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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 24, 2022

Only one more shopping day until David Waldman’s birthday! If you are pressed for time, don’t worry. You have two more shopping days until mine.

Greg Dworkin is here, ready to play “Mary, merry or marry?” and un-corral the herd of pundits he rounded up.

Yesterday was a big primary night, and Democrats did good, especially Democrat Pat Ryan's special election win over Republican Marc Molinaro. That win recalibrated the punditry across the spectrum, pretty painfully over on the right. You win some, you lose some... Unfortunately, Democrat Jerry Nadler had to go against 30-year Democratic incumbent Carolyn Maloney, and someone had to go. Well, lunatic Laura Loomer is going to change all that. No matter how much she loses, she’ll always be a winner in her wildly spinning eyes. With Maloney’s absence, DC Delegate Elanor Holmes Norton is now in line to become the top Dem on Oversight. Florida Uber driver Maxwell Frost’s new destination is the U.S. House of Representatives. Ron DeSantis chooses to cosplay because Republicans like cosplayers and hate drag queens.

Following January 6, some of Donald Trump’s cabinet were planning a 25th amendment themed going away party for him. Donald told Elaine Chao that he’s rubber and she’s glue. Trump wants everything he has stolen immediately returned to him, in case he wants to declassify any it, and to throw a Special Master or two into the bag to go.  A federal judge gives Trump till Friday to think stuff out, and perhaps reconsider his life choices.

A jury decided fanatics really did plan to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer. Russians probably did not plan to blow up Alexander Dugin’s daughter. Amish might not have planned to poison people, but Tucker Carlson plans to keep them doing so. Meanwhile, Democrats did plan for the new climate law to define greenhouse gasses as pollution.