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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 18, 2022

No summer doldrums on KITM! David Waldman and Greg Dworkin sail us past the middle of August and over the middle of the week on a full raft of stories:

Democrat Mary Peltola might beat expectations and Sarah Palin in Alaska. All she needs is to win a couple more elections in the next couple of months. Just about everyone supports the Inflation Reduction Act, if chicken wings are any indication.

While Dems make all the BFDs, the GQP still has that Big Dick Energy.

Trump’s CFO Allen Weisselberg pleaded guilty to 15 felonies, which is pretty bad news for him, and for the Trump Organization, but for some reason, never for Trump. The DOJ issues another subpoena in the belief that the Jan. 6 House committee might have uncovered another crime. Many committed crimes on January 6, the question is why.

What was Donald thinking when he… Who cares? Donald Trump wants his FBI affidavit unsealed so that everyone can fully appreciate what an unhinged traitorous criminal he actually is. But why wait for Trump to be hoisted with his own petard, or gathered on his own gibbet, it’s long past time to take him to court for a million things.

Of course, convicting Donald Trump would be convicting the Republican party. A short-term strength, a long-term liability, and a Republican responsibility

Liz Cheney lost her primary to yet another lying nutcase, but Liz isn’t quite gone yet. She understands that having two political parties is a lot better than having zero, but that only about a dozen Republicans nationwide understand that at the moment.  Maybe more will someday, but today they’re still feeling deplorable. Here’s what they think about your “classified documents”.