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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 4, 2016

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David Waldman does not feel “wealthy”. Well, absolutely not “absurdly wealthy”... The fact is, none of us at KITM Worldwide do. You can fix that. Just hit one of the donate buttons at the top and we’ll feel like Fred Trump just gave us a wet kiss. Do it! Every couple million counts.

Greg Dworkin brings us glad tidings: Hillary is popping up all over, as state polls show Democrats uniting around Clinton, and down ballot races feel those positive vibes. This contest is not symmetrical. Donald Trump is a chump, threatening World War III, panicking his friends and enemies in the party, frightening experienced soldiers, maybe creating faithless electors in the Electoral College. The Georgia GOP elector who balked on whether to support Donald Trump has resigned.

About a third of the women Donald Trump has married may have worked as illegal aliens. Corey Lewandowski still works at CNN. Trump tells a town it’s failing, but doesn’t seem to know where he is. Trump tries to vote, but doesn’t seem to know where or how. Trump tries again and again and again to manage businesses, remains a loser.