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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 30, 2022

David Waldman rings out the old year and wrings out his queue of stories today.

Professional wad Andrew Tate hoped to reassure someone about his manhood by taking on Greta Thunberg, bête noir of coal-rolling bro-incels. Greta was not impressed. In a tale as old as time, this forced Andrew to tap into his strategic reserves of cringe in order to deliver the expected super flaccid low-T rebuttal. As if on cue, who shows up but the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism in Romania, under the auspices of... the Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings, or “GRETA”. You can’t make this up. In fact, Ben Dreyfuss won’t allow you to even speculate that a pizza box led to Tate’s downfall unless you speak Romanian, and you don’t, do you?

George Santos gets in a few more lies and investigations about his lies before the new year, and the term he will definitely still be sworn intoKevin McCarthy needs all the liars and scofflaws he can get, in other words, the majority of his party for the speakership. The Santos story was broken by a small local paper in Long Island, whose readers probably skipped over for real estate news.

Kari Lake told us that if we’d only let her have what she wanted, things would gone better for us. Now it’s a coup until we do. MAGA and QAnon are more suited to fighting dirty than winning anyhow. The select committee on January 6 is releasing thousands of pages of transcripts in its final week, including interviews with Trump Jr., and Ray Epps.

Obama was right. The Citizens United decision did open the door to foreign money in U.S. elections. A Congresswoman fought 18 months to do right by her constituents, and she did.