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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 27, 2021

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Every show’s first hour could, theoretically, be about the Republicans’ latest fake outrage. While the second hour could be about the very real outrages Republicans spark. Or at least, enlightening ourselves about how horribly off-base they are.

None of the Gop-adjacent outrages have changed the fact that the pandemic is still with us, of course. And yes, excess deaths are pretty much what we always thought they were. But at least some of our excess vaccine might be dispatched abroad, after all.

Siri, what is chutzpah? Should Chernobyl be a protected UNESCO World Heritage site?

Simon says, no book deals for Trump officials. Schuster concurs.

Good news on the policing front: retrained Newark, NJ cops didn’t fire a shot in all of 2020—and crime dropped.

(Almost) bad news on the (sort-of) policing front: CA National Guard pilots were reportedly asked to keep a fighter jet at the ready, to intimidate protesters.

Alaska Airlines needs you to calm down, ma’am.

Reapportionment is happening. And it’s not quite as bad as expected. And needn’t necessarily be done as poorly as expected. Though redistricting probably will be.

SCOTUS conservatives wonder, why recuse yourself when you can vertically integrate the enterprise, instead?

In former guy news: does the Secret Service have to protect you from debt collectors? Some last-second weird contract happenings at the Pentagon. And a guy who may have known too much about what’s-his-face’s Deutsche Bank loans has… gone missing.