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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 24, 2016

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David Waldman starts out KITM needing to debug his computer, finishes with debugging the family car, and in between:

Senator Joe Manchin’s daughter innovates the price of EpiPens 400%, pats herself on the back with a 600% raise.

Greg Dworkin brings his medical knowledge into the discussion, along with memories of EpiPen’s recently departed market competitor, the Auvi-Q auto-injector. But what about Donald Trump? Nothing is in Trump’s way of releasing his tax returns, no challenge clearing up his stance on immigration, and no problem with his polls, once you are able to see his undercover Trump voters.

Greg looks at the latest polling, indicating new battleground states, and discusses the methodologies and acceptance of the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times tracking poll, and the St. Leo University poll.

Armando pities the nonsensical fool (Greg’s) perceived support, and dissing of, certain polls and the hypocrisy of faux Goo-goos.

Joan McCarter visits to catch us up on House and Senate news. Check out the state-of-the-art  Daily Kos Elections page! Chances of taking the Senate, and maybe even booting Chuck Grassley are at 60%. Joan reports on several fronts of the Republican war on voting.  

With 500 Zika-infected pregnant women in the US, an opportunity to attack Barack Obama arises for Republicans.