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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 1, 2023

David Waldman picked up a new Advent calendar to help keep track of his Hallmark movies this season. We’ll make a secret Santanist out of him yet!

Speaking of Christians, Florida Gop Chair Christian Ziegler, and his wife, Moms for Liberty co-founder Bridget Ziegler... like another woman very, very much, but Christian seems to also like raping, and being mean, which makes everyone sad and angry. The Zieglers and probably their (Formally?) really good friend don’t like children reading about such things… and kissing… so they take kid’s books away. Lucky for kids, a good Penguin will never let that happen!

Moms for America Action invites Donald Trump to join them under the comforter.

If women’s attitudes don’t shift, rural white hate-nerds will need to find someone other than “women” to have sex with.

In war, those things guys get away with, they get away with a lot more. Rape has always been a weapon to choose from. Too bad Hamas exercised “the perfect deception”, and picked a bunch of anti-right hippies to attack, giving Israel no choice but to blow Palestine smithereens into much tinier pieces. At least this means job security for Israeli soldiers with autism.

Estonia joins Finland in dropping an iron curtain on Russia.

Georgie we hardly knew ye, but who’d want to? Sandra Day O’Connor will be in history textbooks also. Meanwhile, a Trump dictatorship is becoming increasingly inevitable. Who could ever stop him? Well, good governing would. Dick Durbin discovered that the rules aren’t there just for Republicans. Republicans hate those kinds of rules!

Scott Perry did not want anybody looking at his cellphone. In retrospect, that totally makes sense.