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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 19, 2016

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December 19 probably won’t be awfully infamous, but it does have the potential of being pretty memorable. By the time you read this, the electoral college vote will probably be history, and maybe just another bitter little memory. It depends on how moral our faithless electors will decide to be.

David Waldman describes how rival factions fight for power under Trump, as rival security teams watch each other for false moves.

Greg Dworkin helps us come to grips with President Elect Narcissist. Yes, Trump should seek help, but what adverse symptoms could we experience from his disorder? No mandate will mean a short leash, should Donald choose to wear one. The problem is, Trump supporters are as deluded as he is.  What do all of us sane people plan to do? Poland picks “Law and Justice” over sanity.