoots himself, barely reaching adulthood before doing it again.