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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 11, 2016

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David Waldman backs away from the mic to make way for another clash of the titans: The Greg Dworkin v. Armando debate on the evils of both-sides-ism and whether Donald Trump is crazy stupid or stupid crazy.

Inside Donald Trump’s meltdown. Hugh Hewitt gives it his best. What to remember when the “Trump Comeback” narrative begins in the media.

With both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump making the election about Donald Trump, the polls are looking very good for Hillary Clinton. 269 electoral votes—1 short of the magic number—are Likely or Safe Democratic. Is it OK for Hillary Clinton to accept endorsements from those she (and we) disagree with? What concessions should Hillary make to the Republicans at this point?

Jill Stein is not an authentic progressive alternative.

A 23rd lien was just filed against a Donald Trump-run golf club. Michael Jackson didn’t return a call for comment. In 2007, Trump was forced to face his own lies, and he did, 30 times.

But, what is Donald Trump really like?