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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 28, 2017

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Friday is David Waldman’s therapy day. David climbs into the mind and voice of Donald Trump (with maybe just a touch of Carl Spackler) for the whole first half of KITM. Tune in to join in his primal rant:

Donald loved his previous life. He had so many good things going. He thought playing President would be even easier than playing “Trump”, but no it wasn’t. Trump thought he didn’t have to work because was so smart. He knew he was so smart because he got more money than all those others thinking they also were too smart to work. Actually, over 100 days Donald’s scam worked about as good as it always has... It is just all that extra stuff that wears him down.

Lazy scammers attract more lazy scammers. Here’s the story of Ari and Heather Rinkus, big players in the Mar-a-Lago territory. Sebastian Gorka wanted to peddle snake oil in Hungary, but now that he’s hooked up with Trump his market has expanded.

Don’t waste time sharing your anal probe stories with petty local officials! Not when there are federal agents standing by at 1-855-48-VOICE!