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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 27, 2022

Today, David Waldman presented a limited edition KITMoffered live only to a select audience in his kitchen this morning, but now publicly available at an amazingly low price!

Are Rooibos and Yerba Mate teas any good? One way to find out

Just Security sums up the January 6th Select Committee’s final report, and The Bulwark focuses on the Trump coup’s fake elector scheme, Donald Trump claims that he has total immunity and total innocence, the MAGA mantra. Adam Schiff points out that is the one thing to remember about Jan 6.

Russian weenie king Pavel Antov fell out a window and died. Pavel's co-traveler died a couple of days before. Russian plutocrats are incredibly limber and yet strangely clumsy. The Russian Foreign Minister is afraid that they might have to send their army into Ukraine if things don’t improve. 

Someone made the mistake of numbering Democrats, when they could all walk through the door at the same time, like Republicans.

George Santos might be Jew-ish, gay-y, rich-esque, but he’s definitely a phony.