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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 27, 2021

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Greg Dworkin presents our now-traditional Yuletide pandemic ‘n politics roundup. He takes note, first of all, of the holiday-related reporting lag, which comes on top of reporting which generally sucks, as it is.

So, what should we expect from omicron? Are we all gonna get it, or what? Should we do isolation and quarantine differently this time?

You can’t launch anti-vaxxers into space. But you can launch the exciting, new Webb telescope.

In Jan. 6 committee news, witnesses are playing a new game to delay and confound the investigation. But another failed Mike Flynn lawsuit may end it before it starts.

What’s with all the guns in the Congressional Christmas cards? Well, it’s not new. But it is dumb. (Though not necessarily the dumbest gun thing going on at the moment.)

But enough about dumb gun things and dumb gun people. Let’s talk about dumb mask things and dumb mask people.