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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 5, 2013

Everybody wants a part of the Ron Fournier millennials game! Except millennials, I guess, because they don't care about anything. Greg Dworkin actually knows what he's talking about, so we let him put the Harvard poll in perspective. He also updated us on the new curveball Chuck Grassley's stupid ACA amendment has thrown lawmakers, the gun-on-campus situation at the University of New Haven, and on Katie Couric's alarming HPV anti-vax segment. In other surprising TV commentary news: Martin Bashir! That pulls Armando into the conversation, as he points us to Egberto Willies' post on the subject, and later segues us into more discussion of how terrible Third Way is. Chuck Schumer pays a visit to Daily Kos. Further explanation of how the Grassley amendment has given Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) a sad, and how Smith's own bill (had it passed) would have made him sadder, still. Brian Beutler adds to our hedging on whether there'll be another government shutdown. Blackwater's founder wants you to know it's a mistake to think they always used excessive force. The proof? One guy once reholstered his gun rather than start taking potshots when in the room with President Bush. Finally, another installment from the Demos explainer on Detroit's fiscal crisis.