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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 23, 2022

David Waldman, Abby, Bessie and the whole KITM dog pound hope Annie feels better soon!

To sum up, Donald Trump stole more than 300 classified documents, as classified as they come, and kept them around Mar-a-Lago to run his grubby little fingers through as if he were still president.

Two of Trump’s attorneys might be witnesses or suspects, but they’re certainly patsies and will be examining bus undercarriages very soon. All villains understand however that the true villains are the meddlesome kids, or in this case, the FBI. Donald Trump copied and pasted 27 pages of talking points, 2024 campaign drafts and Mar-a-Lago brochures together and called it a lawsuit. Why pay for good lawyers, when good law is not your intention? Donald did hear of a cool new job title though... “Special Master”. How cool is that? Maybe he’ll be one of those someday.

Eric Trump reminisces about the days when Presidents would take a personal interest in destroying their enemies.