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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 12, 2013

Fresh outrage of the day: Fox News is upset that someone wondered whether we couldn't make Santa imagery more inclusive! Greg Dworkin notes the latest ACA figures according to Brainwrap, who's basically "FiveThirtyEight-ing" (or maybe "@Redistrict-ing") the numbers at Also: the budget deal and the continuing Gop civil war; movement on Guantanamo closure; Katie Couric to revisit the HPV vaccine issue, this time with science? Other stories: The fake (and possibly dangerous) sign language interpreter from the Mandela memorial! Megyn Kelly's derpy Santa Claus grousing. But while we're on the subject, how about an anthropological look at where Santa's wacky red suit comes from? Would you believe psychedelic mushrooms? TPM reports "GOPer Who'd Only Lower Flags For Americans Was OK With Pope Tributes." Third party pipe dreams. Eric Cantor finds a way to be a dick about funding pediatric cancer research. David Dayen analyzes in Salon how the budget deal takes yet another piece out of federal workers' hides. Another tech startup dude-bro reveals himself as a giant assbag.