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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 2, 2016

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There are no summer doldrums for David WaldmanKITM as long as there’s Donald Trump... it’s just that the breeze ain’t too refreshing: None of the Trump’s understand why women just aren’t tough enough to refuse sexual harassment.

Greg Dworkin brings us more polling, as everything comes into focus heading toward the election. Hillary Clinton’s polls go up following the conventions, as well as Barack Obama’s, as well as all Democrats. Now the Democrats can turn Arizona blue, with a big assist from Latino voters.

Over on the red side, a top Jeb! advisor leaves the Gop, a Republican congressman says he’s with Hillary, and the stench of Trump’s treatment of the Khan family will forever cling to Trump’s supporters, including Paul Ryan. Will more Goppers jump ship when they realize it’s not Trump’s ideas, it’s his character? The Democrats offer Republican runaways principles more than policies. But would the Democrats follow a liberal Trump? A leftist Trump couldn’t happen.

More people watched Donald Trump’s convention speech than Hillary Clinton’s—and hated it. Hillary Clinton is both widely disliked, and widely admired.

Across the nation, voting restrictions fall as fed-up judges get to flay and fillet the phantom fantasy of fraud. David profiles pernicious ladlers of mendacious codswallop, Hans von Spakovsky, and Bradley Schlozman.