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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 10, 2013

An extended kickoff segment with Greg Dworkin and Armando this morning. Greg follows up on the "enhanced medical care" story, highlighting some of the potential problems. In today's Jonathans Report: Chait's "Congressional Republicans Reveal Secret Love for Obamacare." Also noted: approval of the new "Volcker rule." Armando calls in to put some fine points on the issues raised by Chait, and by Brian Beutler's Twitter exchange with Ted Cruz staffer Amanda Carpenter. Armando stuck around for additional discussion of Beutler's report on the wingnut position on the emerging budget deal, and how it might impact a Dem push on unemployment insurance extensions. Next up, discussion of the Republican "reversal" on the sequester. Remember when the reason the "Super Committee" was going to work was because everyone thought sequestration was irresponsible and stupid? Now the wingnuts say it's not just genius, but sacrosanct. Further reading of the Beutler/Carpenter exchange reveals Republicans "fight" the war on Obamacare the same way they did in Iraq: ordering others to do the fighting for them, while they type up complaints online. A brief #GunFAIL update, including the Army's new private gun ownership mentoring program. Newt Gingrich's defense of Mandela praise. And predictably enough, with a Dem in the White House, Republicans consider NSA lies to Congress to be criminal acts. Frivolous wrap-ups: Hipster civil war; Hilton vs. Lohan, in "Celebrity Warlords."