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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 27, 2020

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin wrap up their special KITM coronavirus coverage after Donald Trump calls off the crisis. Group hug, everybody!

Not really. I’m just being sarcastic.

Donald Trump’s experiment with small venues for his comedy tour might be coming to an end. Geraldo Rivera and Dr. Deborah Birx aren’t a big enough claque for Donald to roll on, and Mike Pence can only Hi-Yo so much. Why don’t reporters laugh at Donald’s jokes? Why don’t they please, laugh him off the stage? Why don’t reporters please work together?

Trump needs to be hooked off the stage. It is everyone’s job, including doctors and scientists to heckle loud and F’ing clearSeattle’s leaders let scientists take the lead. New York’s did not.

How does Hope Hicks not do it?

Trump continues to sink, now hugging the bottom of his polling gully, as his big beautiful electoral map turns against him. Trump’s hope to set whites against non-whites is failing as he is only pitting people who embrace bigotry over those that don’t, and that ratio just keeps falling every day. Moscow Mitch McConnell wants states to go bankruptViruses do not care about red states vs. blue states.

Captain Brett Crozier will return to the USS Theodore Roosevelt, if only Trump can pretend not to notice. Meanwhile that aircraft carrier, as well as other petri dishes, may teach us a lot, if only to teach us that we know so little. We still don’t know how the coronavirus is killing us, and the ways it kills us seem to be multiplying.