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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 19, 2022

It’s Friday, so David Waldman takes KITM solo. It’s a good opportunity for David’s renown attention to subtlety and nuance to be applied to precise microphone placement, a detail never discounted by true professionals.

You know what’s even worse than being foist with your own petarade?  Being hoist with your own petard. Donald Trump is no stranger to either but acts like his crimes don’t stink. The Los Angeles Times begs to differ in their latest editorial. The Justice Department thought something smelled pretty fishy at Mar-a-Lago, or they wouldn’t have sought a warrant. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart might give us a little whiff of what Donald had cooking…

Hey, remember when we extracted a top spy from Russia after Trump mishandled classified intelligence?

Nancy Pelosi almost getting killed on January 6th reminded the Secret Service of all those threats against her life they intercepted just a few days before. Maybe there was a connection? Nancy Pelosi’s death, plus many others were prophesied by the most QAnon of QAnon, Julie Green, who funnels the crazies to the Doug Mastriano campaign.