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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 5, 2016

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David Waldman is forced into wrapping up this week on KITM after running out of days. More days and more David next week. Donald Trump issues a yuge correction (with exclamation point!) to false point once he already ran it into the ground.  

Greg Dworkin is concerned when the press reports that Donald lives, works, eats and employs people. Even that wouldn’t concern Trump supporters. Does it matter what the Trump core thinks when Hillary leads just about everywhere in just about everything, and with new great job numbers out? After the RNC convention, the Cleveland Plain Dealer notices the many dumpster fires burning.

Michael J. Morell ran the CIA, now he is endorsing Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is now further back than Mitt Romney ever was.

A Republican communications manager describes Trump’s “message is being a loudmouthed dick, basically.” An 11 year old boy prefers cussing to beheading. Trump rallies prefer cussing to most things.

Armando and David discuss Trump’s giving to charity, which seems to consist of mostly his golden name, and the company he keeps, which is often gangsters.

George Zimmerman was punched last night, the details are unclear, but it is certain that it could have been more vigorous.

There’s still confusion about Melania Trump’s US work history. So, It’s not illegal if she does it for free?

Mayor Arrested in Meth-for-Sex Bust but asks everyone to not rush to judge him.