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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 30, 2021

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Today, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin unsuccessfully attempt to run out the clock on 2021. What are they hiding? We have only one more day to find out!

The BBC tries to maintain their standards, Fox News tries to maintain their salaries. Alan Dershowitz says “Lock her up”! but only his accuser, not Ghislaine. Lauren and Marjorie want everyone locked up except friends and relatives.

Donald Trump wasn’t aware that the January 6 committee would be talking about his criminal activity, because that could be really bad. Trump lawyers attempted a last-minute subpoena dodge but forgot to check banking hours.

That AOC and Joe Manchin are in the same party seems problematic, until you consider who’s in the other party. To consider the GQP part of democracy is to grade on a curve. Republicans used two sets of books in Ohio redistricting, one for the public, one for the backers, because of course, they’re only held accountable by the latter.

The Omicron wave is hitting the US, and unfortunately the crest is not yet in sight. Elsewhere in the world there might be some good news for them, which might mean good news for us, soon, or eventually, probably. Science will have the answers sometime, but it’s the elected official’s job to provide the guidelines, and periodically, mandates. Who can tell the National Guard what to do?