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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 2, 2016

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Welcome back Buzz Aldrin, a guy that has seen some stuff.  

David Waldman invites us to join Buzz and him for new experiences and enlightenment. For instance, as the days grow shorter and Donald’s tie grows longerwhat lessons might we learn?  

Greg Dworkin brings us another installment in “Know your Kellogg”, this time the horse breeder, not the masterbator preventer. Wholesome goodness, not like those alt-brands.  

The Donald Trump taunting tour began last night, setting a tone of unification, against everybody else, along with some more “old-fashioned” lessons. Kellyanne Conway also wants kindness and understanding, for herself. Trump voters now see they are in line to get theirs, thus stopping them from giving an F... But, wait a sec, this supporter finds out the world might not be on the end of her stick!

Carrier employees also get a taste of Goldman Sachs Populism, as new facts float to the surface. The GOP runs Obamacare off the cliff, as an incentive. Infectious disease epidemics and antivaxxers meet in Texas.

For the time being, Trump gets some money to play with. Thanks Obama! The Trump economy, pre-inauguration, heads in the right direction. Trump’s voters haven’t had a lot to do with that until now, and probably won’t in the future.  

Josie Duffy Rice invites you to remain open to being aghast, as long as you are still inspired to keep fighting, because the time to fight is when it is not yet you being slapped around.