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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 5, 2023

David Waldman counts down the days… and doesn’t find a lot.

2015! That’s when I signed my million-dollar contract to write summaries for KITM. (It wasn’t stipulated over what span of time we were talking.) We were heading into an election that year too, but that one was just some low stakes affair.

This year is different. 2024 brings us Republican candidate Donald Trump, well known philanderer, fraudster and cad. And worse, lately Trump has been considered an “agent of chaos” who fully intends to put the dick back in dictatorship, and even the media has become concerned. Will voters be more concerned than they were in 2015?

Well, pardon them if they don’t. They will also need to show $2 million up front, not the 0.6% that Rudy Giuliani paid his “secret” employees.

Did anyone thank Bob Menendez for recovering 4 gold bars from a 2013 robbery? They might, had Bob divulged it.

Would you believe that James Comer finally has got the goods on Joe, or Hunter, or anyone? It doesn’t matter, that’s not the point.

Joan McCarter is here to report DC still sucks, mostly over in the House, but also in the Senate, where Tommy Tuberville demanded that something be done about the shameful obstruction of military promotions. At least Dick Durbin got to senate a bit. If Gops can’t figure out how to fund our nation, how do you think they are doing on Ukraine?