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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 28, 2021

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Well, the CDC is out with its new outdoor masking guidance, which certain people will no doubt take to be proof that they were right all along, even though they probably weren’t. Meanwhile, excess vaccines may indeed begin to flow, though we still don’t know any more about those contracts.

You’ll never guess what Fox & Friends claims they see lurking around every corner. Aw, you did guess it! It’s “socialism!”

The non-SOTU will look a little different this year. And probably sound different, too. Will a new crop of aggressively stupid Republicans audibly boo and jeer? Will the traditional media give in to its usual impulse to allow “optics” reporting to overwhelm substance? Not that there’s not a good optics story to be had, of course.

People are revisiting the conventional wisdom on whether the very online left is really hurting Dem messaging or not. Good!

Follow-up on that fake news about Kamala Harris’ children’s book: the reporter says she was “ordered” to run the story, and has resigned.

Vox takes another crack at explaining Joe Manchin.

A new lawsuit targets one source of “eye-popping numbers” of guns used in crimes in Chicago: a single gun shop in Gary, IN.

The tiki torch bro who became the viral face of the Charlottesville hate rally finds there are consequences (and is, ironically, replaced).

Wayne LaPierre was a jet-setting “elite” who lived precisely the lifestyle he professed to hate as head of the NRA? Wow! How did they go bankrupt?