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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 16, 2022

It’s Tuesday! Uncork a fine PA Niagara, warsh down a fistful of crudité, and kick back and tune in to David Waldman and Joan McCarter.

Merrick Garland thought long and hard about searching Mar-a-Lago and he’s not about to throw it all away because of a whiney, lying perp. Republicans remind us, "When the president thinks it, that means it is not illegal"

Trump’s lucky they only took three of his passports. Cambridge Analytica made billions selling passports and citizenships throughout the Caribbean. Dominicans now wonder “Where De Money Gone”.

Voter-fraud disciples waited on their hilltop for their saucer to take them home, but they were passed by again. If they only asked Lee Zeldin, he’d show them plenty. Georgia fights for their democracy, reeling in Lindsey Graham.  Like Lindsey, Rudy Giuliani knows he’s been a bad, bad, boy, and is sweating a lot of whatever he sweats. Cattle baron Devin Nunes can’t avoid giving the DOJ the whole truth anymore. Yet another Trump White House lawyer, Eric Herschmann, has been called to the principal’s office.

In Wisconsin they are two elections away from sealing off the state from the GQP’s arch enemy, democracy. (Ohio eradicated that a generation ago.) Trump lawyers and tech firm SullivanStrickler copied voting machine data, ruining voting systems in key swing states.

Joan went on vacation and returned to find her in-box overflowing with good news. Democrats are winning and President Joe Biden and they plan to share that good news with voters heading to the election. Republicans promise this will end as soon as they are back in power.