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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 12, 2016

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On KITM today, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin take us back to September ‘16, when the days were warmer, and the future looked bright. Now, winter is coming.

Hillary Clinton warned us about Russian hacking the U.S. election, so did the DHS. Donald wants to know why he wasn’t told. Of course he was told, he was just too “smart” to listen. Republicans just hate government interference, their own more than Russian’s. Good reason to skip briefings no one wants to hear about. Here is the evidence to prove the Russian Hack. Whatever could Trump and Russia see in each other? Here is a round-up of known Trump-Russia ties.

How can intelligence agencies talk to the enemy of intelligence? Here is a look at Donald Trump's war with the intelligence community.

Will any more Republicans brave Trump's wrath to sign onto the bipartisan call for the Russia hacking probe? Can Comey make it up to Clinton now?

Can the press back up the calendar from winter, back to spring? (No.) Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America. Is Teen Vogue our Jon Snow?

White evangelicals hate the sin, but love Trump.

David tries to make sense of Mike Flynn, who alienated superiors and subordinates, embraced conspiracies and told staff "I am always right”, all of which seemed to really work out for him.

Is there room anymore for a good idea for government? If so, Matthew Yglesias has got one.

Young white stupid people buy a gun, and then, of course, can’t resist live-streaming.