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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 9, 2022

It’s Tuesday, David Waldman welcomes back Joan McCarter, and the weather’s fine. (Once they both get their AC fixed)

The future’s so bright, President Joe Biden’s gotta wear shades. Joe’s even been getting those “long-awaited pivot” articles. How can Donald Trump and the GQP top this news? Oh yeah... Donald has reported* that the FBI raided Mar-A-Lago, that America is a third world country, the fully warranted search was worse than Watergate, and the FBI even… broke into his safe.

(*Trump neglected to credit Peter Schorsch for the scoop.)

Conservatives have never witnessed such injustice and promise the world has never witnessed the injustice that they plan to mete out. Several heroes throw themselves on the already exploded grenade, while many others begin to whistle Dixie.

The committee investigating the previous insurrection on January 6, 2021, today will interview Mike Pompeo and Doug Matriano. The January 6th committee now has Alex Jones’ texts, and probably those naked pictures of Jones’ wife that went to Roger Stone.

Meanwhile, let’s get back to aforementioned bright Joe Biden future. Right now. The country can't afford to give the Senate five weeks off for August recess.  In just two weeks there’s a chance for another Kansas earthquake. We can’t rely upon Republicans shooting themselves in the foot for 80 more days.