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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 2, 2022

It’s TWOs-day! 08/02/2022! David Waldman won’t mention the 8 if you don’t.

It’s Impeachment Revenge Tuesday for Donald Trump, who is promoting Big Liars in Arizona, Kansas, Michigan and Missouri, where Trump actually endorsed Eric for probably the very first time.

Georgians can take their guns wherever, and nobody wants that at an outdoor concert. In Chicago, the hotel across the street from the Lollapalooza concert didn’t want to see any guests standing in the windows.

Osama bin Laden’s boss Ayman al-Zawahiri was seen standing in window and look what it got him.

Capitol rioter Guy Reffitt gets more than 7 years for his crimes on January 6, which adds up to life for the guy who sent him there.

The PACT Act is the ”Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics” bill, and President Joe Biden promised veterans “As long as I have a breath in me, we’re going to fight to get this done”. Now, that right there is a good enough reason for Republicans to vote against it. Any other reason the GQP would come up withat this time is, of course, Buulllshiiit. But... let’s talk about mandatory vs. discretionary spending, as that is the Buulllshiiit the corporate media has been accepting in this debate.

What can you do when your policies are rejected, every institution is against you, and you don’t have the votes to prevail? Install a 6-3 Supreme Court in your favor? Nah, that’s been done... How about throwing out the Constitution and writing your own? Why not! Sure beats secession, when you get to keep all the good stuff!