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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 26, 2022

Happy belated birthday wishes for David Waldman and Armando! August 25, now that’s a day for a birthday. My birthday, however, is today.

The Justice Department made a redacted version of the Mar-a-Lago affidavit public today… but it wasn’t during the show. Read up on it and you tell us how it went. Yesterday was Bill Barr’s memo obstructing the prosecution of Donald Trump for obstruction which relied on covering up the ongoing Roger Stone conspiracy investigation. Tom Fitton told Donald he could keep the documents.

Ryan Zinke is running for congress and should be doing so from a jail cell.

FPOTUS’s Truth Social, SNAFU from the outset, is now FUBAR.

A Florida couple pleaded guilty to stealing Ashley Biden's diary. At least they took $40,000 out of Project Veritas. Laura Loomer lost a Republican primary in a Republican district in a Republican state, which makes her a congresswoman now. A network of Sheriffs plan to enforce the fraud into the vote next time. Who radicalizes our children into MAGA? They have groomers.

Every Republican candidate thinks they’re Glenn Youngkin.

It’s back to school time for Uvalde survivors, while the parents of those who didn’t go to court.