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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 1, 2016

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David Waldman brings us August’s first KITM of the year, but will go on vacation in two weeks, so we’ll find something else to do… we all make sacrifices.

Greg Dworkin returns tan, rested, and ready for the general election. Greg brings us the polls, and it looks like Hillary Clinton’s bounce is coming through. The Democrats think she will win, so does the Gop. In fact, she is doing better than Barack Obama did in ‘08 or ‘12. Even Greg’s favorite question is answered favorably! So, a Clinton victory is quite probable. But how about considering the Screwy’s Skew of events? You can’t make this crap up. Trump voters like revenge, racism… but crave respect.

Greg and David look into the connection between working class whites and racism, and how it has existed through good economic times and bad.

Dr. Jill Stein, polling between Harambe the gorilla and Vermin Supreme for president, has not kept up with past decades of research on vaccines. Nina Turner is said to be weighing being her VP.

With all of the Khan news pressing on Donald, someone has figured now is the time for Melania to take one for the team.

David analyzes a federal appeals court overturning a lower court ruling and granting an injunction against North Carolina Republicans’ sweeping voter suppression law, a huge win for voting rights, as the Gop tried to block black voters with 'Almost Surgical Precision’.