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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 3, 2022

It’s the Wednesday following a big voting Tuesday! David Waldman brings Greg Dworkin, who brings the polls to their affable scrutiny:

What’s the matter with Kansas? Have they found their minds? Kansans overwhelmingly rejected a proposed state constitutional amendment that would end their state’s protections for abortion. If this can be done in Kansas, it can be done in your state. The key was Dem turnout, motivated independents, and perhaps a few confused Republicans.

The threat to abortion rights is propelling voters to the polls, tightening the races in the reddest of states, and is illuminating how extremist the Right has become on all issues. Young voters might definitely probably vote this time!

Republican whack-a-doodles didn’t just leave the field, however. Yesterday Donald Trump won a few, which means he won huge and biglyRusty Bowers would have voted for another Trump run as Arizona House Speaker, now he will have to vote unemployed. Kris Kobach didn’t care about the law as Kansas Secretary of State. He’s coming back to care even less. Mark Finchem, Oath Keeper, Q-nutter, seditionist, plans to decertify Arizona’s 2020 election. Fellow Arizonan Blake Masters makes Mark Finchem look like a hippy. In Michigan, the fourth-place gubernatorial candidate will not concede to the first-place finisher, who won on being an election denier.

RIP, Nichelle NicholsVin Scully.